Patagonia, Argentina

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Full-Day Tour to the Perito Moreno Glacier with optional Boat Safari

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
Be seduced by the fascinating landscape of the Perito Moreno glacier on this full-day tour from El Calafate. Admire the mesmerizing beauty of the spiky glacier walls, its crevasses and the immensity of its ice formations while touring this renowned national park. Optional: If you choose the "including Boat Safari" option, you'll get a closer view of this natural wonder from the water! On this tour, you’ll also learn about the general glaciology of the region, as well as the formation of an ice bridge, a particular phenomenon that happens every few years in the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Fly Fishing Bariloche

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
The finest fly fishing guide service & expedition trips in Bariloche. You will find a unique Fly Fishing Bariloche adventures in the “wilds” of Patagonia.

Based in San Carlos de Bariloche, the heart of the biggest National Park... this area is considered to be a Mecca of fly fishing by anglers the world over. Bariloche fly fishing trip options range from daily fly fishing trip to full service all-inclusive lodging packages.

Our Bariloche Fishing Guides can customize your trip because we've been guiding fly fishers of all levels of experience in Patagonia for over a dozen years! Let our experience lead you to the best fly fishing in Argentina.

We have access to more water than any other outfitter in the area. The trips we offer are unique because we are associated with several of the best ranches, which provide access to some of the best water in the region.

Beagle Channel navigation with mini trekking by Patagonia Explorer

Duration: 4 hours
We work with small groups of up to 25 passengers in a familiar and friendly environment with the company of professional Spanish and English speaking guides.
The excursions are carried out with the “KAMS and“ TELIENKA ”yachts, twin boats of 15 meters in length, which due to their dimensions allow a maximum approach to the islands allowing preferential sightings.
During our tour we visit Isla Alicia, Isla de Pájaros and Isla de Lobos, where we make very close sightings of the fauna of the Beagle Channel. We know the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse built in 1919, a true emblem of the City of Ushuaia. At the end, we disembark at Bridges Island to go through a path of interpretation of flora and birds, telling them the history of the Yámanas aborigines. Here are the largest anthropogenic Yámanas shells in the region.
It also has a panoramic point from where we can observe the magnificence of the Beagle Channel with the City of Ushuaia in the distance.

Kayak Full-Day Activity in La Leona River from El Calafate

Duration: 8 hours
Kayak and trekking along the La Leona River on this 8.5-hour tour. After kayaking for approximately an hour, we will stop for two hours hike where we can see petrified trees and dinosurs bones. After lunch we go back into our kayak to continue paddling throught the wildest patagonia steppe.

Glaciers Full Day Sightseeing Cruise on board 'Maria Turquesa'

Duration: 9 hours
Enjoy the best navigation through the Upsala, Seco, Heim, Spegazzini and Perito Moreno glaciers. The new Maria Turquesa Cruiser includes a recreational room for children and offers choosing between a Gourmet Lunch Box service on the main deck or on the first deck (capacity for 180 passengers), Gourmet Glaciers Classic or our traditional Premium Gourmet Experience in an exclusive room (capacity for 16 passengers).

Lakes District 4x4 Full-Day Tour with Lunch from Ushuaia

Duration: 7 hours - 9 hours
The first and best 4x4 full-day tour in Tierra del Fuego from Ushuaia. Expert guides pick you up from your hotel for a pleasant ride along valleys, mountains, and through the forest that encircle Ushuaia. Enjoy a real off-road experience along the 5th largest lake in Argentina on board a four wheel drive with maximum capacity up to 6 passengers. This is an adventure for any kind of traveler who wants to explore the secrets hidden behind the Southern Andes Range. The ride includes an unforgettable “asado” in a forest refuge. Fun & Nature are the elements to discover in this area with forest, lakes and mountains.

Perito Moreno Glacier Day Trip with Optional Boat Ride from El Calafate

Duration: 8 hours
Marvel at the spectacular Perito Moreno glacier in Los Glaciares National Park on this full-day trip from El Calafate. Travel by coach to the UNESCO-listed park and prepare for your first view of Perito Moreno at the 'Curve of the Sighs' (Curva de los Suspiros). Explore the park’s walkways and viewpoints to see the glacier from different angles and levels, and hear the roar as ice chunks fall into Lake Argentino. For the ultimate views, upgrade to include a 1-hour boat cruise along the glacier’s towering front wall — simply unforgettable!

German Footprint & Nazi presence - Walking Tour in Bariloche

Duration: 2 hours
The experience of discovering how german speaking immigration shaped the town look & feel, the architecture, and the mountain sports culture since the begining of times. This set the basis for the arrival of the last wave of immigation including the nazi presence (Erik Priebke). This also triggered some stories about Hitler living in the area. We wil explore evidence of all the above.

Tierra del Fuego National Park Half-Day Tour with Optional End of the World Train Ride

Duration: 4 hours
Escape from Ushuaia and discover Tierra del Fuego, the world's southernmost national park. Prepare to be mesmerized by breathtaking natural wonders, Patagonian lakes and charming scenery.

Explore Tierra del Fuego in a vehicle, or discover it by train. Either option is sure to leave an impression on you!

Nativo Experience - Lakes & Caverns

Duration: 3 hours
It is a tour in 4x4 where every moment is a unique experience. The coast of Lake Argentino is surrounded by nature and history. The ascent to Punta Bonita cliff allows to have an excellent panoramic view. The Punta Walichu archaeological site is visited where the cave paintings made by natives are interpreted in the walls of caves. We finish the tour in one of the caves, where you have lunch or dinner, with an impressive view of the lake and the mountains.

Minitrekking Excursion on Perito Moreno Glacier

Duration: 10 hours
Minitrekking is a Full day Excursion that allows you to walk on the top of a Moreno Glacier with crampons.

