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Sonargaon Day Tour from Dhaka

Duration: 9 hours
Enjoy a Dhaka day-tour to visit some of the most amazing destinations including Sonargaon (The old capital of Bengal), Folk Art Museum, Panam City (Panam Nagar) and cruises on the Meghna River.
$140*Per person

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Dhaka: Full-Day City Tour of Old & New Dhaka

Duration: 8 hours
Join this Dhaka City Tour to explore the capital city of Bangladesh, the historical and cultural treasure of Bangladesh.
$134*Per person

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Explore Dhaka City in a Local Way !!

Duration: 6 hours - 8 hours
Stimulate your senses and challenge your photographic eye by taking part in the awakening of one of the world’s largest cities. Dhaka is the political, trade, and cultural center of Bangladesh and provides endless opportunities for travelers interested in capturing the unique lifestyles of its inhabitants. Feel as though you are a local buyer as you navigate through crowded flower, vegetable, and meat/seafood wholesale markets. Take a rickshaw in Old Dhaka to explore markets specialized in textiles and other goods, while breaking for tea and bakarkhani. Visiting the chokbazar streets, walking into beautiful star mosque and orthodox Armenian Church to experience the friendless among the religion, boat ride in Burigonga River to best way end your day!
$59.94*Per person

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Dhaka Day Tour: Sonargaon and Mainamati

Duration: 10 hours - 13 hours
Book this full-day tour of Sonargaon and Mainamati to get to know The Folk Art Museum, Salban Vihara, Rupban Mura, Itakhola Mura, Mainamati Mound and Mainamati Museum.
$107*Per person

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Fascinating Old Dhaka and Ship Breaking Yard Day Trip

Duration: 10 hours
In this all inclusive Old Dhaka and Ship Breaking Yard Trip we let you explore most of the tourist attractions, our cultures and the life of old city. The narrow, winding, chaotic streets of Old Dhaka are the perfect place to explore with a local at your side! Our friendly local guide will help you to see this teeming city and life in ship breaking yard through a local’s eyes. Visiting deep Shipyard would definitely extend your level of imagination. Life happens here!
$108.77*Per person

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Vientiane: Private Full-Day Tour with Buddha Park and Lunch

Duration: 8 hours - 12 hours
Join this Vientiane full-day city tour to discover Wat Si Saket, That Luang, Patuxai Monument, and Buddha Park. Along the way, you'll experience some of Vientiane's taste delicious Lao food.
$150*Per person

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Private Tour: Dhaka Full-Day City Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 8 hours
"Discover Typical life of Dhaka City with Major Attractions" 
Explore the buzzing Dhaka; the capital of  one hundred and sixty million people. You will enjoy a full-day excursion of 10 hours including a cafe Lunch.  Discover the typical life and places of interest of chaotic Dhaka. Visit key attractions of the capital and the an unique rhythm of life in the old town. Enjoy a pulling Rikshaw Ride and walking through narrow streets, meeting people & community of four religion in harmony. Experience the busy connections and transfers across the  River Buriganga with a very traditional Rowboat. Dhaka is chock a block of traditions and customs; paradise for street photography.

Tour Attractions: All Key attractions, Street Photography, Meeting People, Traditional Rickshaw Ride, Traditional Rowboat Ride, Walking tour.  
$89.5*Per person

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Full Day Sonargaon, Old Capital and Island Trip

Duration: 10 hours
In this trip we will explore the remaining of Bangladesh old capital(Sonargaon), the Folk Arts & Crafts Museum, abandoned city Panam, a sixteenth century's tiny mosque and life at small village on the bank of Meghna River.
$104.77*Per person

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Dhaka in One Day: Highlights of Dhaka

Duration: 8 hours
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has a rich history and diverse culture. A guided, full-day tour is the best way to explore the city's attractions and most important sights. On this 8-hour tour, you'll learn about the history, traditions, and current lifestyle in Dhaka.

*The itinerary and tourist spots are subject to change.
$82*Per person

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Photography In Dhaka

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
Flower Market

Karwan Bazar

Railway Track

Old Dhaka

Hindu Street



What to Expect

This day will be a busy one, interacting with the people in old Dhaka and especially in the local markets. Here is a fascinating opportunity to click some good photos at the right moment – you just need to keep your eyes wide open.
$120*Per person

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A Day Trip in Dhaka City

Duration: a few seconds
A day trip with Dhaka city where include most of historical place, local food testing, ride with local transport etc.
$80.42*Per person

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Food Tour in Dhaka : Taste the Best Foods of Dhaka

Duration: 5 hours
Welcome to the First Food Tour in Dhaka.
**Not Recommended for vegetarians. Many Items in this tour are nonveg.

