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Aurora Hunt Tour with Citizen Science from Tromso - Professional Photos Included

Duration: 8 hours
Come with us for your Aurora hunt for an amazing and ethical experience underneath the Aurora Borealis. Leave the light pollution in Tromsø behind and travel into the Arctic wilderness. During this activity, our small team of Aurora guides check the forecasts & use local knowledge to decide on the best place to chase the Northern Lights. When we find the best spot we will dress in warm thermal suits and boots, make a cosy campfire, and enjoy a homemade meal. During your Aurora Hunt activity you'll become a citizen scientist and collect data for our Tundra Restoration Project. You'll be shown how to use your camera, photograph the Aurora, and our guides will take photos of you, which are provided for free in web-sized resolution after the tour.
Relax by the fire with hot chocolate before being returned back to Tromsø island to your hotel. Though there is never a guarantee of seeing this phenomenon, our experienced team of Aurora Hunters will do their best, every night of the season.
$190.5*Per person

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Oslo: Oslo Fjord Sightseeing Cruise by Sailing Ship

Duration: 2 hours
Explore the diverse and unique islands and colorful houses of the Oslo Fjord on an authentic sailing ship boat tour. Discover the charming landscapes, and fantastic city views surrounding Oslo.
$39.71*Per person

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Northern Lights Adventure with Greenlander, 8 people max

Duration: Flexible
Welcome, Greenlander welcomes you on the most adventurous Northern Lights chase in the Northern Norway. You will be guided by a pro photographer (see proof from our Instagram or Facebook page,) who will safely take you around the perimeter on a 4x4 modified Mercedes Benz minivan.

The tour consists central pickup, home made soup, hot drinks, tripods, thermal suit, boots, campfire(if conditions allow,) Aurora portraits and so much more.

Greenlander has a reputation of not giving up and therefore having one of the highest success rates in the business, around 95%-98% chance of catching the elusive Northern Lights. Please consider, the weather can be harsh and sometimes we have to chase for hours, before we can even see first stars. This tour might not suit for elder and unfit participants.

For much more information:
$209.55*Per person

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Northern Lights Big Bus Chase

Duration: Flexible
Join us on our exciting Northern Lights Big Bus Chase to chase the magnificent Northern Lights. We conduct this tour in a spacious and modern bus which provides comfort and warmth along our journey in search of the Aurora Borealis.
$142.87*Per person

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Tromsø: Wildlife Bird Fjord Cruise with Lunch and Drinks

Duration: 5 hours
Take a cruise around the beautiful fjords and straits of north Norway, and experience the coastline and wildlife from a different perspective.
$103.15*Per person

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Tromsø: Reindeer Sledding & Feeding with a Sami Guide

Duration: 4 hours
Enjoy a reindeer sledding experience with this day trip from Tromsø. Visit a reindeer camp and feed the animals before immersing yourself in Sami cultural stories while enjoy a meal by the fire.
$145.79*Per person

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Tromsø: Self-Drive Husky Dog Sledding Adventure

Duration: 4 hours
Enjoy a guided sledding trip in Tromsø and mush your own team of huskies across the Arctic wilderness. Admire the beautiful surroundings and take photos to preserve your memories forever.
$197.14*Per person

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"a journey in search of the Northern Lights" Ⓥ | Small group 8 max | Photography

Duration: 6 hours - 9 hours
This may be the beginning of a dream come true. Look no further, or read on if you are unsure!

As some of the most experienced guides, we analyse weather predictions prior to every tour, and have close contact with a network of guides for the highest chances to see the Northern Lights. Our custom built 4x4 tour van, is fully equipped with everything we may need in the arctic, allowing us to discover remote scenery, reaching the more calm and peaceful places. As a small group of no more than 8 people, we pick you up at a central location, allowing us more time for finding, and seeing the Aurora earlier! With no two nights the same, our enthusiasm and dedication never fades.

Upon reaching suitable skies, we will set up camp for the evening. Most of the time this is a shorter drive to the surrounding coastal islands of Tromsø, or if needed a longer drive into Finland.

For more info visit our website!
$228.6*Per person

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Northern Lights Minibus Chase from Tromso

Duration: Flexible
Join us on this small group Northern Lights chase to maximise your chances of witnessing Earth's most magnificent light show from outer space, the Aurora Borealis.

We are experts at finding clear sky even in the most challenging weather conditions: In the winter season of 2022/23 we found clear sky on 97% of all chases and saw Northern Lights on 94% of all chases.

The Aurora is always different, so we recommend booking two or more chases to increase your chances of enjoying a beautiful display. Portraits of you to send to your family & friends are always included on our tours. This is an all-inclusive tour without hidden charges.

Northern Lights sightings cannot be guaranteed, but with the help of our expert guides and photographers, you will always take home a memorable experience.
$247.65*Per person

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Northern Lights tour - All inclusive - Northern Horizon

Duration: Flexible
Join our small group Northern Lights tour!

In a small group with a max of 15 people we’ll take you to the spots with the clearest sky, take professional pictures and offer help on how to set up your own camera. Photos will be shared with you by email. If you need a tripod we also got it for you!

To keep you warm during the tour we have thermal suits and warm boots. Later on, we're going to enjoy the cozy atmosphere around a bonfire, have sausages, warm drinks and cookies.
$219.07*Per person

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Tromsø: Whale Watching Tour by Hybrid-Electric Catamaran

Duration: 7 hours - 9 hours
Gain a unique perspective on majestic humpback and killer whales as they feed in the herring-rich fjords of the Arctic. Get close to the animals on board a silent hybrid catamaran cruise.
$154.96*Per person

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Arctic Roadtrip: Sommarøy with scenic picnic Ⓥ | Small group 8 max | Sightseeing

Duration: 5 hours
When visiting Tromsø, exploring Kvaløya & Sommarøy is a must do! Islands packed with raw landscapes, endless mountains, arctic beaches, to breathtaking fjords, and (frozen) lakes.

