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Ljubljana: Postojna Cave & Predjama Castle Tickets and Tour

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Postojna Cave and the mysterious medieval castle of Predjama which rank among the most precious jewels of Slovenia.
$106.56*Per person

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From Zagreb: Ljubljana and Lake Bled Tour

Duration: 11 hours
Visit 2 beautiful locations in Slovenia in a day on a guided sightseeing tour from Zagreb. Explore the historic streets of Ljubljana and ride a traditional boat across Lake Bled.
$129.16*Per person

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From Ljubljana: Trip to Lake Bled and Bled Castle

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Often described as the "image of paradise", the Alpine resort town of Bled will enchant you with its emerald-green lake, fairytale-like island and imposing castle reigning on top of a rocky cliff.
$71.04*Per person

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Whitewater Rafting on Soca River, Slovenia

Duration: 3 hours
Everybody all together - forward!!! You can hear the echo of the guide's instructions hitting from the boulders and singing through the stream of the Soča River. Begin your adrenaline adventure when sitting on the raft, encounter and embrace the exceptional beauty of the water of crystal clarity of the river Soča. Deep emerald pools hosting the glorious Soča trout, huge craggy boulders that testify of the power of mother nature. The distance will show you the amphitheatre of the highest peaks and the view of the sun-drenched king - Triglav will leave you speechless and with their charm draw you back to the beauty of the natural wonders valley of the queen Soča.

The tour is also available for private groups.
$62.81*Per person

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Adventure Rafting with Photo Service in Bovec

Duration: 4 hours
Enjoy a beautiful day rafting down Soca River This excursion is an ideal introduction to the thrill of white-water rafting, great for families or groups. Choose the morning or afternoon departures and spot local wildlife while as you cruise down the river.

Our guests’ safety has always been our first priority. This trend will continue now on our base too. We will provide the opportunity for sanitization, and face masks if needed. Our changing rooms, toilets, showers and buses are disinfected after every tour!

Rumor has it that the virus hates ice cold, crystal clear, white-water rivers!

We are the only agency who offer a changing room service at our base and travel to the riverside with the equipment (you don't have to change in the parking lot or riverside). After the trip we hop on our buses and go back to the base to use the changing rooms and showers.
During the trip you can leave all belonging to a private safe box.
$52.89*Per person

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Slovenia in One Day: Small-Group Day Trip to Lake Bled, Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle from Ljubljana

Duration: 11 hours
Discover three of Slovenia’s top attractions in one day on this scenic small-group day trip from Ljubljana. Marvel at beautiful Lake Bled and ride a traditional ‘pletna’ boat to Bled Island to explore and perhaps try scrumptious ‘potica’ nut cake. Then, explore Bled Castle perched above the lake before free time for lunch. Finally, visit cliffside Predjama Castle and ride a mini-train into Postojna Cave, the famous cave network of stalactites, stalagmites and eerie halls. 

Visit the main tourist sights in one day and enjoy a magnificent day exploring some of the best Slovenian attractions. On our tour we treat you with a traditional pletna boat ride to Bled island and visit the only Slovenian island. On the island you can enter the Church of the Assumption and even ring the wishing bell, which has been ringing over Lake Bled since 1534. After the pletna boat ride you will explore a thousand years old Bled castle, which is also one of the most spectacular castles in Slovenia. You visit also the castle museum, which gives you an insight into the history of the entire area. Take a few minutes to admire the amazing views of Lake Bled from several viewpoints at the castle. 

In the afternoon explore some underground attractions. Visit Postojna Cave, the best-known cave in the world and one of the largest Karst monuments. Start the adventure with a unique ride with a special train that will take you to discover galleries and magnificent halls full of interesting stalactites, stalagmites and the most famous cave animal human fish (proteus anguinus). A scenic road will take us to idyllic village of Predjama where we will explore one of the most interesting castles in Slovenia, The Predjama Castle. It is perched high up in a vertical cliff and it has been placed on lists of top 10 castles to see in the world. Erazem of Predjama (Erasmus) is the main protagonist of numerous legends – on the one hand these legends glorify him as a passionate, handsome and noble knight, while on the other he is described as a bandit and a robber baron who met his death on the toilet.  
$125.61*Per person

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From Ljubljana: Lake Bled and Bohinj Trip

Duration: 10 hours - 10 hours
Visit Bled, a resort with an eminent medieval castle and a romantic island in the lake, along with Lake Bohinj, which lies in a tranquil valley of Triglav National Park.
$106.56*Per person

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Pub Crawl Ljubljana

Duration: 5 hours
We always do our best to entertain & connect fellow travers amongst each other, so you not only have fun but also meet lots of people while playing different games & completing challenges.
$24.24*Per person

