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Dracula Castle, Peles Castle and Brasov Small Group Tour from Bucharest

Duration: 10 hours
Escape the urban bustle of Bucharest for the day to discover the legends and treasures of Transylvania. Wander through the Gothic chambers and turrets of Bran Castle, nicknamed ‘Dracula’s Castle’ thanks to its spooky atmosphere and ties to Vlad the Impaler, and then feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale on a tour of splendid Peles Castle, the former royal residence of Romanian kings. Finally, explore one of Transylvania’s most well-preserved medieval villages on a walking tour of Brasov.

Bucharest: Day Trip to Dracula Castle, Peles Castle & Brașov

Duration: 12 hours
Visit some of the most important castles in Romania on a 12-hour tour of Peles Castle, Bran Castle, and the city of Brasov from Bucharest. Tour the historical heart of Transylvania at Brasov, and learn the legend of the fabled Vlad the Impaler.

Transylvania and Dracula Castle Full Day Tour from Bucharest

Duration: 12 hours
Discover two of Transylvania's most stunning castles on this day-long adventure: Bran Castle, a 13th-century hilltop fortress known as "Dracula's Castle," and Peles Castle, a masterpiece of Neo-Renaissance architecture. On this day trip, you'll be ferried by climate-controlled bus to both landmarks, and will also have the chance to wander the medieval city of Brasov.

From Bucharest: Dracula Castle, Peles & Brasov Full-Day Trip

Duration: 12 hours
Be swept away by the magnificence of Transylvania and its magical places on this small group day trip from Bucharest. Enjoy a guided tour of Bran Castle (nicknamed Dracula's Castle), the medieval town of Brasov and Peles Castle.

From Bucharest: Peles, Bran Castle & Old Town Brasov Tour

Duration: 12 hours
Enjoy a visit to the most famous castles in Romania, including Peles Castle and Bran Castle, and free time in Brasov in the old town.

Bucharest: Day Trip to Brasov with Peles & Dracula's Castle

Duration: 12 hours
Discover the two legendary Transylvanian castles on a full-day car, van, or bus tour from Bucharest. Visit Dracula’s castle and Peles Castle and explore the city of Brasov with your guide.

Small-Group Day Trip to Dracula's Castle, Brasov and Peles Castle from Bucharest

Duration: 12 hours
This is a small group full day tour from Bucharest to Transylvania on a very picturesque route through the Carpathian Mountains allowing you to discover two of the most beautiful Romanian castles - Peles Castle & Bran (Dracula's) Castle - as well as the city of Brasov in south Transylvania.

Bucharest: Dracula's Castle, Peleș Castle & Brașov Day Trip

Duration: 12 hours
Discover some of the medieval castles of Transylvania on a full-day tour from Bucharest and visit the castle most associated with the legend of Count Dracula. Visit Peleș Castle and take a walking tour of Brașov.

Dracula's Castle and Transylvania Day Trip from Bucharest

Duration: 12 hours
Transylvania is perhaps one of the most popular places in the world for the legends and mysteries surrounding his paths. On this tour you will discover in a small group the charm of the Castles of Transylvania: Peles Castle and Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle) and the legend of the famous Count Dracula and enjoy the city of Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania.

Bohemian Bucharest Markets and Mahallas Walking Food Tour

Duration: 5 hours
From the heart of the city to the tastes of the country, this tour takes you on a historical, architectural, and culinary adventure through the many faces (and tastes) of Bucharest! Journey deep into the neighbourhoods of La Belle Époque Bucharest, while sampling the traditional peasant foods that define Romanian cuisine.

Bucharest: Day Trip to Dracula's Castle, Peles and Brasov

Duration: 12 hours
Discover a 13th-century fortress with historic links to the legend of Count Dracula on a day trip from Bucharest. Visit Bran Castle and Peleș Castle, and more.

