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Escape Game Saw2 vs Squid Game in Montpellier

Duration: an hour
Are you looking for adrenaline? Are you looking for chills while in a secure space? If you answer yes to at least one of these two questions then this escape room is for you!

Enter a room where goose bumps are the key word. If the movie Saw resonates in you like a masterpiece then you will surely be delighted to be now the main actors!

For those who do not know jigsaw yet, this is a killer who tells his victims how to stay alive. Now, this is possible only at the price of a necessary sacrifice.
This peculiar character develops his own games and imagines tests for personal introspection where the person who passes the test discovers the "truth" and becomes fully aware of the meaning of his life.

This room is forbidden to under 16 years as well as sensitive people ...
$44.25*Per person

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Escape Game Prison Break in Montpellier

Duration: an hour
Did you try to escape and it turned out badly? Don't panic, you have 1 hour to return to your cells and erase the traces of your escape attempt before the guard makes his round. Will you have enough composure not to leave anything behind?

Enter an escape room where you will be the main actors!
$44.25*Per person

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Harry P. escape game at the sorcerer's school in Montpellier

Duration: an hour
Are you looking for fantasy and magic? Are you looking to play Harry Potter and use his magic wand while in a secure space? If you answer yes to at least one of these two questions then this escape room is for you!

Enter an escape game room where magic is the key word. If the Harry Potter film resonates in you like a masterpiece then you will surely be delighted to be the main actors now!

This room is accessible from 8/9 years old
$44.25*Per person

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Escape Game Mission Possible ... Or Not? Montpellier

Duration: an hour
Have you ever thought of becoming an extraordinary person? Are you able to handle stress as the clock ticks?

Take on the charismatic character played by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. You will have before you only 1 hour to save the world!
More than a mission, an adventure in which you will be the heroes of this escape game. You will need to pool your coolness to solve all the riddles proposed and thwart the traps that will be handed to you!

Leave the city of Montpellier. Enter our escape game. Join the world of Etan Hunt and be entertained!

This message will not self-destruct but it is your duty to make it so much for our world ...
$44.25*Per person

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Bertrand Bosc homemade food and Winetour to Pic St Loup

Duration: 5 hours
A wine and food tour to Pic Saint Loup......private road trip with a local guide......
Enjoy and explore the Montpellier countryside.
Off the beaten track !!!!
i will drive you to an estate winery.
There you will discover all their wine process, taste a line up of 6 wines, walk to a nice view...........
then to my family house for a farm to table homemade meal prepared by my mother......
and finish by a glass of wine in a little quaintessential medieval village.
$121.69*Per person

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Small-Group Half-Day Languedoc Pic Saint-Loup Wine Tour from Montpellier

Duration: 4 hours
With this half day wine tour discover the picturesque and geologically surprising landscape of the Pic Saint-Loup, one of the most interesting wine areas of Languedoc. You'll visit two wine estates of different size, style and history and you'll learn all about wine, from the working of the vines to vinification and aging. A short tasting workshop will teach you the art of describing and appreciating a wine.
$82.97*Per person

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Star Wars against emperor tinepalpa Escape Room Montpellier

Duration: an hour
60 minutes of galactic immersion!

In a galaxy far, far away, the war for freedom rages on! Several planetary systems have fallen under the rule of a ruthless galactic emperor named Tinepalpa.

You, a member of the pacifist royal family of the planet Icarro 8, are a threat to the emperor, because you refuse to swear allegiance to him. That is why he has set up a blockade around your planet in order to take control of it.

His army has already taken possession of your planet's infrastructure, including the spaceport.

It is therefore impossible to leave your planet and your only chance is to infiltrate aboard a cargo ship, the only ships authorized to cross the blockade.

You absolutely must flee in order to find the resistant forces to liberate your planet.

The next cargo take-off is scheduled for in 1 hour!