Enjoy the ever changing landscapes, and be sure to look out for roaming wildlife. We have the possibilities to spot soaring sea eagles, native reindeers, and the elusive moose. There will be several scenic stops along the way, perfect for photo moments, which we will share with you after the trip. Upon reaching the archipelago islands, we will enjoy an organic homemade light picnic, and a warm drink. As we continue through the mountain valley, passing quaint fishing villages, and making a final stop at one of the most dramatic fjords on the island.

Let us share our favourite places with you, sit back, relax, and breathe in the calmness and quietness of life in the Arctic. This tour will run in any weather; rain, wind, and snow are part of an authentic Norwegian experience.

For more info visit our website!
$142.87*Per person

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From Tromsø: Aurora Borealis Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Experience one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena on an evening bus tour. Search for the Northern Lights with your experienced guides who will find the best spots for you.
$127.45*Per person

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Full-Day Northern Lights Trip from Tromsø

Duration: Flexible
Tromsø’s Premier Aurora Experience

Dive into the Arctic’s magic with Tromsø's leading Northern Lights tour. Why are we different?

Aurora Portrait Mastery: More than just a sighting – we craft perfect Aurora portraits. A cherished keepsake with loved ones set against the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

⭐ Proven Excellence: Boasting nearly 2,000 'Excellent' TripAdvisor reviews and a place in its Hall of Fame. Trusted by over 45,000 guests since 2012.

90% Success Rate: Witness the Northern Lights dance with confidence, thanks to our unmatched hit rate.

Ultimate Arctic Comfort: Focus on the auroras in our top-tier winter gear, designed for warmth and comfort.

In a sea of options, choose the best. Experience the Northern Lights in their full glory, paired with unmatched expertise. Book now for an Arctic journey beyond compare.

Experience the Arctic with Tromsø’s Aurora masters. Memories await; make them monumental with us. Secure your once-in-a-lifetime slot today.
$166.69*Per person

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Silent Whale Watching

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
Get a unique perspective on the majestic humpback and Orcas (killer whales) as they feed in the herring-rich fjords of the Arctic. With purpose made hybrid-electric boats for whale watching, which minimise disturbance to nature and whales.

Departing Tromsø in the morning, we head out to where the whales are in time to enjoy the short hours of daylight. On the way you can take in the breathtaking views of frozen landscapes in comfortable, panoramic lounges and multi-level decks. You’ll find a selection of food and drinks for purchase on board.

We use a hybrid engine to reach the whale’s feeding grounds, and as we near the whales, we switch to a silent electric engine that allows us to get closer without disturbing them.

Please note that the duration of this trip depends on the whales’ location it takes about 3 hours to get to the whales and can therefore range from 7-8 hours. Please dress warm, bring your wool layers, as its cold when you step outside the boat
$160.97*Per person

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From Tromsø: Whale Watching Safari on High-Speed Catamaran

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
Step aboard a high-speed modern catamaran and join an exhilarating journey to the heart of the whale's winter wonderland. Cruise from Tromsø to the whale sighting area.
$150.83*Per person

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Tromsø: Northern Lights Chase Minibus Tour with Campfire

Duration: 7 hours
Search for the Northern Lights on an evening bus day trip from Tromsø. Enjoy a complete Arctic experience with marshmallows and warm drinks by the fire.
$132.95*Per person

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Northern Lights Hunt with The Green Adventure - photos included

Duration: 6 hours - 10 hours
Join an all-inclusive northern lights chase with experienced The Green Adventure Team. Enjoy a campfire, warm soup and marshmallows in the Arctic outdoors. There are thermal overalls available and hot chocolate to keep you warm and cosy. Your guide will take you to areas will best viewing potential for the night, away from city light pollution. Our guide will help you set your camera and will take professional aurora photos that you will get by email after the tour.

Min travellers per tour: 3
$170.5*Per person

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Northern Lights Chase

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Join this northern lights chase to maximize your chances of seeing the world’s most spectacular light show. On board the bus there will be one professional driver and one experienced Northern Lights guide. They are passionately committed to choosing the best spot based on the weather forecast, that maximizes the options of seeing the aurora. The guide will provide you with information about camera settings and helpful tips, so when the lights appear you can capture the perfect Northern Lights picture. The guide will also take pictures during the excursion so you can have a souvenir to bring home.

It is important to mention that the northern lights are a natural phenomenon and it can't be guaranteed that they will be seen.

Meeting place: English tour: By the city harbor in Tromsø center, across from Troll museum and Yonas Pizzeria at 6:15 pm (18.15). Tour departs: 6:30 pm (18.30).

Meeting place: tour in Spanish: At our offices in Storgata 77, Tromsø at 18.00. Tour departs at 18.15.
$102.39*Per person

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Sami Culture and Short Reindeer Sledding from Tromso

Duration: 5 hours
Visit a reindeer camp outside of Tromsø on this 4 hour tour that introduces you to a little Sami culture. You'll have a chance to feed a herd of 300 reindeer, take a 15-minute reindeer sled ride, and then gather inside a Sami tent for a hot meal and to hear stories about Sami culture around the campfire. A guide also performs a joik, traditional Sami folk song.
$151.45*Per person

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