Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Menorca tours, things to do and tickets

From Costa del Sol: Gibraltar Sightseeing Day Tour

Duration: 11 hours
Embark on Gibraltar sightseeing tour takes you to every corner of this famous rock. See another continent from Punta Europa and travel through secret underground passages in the Cuevas de San Miguel.
$86.1*Per person

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Island Discovery

Duration: 6 hours
Menorca is much more than sun and paradisiacal beaches.
Get to know hidden corners that you will access through private rural roads. Delight yourself with landscapes that you would never have imagined finding in Menorca: cliffs, ravines, quarries, archaeological monuments, forests, curious stone walls... Taste the famous Menorcan cheese on a farm, directly from the producer.
We are a company specialized in the unknown Menorca, we are expert professional guides in archaeology, geology, history, flora and fauna. We will strive to discover the Talayotic culture (navetas, taulas, talayots depending on the route), the prehistoric sites of the island. Our guides move around the island with a Land Rover Defender to access any place, no matter how complicated the road may be, and our company has a state license and permits to access private estates where these wonders and other hidden places that do not appear in tourist guides.
$80.47*Per person

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Menorca: Natural Coves and Beaches Boat Trip & Paella Lunch

Duration: 7 hours
Explore the southern coast of Menorca on a cruise trip from Ciutadella. Discover the coves of Macarella and Macarelleta, bathe in Cala Turqueta, and enjoy a Mediterranean paella for lunch with sangria.
$59.19*Per person

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Half-Day Boat Tour along The South Coast of Menorca

Duration: 4 hours
You can enjoy multilingual audio guide on your mobile with exclusive content.

For your comfort, seating onboard is allocated. You can choose your seat (only through our website)

The Discovery Tour morning or afternoon from Cala’n Bosch marina.
Enjoy on the Amigo's a half day boat trip taking you to visit the most spectacular south coast beaches of Menorca.

Starting off from Cala'n Bosch, the excursion will give you the opportunity to see and discover the wild coastline of Menorca as well as its famous beaches, mainly accessible only on foot or by boat such as Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella, Cala Mitjana and Cala Trebaluger among others.

To enjoy even more your experience, we will dock at our exclusive dock at one of the unspoiled beaches for you to go to the beach, use our waterslides, snorkel, or simply discover the sea life thanks to our unique Glassbottom "Reflex System".

Onboard you will have commodities like toilets, Coffee & Ice Cream bar,
$38.06*Per person

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Mallorca: Half-Day Sea Caving Adventure

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Discover a fascinating underground world on this half-day sea caving adventure tour in Mallorca. Explore the Cova des Coloms caves with a professional guide and swim in the natural lakes. This is an adventure for everyone in the family to enjoy.
$69.96*Per person

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Visit the 8 most beautiful beaches in the South of Menorca Marenostrum

Duration: 4 hours
Discover the spectacular and emblematic South coast of Menorca from Cala Galdana. The best way to enjoy the sea if you come to Menorca. The European Caribbean at your fingertips with postcard images: the classic "no filter".
You will enjoy a drink and an aperitif on board, you can use our Paddle Surf Totally free, visit the most beautiful coves in the south of Menorca and bathe in its crystal clear and turquoise waters away from the congestion on the beaches and without worrying about the difficult access of some of them.
We guarantee a unique experience, and an unbeatable service since we only leave if the conditions are right!
$81.56*Per person

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Half-Day Catamaran Trip in Menorca

Duration: 4 hours
The route to be taken with the catamaran is decided by the skipper every morning, depending on weather conditions, wind direction and intensity.The catamaran have 5,5 wide so there is a lot of space between people.

A strong point of our company is that we want you to flow with the force of nature that is why we never do the same route, making us different to other charter companies within the island.  In any case, the starting point is from our home port in Fornells. With 3.5 hours of sailing ahead we could sail, for example, up to Cala Pregonda as the furthest point on the west.
When heading to the east side of the island we could go up to Cala Mongofre.
$76.12*Per person

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Menorca: 3.5 Hour South Coast Boat Excursion

Duration: 4 hours
Explore the most famous beaches and coves on the south coast of Menorca on a 3.5-hour boat trip. See the most beautiful cliffs and caves on the island, bathe in crystal clear waters, and enjoy an included Menorcan snack and drink.
$75.34*Per person

