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Cultural Confluence of Kolkata - Culture Kaleidoscope Tour

Duration: 3 hours
This tour works for both non-photographers and photographers alike. Even if you love photography you do not need fancy cameras to sign up for this tour. Anything that you are comfortable with photographing with works for you. If it makes you happy, we are happy!

Calcutta is truly a melting pot of cultures and communities… truly a kaleidoscope of various shades, flavors and sights that make Calcutta what it is today! This tour will help you understand a little bit of India and how so many religions and faith form the very fabric which is India. So many cultures and so many communities co-existing side by side, reminds one of the famous 1982 number one by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder – Ebony and Ivory.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless there is a scheduled tour, the minimum requirement for the tour is 2 pax. If you are single traveller, please message us.

P.S. Drop us a message if the mentioned start times do not work for you. Maybe we can schedule according to your convenience.
$37.19*Per person

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Kolkata Heritage Tram Tour

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Note: If the number of Tourists is more than 12, then we do the tour in Reserved AC Tramcars. If the number of tourists is less, then we do the tour in Unreserved Tramcars (AC/Non AC).

The tram system in the city of Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India, operated by the Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC), is the only tram network operating in India. The oldest operating electric tram system in Asia, it has been running since 1902. It is a heritage of Kolkata (Calcutta), the City of Joy. Kolkata Heritage Tram Tour is a unique way of discovering Kolkata (Calcutta). This tour includes the visit to the St. Teresa's Home, her final resting place and passes through innumerable heritage buildings and places of Kolkata (Calcutta). The tour includes local food (snacks), and Kolkata Heritage Tram Tour Momento.
$40*Per person

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Magic Hour Tour

Duration: 4 hours
An early morning adventure to watch Calcutta wake up. Experience Calcutta like Local and not just a tourist. Try different modes of transport, Local spots and blend into Calcutta's narrative just like a Local.
This tour is not the usual Heritage walk but an Anthropological experience with the city and its people. The aim of the tour is not just for you to understand the city but to fall in Love with Calcutta and its Local fabric. The tour is conducted by Soham, the founder of Calcutta Capsule walking tours, who is considered by many as the best walking tour specialist in the world ( ref reviews).
Among highlights on the tour we visit:
Old Calcutta,
Howrah Bridge,
Flower Market,
Kumartuli -Idol making village,
Local traditional Breakfast.
If you're wanting to feel the vibe of the city and develop a sense of belonging with Calcutta in just a few hours ,This tour is for you.
$37.19*Per person

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Alleyway Food Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Find your way through the mystical narrow alleyways of Calcutta leading to century old Street food stalls and discover why they call Calcutta a food lovers Paradise.Experience the calm side of an old Calcutta Locality and find secret Vantage points.
$37.19*Per person

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Kolkata: Uptown Food Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Join Avik on his Kolkata food tour and you'll be ducking and diving through alleyways and backstreets to find the city's finest joints that only the locals know.
$37.58*Per person

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Raj Heritage Walk

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
This is a Story Walk & one of our most popular tours, certified by so many travelers through the years! If you like listening to stories about the Raj days and Kolkata then this is your tour! It is a very interesting story of how the British started trading in this part of the world rivalling earlier European entrants. Many a booming cannon later, they became the leading traders. What followed was a small fort, a big port, a great battle, many changing fortunes and lots of colonial cunning & politics. The East India Company & later the Flag of the Empire gave a lot of importance to Calcutta for its trading, political and administrative clout. She was after all the Capital of British India for a long time & arguably the second most important city in the Empire. Along with Defense & Administration came institutions for Entertainment, Education & Emancipation. The light of European renaissance came as an ambient source & later cascaded into its own indigenous, self generating brightness.
$30*Per person

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Kolkata: Custom Private Full Day Tour

Duration: 8 hours
This 8-hour custom tour of Kolkata enables you to explore the city in your own way. Allow your guide to help you to choose the activities that suit your interest the most, giving you the most memorable time during your Kolkata visit.
$69*Per person

