Eilat, Southern District, Israel

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Day Tour to Petra from Eilat

Duration: 12 hours
A magical day tour in Petra. Choose any date and enjoy a beautiful tour to Petra with pro guides. Pickup/drop off from Eilat, departures every day. Maximum 25 travelers per guide.
$219*Per person

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From Eilat, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv: Petra & Wadi Rum 3-Day Tour

Duration: 3 days
Embark on a comprehensive 3-day tour to Petra and Wadi Rum and discover 2 of the most visited and important sites in Jordan.
$399*Per person

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From Eilat: Petra Full-Day Guided Tour with Transfers

Duration: 12 hours
Discover the fascinating history of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World on this full-day private or shared tour from Eilat.
$219*Per person

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Jeep tour adventure Eilat mountains

Duration: 3 hours - 3 hours
Eilat Mountains 3 hours sunset jeep tour.

This route will acquaint you with stunningly beautiful views of the Eilat desert. The excursion passes through the river bed of Solomon, climbs the Yoash mountain to surprise us with a view of the Eilat Bay and the four borders of Jordan, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia .. And also a small rest stop near bonfire, you can try Bedouin flatbreads on fire with local cheese and herbal tea.
$55*Per person

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Eilat Mountains: Sunset Jeep Adventure to Mount Joash

Duration: 3 hours
Discover the southern reserve of the Eilat Mountains at sunset. Enjoy rare views of the natural beauty over a cup of herbal tea and some snacks, and discover the thrill of the ride as your guide demonstrates some extreme driving skills.
$51.28*Per person

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Introduction diving at Coral Reef with Instructor - 40 minutes

Duration: 2 hours
If you do not have enough time to go through a full scuba-diving training course or you are not certain if you want to go in for sports like this, then IntroDive will introduce you to Eilat underwater world and will help you make your final decision.

What is IntroDive?

IntroDive is the fastest and easiest way to make a trial tour into the depths of the Red sea. The whole process takes place in the most picturesque dive-sites of Eilat and is supervised by an experienced diving instructor.

An IntroDive is a wonderful present to your friends and family!

What you get from a trial dive?

IntroDive is available for people that are younger than 80 and older than 8 years old.

Trial dive starts off a beach which means that a beginner will feel comfortable and secure.

You can also order a video and/or photo shooting of your dive so that you will never forget these bright moments.
$88*Per person

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Full-Day Tour of Petra from Eilat

Duration: 12 hours
This tour will take you on an adventure that you will never forget, through the mountains to see Petra in all of her glory.

Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world, was left by the Nadateans that lived in Jordan more than 2000 years ago.

See the Treasury, which is the completion of the Siq.

There is a Roman theater with three thousand seats, built in the 1st century B.C.

There are crypts, baths, mourning halls, temples, and much more.

You don't want to miss this full-day tour.
$199*Per person

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From Eilat: 2-Day Petra & Wadi Rum Tour with Camp Stay

Duration: 2 days
This Petra and Wadi Rum tour includes 2 days of great sightseeing, walking, and adventure. See the sandstone formations at Petra, how the Bedouins live in Wadi Rum, and stay in a genuine Bedouin camp.
$313.61*Per person

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From Eilat: Petra Tour with Transfer and Lunch

Duration: a day
Step back in time with a guided trip to the archaeological site of Petra. Get picked up in Eilat and cross the border to Jordan for a visit to the complex, including the theater, tombs, and temples.
$197.02*Per person

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Eliat: Introduction to Scuba Diving

Duration: 2 hours - a year
Get a taste of scuba diving with an introductory course and 25 or 40-minute dive. Swim alongside brightly colored fish and tropical reefs in the Red Sea.
$64.77*Per person

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From Tel Aviv: Petra & Wadi Rum 2-Day Tour with Bedouin Tent

Duration: 2 days
Discover Petra and Wadi Rum on this 2-day trip from Tel Aviv. See Aqaba city and the Red Sea, spend the night under the stars in a comfortable Bedouin tent, and explore the lost city of Petra.
$449*Per person

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From Eilat: Timna Park Guided Jeep Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Experience a fascinating and informative 4-hour jeep tour to Timna Park and the Solomon Pillars.
$64.77*Per person

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Red canyon jeep tour in Eilat

Duration: 4 hours - 4 hours
* The tour is usually done in the morning and is suitable for all ages from one year old.
* Please note the tour includes walking and climbing ladders.
Little children will require parental supervision.
* On winter days, wear warm clothing, hiking shoes and a bottle of water.
* The trip is carried out in open jeeps of 8 places by professional drivers and not self-driving.
The tour begins with picking up from hotels to a jeep gathering point. From there we will head towards the Red Canyon through Route 12. About 15 minutes later we will reach the canyon and walk for an hour and a half in the distance. The Red Canyon is a crack in a second stream sandstone. Walking through the canyon can be a challenge for some climbing ladders and walking over the abyss. When we pass the canyon we will return to the parking lot and go up to the jeeps. We will visit the spring and continue our observation of four lands on Mount Joash. This will be our end point from which we will return to hotels .
$70*Per person

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Israel: eSIM Mobile Data Roaming Plan

Duration: a few seconds
Enjoy the convenient and instantly available eSIM data plans for Israel. Choose from a variety of options and activate your eSIM anywhere on your Israel journey.
$14.47*Per person

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From Eliat: Red Canyon Guided Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Enjoy a guided walk and jeep ride through the spectacular Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains.
$64.77*Per person

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Eilat: 2-Hour Glass-Bottom Boat Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Take a ride in a glass-bottom boat in Eilat and discover the underwater world of the Red Sea.
$20.24*Per person

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From Eilat: Petra Day Private Tour

Duration: 7 hours - 10 hours
Visit Petra on a private tour with your own personal guide. Experience Petra at your own pace. Marvel at the Treasury and the facades. Explore temples, tombs, and so much more.
$377.85*Per person

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Timna park Jeep tour adventure

Duration: 4 hours - 4 hours
Timna Park and King Solomon's Mine

This route will introduce you to the amazing corners of the Syrian-African Rift - the largest in length in the world, stretching from Turkey to East Africa. You will visit Timna Park - a unique reserve, a place of copper mining from ancient times and amazingly beautiful natural landscapes.
$70*Per person

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From Jerusalem: Petra & Wadi Rum 2-Day Tour

Duration: 2 days
Get picked up in Jerusalem and go on a 2-day guided tour of Petra and Wadi Rum. Enjoy views of the Red Sea, explore the Wadi Rum Desert on a jeep safari, and spend the night in a Bedouin camp before visiting the famous ruins of Petra.
$489*Per person

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Guided Dive on Coral Reefs for Certified Divers

Duration: 5 hours
Why does an experienced diver need an instructor?

 The majority might think that having a certificate, an insurance and experience is enough to not use the help of an instructor. In this case the help of a professional is not in teaching and giving advice. An instructor is more of a guide, companion or friend that knows all the secrets of the local underwater world and is ready to share them with you. He can be just a guide, but he can also help gain confidence in an unknown place and be a mentor in any difficult situation.

Together with an experienced guide you can set off on an exciting journey to extraordinary coral reefs, wrecks other fascinating dive-sites.

$65*Per person

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