Milos, Cyclades, Greece

Milos tours, things to do and tickets

Milos Small-Group Full-Day Cruise with Snorkelling and Lunch

Duration: 8 hours
The cruise is done at a relaxed pace, trying to avoid crowds with only 10 persons aboard the sailing boat.

Boats are equipped with large shaded areas, hammocks and managed by a crew of two experienced/multilingual sailors who will be your guides in the best day of your vacation.

Food served is plentiful, homemade and delicious. Open bar available.

The cruise covers the inaccessible West part of Milos focusing in Kleftiko and Sykia, the most beautiful places in the island. In both places, we will have enough time to swim and relax and we will use our dinghy to visit the caves and take photos of these amazing landscapes.

A day of sightseeing, swimming, exploring the majestic Kleftiko and its’ caves with our dinghy, entering the cave of Sykia, sunbathing or just relaxing on the hammock listening to music and having a drink under the boats shaded area this cruise will be the highlight of your Milos vacation.
$177*Per person

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Adamas: Milos & Polyaigos Full-Day Sailboat Tour with Lunch

Duration: a few seconds
Explore the island of Milos and visit the crystal blue waters of the uninhabited Poliaigos Island. Snorkel around the caves of Kleftiko and swim in spots only accessible by boat.
$129.28*Per person

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Full-Day Small-Group Cruise in Milos & Poliegos with Lunch

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
We offer a unique experience of sea traveling in a luxury catamaran model "Lagoon 400 S2". We visit landscapes inaccessible by car. During our sailing trip, you will have the chance to admire the impressive rocky formations of the volcanic lava.
$221.25*Per person

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Milos Sailing Tour with snorkeling and lunch

Duration: 10 hours
We start from Pollonia or Adamas and we explore beautiful Milos and magnificent Kleftiko
• Comfort and luxury: Our boat features 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms with separate toilets (men’s-women’s), which remain at your disposal throughout the day. Fresh water shower and shade are also available at all times.
• Free consumption of our menu throughout the day
• Snorkeling safari tour: a unique experience with a guide, free snorkeling equipment (masks, flippers, snorkels), an underwater Go Pro camera, free photo shooting and videotaping.
• Rib boat safari tour
• Fresh, homemade meal created by a professional chef.
• Our crew consists of experienced professional sailors and life guards that are familiar with the history of the island and speak foreign languages.

$165.94*Per person

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Adamas: Kleftiko Sailing Day Trip with Snorkeling and Lunch

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
Enjoy a day onboard a luxurious yacht and visit the beaches of Milos. Join a guided snorkeling tour and RIB safari in Kleftiko and take underwater photos. Have a Greek lunch onboard.
$156.07*Per person

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Best of Milos and Poliegos Catamaran snorkelling Cruise with BBQ

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
This cruise is made with a maximum number of 20 people on board a luxury, very spacious 44-foot catamaran with lots of shaded sitting and sunbathing areas. This gives us the time and the space to enjoy the trip to its' maximum and offer a high quality of customer service.

This excursion covers all of the must-see places of Milos and the includes a stop at the amazing Blue Lagoon in Poliegos. It is scheduled carefully for you to enjoy all the places that we visit.

Our catamaran Lagoon 440 is specially chosen for this trip for making the traveling hours spent on board, comfortable and relaxing. It is equipped with snorkelling gear, two Stand-Up paddleboard and floating devices to make our swim safe and fun.

The cruise is fully catered, with an Open-bar, home made snacks and a BBQ lunch with vegetarian options available.

Our experienced, friendly crew will guarantee that this trip will be the highlight of your vacation in Milos.
$221.25*Per person

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Full-Day Tour of Milos and Poliegos Small Group Catam With Lunch

Duration: 10 hours
Make this day unique, forget about any distraction while onboard on Trinity Cruises. Enjoy a genuine adventure that will remain unforgettable.

Take some stunning photos and videos that you will admire forever and let every moment remain magical, create new memories

Have an access to remote beaches that can only be reached by water and uncover Milos hidden treasures, explore the island beauty

Important Note:
In case of North winds we visit the following beaches for swimming. The meeting point will be the same
1. Tsigrado
2. Kleftiko
3. Gerakas
$232.31*Per person

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Milos caves snorkelling Catamaran Cruise in a small group

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
This cruise is the best way to explore the inaccessible West part of the island in comfort and style! Swim in secluded beaches, visit the cave of Sykia, and explore the majestic Kleftiko. The itinerary is designed so that you can avoid crowds and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Milos to the maximum.

The cruise is made aboard a Lagoon catamaran, 41 feet long, very spacious, and comfortable for the maximum group of 12 people on the cruise. It features a large trampoline net, deck cushions, and large shaded areas, a JBL Boom box with Bluetooth connection and WiFi onboard.

The cruise is all-inclusive, with food, drinks, and snacks throughout the day. Everything is of excellent quality.

Snorkeling gear and floating devices are available for an enjoyable swim. Boat comes also equipped with a Paddle-board for your use.

The only things you need to bring are your towels, sunscreen, and good mood :)

$221.25*Per person

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From Milos: Guided Day Cruise to Kleftiko With Lunch

Duration: 9 hours - 10 hours
Explore the magnificent volcanic coastline of western Milos. Swim, snorkel, eat, and discover the magical blue waters and hidden gems of the island, including Kleftiko Bay.
$129.16*Per person

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Kleftiko Full Day Sailing Cruise with Snorkeling & Lunch

Duration: 9 hours - 10 hours
Discover the beautiful coast line of Milos and its fantastic and unapproachable beaches with our sailing yachts and find an exciting and alternative way in spending your time during your vacation!