Communist tour of Bucharest

Duration: 4 hours
In this 3-hour walking tour about communism, you'll discover the major landmarks and events of the communist period of history in Bucharest: the violent beginnings of the communist regime, the nationalization and forced demolition of thousands of houses, the Palace of the Parliament, the Ceausescu family and the anti-communist revolution of 1989.

Dracula's Castle Full-Day Tour from Bucharest

Duration: 12 hours - 14 hours
This full day trip is the best way to discover the famous area of Transylvania and it includes the most important and unique tourist attractions in Romania: Sinaia with its Peles Castle, emblem of the Romanian royalty, a highly valuable historical and artistic monument, the fascinating Bran Castle built in the 13th century, wrapped in the legend of Count Dracula and one of the most visited cities in Romania - Brasov. Find out why Sinaia bears the name of the holy mount Sinai and find out the legends that cover Bran & Brasov area.

Bucharest Pub Crawl in the Old Town

Duration: 4 hours
The most popular pub crawl in Bucharest and a great way to discover the amazing nightlife of Romania!

A unique party experience, combining the local culture with popular touristic places, this is also a great opportunity to get to know where to have fun in town with many fun people from all over the world!

Organized almost every Friday & Saturday, at our tour you will discover the best bars and clubs in the Old Town area with experienced party guides.
Over the course of at least 4 hours, each night will involve going to at least 4 places carefully chosen, while everyone can enjoy drinking, dancing and meeting locals at party events such as live band performances or great DJs in clubs.

This tour is ideal for solo travelers or smaller groups of people looking to party together with other locals and tourists aside.

The Real tour of Communism

Duration: 3 hours
The Real Tour of Communism will take you through all of the major aspects regarding the life under communist rule in Romania which lasted officially from 1948 to 1989.
The Communism era was marked by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu who ruled Romania for most of this period (1965-1989).
We will discover the landmarks of the Communist era to understand how the city's architecture was influenced and changed for ever. But also the former locations of the Secret Police where Romanians were interrogated and tortured too.
The tour ends in the Revolution Square where Nicolae Ceausescu had his last speech on Dec 21st 1989 few days before he was executed together with his wife.

Bucharest Half a Day Bike Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Discover Bucharest in the easiest possible way! Biking will allow you to extend the visiting perimeter and you will get a slice from each side of Bucharest: Gypsy neighborhood, communist Bucharest, Old City and other hidden uncommon attractions!

Castles of Transylvania: Private Day Trip from Bucharest

Duration: 12 hours
Visit Dracula's Castle and Peles Castle on a private day trip from Bucharest.

Legend has it that Count Dracula lived in a castle in Transylvania. Surrounded by an aura of mystery and perched high atop a rock, Bran Castle owes its fame to imposing towers the myth created around Bram Stocker's 'Dracula'. Discover the enchanting mountain region of the Carpathian Mountains and the cities of Sinaia, Bran and Brasov.

Bucharest: Parliament Palace Skip-the-line Ticket

Duration: an hour
Explore the largest building in Europe on this comprehensive tour of Romania's Parliament. Discover the largest halls, unique interiors and opulent decorations in one of the most interesting buildings in Eastern Europe. Benefit from skip-the-line access.

Street Food'n'Culture Tour

Duration: 5 hours
- Taste the most famous grilled mici produced in a local butcher shop
- Get a feel for the city while walking through the vibrant neighborhoods piata Romana and piata Amzei
- Try some cheese pastry and the most popular pretzels
- Enjoy the most delicious Romanian zacusca and a selection of local cheeses and cold meats
- Try the best eclairs in Bucharest
- Relax with a glass of homemade lemonade
- Enjoy the personalized service of a private tour
- Be immersed in the city's atmosphere as you explore by foot

3-Hour Guided Tour of Communist Bucharest

Duration: 3 hours
During this 3-hour walking tour you'll discover the major landmarks and events of Bucharest’s communist past, including the brutal beginnings of the regime, plus the nationalization and forced demolition of thousands of houses.