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Fontainhas Heritage Walk by Make It Happen

Duration: 2 hours
Soak in the rich heritage of a neighborhood described by historian William Dalrymple as a ‘small chunk of Portugal washed up on the shores of the Indian Ocean’, and interact with locals who strive to keep centuries of culture alive to this day.

Discover the untold history of the city of Panjim at Tobacco Square, and hear intriguing tales of the neighborhood's former colonial Portuguese residents.

Be transported to a bygone era as we explore painstakingly preserved heritage buildings that have survived the onslaught of development in the 21st century.

The quaint streets are lined with traditional Portuguese style homes in a palette of striking bright colors, making this every photographer’s paradise.

Visit Panjim’s oldest bakery and have a taste of their traditional Goan treats with a refreshing beverage (subject to the bakery’s operational days & timings).

Meet with a renowned local Goan musician and enjoy a live performance of his distinctive blend of Konkani and Latin styles.
$11.07*Per person

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BLive Electric Bike Tours – Discovery of Divar Island

Duration: 3 hours
Ride along with India’s first ever e-biking experience on the beautiful island of Divar and explore the UNESCO heritage site of Old Goa.

A memorable ferry ride across the serene Mandovi river.

Know about unheard legends and local myths from our captains.

Gain insights to traditional occupations like fishing and hidden unique techniques like sluice gates and the island lifestyle.

Discover the island’s ancient temples & Goa’s finest 18th century baroque church with stunning panoramic views.

Visit the archaeological ruins of a 12th century temple and a mystical holy bathing site called Porne Tirth.

End your experience with a sumptuous authentic breakfast/high tea/ lunch hosted at the most scenic location by the riverside.

$30.27*Per person

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BLive Electric Bike Tours – Countryside Escape to Varca

Duration: 3 hours
Exquisite views of the South Goan countryside.

Witness the beautiful paddy fields.

A window into the Portuguese culture with the stunning architecture of a 450-year-old church and an Indo-Portuguese style house.
$30.1*Per person

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The Island of Chorao By Soul Travelling

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Ilhas Dos Fidalgos - The Island of the Noblemen, this is the name the island of Chorao was given by the Portuguese, who captured this as one of their first conquests of their 451- years long rule. It is one of the most prominent areas for migratory birds in the country, and the famous Dr Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is an integral part of this island today!

This trail is a journey that uncovers the best of Chorao island - A boat ride into the mangroves, the Oldest Church of Chorao, One of the most unique temples in the country. The Island of Chorao is an exploration which balances everything in the perfect sense - the beautiful ecosystem, the lost heritage, inspiring stories and the most amazing travelers.

Note: This is not a Walking Trail. We would need transportation to travel from point to another during the trail. We, Soultravelling does not provide transport facilities.Please bring along your own vehicle to move around in the village.
$22.12*Per person

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Latin Quarter Walk at Fontainhas By Soul Travelling

Duration: 3 hours
From the times of tobacco trade to the minting of coins and the final administrative center of the Portuguese, Panjim has seen it all. With a special focus on the Fontainhas area, we discover the Making of Panaji. We learn how ‘Nova Goa’ developed as the new capital city after Old Goa crumbled down with the disease. We listen to stories about The Adilshah Palace, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church, St Sebastian Chapel, the narrow lanes bearing hallmarks of the long Portuguese regime in Goa. In addition, we will visit one of the first houses in this area and join the owner as he shows you around.
$12.28*Per person

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Old Goa Heritage Walk by Make It Happen

Duration: 2 hours
The Old Goa Heritage Walk revisits some of the most fascinating facts during Portuguese rule. When Old Goa was Goa’s former capital city, it was a thriving city even during prior to Portuguese times. It was the capital of the Bahmani Sultan Adil Shah empire. The Portuguese arrived here in 1510 under their commander Afonso de Albuquerque, and captured the city from Adil Shah, the ruler of the Bijapur Kingdom. They came to the East in search of trade and to eventually spread Christianity.

