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Brussels Atomium Entry Ticket with Free Design Museum Ticket

Duration: a few seconds
Visit this icon of Brussels and Belgium and a creation that’s unique in the history of architecture. The emblematic vestige of the World’s Fair in Brussels in 1958, the Atomium is the most popular attraction in Europe's capital city.

Hungry Mary's Famous Beer and Chocolate Tour in Brussels

Duration: 5 hours
The #1 Food tour in Brussels on TripAdvisor!

Sample some of the best chocolates and the best beers.

Combining the two treasures of Belgium, an experience that really makes everyone happy!

This walking tour includes highlights of the city center with chocolate tastings from the most exclusive chocolate makers in Brussels, followed with a beer tasting session with an overview of all Belgian beers styles in bars and taverns around Grand Place. 

You also get discounts in two chocolate shops.

Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

Duration: 4 hours
This chocolate tour includes a chocolate workshop
Learn how to make your own chocolate creations
Tastings at the best chocolates shops
Venture past the best sights of Brussels
Selection of Belgian pastries

From Brussels: Ghent and Bruges Day Tour

Duration: 11 hours
See Belgium's historic buildings on a day tour to Ghent and Bruges. From the stunning Saint Bavo Cathedral to the serene Lake of Love, walk away with memorable impressions of these Flemish cities.

Marc's Belgian Beer Tour in Brussels

Duration: 4 hours
Selection of 8 Belgian beers : each of them different in terms of flavours
Visit the most authentic old taverns of Brussels
Selection of small food dishes with the beers

From Brussels: Bruges and Ghent in a Day Guided Tour

Duration: 10 hours
Visit 2 of Belgium's most beautiful cities in a day on a guided tour of Bruges and Ghent. Benefit from round trip transfers from Brussels and the services of a professional guide. See an abundance of medieval monuments and picturesque neighborhoods.

Luxembourg and Dinant Day Trip from Brussels

Duration: 11 hours
This tour is one of our bestsellers! Luxemburg is certainly a modern and vibrant city with a rich history and impressive modern and ancient architecture. In the old part of Luxembourg , our guide will take you to the cathedral, the Palace of the Grand Duke and the Place des Armes. In the lower part of the city you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Kirchberg district, home to several European institutions. In the valley, we will show you a trail of casemates, the abbey of Neumünster, the city walls and the picturesque sites along the river Alzette. After some free time in the city, we visit the quaint town of Dinant, with its fifteenth century collegial church, its impressive citadel. It is also the town of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone and the cradle of the Leffe beer. Our drive to Brussels, takes us through the valley of the Meuse.

Beers, Breweries & Brussels Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Get ready for a unique Brussels experience! Taste the best Belgian craft beers in town: traditional, new and original. Explore the belly of the city and try out all of the locals’ favorites beers. Plus, you'll get insights into the local lifestyle and the city’s vibrant nightlife. What can be better than that? Kick off your tour with a visit to an innovative and bold brewery that brings fresh air into the Belgian craft brewing scene. Because who doesn’t love beers with funky names? Hear all about this young and hip brewery concept that collaborates with the public to make its new creations, while enjoying your first beer tasting right next to the vessels. Make your way to the historical heart of Brussels bursting with life and local hotspots. And how about a visit to a trendy pub where only locals go? It’s hard not to admire the spectacular industrial decoration of this hidden gem as you taste your next Belgian beer. A Belgian beer tasting wouldn’t be complete without the all-time classic Kwak in its traditional glassware! The best place to try this is at the oldest cafe in Brussels that’s a favorite among local beer drinkers. Top it off with some excellent cheese and a sausage and your Brussels’ beer tasting experience is complete! The best part? Get useful tips from your local friend about the best places to continue your evening. From local bars to the newest party spots in town - it’s time to experience the vibrant nightlife! The local insiders can’t wait to welcome you in Brussels. Check out their profiles and pick the local you like most. And don’t forget, your tour is 100% customized around you! NOTE: *brewery 1 is open on Thu/Fri/Sat Should this place be closed on the day of your tour, then you’re in for another treat at one of the best bars in town!

Brussels: Entry Ticket to Mini-Europe

Duration: a few seconds
Book your ticket to Mini-Europe in Brussels and see iconic miniature monuments, including Big Ben, the gondolas of the Doge’s Palace, Grand Place in Brussels, and the Acropolis with 350 attractions.

The Urban Jungle of Historic Neighbourhood Molenbeek

Duration: 3 hours
Until the beginning of the 19th century, Molenbeek was an agrarian village on the outskirts of Brussels. Thanks to the construction of the canal this area industrialized very quickly to know a slow but hard downfall after more than a century. Unemployment and poverty made this a dangerous area in the '90s. But today, after a few decades of modern city planning the canal area is an up and coming neighborhood! Together with me you'll discover and experience a vibrant area with multicultural vibes and an artistic atmosphere.

