Kiruna, Norrbotten County, Sweden

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The Longest Northern Lights Tour in Kiruna with Dinner

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
After we pick you up from your hotel in Kiruna, our night journey starts at our base in Abisko.

We’ll have dinner in a restaurant , Abisko Mountain Lodge, a special recipe of reindeer (or vegetable on request).

Abisko National Park is the best place in the world to see the northern lights because of its blue hole and micro climate. We have the most cloud free nights compared to other places in the Arctic Circle.

We are famous for driving wherever we need to drive to find clear a sky, we can take you to Kiruna’s arctic forest or even to coast of Norway! We don't limit ourselves by distance!

Your guide will tell you many stories about the northern lights and Vikings and also there is a photographer that will take pictures and send it to the guests. Our guides are professional guides focused just on Aurora.

The bus is always heated, we serve hot drinks and make a camp fire for you to keep warm.

After tour, we will drive back to Kiruna.
$240.22*Per person

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Sit Down Husky Ride Dog Sled Tour in Kiruna

Duration: 2 hours
We specialise in small groups and personal experiences with quality at the heart of everything we do. Our huskies are extremely friendly and good with children or nervous guests. Our equipment is of premium quality and you won't find our cake in the shops! But most of all, our dogs are the stars of this experience and by the end of the tour, we're sure you'll love them as much as we do.
$144.62*Per person

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Kiruna Northern Lights Tour with Photographer

Duration: 4 hours
After we pick you up from your hotel in Kiruna, we will start to chase the northern lights that depends on each night according to the weather conditions. We can drive to Abisko, Kiruna’s boreal forest or wherever we can find clear sky to see Aurora Borealis.

Lights of Vikings have a really high success rate in finding clear sky which is one of the most important criteria to see the Northern Lights. Our concept is famous for driving long distances if necessary! Wherever we go during the tour, we will tell you many stories about the northern lights and Vikings.

After finding clear sky, we’ll admire the northern lights and we will take pictures which we’ll send to you within 3 days after the tour. If you bring your own camera, we will help you set it up to get the best shots.

As the northern lights dance in the sky we will serve hot drinks and make a camp fire for you to keep warm. After the northern lights tour, we will drive you back to Kiruna.
$181.11*Per person

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Sit Back and Relax Morning Husky Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Sit back and relax whilst sitting on the guide's sledge. Our guide will harness up the dogs and you get to sit on the sled whilst enjoying the spectacular scenery. Half way we stop at our teepee where we make a fire and enjoy a warm cup of tea or coffee and a cinnamon roll. You can befriend your dogs and take lots of pictures with them. After the short stop we head back towards the kennel. Our tour is conducted on our own home made trail without any other tour operator in the area!!Just you, the dogs and nature.
$133.35*Per person

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Snowmobile Aurora Expedition with dinner

Duration: 5 hours
Enjoy an experience-of-a-lifetime snowmobiling in the Swedish arctic while searching for the northern lights. You can share the driving with a friend, or upgrade to a single driver option! Drive through winding forests, along the frozen Torne River and across frozen lakes in search of the amazing northern lights. A traditional Lappish dinner and dessert will be served around an open fire in a forest hut and you will be given many opportunities to take photos during the tour. Come and join us on this exciting adventure!
$176*Per person

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Full-Day Reindeer Tour with Pickup in Kiruna

Duration: 7 hours
Here at the heart of Sápmi you can become a reindeer herder for a day. You can ride a reindeer sleigh alone in the winter landscape, feed the reindeer and eat delicious food.
You are invited to be a part of the real life of the Sámi people. A professional reindeer herder will introduce you to his reindeer herd in his native environment.

