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Small-Group Muharraq Cultural Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
You will enjoy an insight into the old city of Muharraq and information about Bahrain that they might never be heard of before. Guests will be mesmerised by the traditional old Bahraini houses, their design, art, and atmosphere. Each house tells a different story talking about the Pearl diving history of Bahrain to current and traditional Bahraini art and design. This tour includes an exclusive entrance to Bahrain Pavillion and Bahrain Pearl Path monument where I will be explaining the importance of their existence throughout the history of Bahrain. Finally, guests are invited to a local Bahraini coffee shop where they are greeted by the owner who’s fully dressed up in a Bahraini traditional attire (thobe) and they will be given Arabic Bahraini tea, coffee, dates, sweets, and Tikka where I’ll be explaining the ingredients of each drink and food they eat and this is all included in the price.
$54*Per person

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Full Day With Traditional Bahraini Lunch

Duration: 9 hours
This tour covers 12 best attractions of Bahrain.
1 - Inside visit to the amazing Al Fateh Mousque.
2 - Bahrain national museum takes you back more than 4000 years in history, to tradition, culture and customs of Bahrain. ( Closed on Tuesdays ).
3 - Bahrain Bay man-made island, where the modern buildings of Bahrain.
4 - The biggest historical and archaeological site in the Gulf region, Bahrain Fort UNESCO site.
5 - Smill and enjoy the Orient flavors by walking at Manama Souk.
6 - Enjoy Bahraini traditional lunch at one of the traditional coffee shops ( During the month of RAMADAM / March NO lunch)
7 - Away from Manama to visit a camel farm.
8 - Visit Formula one circuit. The home of sport's cars race in the middle east. (closed During F1 race)
9 - Drive to the First oil well in the Gulf Region. Photo Stop.
10- Take a shelter under the mazing tree of live in the middle of the desert.
11- Stop at Ala'ali Royal Burial Mounds.
12- End the tour in a Pottery makers work shop.
Back to Hotel
$189*Per person

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Full-Day Bahrain Guided Tour

Duration: 9 hours
Bahrain stands testimony to the fact that the future and the past can come together as one. The Ultimate Bahrain Tour combines the Desert Oasis experience with the City Sightseeing tour to let you experience the quintessential Bahraini feel.
$165*Per person

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Half Day Desert Tour

Duration: 4 hours
4 hours, out of city Tour 

Covers: culture, tradition, history,nature.

From Manama city, to first oil well in the region. to amazing tree of live. Photo stop at BIC Bahrain international Circuit Formula one. Come as close as you can from Camels in a local Camel Farm .

Then back to history of Dilmun civilization. 4000 years Burial Mounds. and stop for Pottery Makers workshop.
$76*Per person

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Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
We take you to new adventure to Saudi Arabia driving 25 KM in the sea, through King Fahad Causeway .

Drive through Al-Khobar and Dammam city.

Stop at one coffee shop.

Visit one souk and drive around the Khobar and Dammam Corniche.

Visite Heritage Village at Dammam.

Then back again to Bahrain
Total distance coverd around 200 kms
$199*Per person

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Discover Bahrain in half day

Duration: 4 hours
This tour covers the best of Manam in 4 hours.

1- Inside visite to the biggest mosque in Bahrain Al-Fateh mosqu.
2- One hour of concentrated information about Bahrain : History, tradition, culture, economy …etc in Bahrain National Museum . ( Closed on Tuesdays)
3- Stop at Bahrain Bay, Man-made island. See the modern buildings of Bahrain.
4- Visit the biggest historical and archaeological site in the Gulf region, Bahrain Fort site.
5- A break time walking in Manama old Souq with stop for traditional Bahraini tea.
$76*Per person

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Bahrain City and Desert Tour

Duration: 5 hours
With more than 15 years of Experience in Local and International Tours, we will make this Tour fun for you and your loved ones. You'll be able to discover the old and modern Bahrain in this short time. The Tour features the best attractions of Bahrain for Tourists and a Local Guide that can help you learn some Arabic words too.
$95*Per person

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Half-Day Desert Tour

Duration: 4 hours
You’re finally here! Bahrain long awaited you and now it’s time to get a proper welcome. But with so many things to do and see, where should you start? Especially since you have little time to take it all in. Luckily, we have it all figured out for you.