In our Old Goa Heritage Walk, explore some of the most historically significant buildings. Old Goa is a World Heritage site housing some of most grandest and oldest churches in the region. Among these are the imposing Sé Cathedral, St. Francis of Assissi Church, the Chapel of St. Catherine, Church of Our Lady of Rosary and the domed church of St. Cajetan.

$11.07*Per person

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BLive Electric Bike Tours – Village Vistas of Cansaulim

Duration: 3 hours
•We meet at the hub and ride straight to Tinto, the common place for the sale.
•We enjoy the views and appreciate the architecture of St. Thomas Church and Dr. Barbosa House.
•The route leads us to 3 King Chapel, the most haunted place of Goa.
•We cycle past Velsao lake and Velsao-Dando bridge.
•Visit to Velsao beach.
$30.23*Per person

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Panaji: Heritage Walk through Goa's Latin Quarter

Duration: 2 hours
Enjoy a walk through the Old Latin Quarters of Panjim full of art and music . Trace the history of the Portuguese in Goa. See charming colonial buildings.
$10.79*Per person

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The Cultural Walk at Margao By Soul Travelling

Duration: 3 hours
One of the oldest churches of Goa, the Holy Spirit Church, a 450+ years old structure, located in the heart of Margao, holds great secrets that cannot be found in any other church in the world, right from its architecture to a special phenomenon that takes place every year!
We also explore a Goan mansion full of mysteries! The infamous 'Margao Massacre' takes place here, with some marks that speaks of the battles that were fought in the making of Margao. We will then take you on a journey of how the town was established – from architecturally rich houses holding stories in its details to splendid structures, once crucial for the Portuguese. We also visit a special monument that hosted one of the greatest personalities of India!
This trail will help you explore the beautiful lanes & suburbs of Margao on foot that come alive with a local narrating stories and legends of the town with a last stop for some local delicacies.
$12.28*Per person

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Feni and Tapas – Food Trail with Tastings & Drinks by Make It Happen

Duration: 4 hours
The Goan Feni & Tapas is a specially curated food trail in Panjim that includes some of the most iconic places for Goan food paired with the best Feni and Feni based cocktails paired with it. Although a far cry from a regular tavern trail or pub crawl in Panjim, this trail gives you some of the most astonishing insights about Goan liquor with both indigenous and Portuguese influences.

For food bloggers, foodies or seekers of a secret food trail, the Goan Feni & Tapas would be an experience that would break several stereotypes associated with Goan cuisine. Tasting of Feni in its expressions in raw form or blended as cocktails this tour would be appealing to all those seeking a pub crawl. Partake in a vivid narrative of Goan cuisine in the Food trail of Feni and Tapas where you discover plethora of untold stories relating to the Goan cuisine.

This Goan Food trail is designed include both Portuguese style as well as the traditional Hindu Goan cuisine.
$35.04*Per person

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Insta Photoshoot in South Goa

Duration: an hour
Traveling to your favorite destination but don't know what all things to do??

Goa is one of the best places to get clicked in the world, we will give you a fascinating experience in Goa with social media-friendly images. This would not only be Ideal for friends, family, couples, solo travelers, but also for wedding photography, pre-wedding shoot and more. We will capture you around the iconic places of Goa such as Beach of your choice. An English speaking photographer will make your experience even better.

A photoshoot can also be done in your scenic Goa Resort ** allowing you more flexibility and convenience ** (permission required from resort management)
$57*Per person

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Goa Kayaking Sal Backwaters Mangroves Magic!