Musical Evening & Drinks in Brussels with a Local

Duration: 3 hours
Do you like jazz together with a nice glass of wine? Or how about some rock music and a beer in hand? Are you more of a dance person and cocktails? It doesn't matter! I know the best places to enjoy a musical evening with drinks. Join me! This experience is 100% personalized according to your music and drinks preferences. The one thing that is always the same is the good time we'll have together. Mix it up with some city highlights, and your night will be unforgettable. I'm a music journalist, and I know my way around Brussels and its bars and music venues. Let me know what you would like to do. From a jazz bar to a club to dance the night away, anything is possible! And how about drinks? Pick two of your favorites! I can also give you personalized recommendations. Let's have a night to remember while listening to some nice beats together with some drinks, city highlights, and cheers!

The Ultimate Belgian Beer Tasting with Beer Specialists

Duration: 2 hours
While tasting a few beers we'll explain you about the history of beer! Is there anything more interesting and fun? Throughout the tasting of our beers, we will explore the evolution of this alcoholic drink and the brewing process. We will learn how beer is brewed and which elements are used in it. We will start from the origin of beer back in the antiquity and learn how beer expanded here in Europe during the Middle Ages. We'll talk about our famous Abbey beers and conclude with a discussion about the recent microbreweries. Throughout this experience we will serve you beers that will document our stories. You will taste Trappist beers, which are still brewed by monks according to the old recipes. The Valley of the Senne, where Brussels is located, has that specific particularity that's on the origin of the spontaneous fermentation that will generate our most remarkable Belgian beer, the Lambic. Then we will serve you an award-winning beer from the World Beer Awards before we end with a Belgian IPA. During the experience, we will teach you how to taste beer using your five senses and after this, you will never drink a beer the same way. Learn and enjoy the diversity of the Belgian beers with two passionate beer friends, Sancar and Christophe!

The Alternative Side of Brussels with a Local

Duration: 3 hours
If you are looking for a real local experience, away from the touristy crowds and the city center, I have the perfect solution for you! Come with me to discover the alternative side of Brussels on a private tour. Let's visit up and coming neighborhoods with industrial vibes where hip locals live. This experience offers you a look into what the real Brussels is about: multicultural, vibrant and with tons of cool things to offer. This experience will take you to the birthplace of the city, Place Saint-Géry, where we can still see the old river Senne. Did you know that Brussels was founded on an island in a river? And did you know that today there's still water running through the city? Yes! These and more facts about Brussels' origins will be covered at this place. For a contrast between the old and modern times, it's time to discover a lively part of the city, the Saint-Cathérine hamlet. What used to be the former harbor, nowadays is a very lively area with restaurants and bars in historical buildings. This is a great place to see the transformation of Brussels and how its locals are giving the city a modern touch. If there's an area in the city that you shouldn't skip, it's he up and coming canal area! With a little castle and old factories turned into beautiful lofts, the Sint-Jans-Molenbeek area is like a breath of fresh air. Once an industrial area, it has rapidly changed over the last few years into a multicultural place with active artists, Flemish families and young students. Let me show you around and visit some local shops and why not grab a beer on a nice terrace! Want more of the vibrant city of Brussels? It's all possible! This tour is 100% personalized according to your wishes.

Best of Brussels Tour: Highlights & Hidden Gems

Duration: 3 hours
Already picturing yourself strolling past the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe, and taking a whiff of the best Belgian beers as you wander through hidden alleyways? Do you already see yourself admiring delightful little churches, beautiful parks, and majestic architectural gems? Get ready to experience Brussels like you’ve always dreamed of! Say ‘salut’ to beautiful Brussels and let your local insider show you places like a medieval puppet theater pub and an art deco cinema that’s so beautiful it will take your breath away. And how about a local beer with a friendly house cat? The liveliest and colorful parts of town are a must see too! Find out where locals love to hang out as you stroll through vibrant streets and top-notch shopping galleries full of local life. And of course, a trip to Brussels would not be complete without checking out the classic Manneken Pis Statue and the grandiose Royal Palace. All this and more awaits for you on this private tour! The locals are natural storytellers, each one with a different background ranging from the arts to history. They can’t wait to share some of the most unique stories and personal anecdotes with you! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their Brussels, your Brussels! Pick your favorite local from the video you like the most and let them know how to personalize your tour to make your wishes come true!

Brussels Chocolate Beer Waffle and Belgian Whiskey All-in-One (Small Group) Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Get to sample the best Belgian quality chocolates including hot chocolate and chocolate Macaron in the first part of the tour while learning the history and the social life of the city , and get to know and sample our local cookie Speculoos , in the second part you get to sample the best Belgian beers from different styles (including exclusively Westvleteren XII the best beer in the world) in the most authentic local off-the-beaten path bars around the historic center combined with local cheeses & sausages . And for the first time in Brussels get to sample a local single malt Belgian Whiskey ; a hidden gem that will surprise many , and to finish in style enjoy a full Waffle topped with a fruit of your choice and chocolate served on a table with cutlery in the prestigious Royal Galleries combined with a Trappist beer .

