Quepos, Province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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Manuel Antonio Park Nature Guided Tour

Duration: 3 hours
The regular group is of 8 to 10 people max.
The tour is a nature walk in the Manuel Antonio National Park with a nature specialist.

Manuel Antonio Park is considered to be one of the most diverse habitats in the world. The high number of species per square meter is countless. Monkeys, sloths, lizards, toucans, hummingbirds, lizards, and a lot more.

Our naturalist tour guides have a professional spotting scope for observing the wildlife and with the telescope, you can also take memorable photographs by taking your own pictures with our optical equipment.

- Bring swimsuits if planning to stay at the beach inside the park.
- Plastic commercial bottles are not allowed. You should bring your own personal water container for your own hydration.
$59*Per person

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Full Day Waterfall Adventure

Duration: 7 hours
Our Full Day Waterfall Adventure really is a tour like no other from top to bottom. Our attention to detail on every aspect of this tour is second to none. There is very limited hiking on this tour with easy access to each of the 5 locations, so this tour is perfect for large families ranging in ALL ages as well as athletic capabilities so that no one needs to be excluded. We have perfectly curated this tour to combine that "outside your comfort zone" sense of adventure without compromising you or your families safety! You are given the opportunity to SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY do some things you may other wise not have the chance to do by licensed and EXTREMELY capable tour guides. However, you will NEVER be forced to do anything you do not wish to do, only encouraged to try something you may not normally do! Safety and detail are what we hold in highest regard on our Waterfall Adventure and you will see what we mean first hand when you book with Paddle 9!
$150*Per person

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Manuel Antonio Park Tour and its Amazing Wildlife and Beaches

Duration: 2 hours
BEFORE booking please notice that:

1- Park is closed every Tuesday
2- Park entry is $18.08 (adult) and $5.65 (kids) additional to the price
3- Instructions how to buy your Park tickets ONLINE will be specified in the Viator/TripAdvisor confirmation email, in the tab "Before You Go"
4- If you show up to the tour with NO TICKETS and for some reason the tickets are sold the tour is cancelled with no refund, rescheduling could be an option BUT upon availability
5- If you need transportation from your lodging place please inquiry

SMALL groups GUARANTEED, PRIVATE TOUR is also available!

This knowledgeable and entertaining 100% local tour operator is always looking to provide the best customized tour experiences for visitors to Manuel Antonio

Come and explore the Manuel Antonio National Park with the experts, we are certified and local guides and we are ready for a lifetime experience during your visit to Manuel Antonio, don't miss the chance we are happy to take you and enjoy our office!
$30*Per person

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Manuel Antonio or Quepos: Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Discover one of most enthralling nature experiences in Costa Rica during a tour of Manuel Antonio National Park. Spot monkeys, sloths, and toucans in the wild.
$59*Per person

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Manuel Antonio National Park Combo Tour from San Jose

Duration: 12 hours
Explore the Manuel Antonio National Park and its white-sand beaches on this day trip from San Jose. Enjoy the included breakfast and lunch, and stop to look for crocodiles and scarlet macaws.
$145*Per person

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Manuel Antonio Canopy Tour - Longest Twin Zip Line in Central America

Duration: 5 hours
We provide a proprietary, hands free braking system which will allow the riders to enjoy the incredible views without the worry and how and when to brake at the end of line.
$76.5*Per person

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All-Inclusive Manuel Antonio Guided Experience

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Join us to explore Manuel Antonio National Park, considered by thousands of travelers the right place to easily observe wild monkeys, sloths, blue butterflies, toucans, and much more in Costa Rica. Our company philosophy it's to professionally develop informative, fun, and educational experiences to all visitors despite your age, physical mobility, academic position, and nationality.

We guaranteed that by reducing our tour groups size to 8-10 people max (group tour), 4-6 people max (semi-private tour), or just your own party (Fully Private tour)

As you make your way through a well preserved park, you will find yourself next to all different species of mammals, tropical birds, and a large variety of exuberant tropical flora. We invite you to ask any questions you may have throughout the activity to enrich and better educate your experience.

Note: We are open to customizing your tours for any specific animal search, theme, or navigating in any direction requested by our visitors.
$59*Per person

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Chocolate Tour Manuel Antonio

Duration: 3 hours
We offer more than just chocolate, Firstly, the chocolate tour begins with the cultural and biological background of cacao in Costa Rica. It further introduces into the collecting, fermenting, grinding and finally the making of chocolate, the drink of the gods.

Secondly, we talk about coffee and its importance for Costa Rica's economic and cultural development. We have a showroom with important coffee picking instruments and a better explanation of the process of coffee production. We want to show you how to make Café-Chorreado, the real Costa Rican practice of preparing coffee. Amongst other sampling methods.

Finally, we want to look at one of the most important aspects of Costarican culture and tradition, the trapiche: A sugar cane mill run through two beautiful oxen (Fast & Furious). Here we grind sugar cane to extract the juice and make all kinds of local and delicious candy. This is for sure the sweetest tour in the area.
$60*Per person

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Zip Lining, Rappeling, Tarzan Swing, Waterfalls and More from Manuel Antonio

Duration: 6 hours
Immerse yourself in this magnificent property located in the heart of Costa Rica’s protected rainforest. ADR Adventure Park will give you not only one of the most complete adventures during your vacation, but also an unforgettable journey through lush, pristine vegetation that is surrounded by amazing waterfalls and wildlife.