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Kolkata Full Day Sightseeing Including Mother House, Kumortuli and Flower Market

Duration: 8 hours
Every city has its own scent. If you want to feel the fragrance of the historical city of Kolkata in a day, this tour awaits you. Planned fully according to your choice, this 8 hours will take you through journey where you will touch the Colonial and Historical landmarks and also the modern Kolkata. All along you will be accompanied by a Professional Tour Guide who will route according to your interest and choices. So come, take the unique opportunity of a time travel in a day.
$43.39*Per person

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Kolkata - Sounds and Sights - Private Full Day City Tour

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
The most comprehensive tour of the city of Kolkata, delivered by experienced guides with a passion of story-telling and sharing the wealth of culture, religion, history and overall the story of this iconic Indian city.

• This comprehensive tour is ideal for foreigners as well as domestic tourists.
• All Entrances fees are included.
• Drinks and Snacks will be provided
• Hotel pickup and drop-off is included
• Designed and delivered by one of the oldest tour companies in Kolkata
$74.38*Per person

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Private Half-Day Kolkata Tour

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Forget the Taj Mahal and pink Jaipur, welcome to the chaos of Kolkata!

5 Hours Half Day guided Kolkata Tour by A/C Car.
Complimentary Pick up & drop off at your location.
Learn interesting facts and anecdotes about the people, art, culture and history of Kolkata.
Visit Mother Teresa's House & learn about this incredible woman and her humanitarian efforts.
Take a walk around the 'White Town' – Colonial city that was developed by the British East India Company.
Visit India's Largest Flower Market & iconic Howrah Bridge.
Enjoy a ferry ride in Ganges and walk on river front.
Explore Potter's town & see the clay idols being handcrafted by the artisan.
Discover the Black Town (Old Calcutta where wealthy "Bengali babus" used to live)
Stop at iconic Indian Coffee House and walk around the largest book market in India.

**We make happy memories for you :)

Note: If there is anything else you want to see or do, please let us know we will include that in itinerary.
$31*Per person

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Small Group Kolkata Uptown Food Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Get set for Kolkata’s finest food tour. Greet your guide as the sun sets and take the subway up to the intellectual heart of the city. Here the Bengal revolutionary fighter Subhas Chandras Bose is more famous than Gandhi and the people are passionate about their rights and independence, not to mention their food. 

The evening starts at a little street vendor that blends up one of the district's best tropical lasses. Afterwards, you'll hop from spot to spot tasting some fine Bengali fare - expect jumbo prawns covered in fragrant coconut milk curry, onion bahjis from a revolutionary food stand, succulent chicken curries and a range of Bengali sweets to name just a few. Finish at one of the oldest colonial coffee houses in Kolkata where nearby university students descend for intellectual discussions.
$35*Per person

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Confluence of Cultures - Bow Barracks to Burra Bazar Walk

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Our city has witnessed many more cultures in its past than most others would even in this globalised present. Here we will trace for you the origins and remains of the varied communities that hung their boots and called Calcutta home. Lets check out why Chinese breakfast still rules Tiretta Bazar, where the Parsis are dwindling in numbers with each passing day and how the Armenians gave the city its oldest surviving Christian church while we pass the Anglo-Indians, the Muslims, the Marwaris, the Biharis and many more that made this city a great melting pot of diverse cultures. This is one of our most popular tours and highly recommended to get an idea of the melting pot that Calcutta is.
$33.06*Per person

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Kolkata: Guided Heritage Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Retrace Kolkata’s past on a walking tour through the city's colonial history. Learn about some of the most prominent landmarks that shaped and defined Kolkata during the period of British rule.
$44.24*Per person

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Private Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Kolkata

Duration: 8 hours
Kolkata, aptly known as the City of Joy, is one of the vibrant cities of India; enjoying every moment of life. As one of important seats of the British rule, it consists of several British monuments. It is also the centre of Missionaries of Charity, built by Mother Teresa.

A city of culture and tradition, it has several temples dedicated to goddess Kali while Durga Puja is the biggest festival celebrated here.