Operation from August to May.
Does not operate during June and July.

Duration: 10 hours

Trekking on the Ice: About an hour and a half.
Total trekking time: approximately 3 hours.

Warning: this excursion, due to the degree of effort and difficulty that presents, is not advisable for the following people: greater of 65 years and minors of 10 years old, pregnant women, people with overweight or some type of disability.

Tierra del Fuego National Park Trekking and Canoeing in Lapataia Bay

Duration: 8 hours
This tour with outstanding guides adds a perspective of exploration of Tierra del Fuego National Park. The plan is to walk in the forests along the Beagle Canal. Fun & Nature are found as you learn about this end of the world, during the hike and while canoeing easily and quietly down rivers and on the sea at Lapataia Bay. This area is one of the most frequently visited places in Ushuaia: it is close to the city, it is easily accessible and it is said that it does not require to be approached in any particular way. Still, its secrets only unfold with the help of specialized guides that will enable you to know places inaccessible by foot or by car.

Torres Del Paine Full Day Overland Truck 4x4 From Calafate

Duration: 14 hours
Discover in a full day excursion Torres del Paine National Park (Chile), considered one of the eighth wonders of the world. Located in the heart of Southern Patagonia, 300 kms south of El Calafate, it is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world for its curious and unique conformation of mountains, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, flora and fauna.
Crossing the Patagonian steppe from north to south we will arrive at the Cancha Carrera border crossing (approximately 2.30 hrs), from where we will start touring the beautiful south of Chile.

- Our company has developed the most strong and comfortable adventure trucks, thinking exclusively on joining Calafate and Torres del Paine in the fastest and safest way. These great vehicles allow us to circulate through a non paved shortcut and gain 2 hours in our journey.
- We are Southroad, a company with 18 years experience of Full day tours from Calafate to Chalten & Torres del Paine.

Sailing to Upsala Glacier and Patagonia Adventure to Estancia Cristina

Duration: 11 hours
Experience the remote beauty of Patagonia’s Estancia Cristina and Upsala Glacier on a journey of discovery from El Calafate. Sail past icebergs across Lago Argentino and tour the historic Estancia Cristina ranch. In the afternoon, choose between a short and easy walk to a beautiful waterfall or an off-road tour to the beautiful Upsala Glacier.

Crab Route through Tierra del Fuego from Ushuaia

Duration: 7 hours
The Spider Crab Route that we propose from Kaitek Viajes has value-added services, such as a trek through Lasifashaj Waterfall, a visit to the southernmost confluence of bays on the planet, and a complete and free snack in a beautiful natural environment. We include lunch in a classic fisherman's restaurant, with a panoramic view of the Beagle Channel. Our 4x4 vehicles, the experience of the guides, and the off-road tours make this service so special and differential. You just need to decide to travel and we do the rest!

Full Day Tour Off Road 4x4 in Lake Escondido and Lake Fagnano with Lunch

Duration: 8 hours
You are going to enjoy the funniest 4x4 adventure.

Aboard our fleet of 4x4 trucks, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, we will tour the north center of the island, on a trip of adventure and fun for the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

Going through hidden trails between forests of Lengas, Coihues and Ñires, where it will be possible to appreciate birds and specimens of red fox, we will visit:

El Paso Garibaldi, El Lago Escondido and El Lago Fagnano (where we will enjoy lunch included).

We have the largest fleet of high-end 4x4 vehicles in the country, with 8 4x4 trucks with a capacity of 6 and 7 passengers each.

Half day excursion to the Tierra del Fuego National Park

Duration: 4 hours
We are a boutique receptive agency and our passion is to take care of every detail. Our proposal will make you feel the unique experience of having reached the true border of the Earth. During our tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park you will visit dramatic and amazing landscapes: lakes, mountains, flora and fauna; accompanied at all times by our fantastic and enthusiastic team of professional guides. At the end of the tour we will surprise you with a warm detail that will make this experience of reaching the end of the world even more unforgettable.

Darwin Experience - kayaks & adventure

Duration: 6 hours
Darwin Experience is a Kayak crossing on the Santa Cruz River, El Calafate. We do about 15 km of paddling until we reach a typical Patagonian stay where we will wait for you with an outdoor lunch.

A day in El Chaltén with Trekking by Patagonia Dreams

Duration: 11 hours
We will start at 7:30 in the morning with the pick up from the hotels in El Calafate. Finished it, we will undertake a trip to the town of El Chaltén (National Capital of Trekking) 220 km from El Calafate. On our tour, we will cross the Santa Cruz River, and we will stop for a few minutes at Estancia La Leona, next to the river of the same name. We will continue on our way to El Chaltén, bordering Lake Viedma.
Upon arrival in Chaltén, we will have 5 hours to enjoy this small mountain town (if you choose the option with a box lunch or lunch, read the details).
To tour the place, we have 2 options:
- Enabled all year round: Visit the Mirador de los Cóndores and the Chorrillo del Salto Accompanied by the guide.
- From September to April - (Subject to weather conditions): make part of the trail to Fitz Roy, reaching Laguna Capri (self-guided trail of 8 km round trip).
To return, we will all meet at a previously arranged meeting point.

Ushuaia: Beagle Channel Sailing Tour: Islands, Penguins and Estancia Harberton

Duration: 8 hours
Spend a day outside of Ushuaia, discovering the natural wonders of the Tierra del Fuego province and learning about the culture and history of the region.

On a catamaran cruise, you’ll go island-hopping through the famous Beagle Channel and marvel at the stunning flora and fauna, including penguins and sea lions.

Then visit Estancia Harberton, the oldest ranch in the Argentinian Tierra del Fuego.