Mahe Island, Seychelles

Mahe Island tours, things to do and tickets


Mahé: Customizable Private Tour of Island with Driver

Duration: 8 hours
This private tour of Mahé will introduce you to the special sites of the Seychelles, including Victoria's highlights and beautiful scenic beaches. You can choose the beaches and sights you wish to discover in the world's smallest capital city.
$150.58*Per person

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Beautiful island tour 5-6 hours | Mahé | Seychelles | Private Tour | Day trip

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
An island tour with Sheena or her brother Kevin (Seychellois) around Mahé is a real MUST. Only then can you see how beautiful Mahé is & that the main island of the Seychelles does not have to hide from any other islands (Praslin & La Digue).

The sights / access points mentioned are options. In reality you will see much more on the tour of the island than we can describe. Culture, country & people, history, all in a day trip of about 5-6 hours.

There is always the possibility on the tour (optional) to buy drinks, have lunch, snacks & take aways or visit a toilet.

As Seychellois, we know the Seychelles, are very flexible with your wishes, and are happy to go into everything you want to see and discover. We speak German, English and French.

My company is Authorized & Insured, Certified by the Tourism Board & Licensed by the Government.
$137.21*Per person

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Praslin: Curieuse and St. Pierre Island Excursion

Duration: 7 hours
A full-day boat tour to visit two beautiful islands in sunny Seychelles. Curieuse with a very unique biodiversity, and St. Pierre Island is a raised reef island west of Providence Atoll. Your sightseeing also includes a barbecue lunch on the beach.
$114*Per person

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Sainte Anne Marine Park and Moyenne Island

Duration: 7 hours
Once home to the French settlers, the Ste. Anne Marine Park Islands has now become the relics of the Seychelles. They form an important part of the cultural heritage of the Seychellois people. Creole Travel Services offers you the chance to discover the treasures of the Marine Park and learn of the rich history our ancestors left behind.
Conservation has allowed the islands and its surrounding seas to harbour many indigenous species of the Seychelles. Disembark at Moyenne Island where you can join a brief tour amongst the giant land tortoises followed by lunch at the island’s Jolly Roger restaurant. After the visit and lunch, we will re-embark on the catamaran to spend the rest of the day cruising along the islands of the marine park, stopping occasionally at the coral reefs for more snorkeling & swimming, before making our way back to Mahe via a leisurely, scenic route.

- Snorkeling
- Guided tour of Moyenne Island
- Giant land tortoises
- Ste. Anne Marine park
$151.99*Per person

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Learn the Traditional Seychelles Art of Sun Printing with Local Textile Designer

Duration: 3 hours
Experience the beautiful nature of La Batie, discover the simplicity of our Roots way of life, and enjoy our extraordinary panoramic view of the Indian Ocean!

You’ll be able to take home your own hand printed textile.

We offer our printing classes in a fun, friendly social atmosphere in a peaceful Kreol environment.
$127.82*Per person

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Victoria: St. Anne Marine Park and Cerf Island with Lunch

Duration: 7 hours
Embark on a guided tour of St. Anne Marine National Park from Victoria. Sail on a glass-bottom boat, admire the colorful reef, and enjoy some snorkeling.
$107.64*Per person

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Mahe: St.Anne Marine National Park Reef Safari with Lunch

Duration: 7 hours
Have a full-day excursion to St. Anne National Marine Park and enjoy fun activities like snorkeling or feeding tropical fish. Be treated to lunch, visit Mayenne Island, and more.
$150.69*Per person

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Private Mahé island tour

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
You will experience a great day during the tour, during the 8 hours, the tour will be at your own pace
customisable to your needs
Swimming/snorkelling can be done during the trip

Will provide the best service to make your holiday in the Seychelles a memorable one
$242.41*Per person

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Semi Submarine Tour in Saint Anne Marine National Park

Duration: an hour
The one hour Semi-Submarine tour is designed to have you experience the magic of Sainte Anne National Marine Park, from both above and below the water.
The tour departs from Eden Island and heads to specific viewing areas inside the Marine Park where you will go in the underwater cabin to view the corals and amazing marine life like you never have before.
You do not require any special clothing when going for the trip and are expected to remain dry during the entire tour which is suitable for people of all ages.
$60.6*Per person

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From Praslin: Cocos, Felicite & La Digue Islands Tour

Duration: 7 hours
Take a half-day speedboat tour to Cocos, Felicite & La Digue in the Seychelles archipelago. Snorkel, swim, and relax on exotic beaches. Explore the enchanting forests on foot.
$110*Per person

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Rock pool, fantastic & unique experience | Mahé | Private walking tour | NEW

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Not everyone who travels to the Seychelles has or had the opportunity to visit the Rock Pool. It's not that easy to find, but we'll take you there.
The rock pool is unique and the hike there is easy to walk.