Tour Highlights 

Private Full Day Tour of Kolkata City with Air conditioner Vehicle

Enjoy Several British Monuments in Kolkata

Visit Mother Teresa House  

Explore , The Famous Howrah Bridge

Visit the St Paul Cathedral

Enjoy, The Majestic Victoria Memorial 

Stroll Around the New & old Market in Kolkata 

Important Note :

Most of Museums & Monuments will remain closed on Monday.
$64*Per person

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Calcutta Contrast Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Calcutta Contrast Tour

Based on Satyajit Ray's Masterpiece "The Middleman", the Calcutta Contrast tour tries to bring forth the contrast in the life of local city dwellers.Come feel and experience the Difference between Finance and Romance. We start off by visiting a native Bengali Area at college street ,browsing through alleys of books and old book stalls, A coffee break at the famous coffee house, initiation to becoming a Bengali and finding peace amidst the chaos at a hidden space.The whole sale markets are a place where a non Bengali culture has been in place for decades,a city within the heart of the city which is not native. A walk through India's largest wholesale bazaars and diving deep into the maze of wholesale markets that constitute the heart of Calcutta is experienced through local food and people.To finish off the tour we end up on a secret roof top with a panoramic view of old Calcutta sipping on beer/tea/lassi and basking in the Sunset.
$37.19*Per person

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Explore Kolkata- Private Full Day Tour

Duration: 8 hours
This is a very comprehensive tour of Kolkata which gives an interesting insight of the city’s history and culture. Explore major attractions of the ‘City of Joy’ in an 8 hours tour. Explore the history, culture, heritage of Kolkata with a knowledgeable guide.

8 hours guided Kolkata tour on an airconditioned car.
Complimentary pick up & drop off at your location.
Enjoy a Sunset boat ride on Ganges.
Visit Mother Teresa’s house, Eden Gardens, visit India’s largest Flower Market.
Take a walk around Colonial city of British India which was known as "White Town".
Explore Potter’s town (Kumartuli) & old Kolkata which was known as "Black Town"
Stop at iconic Indian Coffee House & walk around largest book market in India.

Note: If there is anything else you want to see or do, please let us know we will include that in itinerary.

*We make your tour memorable.
$85*Per person

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British Raj Heritage walk in Kolkata with guide

Duration: 3 hours
Relive British legacy- Trace back our steps to the colonial era and visit some prominent landmarks that defined Kolkata’s history.

Learn about Job Charnock the founder of British Kolkata who bought the villages of Sutanuti, Gobindapur and Kalikata from Bengal subedar Azim Usman in 1690 and over time Kokata became the capital of East India Company.

A cultural evangelist will take you back a few centuries to narrate the tale of Kolkata under the East India Company & the British Empire.
$50*Per person

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Private Calcutta Tour

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
A guided tour for a mesmerizing experience with knowledgeable guide. Know the city with a local . Feel the color and the vibration of it. You will definitely not like only Love the city. Visit the Victoria Memorial Hall, Flower Market, Kumartulli, jain temple, Marble Palace
$43.39*Per person

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Kolkata- A Sea of Faces and A Thousand Places (guided by a local)

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Take this tour to watch a real-time biopic of Kolkata!
A walking tour that takes you on a cinematic journey to witness her different shades, to learn how she has evolved into what we know as 'The City of Joy'.
This tour is curated by drawing inspiration from filmmaking, a completely new style of walking tours which we call 'Cinematic Tours'. We personify Kolkata for you to connect with her on a personal level. This tour is based off of a story which we refer to as 'The Script', the locations selected are, 'The Sets' and the guide plays the role of a narrator.
This experience will give you a proper orientation of Kolkata so that you feel confident to be by yourself and feel like a local. We shall make you see the whole city in this singular tour.
$29.13*Per person

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Full-Day Tour of Kolkata

Duration: 8 hours
Take an exciting private tour with a professional tour guide through the bustling, energetic city of Kolkata. View the Victoria Memorial and the giant Eden Gardens cricket stadium as you see historic and modern Kolkata.
$100*Per person

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