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Cala'n Bosc: 3.5-Hour South Coast Sightseeing Boat Trip

Duration: 4 hours
Discover the south coast of Menorca and see the wildest unspoiled beaches from the sea. A break is made at one of the beautiful beaches, providing you with the opportunity to explore, snorkel, and swim.
$31.21*Per person

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Menorca: North Coast Beaches Boat Cruise

Duration: 4 hours
Sail along the north coast of the island and discover idyllic enclaves, only accessible by sea. See rugged and serene beaches as you relax on a spacious boat and enjoy all the services offered.
$39.82*Per person

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Menorca: Llaut Boat Cruise with Local Appetizers

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Explore the north coast of Menorca with an experienced local captain on a traditional Llaut (yacht). Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding in the crystal clear water and try some local Menorcan appetizers.
$75.34*Per person

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Kayak Tour in the Marine Reserve !

Duration: 3 hours
One of the most authentic and active ways of discovering the coast of Menorca is by kayak . Kayaks are a very seaworthy boat, due to their characteristics you are able to get anywhere, their lightness gives us the opportunity to stop at any beach, go into caves and grottos where other boats cannot access. You will discover a whole new experience while getting in touch with nature.
$48.94*Per person

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Small Group Diving Adventure in Menorca

Duration: an hour
If you are or are planning to come to Menorca and you like to discover new sensations, see new things and you have no physical contraindications (pregnancy or previous pneumothorax), you should not miss doing a diving experience with equipment.

The diving baptism consists of a theoretical preparation that is received online or directly with the diving professional, the equipment with all the equipment to dive, a walk dive under the water of 30 to 40 minutes and the explanation of what has been done and what has been seen.

Always accompanied by a professional, during your first diving experience, also called a dive baptism, you will experience weightlessness "fly like a bird under water" and it will allow you to see animals and plants live that until now you can only see in documentaries. Sharing that experience as a couple or as a family will make you feel new things in common.
$87*Per person

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Fornells: 3-Hour Boat Tour Along Menorcan Coast

Duration: 3 hours
Experience a 3-hour boat cruise in a fast and stable boat and discover the virgin beaches and beautiful caves on the Menorcan coast.
$39.82*Per person

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Boat Trip through the Coves of North Menorca

Duration: 4 hours
Travelers can enjoy an incredible excursion along the north coast of Menorca, discovering the best virgin beaches in the island's marine reserve.
In addition, they can sunbathe, swim and snorkel in some of the crystal clear coves that the island offers. You can relax, savor some of our exquisite cocktails or taste some of the typical island snacks.

$40.24*Per person

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Menorca: Full-Day Boat Tour with Paella Lunch

Duration: 7 hours
Sail along the south coast of the island, visiting various unspoilt beaches, such as Son Saura, Cala en Turqueta, and Cala Macarella-Macarelleta. Enjoy a paella lunch on board.
$53.81*Per person

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Mahon & surroundings

Duration: 7 hours
Boat trip around Mahon Harbour,the second natural deepest harbour in the world and discovery its history.
Guided visit to Mahon,the Capital's historical centre. Free time for shopping
Free time for lunch on Punta Prima's beach.
Visit to the picturesque fishermen´s village of Binibeca, with its white small houses and streets.
$65.25*Per person

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Port Mahon: 1-Hour Harbor Cruise with Underwater Views

Duration: an hour
Discover one of the biggest natural harbors in the Mediterranean. See islands, fortifications, colonial-style houses, fishermen coves, and the skyline of Mahon. Learn more about local history and marvel at underwater landscapes at the mouth of the port.
$16.14*Per person

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From Costa del Sol: Day Trip to Gibraltar with Guided Tour

Duration: 9 hours - 10 hours
Take a day trip from Malaga and explore the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Enjoy a guided tour and spend time exploring Gibraltar at your own leisure.
$96.86*Per person

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Excursion to the southern beaches of Menorca with paella included HolaCruise

Duration: 7 hours
This 7-hour excursion along the south coast of Menorca offers the opportunity to spend a whole day visiting and bathing in the most natural and remote beaches of the island.

The quality of the beaches together with their difficult access from land make this excursion a fantastic way to discover the coast of Menorca both from the sea and from the beach.

The most popular coves of Menorca are visited and local cuisine is enjoyed in the form of an exquisite Mediterranean-style paella accompanied by sangria and orangeade.
$59.81*Per person

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