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Fairbanks Snowmobile Adventure from North Pole

Duration: an hour
Enjoy an adventurous winter activity during your time in Fairbanks. On this snowmobile tour, your guide will show you how to operate the snowmobile before leading you out to your adventure, through a true winter wonderland, exploring the frozen rivers, lakes and snow-covered mountains around the Chena Lakes recreation area outside of North Pole.

It is very important that you arrive 30 minutes before your tour time for your safety briefing and gear check to avoid inconveniencing other tours running throughout the day. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your safety briefing, you will forfeit your tour and no refunds will be given.

If you are using a GPS, do NOT take Conifer Drive. Take Nelson Road only. Allow 45 minutes travel time from Fairbanks.
$97.5*Per person

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Northern Lights and Chena Hot Springs Tour from Fairbanks

Duration: 10 hours
Discover the ethereal beauty of Alaska’s famous celestial display, the Aurora Borealis, see impressive ice carvings and experience the State’s ancient healing waters on an evening trip from Fairbanks. Start your evening with a guided tour of the Fairbanks Ice Museum, then sit back and relax and enjoy the 60 mile journey to Chena Hot Springs Resort. Enjoy some dinner in the resort's restaurant (not included in price) and take a dip in the outdoor mineral rock pool or just explore the grounds while you wait to see if the lights appear. Your guide will lead your group out to the springs and explain the most ideal viewing locations, where you can wait for a chance to glimpse the multicolored display in the sky. Round-trip transport from Fairbanks or North Pole hotels, entry to the ice museum and hot springs is included.

Note: the resort does not allow children under 18 in the outside rock pool. However, they may use the indoor pool under adult supervision.
$220*Per person

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Arctic Circle and Northern Lights Tour from Fairbanks

Duration: 12 hours - 14 hours
Travel along one of the world’s most isolated roads from Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle on this memorable 12 to 14-hour tour through the Alaskan wilderness.

In the company of an experienced guide with a passion for Alaska, journey up the Dalton Highway, passing by the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, crossing the Yukon River, and reaching the edge of the Arctic Circle. On the drive back, watch for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

This tour is limited to 9 guests to ensure that you enjoy a small-group experience in one of our climate-controlled vans.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the Northern Lights sightings and we can't guarantee last minute bookings.

We do encourage each guest to rotate seats at least a few times on this tour.
$290*Per person

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Dog Sledding and Mushing Experience in North Pole

Duration: 30 minutes
Enjoy a truly Alaskan experience in the famous North Pole Alaska on a 30 minute dog sledding adventure. This ride includes informative commentary from your local guide as you glide through the snow covered forest.  You will be seated in the dog sled as the team of Alaskan Huskies whisk you down the trails. Your guide will be standing on the back of the sled driving the team by voice commands. You will have a short stop during your adventure to meet your team of Alaskan Huskies and take pictures. All outer layers of winter clothing are included.
$99*Per person

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Guided Fairbanks Snowmobile Tour

Duration: an hour
Slip on your heated helmet and hit the gas--we are headed through Alaska's winter playground.  This 1 hour guided tour takes place on the outskirts of North Pole where we will thunder across the famous Alaska Pipeline and zip through snow covered forests.  We usually see some wildlife on every tour to include: Moose, Fox, Snowshoe Hares, Ptarmigan, Grouse, and squirrels.  

All snowmobiles are new  Ski Doo luxury touring snowmobiles. These snowmobiles are made for riding in style and comfort for 1 or 2 people. All snowmobiles have heated handgrips and electric start.
$159*Per person

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Arctic Circle Day Trip from Fairbanks with Transportation

Duration: 13 hours
Journey to the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks for a first-hand experience of the Earth’s northernmost circle of latitude in one of our climate-controlled vans. Here, in the summer and winter, the sky is completely dark or light for 24 hours a day! Travel along the Dalton Highway, made famous by the TV show "Ice Road Truckers", and spot wildlife (no guarantee) as you cross the Yukon River. When you arrive, learn about the area’s indigenous culture, take a walk with your guide, snap photos of the arctic landscape, and enjoy a snack and beverage amidst the incredible surroundings. You’ll take home an official Arctic Circle certificate to commemorate this amazing Alaska experience.