Duration: 2 hours
Book one of the most popular kayaking excursions of Sal Backwaters in Goa. This popular and celebrated excursion on flat dammed up waters takes you on a winding journey through narrow waterways deep in the mangroves, sighting different birds, fish, otters and exotic local plants like cashew, bamboo and mango, on the waters. Red and whit lotus and loads of migratory birds make this a must do trip for all ages of visitors to Goa.
$65*Per person

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Goa: Private Full-Day Sightseeing Highlights Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Explore the highlights of Goa on this private full-day tour. Visit Goa's capital Panaji, the charming Latin Quarters, the landmark churches and temples of Old Goa. Finish the cultural experience with an informative plantation visit and local lunch.
$77.9*Per person

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Houses of Goa - Chandor By Soul Travelling

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
We are in the city of Chandrapur which also happens to be the 'Oldest known capital of Goa'! Picture the days gone by where it had armies, fortifications, battles and flourishing trade. Right from the Bhojas to the Kadambas, Chandor was a thriving settlement due to the connectivity that the river Kushavati provided to the travelers. The village is famous for the legend of a queen's curse that was brought upon the village as a result of treachery of the warriors of the kingdom. We will be exploring Chandor as it stands today speaking of its rich past and we meet the current generation of the family members of one of the most prestigious heritage homes in the village. Join us as we take a look at Chandor through its houses.

Note: This is not a Walking Trail. We would need transportation to travel from point to another during the trail. We, Soul Travelling does not provide transport facilities. Please bring along your own vehicle to move around in the village.
$19.66*Per person

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BLive Electric Bike Tours - Vibrant Tales of Panjim

Duration: 3 hours
This unique e-bike tour traces some of the far reaches of the multicultural side of Panjim, providing a perfect setting to experience the cultural heritage, vibrant present and scenic highlights of the city. We start right at what was the starting point for entering Panjim during the Portuguese times and ride up the Altinho hill, currently a hub for government offices, art gallery centres and grand residences. Get the bird’s eye view of the city and brace yourself for a ride full of fascinating facts, anecdotes and surprises.
$30.27*Per person

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Secret Food & Tavern Trail at Panjim By Soul Travelling

Duration: 3 hours
The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. With our carefully curated Secret Food & Tavern Trail, we try to unearth something that people have long missed about Goa - its culinary delights and local favorites.

Make sure you get your taste buds ready, and we serve some delicious items - and for both Vegetarians and Non - Vegetarians! We snack on a variety of sweet, savory and special items that are known only to the locals. You will be taken to the spots where these delicacies are best prepared in the scenic Latin Quarters of Goa. Not only will they keep you satisfied, and at the same time you will crave for more. The names of the places as well as the dishes are to be disclosed only once you join us. Also included in the trail are some untold stories about the city, and some fun facts and trivia about the food, drinks and the places!

Note: This is a walking trail.
$23.35*Per person

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Private Beach Photoshoot in North Goa by Professional Photographer

Duration: an hour
Our Professional Photographer Local Goan Photographer shares his Idea & experience of Beach shoot in Goa.

We specialize in tourist photography & providing professional photoshoot in most affordable & professional manner.

Get best memories clicked on beach & save your memories for lifetime.
$60*Per person

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Saligao Passoi (A Village Walk) By Soul Travelling

Duration: 3 hours
Saligao is a beautiful village you will pass by without ever noticing its true colours. From the Gothic Mãe de Deus Parish Church built in 1873 to the Indo-Portuguese houses , Saligao has created a niche for itself. This trail explores the beauty of this picturesque village. We explore the village through its village clubs, chapels, houses and the culture of the village.

Who were the original settlers of this village? How does this village get its name? Why does a ward in this village have villagers with the same middle name? Find out this and much more on this journey filled with stories :)
$12.28*Per person

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Goa: Spice Plantation Tour and Traditional Local Lunch

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Spend a leisurely half-day at a spice plantation in Ponda, Goa. Benefit from included hotel transfers and take in the scents of fresh spices. Participate in an informative walking tour and savor a delicious Goan lunch buffet.
$65.92*Per person

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The Christian Art Trail, Old Goa by Soul Travelling

Duration: 3 hours
The Graffitos Art Work on Churches (Kaavi Art)
Santa Monica Convent & its secrets
Discovery of the bones of Queen Ketevan
Origins of the Popular dessert Bebinca
Oldest Church of Goa
Visit to the Museum of Christian Art
$18.43*Per person

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