To really show you what Bahrain is all about, we’re going to take you to the star locations and mesmerise you with fascinating desert sceneries, topping it all off with an F1 experience. Sounds good? Then let’s go!
$80*Per person

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Best Bahrain Tour - Select 1 of 9+ Private Tours

Duration: 5 hours - 9 hours
Bahrain luxury Individual’s & Groups Private Tours:
Unforgetable memories

Select 1 of 9+ best private tours:
Bahrain Full Day Private Tour - 9 hours
Bahrain Half Day Private Tour - 5 hours
Bahrain & Sauida Arabia
Bahrain Investor Tour
4 Days Private Tour
Full Day Tour & Free Kayaking - 9 hour
Full Day Tour & Horse Riding - 9 hour
Bahrain Nightlife Tour & Dinner - 5H

Bahrain Tours For MSC & AIDA cruises tourists (group 10 to 35+) 5-7 hours

Top Bahrain Attractions:
Al-Fatih Mosque
Bahrain Museum
Pearl path
Muharraq Old Houses
Bab Al Bahrain
Bahrain Fort
Bahrain Bay
Royal Camel Farm
Bahrain International Circle
Tree of Life
First Oil Well
Dilmun Graves
Aáli Pottery
Saudi Causeway

And customized your Bahrain best tour program with our expert tours manager, select your best attractions & activities, Bahrain’s Treasures & Fun Tours:
Night life
Art of Photography
& more.
$79.65*Per person

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Catch the Essence of Manama - Half Day City Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Why Manama? 

Manama is an oasis for the thirsty traveler who lingers to discover the beauties of this world. Infused with tradition and driven by progress, Manama merges cultural heritage with state-of-the-art venues, offering a unique and exciting experience. You could spend days in a row immersing yourself in the cultural scene, enjoying traditional cuisine, soaking the sun on pristine beaches or venturing in activities that will spike your adrenaline levels. But if you only have half a day (4 hours) at your disposal, make sure you turn to us in order to capture the very essence of what makes Manama a unique city into a spectacular country.
$79*Per person

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Private tour and sightseeing in Bahrain - VIP tour

Duration: 5 hours
This is the best seller tour.
Muharraq was the country’s capital in the 19th century and still has much of the attraction of an old-fashioned traditional Bahraini city, with its charming buildings, narrow streets, and fine historic houses with their traditional Arab-Gulf style of architecture.
The tour will end up at the Manama traditional souk where we can see the main highlights of the souk.
$190*Per person

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Bahrain "Must-Eats" Food Tour (Manama Souq)

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
The first walking Food Tour in Bahrain
We designed our tour where you will get a balanced mixed of Culture, History, & Food ⛵️
As we say in our PinkAlien Food Tours
"Leave Some SPACE for Food"
$86*Per person

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Desert Budget Tour

Duration: 4 hours
A unique visit to the desert with non beatable price in SUV car. Licensed local Bahraini tourist guide.
$76*Per person

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Full Day Sightseeing Tour in Bahrain

Duration: 7 hours
Immerse yourself in the many delights that Bahrain has to offer on this full-day excursion. Explore the must-see cultural spots and locations. Your guide is equipped with the knowledge and experience to showcase each of these places and all they have to offer. During the morning, you’ll visit Al Fateh Mosque and the Bahrain National Museum, followed by the Muharraq Souq, where you can purchase beautiful items such as Bahrain’s world-famous pearls, highly acclaimed gold and brightly coloured fabrics. This exciting morning of culture and history will conclude with a visit to Bahrain Fort – Qal’at Al Bahrain, which with its coastal location offers two beautiful backdrops – the sparkling blue waters and the city skyline. After stopping for a traditional Bahraini lunch at one of the best restaurants for local cuisine on the island, Sight-seeing continues in the afternoon with the Camel Farm, Bahrain International Circuit, the Oil Fields and the Tree of Life
$250*Per person

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Guided tour in Bahrain by local licensed tourist guide

Duration: 4 hours
Travel in style! Try one of our best seller guided tours of Bahrain, and visit the most famous touristic sites of Bahrain during your visit.