It is a pleasant tour because you will see quite a bit of Mahé on the way there and it can be seen ideally as a half day tour.

The hike takes about an hour there and an hour back. We spend up to an hour at the pool. You can jump into the pool (approx. 3-4 meters high, depending on the water level approx. 10 meters deep. Swimming, bathing or simply relaxing in it is also possible.

You also have the option (optional) to eat something in the region later, the whole thing is really very relaxed and also suitable for children from 5 years.

Furthermore, our company is accredited and insured, certified by the tourism authority and licensed by the government.
$98.79*Per person

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Cat Cocos: Mahe to Praslin Island Fast Ferry

Duration: an hour
Pre-Book your Cat Cocos ferry transfers between the islands of Mahe and Praslin in the Seychelles. 

Refer to the Cat Cocos Ferry Schedule below for ferry timings.

IMPORTANT NOTE : One can EITHER buy a One-Way or Return but Ferry Ticket Cost is per Person per One-Way Trip.

e.g. -  Mahe to Praslin in Lower Deck is Euro50 per Person and Mahe to Praslin Return is Euro100 per Person.

All names ie First Names and Surnames must be mentioned upon making bookings in order to book Cat Cocos ferry.

For children - date of birth must also be mentioned (compulsory).  Note that there is a reduced rate for children of 2 to 11 years old. 

Ferry tickets to be collected at the Vision Voyages DMC office at the Mahe Jetty.  
$69.15*Per person

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Mahé: Seychelles Airport and Ferry Transfers

Duration: a few seconds
Take the stress out of traveling and enjoy the reliability of a 1-way pre-booked transfer from Seychelles Airport to Mahé Ferry Port or vice versa. Hop in an air-conditioned van and enjoy the ride.
$43.18*Per person

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Mahé: Saint-Anne Marine Park and Moyenne Island Cruise

Duration: 8 hours
Explore the beauty of the Saint-Anne Nation Marine Park and Moyenne island on this tour from Mahé. Make stops at the coral reefs for swimming.
$136.76*Per person

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Island tour with the beach buggy

Duration: 5 hours - 7 hours
Francois has been doing the tour for 20 years, is Seychellois and grew up on the island. He speaks German, is very funny and shows you places that not everyone knows. It is worth it in any case.
$154.26*Per person

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Praslin & La Digue (Shared Day Trip)

Duration: 11 hours
Experience our other 2 largest habited islands. Discover the most photographed beaches in the world and the surrounding islands that make Seychelles a unique and memorable destination! If you on vacation for a short time, we can complete both islands in with this day excursion!
$258.94*Per person

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St Anne Marine Park & Moyenne Island, Creole Lunch (Private Boat)

Duration: 4 hours - 8 hours
You will spend the day experiencing the wonderful St. Anne Marine park, with its excellent snorkeling spots, rich in marine life and beautiful sceneries, like the large exposed sandbars are low tide. Great for snorkeling, swimming or just lazing about. Lunch will be served on Moyenne Island. One of the must do tours while visiting Mahe.
$523.38*Per person

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From Mahe: Praslin and La Digue Tour with Transfer and Lunch

Duration: 10 hours
Explore two Seychelles islands in one day with a guided tour departing from Mahe. Trek through the lush Vallee De Mai reserve on Praslin and enjoy a delicious Creole lunch on the tropical La Digue.
$214.2*Per person

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Seychelles: 5-Beach Adventure Tour

Duration: 7 hours
A day of relaxed enjoyment for those looking for a stress-free day out. You will visit 5 of the most amazing white-sand beaches that the island has to offer, with the option to take a quick swim, sunbathe, or snorkel.
$68.62*Per person

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From Mahé: Praslin & La Digue Island-Hopping Tour with Lunch

Duration: 11 hours
See the best of Praslin and La Digue on a catamaran cruise from Mahé. Wander through the forest of Vallée de Mai and visit Anse Source d'Argent Beach, one of the world's most photographed beaches.
$290.62*Per person

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