Caferaga Medresesi, Istanbul, Turkey
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The Best of Istanbul: Half Day Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Being a huge cultural melting pot, Istanbul has plenty to offer! Every corner has its unique charm and if you want to see it all in just half a day, this is the perfect way to satisfy your need to explore! See the best of the best with a local insider by your side, and you won’t leave anything behind on this amazing & private tour. In the European heart of Istanbul you can instantly appreciate its main highlights as they boast proudly in the city. And what would a trip to Istanbul be without seeing the Blue Mosque? Go with your favorite local to discover this fascinating cultural gem. If you are looking for some cultural awakening, then Caferaga Medresesi will be one of your favorites. Step into the cobblestoned courtyard and see the work of local artisans. You’ll be amazed! Check out the hippest neighborhood in town and do as the locals do: get on a tram and head to Karaoke. Enjoy amazing views as you cross the Galata bridge and see how locals fish along the bridge. No matter what time or day, there's always a fish to catch! Time for a break, so grab a simit, Istanbul's version of a bagel. Stroll around local shops, galleries and hotspots. Enjoy the lively buzz of locals chilling at cafes with their nargile in hand. Do you love art and hidden gems? Check out the Galata Mevlevi House and feel inspired by this museum full of traditions, music and artisan shops. In this same square, there’s a little gate that will lead you to meet a very interesting character. No need to spoil the surprise, all you have to know is that you’ll be in for an inspiring treat! Sit down with your new local friend to enjoy a Turkish coffee while you both recap everything about your private tour. By the end of your experience, your love for Istanbul will be even bigger! This half day experience is packed with incredible sights and things to do, all thanks to your local insider. Just pick your favorite one from the video options and let them know what else you would like to see while in Istanbul. Personalize everything to your needs and enjoy Istanbul to the fullest!