Ushuaia, Province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Ushuaia tours, things to do and tickets

End of the World Train

Duration: 2 hours
Ride along the last miles of track of the original convict train that once operated in Ushuaia from 1910 to 1947 with an End of the World Train admission ticket. Hear the history of this famous narrow-gauge railroad while gazing out at the rivers, waterfalls, forests, and mountains of magnificent Tierra del Fuego National Park. Transportation to the End of the World Station is not included.
$30*Per person

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Beagle Channel navigation with mini trekking by Patagonia Explorer

Duration: 4 hours
We work with small groups of up to 25 passengers in a familiar and friendly environment with the company of professional Spanish and English speaking guides.
The excursions are carried out with the “KAMS and“ TELIENKA ”yachts, twin boats of 15 meters in length, which due to their dimensions allow a maximum approach to the islands allowing preferential sightings.
During our tour we visit Isla Alicia, Isla de Pájaros and Isla de Lobos, where we make very close sightings of the fauna of the Beagle Channel. We know the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse built in 1919, a true emblem of the City of Ushuaia. At the end, we disembark at Bridges Island to go through a path of interpretation of flora and birds, telling them the history of the Yámanas aborigines. Here are the largest anthropogenic Yámanas shells in the region.
It also has a panoramic point from where we can observe the magnificence of the Beagle Channel with the City of Ushuaia in the distance.
$91.43*Per person

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Ushuaia: Beagle Channel & Sea Wolves Island Catamaran Cruise

Duration: 3 hours
Navigate the Beagle Channel passing by wildlife refuges, historical sites, and scenes of incredible natural beauty. Visit sea lion island, bird island, and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse before enjoying a 20-minute hike to a panoramic viewpoint.
$80*Per person

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Ushuaia: Penguin Watching Tour by Catamaran

Duration: 5 hours - 5 hours
Navigate the Beagle Channel passing by wildlife refuges, historical sites, and scenes of incredible natural beauty. Visit sea lion island, bird island, and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. Observe a colony of penguins on Martillo Island (Penguin Island).
$130*Per person

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Lakes District 4x4 Full-Day Tour with Lunch from Ushuaia

Duration: 7 hours - 9 hours
The first and best 4x4 full-day tour in Tierra del Fuego from Ushuaia. Expert guides pick you up from your hotel for a pleasant ride along valleys, mountains, and through the forest that encircle Ushuaia. Enjoy a real off-road experience along the 5th largest lake in Argentina on board a four wheel drive with maximum capacity up to 6 passengers. This is an adventure for any kind of traveler who wants to explore the secrets hidden behind the Southern Andes Range. The ride includes an unforgettable “asado” in a forest refuge. Fun & Nature are the elements to discover in this area with forest, lakes and mountains.
$194*Per person

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End of the World Train & Tierra del Fuego National Park

Duration: 6 hours
Escape Ushuaia and see the stunning scenery of the world's southernmost national park at Tierra del Fuego. Be mesmerized by the views and get the chance to ride the historic "End of the World train".
$99*Per person

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Crab Route through Tierra del Fuego from Ushuaia

Duration: 7 hours
The Crab Route that we propose from Kaitek Viajes has value-added services, such as a trekking through Cascada del Duende for everyone, and a complete and free snack in a beautiful natural and ancestral environment in Laguna Victoria, connected to the Lasifashaj River . Both bodies of water were navigable sites for the Yámana, native canoeists from Ushuaia. We include lunch in a classic fisherman's restaurant, with a panoramic view of the Beagle Channel, and where you can have lunch of the "Centolla Fueguina" natural, au gratin or in butter. Our 4x4 vehicles, the experience of the guides, and the off-road tours make this service so special and differential. You just need to decide to travel and we do the rest!
$140*Per person

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Tierra del Fuego National Park with the End of the World Train

Duration: 4 hours
Escape from Ushuaia and discover Tierra del Fuego, the world's southernmost national park. Prepare to be mesmerized by breathtaking natural wonders, Patagonian lakes and charming scenery.

Explore Tierra del Fuego and discover it by train. This option is sure to leave an impression on you!
$93*Per person

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Guided Tour to National Park and End of the World Train Travel

Duration: 6 hours
The excursion begins when we pick you up in our minibus with your driver and a professional tour guide, to go to Tierra del Fuego National Park.

On the End of the World Train, we are going to relive history in time and space.
We will travel the same path that many years ago the prisoners traveled.

Already in the Tierra del Fuego National Park, you will observe the most characteristic species of the Fuegian forests in a spectacular area of 63,000 hectares.

The first point to visit in the park is the End of Route 3, in Lapataia Bay, where we find the famous End of the World sign, which symbolizes the union of Ushuaia and Alaska. Here you will have the most iconic photo that everyone wants to have: The End of the World poster, the End of Route 3

The next stop is at Lake Roca, where we will contemplate a typical Patagonian postcard

To finish we will visit the Ensenada Zarategui where the last postal box of Correo Argentino is located.
$120*Per person

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Full Day Tour Off Road 4x4 in Lake Escondido and Lake Fagnano with Lunch

Duration: 8 hours
You are going to enjoy the funniest 4x4 adventure.

Aboard our fleet of 4x4 trucks, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, we will tour the north center of the island, on a trip of adventure and fun for the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

Going through hidden trails between forests of Lengas, Coihues and Ñires, where it will be possible to appreciate birds and specimens of red fox, we will visit:

El Paso Garibaldi, El Lago Escondido and El Lago Fagnano (where we will enjoy lunch included).