Our unique mix of canyoning and zip lining waterfall adventures includes:

4x4 Transportation

Zipline Through Waterfall

Free Fall From Zip To River Pool

Zip Over Waterfall

Waterfall Zippel (180 foot Waterfall Controlled Descent)

Speedy Gonzales Zipline

Big Daddy Waterfall Zip-Rappel

Tarzan Swing

Back to Life Zip

Road Runner Zip

Lento Rodriguez Zip

Canyon Dry Rappel

Rainforest Nature Walk

Waterfall, Swiming and Jumping (When river levels allow)

Includes bilingual guides, snack and lunch, certified equipment, photographer (pictures available for purchase), and A/C transportation to and from hotels or houses in Manuel Antonio or Quepos. 
$140.4*Per person

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Zip lining, rappel and a Tarzan Swing

Duration: 3 hours
Located in the heart of the Naranjo Biological Corridor in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica and in which Manuel Antonio National Park is also located, this zip lining  offers the perfect setting to enjoy the scenic beauty of a large number of flora and fauna: white-faced monkeys and congos, hammers, raccoons, squirrels, birds and more awaits you while enjoying the maximum adrenaline of the hand of the experts in making the unforgettable experiences! In addition , this tour is the only zip lining located near of Manuel Antonio (15 minutes) and Quepos (5 minutes) which allows us to offer a short duration in the transfers Hotel-Canopy-Hotel so we are able able to provide our client the opportunity to have more time to perform other activities in the area during the day. Our Tour is for everyone! With 20 platforms, 10 lines,1 tarzan Swing,1 suspension bridge and 1 rappel, this activitie can be made from kids (5 years and up) to the oldest, beginners and experienced. .
$75*Per person

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Sunset Sails Tours Afternoon or Morning Cruise

Duration: 4 hours
This is a family business tour with over 24 years of experience we take great pride in our client service and in our food, our tour consists in going around the coast of Manuel Antonio, we try to look for dolphins, turtles, stingrays and whales depend of the season, we don’t guarantee the slightness of animals, since they are of course wild, but we do our best to find them. Then we anchor the boat on a beautiful jungle bay where we make snorkeling for 45 minutes while we prepare the clients the delicious meal that we give, after the experience of eating in the middle of the ocean we come back from our tour, to the Marina Pez Vela.
$95*Per person

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Whitewater Rafting Savegre Class II-III plus Waterfall Manuel Antonio

Duration: 6 hours
A journey of unsurpassed beauty, jungle vegetation and exploding whitewater. 

For the adventuresome beginner and experienced rafter the Class  II and III rapids will have you  filled with adrenaline as you paddle hard over the waves. Along the way you will be astounded by the awesome canyons, waterfalls, and primary rainforest of Costa Rica. The Savegre River is a magnificent stretch of whitewater that begins its course by winding out of a sparsely inhabited valley in the mountains.  This trip also includes a stop at a beautiful waterfall. 

Includes snack, lunch, certified equipment and guides, safety kayaker, and A/C transportation to and from hotels or houses in Manuel Antonio or Quepos.
$118.65*Per person

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Rancho Típico Don Juan, Horseback Riding tour

Duration: 5 hours
We decide to do a special and personal tour with no more than 10 persons, our idea is you can enjoy every second in our ranch and can learn and make any questions about the nature during our trip and be part of our family.
$85*Per person

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Night Jungle Tour (Rainmaker Park)

Duration: 3 hours
Our rainforest night tour is operated in the amazing Rainmaker Park. Rainmaker is one of the most important and impressive rainforest ecosystems in Costa Rica, this is where they've discovered the great reappearance of the famous and almost extinct harlequin frog thus becoming an important field of research and scientific studies for herpetologists worldwide.

This night walk takes about 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours and is leaded by a professional and expert certified guide. During the expedition you may see bats, Jesus Christ lizard, spiders, owls, high varieties of frogs, snakes and many interesting insects.

$59*Per person

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Beach Parasailing with Aguas Azules

Duration: an hour
An Unbelievably Unique Experience
Best Views of Manuel Antonio
Fun, Easy, Relaxing and Save
Everyone can do it

$237.3*Per person

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From Manuel Antonio: Mangrove Boat Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Take an unforgettable boat tour through the channels of the mangrove forest, far away from civilization. Discover and see an abundance of species native to the area such as white-faced monkeys, anteaters, boas, and iguanas.
$70*Per person

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From Manuel Antonio: Rainmaker Conservation Park Night Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Embark on a night tour of Rainmaker Park with hotel transfers from Manuel Antonio. Enjoy a guided walk through the park and marvel at the various ecosystems and wildlife under the cover of darkness.
$59*Per person

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Jungle Night Tour Manuel Antonio

Duration: 2 hours
We will take you to this rainforest and start hiking and looking for exiting
species of animals while the jungle takes on a totally different character. It goes from a green cathedral-like forest, where beautiful shining blue morpho butterflies fly along small rivers, to a pitch-black jungle, filled with the sounds of millions of insects and dozens of frogs & toads.

It’s the best time to find, observe and photograph beautiful tree frogs, shy snakes,
colorful insects, mammals and other rainforest creatures that only come out at night.
$59*Per person

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Manuel Antonio National Park Guided Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Our environmental interpretation tour. While touring the main trails, you will be able to observe numerous species of flora and fauna. Our specialized bilingual tour guide will be willing to share his knowledge with you about the ecosystem for you to learn and enjoy the Natural, Historical, Archaeological and Cultural environment of this astonishing protected area.
$27.95*Per person

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Manuel Antonio National Park Hiking Tour

Duration: 4 hours
One of world’s most beautiful national parks and the National Park hike is a must do. The Manuel Antonio National Park is a peninsula in the middle of amazing beaches, a stunning coast line and tropical rainforest. It’s the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities and find out its unique plants and animal.
$66.96*Per person

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