Our Food Tour in Dhaka offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich and diverse culinary culture of Dhaka. From traditional street food to innovative fusion cuisine, our tour takes you on a journey through the city's best food spots, giving you a taste of the authentic flavors and spices that make Dhaka's cuisine so special.

Our food tour is led by expert local guides who have a deep knowledge of the city's food culture. They will take you to hidden gems and insider spots that you won't find in any guidebook, giving you a true insider's perspective on Dhaka's food scene.

This is the first-ever food tour in Dhaka Bangladesh. Till now, Cholo Bangladesh Tours is the only company that is offering the Food tour in Dhaka.
$65*Per person

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Private Dhaka City Day Tour : Highlights of Dhaka City

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
This Full Day Tour of Dhaka will give you an opportunity to move like a local. Not only that but also you can go closer to the hard working people . This tour is ideal for first-time visitors to Dhaka Your guide will describe the places . You may walk a little way .
$85*Per person

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Dhaka City Tour in a Local Way - Explore Dhaka Like a Local !

Duration: 6 hours - 10 hours
Obviously, this is the best way to explore Dhaka City.
Explore like a local, not like a foreigner. If you do not like crowded chaos and seek an authentic experience without interacting with local people, you should avoid this tour.

On this tour, you will use local transportation like rickshaws and CNGs (Tuktuks), etc. No luxury cars will be provided. You'll have the opportunity to meet local people, try local street food, and experience traffic jams and crowds.

Additionally, you'll visit some places that are not as popular with other tourists, offering a less historical and more local experience.

Please consider the following points before booking this tour:
1. This tour is not recommended for travelers who are over 60 years old, as walking and riding rickshaws may be difficult for them.

2. Rickshaws/Tuktuks are not pre-arranged for this tour. We will hire all vehicles as locals do.

$70*Per person

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Old Dhaka City Tour

Duration: 4 hours - 8 hours
Explore the chaos of old dhaka with the expertise from our guides.
We will be visiting Dhaka's oldest buildings dating back to the mughal period. Taste old dhaka food which will leave you with a craving back to bangladesh.

We will be visiting everypoint with a rickshaw an at the end a boat ride to the pink palace.
$66.37*Per person

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52 Markets And 53 Alleys Walk

Duration: 3 hours
There was a time when Dhaka was called a “Bahanno Bazar Ar Tepanno Goli” (52 Markets and 53 Alleys). The naming of the areas and localities of Dhaka, a city of 400 years, is impressive indeed. From Boots, Shaheber Goli to Bhooter goli, or from Grand Area to Gandaria has some history.

In this walk, we will explore Old Dhaka, many hidden gems, old roads, and bazar. Also, we will explore some old houses and meet local people in Old Dhaka. This walk has included with complimentary local and unique breakfast near an old cafe in Old Dhaka.
$30*Per person

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Dhaka Photography Tour : Private Street Photography Tour in Dhaka

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
Take Photos at the Kawran Bazar which is the largest vegetable market in Dhaka City.

Photography at the fascinating ship-breaking and repairing yard on the other side of the Buriganga River.

Capture the happening moments at the buriganga river, Launch Terminal & Chawk Bazar.

Walk some more places and get some stunning photos with your camera.

** If you do not like crowded places, the Local lifestyle, or Local people, Please do not book this tour.

** There will be a general tour guide for this tour. The guide will not give you any photography lessons but will take you to the best places to photograph.
$85*Per person

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Private Dhaka City Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Explore life and sites of exciting and chaotic Old Dhaka. You will see Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manzil (the Pink Palace), Star Mosque, Shankhar Bazar, and more if time permits.  Be amazed by the culture and sights surrounding you.
$128.21*Per person

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Private Guided Tour to Kawran's Bazar with Pick Up.

Duration: 4 hours
Come and see how Dhaka's oldest wholesale market operates.
You can interact with the sellers as they are happy to see you.

All off them are eager to show you their goods because they are very proud of their profession. Taste and smell the bangladesi food!
$44.25*Per person

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Sonargaon Day-Tour from Dhaka City

Duration: 8 hours
This is a day tour will take experience the history, culture and heritage of old Bengali nation from the history of Mugal Empire to British transformation. You will learn about the past and current position of Bangladesh and experience the golden era of Bangali history.
$75*Per person

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