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Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle - Entrance Tickets Included

Duration: 6 hours
On this day we take you to the biggest and worldwide known Slovenian cave system - the Postojna caves. Amazing two million years old and 21 km long system of underground caves is one of the most easily accessible networks of underground caves in the world. First, you will experience the ride by electric train, after that a guided walk will follow through a series of cave halls with drop stones, pillars, and translucent curtains that create unforgettable impressions. The underworld system is home to the mysterious, unique and rare amphibian Proteus Anguinus, or "baby dragon" as it is popularly called here.
$109.08*Per person

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From Bovec: Premium Rafting on Soča River with Photo Service

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Whitewater Rafting on the scenic Soča river is an unforgettable experience for families and adventure seekers. Get an adrenaline rush while you take in the amazing scenery.
$61.89*Per person

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Bovec: Canyon Učja — The Longest Zipline Park in Europe

Duration: 3 hours
Get your adrenaline pumping at the longest zip line park in Europe, with 11 wires, 250 to 600 meters long, rising to 200 meters above the canyon of the river Učja.
$74.27*Per person

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Slovenia: Half-Day Rafting Tour on Soča River with Photos

Duration: 3 hours
Enjoy a half-day rafting tour full of adventure amongst the picturesque setting of Soča River. Take part in an action packed day full of outdoor fun that is suitable for the whole family and learn about the sport of rafting with experienced guides.
$67.81*Per person

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Ljubljana: Guided Walk & Funicular Ride to Ljubljana Castle

Duration: 2 hours
In the company of a guide, take a walk through the historical city center of Ljubljana, get to know the city's history, art, architecture and way of life in the past and present through its major sights and take a funicular ride to the castle.
$18.3*Per person

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2-Hour Interactive Wine Tasting Experience in Ljubljana

Duration: 2 hours
Taste 7 finest wines from different wine regions of Slovenia and learn must-know wine facts from a wine expert in 300-year old wine cellar in Ljubljana. #1 rated Wine Tasting in Ljubljana is fun and interactive 2 hour wine experience for wine lovers. You will hear fun stories, learn you must-know wine facts, play games and solve challenges... 
$63.91*Per person

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Canyoning Bled Slovenia

Duration: 4 hours
Spend an energy-filled Canyoning Bled Slovenia with us. Descend into the canyon of a wild Alpine river which can be explored only through canyoning. Feel the exhilarating feeling in the middle of wild nature with hiking, swimming, abseiling and jumping into the natural pools.

Our certified guides will make sure of your safety on every step and provide you all the fun exploring the canyon.

The tour is suitable for anyone with no previous experience required.

Guiding, transport and equipment are included in the price.
$109.08*Per person

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House of Illusions Ljubljana Entrance Ticket

Duration: an hour - 2 hours
Do you trust your senses? Did they ever deceive you?

Prepare yourself because in the House of Illusions your senses will be on a serious test. But doing so you will have a lot of fun and you will learn new things. Are you ready for the unforgettable adventure? OK, let's go.

What can I expect in the House of Illusions?

There are more than 70 exhibits waiting for you. And trust us they will try to deceive you. Among others you can get a photo in a room that totally defies the laws of gravity, you can have your friends head for your lunch, have a party in the middle of the day and only for the brave – a walk through the Vortex tunnel. At the end you will test your brain and patience while assembling our incredible mind games.

Indulge yourself in a whole new experience and have fun with your friends or family. Kids just love the world of illusions, but it is also a great adventure for parents, couples and grandparents! Experience it by yourself.

$14.32*Per person

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3.5-Hour Ljubljana Food & Wine Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Find out about what and where to eat, where to go, what to do, and learn about the town and history of Slovenes in under 4 hours. Join the tastiest city tour in town!
$83.96*Per person

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From Bled: Self-Guided E-Bike Tour to Vintgar Gorge

Duration: 4 hours
Discover Vintgar Gorge on this self-guided 4-hour tour from Bled. Ride an e-bike through the green and hilly landscape, and customize the tour to fit your interests.
$42.1*Per person

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Lake Bled and Bohinj with Vintgar Gorge included

Duration: 10 hours
Two exquisite glacier lakes glitter in the green valleys of the Slovenian Alps. We will visit Bled, mundane resort with an eminent medieval castle and a romantic island in the lake. Later we will drive to Lake Bohinj which lies in a tranquil and pristine valley in the Triglav National Park.
$109.08*Per person

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Bovec Zipline - canyon Ucja - the biggest zipline in Europe

Duration: 3 hours
The biggest Zipline park in Europe is set in the picturesque Učja valley.

10 ziplines in lengths 250 - 600 m rise up to 200 vertical meters above the river Učja.
$76.03*Per person

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