Guided tour in Bahrain –by local licensed tourist guide.
During your tour we will stop by the best tourists attraction in Kingdom of Bahrain.
With us, always you can customize your tour with us as long it’s a private tours, you can change your tour route in the last minutes to another tourist attractions, as long as all the tourist attractions are open.

This is a 4 hours tour and minimum of 5 tourists required - the price shown is for each tourist.

$96*Per person

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Pearl Diving (Snorkeling or Scuba Diving)

Duration: 2 hours - 5 hours
Since that time, pearl diving has been taken as a profession for some families and a main source of income, powering the whole economy while leaving an unforgettable legacy in Bahrain. Today, Bahrain continues to keep this heritage alive and long lasting, making it a key attraction for both locals and foreigners to enjoy.

Collecting oysters in search of finding a precious pearl, is an excitement that divers feel and cherish, especially after a hard day’s work. Collecting and cracking oysters open requires strength, patience, good eye sight and of course time in order to find that beautiful round plump pearl. The feeling of catching and finding a pearl is indescribable, making you feel proud to have achieved a task that was and still is a heritage brought up by our ancestors and is a pride to our Kingdom, Bahrain.

Our professional dive instructors will guide you through this experience whether you are a beginner (snorkeling) or a certified diver (3 dive sites that you can choose from).
$125*Per person

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Discover Bahrain - Experience a one-of-a-kind authentic private luxury Tour .

Duration: 5 hours
This tour starts from the capital of Manama or any point based on request, where we will explore a contrast between the past and present. You can visit many tourist attractions .

This tour is a combination of sightseeing, history, culture and heritage of the kingdom of Bahrain.

The mentioned price is for minimum of 1 person and maximum of 4 persons.

This is private tour and you can customize it any time, start the tour any time, the below will be the details of the tour.

All of our inbound tours includes the below:
• Multi- language licensed tourist guide.
• Drop off and pick –up facility from/to anywhere within the kingdom of Bahrain.
• Bottle of water and coffee or tea.
• Entrance fees to all tourist attractions visited.
• Always you can customize your tour with us as long it’s a private tours, you can change your tour route in the last minutes to another tourist attractions, as long as all the tourist attractions are open.
$400*Per person

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Tour by local guide in Bahrain.

Duration: 5 hours
Our local tourist guide (who born and lived in the Muharraq for more than 30 years) will share with you all of these information in details, his childhood stories, what he heard from his grandparents, local legends and the story of each single landmark in Muharraq.

Its more just a tour for us, we use locals guides only.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Traditional Bahraini lunch will be served during the tour.
$400*Per person

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From Bahrain to Saudi Arabia Budget tour

Duration: 6 hours
This tour starts from Bahrain to saudi arabia and back to Bahrain

1- Pick up from hotel in Manama.

2- Drive through King Fahad Causeway.

2- Drive in Khobar city. Khobar Corniche.

4-Drive to Dammam Corniche.

5- Visit Dammam souk. Or other shopping mall.

6- Visit Heritage Village in Dammam City ( open noon time ). Entrance Fees not included

7- Drive throght MURJAN Island.

8- Lunch is optional at Dammam .

9- Stop for coffee ( Optional ).

10- Visit King Abdulaziz World Cultural Centre ITHRA ( Closed on Sundays).

11- Drive back to Bahrain.
$180.18*Per person

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Archaeological Tour Bahrain

Duration: 4 hours
Join this tour to find out about the ancient Dilmun civilization that dates back to the 3rd Millennium BC. The tour covers most of the major archaeological excavation sites in the country. Bahrain Fort, Barbar Temple, Saar Ancient Settlement, Saar Burial Complex and Burial Mounds.
$107*Per person

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