Make sure to dress weather appropriate and we recommend to wear some sturdy shoes to be able enjoy this trip.
$265*Per person

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Incredible Aurora Viewing Adventure

Duration: 5 hours
* The adventure starts in our warm, modern luxury VIP sprinter van to one or more locations that, depending on weather, will be best for viewing.
* Learn from a local expert about Fairbanks and Alaska in a small group setting (no more than 15 per van)
* Training on how to take photos of the Incredible Northern Lights with hands-on assistance
* Enjoy looking up stargazing into the universe, glamour at the constellations, maybe catch a shooting star, and chase the Aurora Borealis
* Per request, while waiting for Aurora we offer a campfire with delicious, homegrown, Alaskan reindeer hot dogs
* On evenings when the Northern Lights are exceptionally active, we may stay out later for your enjoyment
* Aurora Portraits are included if desired for FREE. All unedited photos are free. Edited photos for purchase.
We will only go out when we know we are going to see some Aurora. If you are scheduled for a day and the weather is not favorable we will call and suggest a better day.
$268*Per person

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Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis Viewing) Chasing with Photography in Fairbanks

Duration: 3 hours
Northern Lights Seasons: from August 20 to April 25.
(It starts at 10:30pm. We start a little late at 11:00pm from August 20 to August 31 and from April to April 25.)

*** FREE Photo Service ***

We can’t promise to let you see the Northern Lights, which is Mother Nature that we cannot control. It is a natural phenomenon. NO Guarantee to see the Lights.

The weather or Aurora activity may change during the tour.

Even though everything is good or not good (Weather and Aurora Activity) when it starts, the weather or Northern Lights' activity always changes, and other conditions may change. It will be the natural things involved, which causes a lack of lights or low visibility.

We pick you up at Hotels listed.
(You may get an email about Pick up time and Location.)

With Photo Service we will upload your photos into OneDrive or Dropbox linked. It takes 2 days to send a URL linked.
$249*Per person

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Fairbanks Ice Fishing Expedition in a Heated Cabin with Fish Cookout

Duration: 4 hours
Go on an ice fishing expedition on a frozen lake outside North Pole. This is the ideal Fairbanks Alaska ice fishing experience as you will fish inside a heated cabin with electric! You will be warm and cozy as you fish through holes in the floor that go down to the ice. Sip hot cocoa as fish tug on your line.  Experience this Alaskan tradition guided by a professional. Afterwards we will grill the fresh fish you catch!
$159*Per person

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Alaskan Heritage and Sightseeing Tour in Fairbanks

Duration: 6 hours
Immerse yourself in Alaska’s intriguing culture and history on this small-group or private tour in Fairbanks. Marvel at the engineering feat of the Trans Alaskan Pipeline, browse interesting art exhibits and installations at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitor Center and learn about the state’s important heritage at the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Visit North Pole's Santa Clause House to experience Christmas all year long. Explore Pioneer Park (optional and seasonal, time permitting), featuring several attractions that celebrate Alaska’s many notable cultural, historic and economic hallmarks.

This is a small group tour, to ensure you’ll receive personalized attention from your knowledgeable guide.
$140*Per person

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Chena Hot Springs Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Start your day with a guided tour of the Fairbanks Ice Museum, then sit back and relax and enjoy the 60 mile journey to Chena Hot Springs Resort, located 60 miles from downtown Fairbanks. The scenery along the road and at the Hot Springs is breathtaking and has a good possibility of wildlife sightings.
Soak in the pool of the Hot Springs, take a tour on one of many trails around the resort or take a tour of the greenhouse and geothermal energy plant.
Lunch at the excellent restaurant is not to be missed (optional and not included in price)!
$200*Per person

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Original Arctic Circle Drive from Fairbanks

Duration: 16 hours
Discover Alaska’s Arctic! Experience for yourself the legendary hospitality and authentic interpretation that made the Original Arctic Circle Drive Adventure famous. Travel the famed Dalton Highway. View the remarkable Trans Alaska Pipeline. Visit the Arctic Circle Trading Post. Experience the mighty Yukon River. Explore up close the amazing arctic tundra. Cross the Arctic Circle and receive an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate.
$219*Per person

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Northern Lights Viewing at Murphy Dome

Duration: 5 hours
Join us on our tour to one of the most famous Northern Lights viewing spots, located north-northwest of Fairbanks -- Murphy Dome.

PLEASE NOTE that visibility of the northern lights (aurora) is not guaranteed. It is a natural phenomenon we have no control over and no refunds will be given if the aurora cannot be seen.
$110*Per person

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Aurora Lodge Viewing

Duration: 5 hours
The long nights in the Interior of Alaska provide amazing opportunities for Aurora (Northern Lights) viewing.