Welcome to The Best of Brussels, the tour of your dreams where you can enjoy all this treats in one unique and exclusive tour in Brussels.

Amsterdam Day Trip from Brussels With Stop at Kinderdijk's Windmills

Duration: 12 hours
Holland is only at a stone’s throw away from Brussels. Once you have crossed the border, you will admire pastoral polder landscapes and tons of windmills. We actually stop at the unbelievably picturesque village of Kinderdijk. We set off on an unforgettable walk between the windmills and for sure you will make the best pictures of your lifetime.
Then we set off for Amsterdam. We offer you the opportunity to discover the highlights of Amsterdam by boat. The 75-minutes’ canal cruise is optional but very warmly recommended. You see many places of Amsterdam in a nutshell.
After the boat tour it is time to take a walk but don’t call it a break! We provide you with a map and an itinerary which your guide has drafted specially for you. With this self-guided tour and at your own pace you can combine your leisure time with some of the highlights of Amsterdam. See the Royal Palace, do some window shopping , hipsters can drop by a coffee shop etc.

Brussels, the most comprehensive city tour

Duration: 3 hours
Should a sightseeing tour offer you more than just preregistered general audio comments? Should you get your up-to-date information about the city’s past, present and future from a trusted guide who is a real Belgian insider and professional? Honestly speaking: we are strictly the only Brussels based company that can provide this full service.

We start out with a short walk to the majestic Grand Place which was the cradle of medieval Brussels. Then you board our coach and our guide takes you to all the must-see highlights in the city center. We call at the Atomium, the royal residence palace and the EU district. In short: this is a comprehensive tour of Brussels. Your guide is your host who offers you tons of added value.

If you are looking for a quality service, you should offer yourself this unforgettable and personal welcome to Brussels. The tour offers ample opportunity to take pictures.

Brussels Walking and Tasting Tour

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
I will take you for a walk and talk about the history of Brussels while on every stop we make you will taste famous Belgian chocolates from the best chocolatier, beer tasting in a local bar, best waffles or best fries in the centre.
If you want to enjoy your stay in Brussels, book it when you arrive so I can make great suggestions on what to see or where to eat.

You may choose not to have them all, but it does not change the price.

Other things to note
I will try to understand your taste and what you like the most and adjust the experience according to yours.

Legends of Brussels - Historical Walking Tour of Brussels

Duration: 3 hours
There are various things to experience here: things to see, things to learn, things to taste! I would love to introduce you to Brussels' history and culture.

With its 159 embassies and 2500 diplomats, Brussels is the world's second seat of diplomatic representations. How did this young city acquire a prominent role so rapidly in Europe since the Middle Age? Since its first stone put in 580, Europe has witnessed Brussels' lightning evolution to power. This city has been a capital of numerous territories: Burgundy, Brabant, the Netherlands, Belgium and now Europe. Its refined heritage is prized by so many.

Today, the city is famous for its delicious chocolates and sweets, renowned beer, outstanding architecture and this unique way to continuously surprise you. If you let me introduce you to this legacy, I will make sure you see it, touch it and taste it!

TOUR ALSO AVAILABLE IN FRENCH (on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) - Please select the option : visite en français

Brussels Kickstart Tour with a Local

Duration: 2 hours
What better way to start your Brussels visit than on a 90-minute kickstart tour with a local insider! Get ready to make your way past famous landmarks, discover spots only locals know, take a stroll past beautiful architecture and much more. All while you get tips and insights on how to enjoy Brussels like a real local! C’est Magnifique! Your private introduction to Brussels kickstarts at “La Bourse” the former stock exchange of the city. Make your way towards must-sees such as the Grand Place, the Royal Galeries, and the famous Manneken Pis! Learn about the historical events that took place in the city and get tips on how to visit these main sights at complete ease - your local friend can tell you all about how to avoid the crowds! It’s not just about famous landmarks though! Marvel at a delightful little church, wander past a quiet and charming cul-de-sac and discover hidden passages. A visit to a traditional 17th-century speculoos biscuits shop in town is a must! And how about a visit to a medieval puppet theater? Along the way, you can get all answers to your burning travel questions too! Looking for a great place to have dinner? Ask your local friend! The local hosts are natural storytellers, each one with a different background ranging from the arts to history. They can’t wait to share some of the most unique stories and personal anecdotes with you! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their Brussels, your Brussels! Pick your favorite local from the video you like the most and let them know how to personalize your tour around your wishes!