Starting either from the main port of Milos (Adamas) or from the traditional fisherman village (Pollonia) we will offer you the chance to sail around our whole beautiful island with mulitple opportunities for swimming and snorkeling!

Our main destination is Kleftiko, the famous site with the towering, white limestone rocks, that form caves and tunnels of different color depending on how the sun reflects on the sea- water. Kleftiko is an old pirate’s hideout of magnificent beauty and one of the best protected places from the northern winds in the Mediterranean.

Our 20+ years of experience in the sailing and yachting industry allow us to provide an amazing day on board of our yachts and guarantees an once in a lifetime experience!
$154.87*Per person

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Adamantas: Milos Sightseeing Sailboat Cruise

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
Enjoy a full day cruise that covers the west part of the island, Kleftiko and the cave of Sykia, both inaccessible by land. Cruise, swim and snorkel in secluded bays with a small group of up to 10 passengers.
$172.22*Per person

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Adamantas: Milos Sightseeing Sailboat Cruise

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
Enjoy a full day cruise that covers the west part of the island, Kleftiko and the cave of Sykia, both inaccessible by land. Cruise, swim and snorkel in secluded bays with a small group of up to 10 passengers.
$172.22*Per person

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Catamaran Half Day Morning Cruise: Kleftiko

Duration: 6 hours
Enjoy a half-day cruise and discover the most beautiful places in Milos sailing on the West and South side of the island, exploring the caves of the famous old pirate bay of Kleftiko and discovering a part of the South side.
$143.81*Per person

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Kleftiko and Round Trip Of Milos Island Lunch & Open bar

Duration: 10 hours
Family getaway, romantic vacation, or even a business retreat, Kleftiko & Round trip of Milos is the best for you! Relax on the deck of the Yacht and spend a day as you deserve! Get the best leisure experience and let us serve you with food, beverages and myths from Milos Island!
$164.83*Per person

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Sailing Boat Small Group Kleftiko and Sikia Cave West of Milos

Duration: 9 hours
Due to the volcanic origin of its ground, Milos presents an impressive coastal morphology and diversity. With more than 75 small and big beaches of crystal, deep blue waters, multi-coloured carved rocks and white-yellow coasts, it is certain that you will be impressed.

Come with us to travel together in a small group and you will discover the routes of the legendary Pirate John Kapsis!
$165.92*Per person

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Half-Day Sunset Cruise Catamaran to Kleftiko with Lunch

Duration: 9 hours - 12 hours
On our tour, you will discover amazing caves that can’t be reached by land accompanied by our captain swim in crystal clear waters all day while you are enjoying your favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage, and fest on some exotic fruits, premium cheese cuts, and finest deli meats while you are onboard.

Sightsee amazing rock formations on the island coast and have a look at traditional villages spread all across Milos and sandy beaches where the sun is shining bright all day long. Don’t lose your chance to tan while you are hitting the waves with Trinity Yachting.
$171.47*Per person

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Milos and Polyaigos Full Day Cruise with Meals and Snorkelling

Duration: 9 hours - 10 hours
For those who wish to explore and learn everything about Milos island, this cruise will gratify you!

Circumnavigate the island of Milos and visit the crystal blue waters of the uninhabited Poliaigos Island. Snorkel around the caves of Kleftiko and swim in spots accessible only by boat.

Swim to emerald and blue waters. Snorkel around the caves of the old pirate hideout of Kleftiko. Enjoy meals and drinks made on spot and served during the cruise in a beautiful setting. Learn about the history of the island from your guide.
$132.75*Per person

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Milos: Kayaking Tour to Tsigrado and Gerakas Beach

Duration: 2 hours - 4 hours
Enjoy paddling along the majestic landscape of Milos and discover its natural beauty. Explore secret caves, swim through crystal-clear waters, taste traditional snacks, and capture every single moment with action cameras.
$64.58*Per person

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Half Day Boat Tour to Kleftiko Milos

Duration: 4 hours
Four hour boat tour to Kleftiko from Milos with a traditional wooden boat.

Our boat tour to Kleftiko Milos starts from the beach of Agia Kiriaki which is located at the southern part of the island.

On our trip we sail in front of Geraka, Tsigrado, Firiplaka, Katergo and we stop for a swim at Kleftiko and Gerontas bay. You can enjoy the trip under shade or sunbathe at the upper deck of the boat.

Our first stop is Kleftiko, which lasts for at least one hour so there is plenty of time for you to swim and explore the caves of the area.

The second stop is at Gerontas bay for about half an hour.

We also offer water, iced tea, iced coffee (frappé), local raki and homemade treats with traditional tastes of Milos (included in the price).
$49.78*Per person

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Kayaking Tour to the secrets of Milos

Duration: 3 hours
Our kayak tour offers you the unique experience to explore a majestic part of the island of Milos. We will be paddling along the volcanic coastline of the island and meet different and remarkable sceneries that will definitely amaze you! On our way we will find hidden places, discover caves, get familiar with the mineral richness of Milos and swim in magnificent crystal-clear waters. We will also taste traditional snacks at every stop and capture every single moment with our action cameras!
$66.37*Per person

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