We have the largest fleet of high-end 4x4 vehicles in the country, with 8 4x4 trucks with a capacity of 6 and 7 passengers each.

$159*Per person

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Tierra del Fuego National Park Trekking and Canoeing in Lapataia Bay

Duration: 8 hours
This tour with outstanding guides adds a perspective of exploration of Tierra del Fuego National Park. The plan is to walk in the forests along the Beagle Canal. Fun & Nature are found as you learn about this end of the world, during the hike and while canoeing easily and quietly down rivers and on the sea at Lapataia Bay. This area is one of the most frequently visited places in Ushuaia: it is close to the city, it is easily accessible and it is said that it does not require to be approached in any particular way. Still, its secrets only unfold with the help of specialized guides that will enable you to know places inaccessible by foot or by car.
$175*Per person

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Half-Day Tierra del Fuego National Park (NOT CRUISE)

Duration: 4 hours
We are a boutique incoming agency and our passion is taking care of every detail. Our proposal will make you feel the unique experience of having reached the true end of the Earth. During our tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park you will visit dramatic and surprising landscapes: lakes, mountains, flora and fauna; accompanied at all times by our fantastic and enthusiastic team of professional guides. At the end of the tour we will surprise you with a warm detail that will make this experience of reaching the end of the world even more unforgettable.
$59*Per person

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Shore Excursion - National Park Tierra del Fuego

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Visiting Tierra del Fuego´s National Park is one of the activities you can not miss when visiting Ushuaia. We are dedicated to generating good experiences. Our professionalism, experience and the happiness of sharing with you this beautiful place makes a difference
Our tour begins and ends  at Ushuaia´s pier.

Duration: 4 hours - Difficulty: low - The tour starts between 45 - 60 minutes after the ship arrive.

Includes: Transfer from the pier and bilingüal tour guide (Spanish - English). National Park Fee Entrance. 
$75*Per person

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HD Tierra del Fuego National Park (No Train)

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
This option is perfect for those who wish to tour the Tierra del Fuego National Park only. The trip on the End of the World Train is not included in this option.
$60*Per person

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Off Road Lakes with Lunch at Fagnano Lake from Ushuaia

Duration: 8 hours
During this experience you will be able to observe Lake Kami or Fagnano, which surprises us with its dimensions and its incredible landscape. We will descend it to Lago Escondido in our all-terrain vehicles, along the old route of National Route Number 3. On this route, the lake is shown surrounded by lengas, appearing capriciously more and more at us. We can enjoy an exciting circuit in 4x4 vehicles through the forest and by the lake. In addition to being able to enjoy a delicious lunch in our own shelter in a Fuegian Estancia on the shore of Lake Fagnano, where we also have toilets and equipment. Our proposal will give you good times, homemade liquor tasting, lots of 4x4 adventure, folklore, native cuisine, talks, anecdotes and good times.
$130*Per person

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Half-Day Boat Trip to Penguin Colony from Ushuaia

Duration: 5 hours
Visit one of the biggest penguin colonies in the world and learn more about this incredibly social animal during a 5-hour tour. Take a boat trip to the penguin colony, accompanied by a professional local guide, and discover the city's highlights from the river while navigating on the Beagle Channel towards the Penguin Colony.

Learn more about this animals and get as close as possible to them, listen to your guides recommendations and get some historical facts about Ushuaia.
$101.2*Per person

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Ushuaia: Beagle Channel Sailing Tour: Islands, Penguins

Duration: 8 hours
Spend a day outside of Ushuaia, discovering the natural wonders of the Tierra del Fuego province and learning about the culture and history of the region.

On a catamaran cruise, you’ll go island-hopping through the famous Beagle Channel and marvel at the stunning flora and fauna, including penguins and sea lions.

$170*Per person

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Emerald Lagoon Trekking

Duration: 6 hours
We are a boutique receptive agency and our passion is to take care of every detail.
Our proposal will take you to a trekking path that reaches the Emerald Lagoon.
From the hotel we will go by comfortable transport to the beginning of the trail. From there we will take the path that enters the forest within the Lasifashaj Valley. We will cross several turbales and rocky terrain. We will continue our walk along the Esmeralda River until we reach the indescribable Laguna Esmeralda, a small lake of glacial origin, which owes its name to the color that the sediments that come from the Ojo del Albino Glacier give it. This color can only be seen in summer since in winter it will be frozen and covered with snow.
While we enjoy the view of the Lagoon we will load energies eating a box lunch. We will be able to undertake the return, where the road will be familiar to us and we will have the last chance to appreciate the beauties that surround us.

$85*Per person

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Ushuaia: Walking with Penguins Experience and Marine Museum

Duration: 7 hours
Walk alongside charismatic Magellanic and Gentoo penguins. See the curious animals up close as you make unforgettable memories, and enjoy a visit to the Harberton Ranch and nearby Marine Museum.
$298*Per person

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Full Day Tour of Cabo San Pablo and Estancia Pirinaica

Duration: 9 hours
Cabo San Pablo and Estancia Pirinaica is a unique experience because it allows you to know a region of Tierra del Fuego full of history, in the middle of a very outstanding Ecotone landscape, in addition to being able to know a stay with more than one hundred years of history, the stranded ship Desdemona, the Lighthouse with panoramic views of Caletas San Pablo and Ladrillero. Guanacos and foxes can be observed on the way, as well as delighting in the route of the estancias.
$160*Per person

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