Will you get there without attracting attention?
$44.25*Per person

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Private Discovery of Montpellier by Bike-Taxi

Duration: an hour
NEW: for an even more complete experience I offer a new visit which lasts 3 hours (see my profile)

Visit Montpellier in an original way and without getting tired by coming aboard the electrically assisted bicycle taxi.
Your pilot, Nathalie, will give you an atypical experience that will allow you to see the must-see attractions of the city center.
Audio guide in several languages: French, English, Spanish and Italian
You will be comfortably seated on the back seat (fans provided for summer and throws in winter) to quietly contemplate the architecture.
A unique moment to experience alone or to share.
The maximum capacity is 2 adults and one child - 6 years old. Nathalie can also share with you the best deals in the city (hotels, restaurants, etc.)
Several photo breaks are planned so that you can immortalize this walk.
$77.44*Per person

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Discovery of the Grands Sites de l'Hérault from Montpellier

Duration: 8 hours
Discover 2 Great Sites of the Hérault:
- The Devil's Bridge, Saint Guilhem the Desert and its abbey
- The circus of Mourèze and Lake Salagou
Visit with a local guide who grew up in the area.
$71.91*Per person

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Wine and food tour to Pic Saint-Loup

Duration: 5 hours - 5 hours
A wine and food tour to Pic St. Loup Private road trip with a local guide to enjoy and explore the Montpellier countryside. Off the beaten track !!!!
$118.4*Per person

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Escape Game Session in Montpellier

Duration: 2 hours
The biggest Escape Game in Montpellier for groups of 3 to 29 people, 2 twin rooms to compete, 4 different themes, 5 rooms.
$102.12*Per person

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Pont du Gard Skip the Line Admission Ticket

Duration: a day
A true masterpiece of ancient architecture, the Pont du Gard aqueduct is one of the most beautiful Roman constructions in the region. Visit the area and learn more about its history.
$7*Per person

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Small-Group Half-Day Languedoc Wine and Olive Tour from Montpellier

Duration: 4 hours
With this half day tour, discover the picturesque countryside of Languedoc in the middle of vineyards and olive trees, two plants so closely linked to the culture and history of the region. During this tour you will visit 1 winery and 1 traditional olive oil mill and taste delicious products.
$77.44*Per person

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Small-Group Half-Day Languedoc Wine and Oyster Tour from Montpellier

Duration: 4 hours
In a typically Mediterranean landscape wander around the Thau lagoon, explore the vineyards of Picpoul de Pinet and Grès de Montpellier and taste the fresh oysters.
$96.24*Per person

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Montpellier: St. Guilhem le Désert and Moureze Day-Trip

Duration: a day
Discover the beauty of Mourèze, Saint Guilhem Le Désert, and the Salagou lake on a day trip from Montpellier. Admire the stunning natural landscapes and old villages with a guide.
$69.96*Per person

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Small-Group Half-Day Châteaux of Montpellier Wine Tour

Duration: 3 hours
This wine tour brings you to discover the architectural and wine-related heritage of Montpellier. You will visit and taste the wines of two different châteaux around Montpellier.
$85.18*Per person

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Electric bike rental in Montpellier

Duration: 5 hours
Getting around Montpellier has never been easier with all the new cycle paths. Favoring the electric bike rather than the car has many advantages: less pollution, more conviviality, more sport.

We offer this ride on electric bikes to go to the beach. There will be plenty of things to see such as the Maison de la Nature, the Cathedral of Maguelone, the Etang de Pérols and its pink flamingos.
$29.87*Per person

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Excursion circus of Navacelles from Montpellier

Duration: 7 hours
Discover one of the Great Sites of Herault:
- In a small group with a child from the country
- Conviviality and simplicity
- breathtaking and unique landscapes
$71.91*Per person

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Montpellier Highlights Outdoor Escape Game

Duration: 2 hours
Embark on a quest around Montpellier by solving clues that will take you to the most haunted places in the city, all with the help of your smartphone. Unlock new stories as you discover on your own the Notre-Dame-des-Table Cathedral, Musee Fabre, Promenade du Peyrou, and more.

+ Discover the most haunted streets, villas, and squares in the city
+ Find out the horror stories of the people who used to live there
+ Solve clues on your phone while you visit the haunted Montpellier

You are invited to discover the captive souls, the spirits and the mysterious skeletons of Montpellier with an interactive city exploration app.

Each clue will lead you from one place to another, giving you exact directions, so you won’t need a map, a GPS or a guide. When you solve it and guess the answer, the secret story of that place is unlocked. Start and stop whenever you want.

Along the way, you’ll find horror stories that will give you the chills. Dare you go on this tour?

$11.05*Per person

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Behind the scenes of the Château

Duration: 2 hours
A castle in the spirit of the 18th century castles
Built at the end of the 17th century, Flaugergues is a precursor of these residences called "follies" built in the countryside of Montpellier. "Houses in the foliage", they are the fact of a new aristocracy enriched in the service of the king. Located in the middle of the rural estate, they are surrounded by beautiful gardens. They become the summer residences of the notables of Montpellier in the eighteenth century.
$12.72*Per person

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