For our Aurora Lodge Viewing Tour, we select one of the best Aurora viewing lodges in the area, to give you not only the best chance possible, to view the Northern Lights, but also provide you with the comfort of a warm and safe area.

This is bringing the Aurora viewing to a whole new level. You will not only have a warm spot to wait for the Aurora to show up, but also have a great local tour guide with you. He or she will be able to answer all of  your questions and provide you with additional information. 

After a convenient pick up from your hotel inside the city limits, we will leave the city lights behind us in our spacious vans ensuring each guests comfort.

PLEASE NOTE that visibility of the northern lights (aurora) is not guaranteed. It is a natural phenomenon we have no control over and no refunds will be given if the aurora cannot be seen.
$145*Per person

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Quick and Easy Ice Fishing at Chena Lake

Duration: 3 hours
The Alaskan sub-arctic ice fishing experience in a quick and easy format! Meet your fishing guide at the lake (directions e-mailed after booking). Learn ice fishing from the most experienced resident and year round professional fishing guides. Enjoy a delicious grilled fish supper at the end of your tour and feel free to involve yourself deeper into a unique and ancient Alaskan tradition. Be welcomed to learn how to turn your own caught fish into a delicious meal. Heated ice fishing shelters are waiting for you and will offer a special ambience. Provided with the necessary resources, you may also proof yourself fishing outside in Alaska's harsh and rugged elements. This is a well rounded ice fishing experience providing you with the long-time memories to take home with you!
$142*Per person

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Fairbanks: Riverboat Cruise and Local Village Tour

Duration: 3 hours
See the beauty of Alaska on a riverboat cruise in Fairbanks. Meet a family who has made the rivers of Alaska their way of life for 5 generations. Visit a dog-sledding kennel and learn about mushing.
$95.35*Per person

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Aurora Viewing - Aurora Husky Lodge , Great view from top of the ridge

Duration: 5 hours
Overlooking the Alaska Mountain Range and can see great view from top of the ridge. Amazing view of the dark night sky within only a 40 minutes drive from Fairbanks.

Unlimited hot cocoa, coffee, tea, and snacks in the warm cozy rustic Alaskan cabin

Also, for an extra fee,
We can take pictures of you with the aurora for an additional fee.

Aurora is a natural phenomenon and cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to see the aurora borealis, as Weather conditions are constantly changing and other conditions may also change.
We would not cancel due to lack of lights or cloudy skies.
Even if it snows a little, the tour will not be cancelled because the weather may change.
Dangerous weather conditions (heavy snow, rain, icy roads) and emergencies may result in cancellations.
Because of the natural things involved we have a NO REFUND policy.

The same cancellation policy applies to cancellations due to flight or train delays.
$125*Per person

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Northern Lights and Arctic Circle Trip from Fairbanks

Duration: 14 hours
On this full-day trip from Fairbanks, you'll acquire plenty of bragging rights for friends back home as you cross the Arctic Circle and (hopefully) see the Northern Lights. Take in the landscape of Alaska's unspoiled wilderness while enjoying comfortable transport and narration from a guide. A light meal and hotel transport are included.
$290*Per person

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Fairbanks City Highlight Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Enjoy a day out on the town in Fairbanks, Alaska. Visit the main highlights and attractions in the "Golden Heart City". Travel through time as you explore the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. Stop at the famous Trans-Alaska-Pipeline Viewpoint and learn how this massive project was completed. Then, head uphill to the University of Alaska Fairbanks to take in the wonders of the Museum of the North.

Finally, end the day with a trip to the Santa Claus House in the North Pole!
$140*Per person

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Arctic Circle Winter Drive Adventure

Duration: 16 hours
Discover winter in Alaska’s Arctic! Experience for yourself the legendary hospitality and authentic interpretation that made the original Arctic Circle Drive Adventure famous. Travel the famed Dalton Highway. View the remarkable Trans Alaska Pipeline. Experience the mighty Yukon River. Explore up close the amazing arctic tundra. Cross the Arctic Circle and receive an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate.

NOTE - each tour is unique with our ever changing daylight. Depending on when you are traveling it is important your day may be more "night" then day light".

IMPORTANT NOTE -- this is not an Aurora Adventure. While yes it will be dark on the return to Fairbanks, the tour does not stay out later, longer waiting for the aurora during its peak time. Guests should consider taking an Aurora Adventure if they are wanting to look for the Aurora.
$279*Per person

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