We are a reindeer herding family in Swedish lapland. We live and operate in the northern Sweden, middle of the Torneträsk-Soppero primeval forest which is located north of Kiruna city. We are an indigenous people in Europe and the Nordic countries. The area that has historically been inhabited by our ancestors for generations is called Sápmi and includes northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Our goal for you is to have a genuine experience with us, in our everyday life.
$234.83*Per person

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Autumn Husky Sit and Drive Cart Tour from Kiruna

Duration: 3 hours
Snowless dog driving! Why limit the fun to when we have snow when you can try driving dogs with a cart in the autumn! We offer a sit and drive combo tour by cart. You get to try both sitting on a cart and driving the cart together with a friend or partner. You can help to harness the dogs before we head out. We are out driving in our forest trails for approx 45 min. After returning you can help feed them and unharness them before returning them to their yards. We also have a cup of tea and coffee by the fire and a cinnamon roll. Of course no tour would be complete without a kennel visit and meeting the next generation...
$128.22*Per person

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Husky Sled Ride Northern Lights Tour from Kiruna

Duration: 3 hours
Sit Back and Relax whilst sitting on the sled driven by the guide. You can relax and look up at the sky whilst being pulled by a team of eager huskies. We mush approximately 13 kms and stop half way at our teepee located at an optimal point to see the northern lights. Here we stop to enjoy a cup of warm tea or coffee and warm up by the fire. You also have the chance to admire the amazing scenery and hopefully the aurora show. The dogs would love a cuddle, so you can get up close and personal! From here we mush back to the kennel. Once back at the kennel you return our borrowed gear and we drive you back to Kiruna or Icehotel by minivan. Pls Note that end of March and April it is no longer dark during our Aurora tours. Still beautiful dusk but chances to see the aurora on the actual sled is not likely due to no longer having darkness at the time of the tour.
$144.61*Per person

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Aurora Borealis Tour Kiruna - Abisko with local Street Food

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Start up your Aurora Borealis night tour at the famous Stejk Street Foods food truck & Tipi in Kiruna. Your ticket includes local street food dinner in the Tipi. Meanwhile the guide will make the latest weather and Aurora Borealis prognosis which give you the best chance to see the Aurora during the night. Driving through the night in a van gives us the best opportunity to see many different locations in a big area. This will increase the chance for Aurora.
$269.64*Per person

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Snowmobile Arctic Adventure

Duration: 4 hours
Spend the day driving through the Arctic by snowmobile! Share the driving with a friend or upgrade to single driver for your own snowmobile. We take our own tracks through the forest, along the frozen Torne River and across lakes. Enjoy a delicious lunch of local delicacies around an open fire in a forest hut, and take lots of photos of your Arctic Adventure!
$146.59*Per person

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Aurora Hunting with Reindeer Caravan

Duration: 7 hours
Imagine a clear starry sky evening far from the city lights and you may be lucky enough to see the majestic Northern Lights in the heart of Lapland. You are travelling in a reindeer caravan as the Sámi people did for hundreds of years ago in these areas. This is a true winter adventure which will make your smile shine in the winter darkness. One hour twenty minutes after you have left the urban life behind you, you will find yourself in a completely different environment where the reindeer is in the center. You can become a reindeer herder for a evening. You get to accompany the Sámi reindeer herder during his everyday life as he feeds his reindeer herd and looks after them.
This is a region where humans are few and the animals reign.
Your stay may be memorable, restful and at the same time refreshing for body and soul. Something to take with you into the future.
$264.25*Per person

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Enjoy the Aurora show on top of the mountain inc tipi dinner

Duration: 5 hours
.• Transfer from and to your hotel
• Two-piece down set so you stay really warm during the tour
• Local guide
• Amazing dinner in our tipi next to beautiful Mattarahkka Northern Lights Lodge. Dinner are made from local Ingredients product over the crackling fire.
• Opportunity to see the Northern Lights during dinner as we are beyond light pollution
• Easy-to-maneuver snowmobile on unique own trails beyond the large mass, Simply a smooth ride through the Arctic night
• You'll get really great photos of the guide from your experience right after the tour
$219.73*Per person

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Dogsled Adventure Kiruna

Duration: 3 hours
We have two options of this tour. The sled can be driven by one of our guides. Or you can get to drive your own team of sled dogs.
We start the adventure from the camp, located just outside Kiruna close to the world famous ICEHOTEL. Along the route, we will take a break and enjoy a traditional Swedish Fika and a hot drink or lighter lunch depending on the tour option.
We travel in small groups to ensure an exclusive experience. There will be time to take photos along the way.
$281*Per person

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Kiruna: Guided Snowmobile Tour and Swedish Fika Experience

Duration: 4 hours - 4 hours
Discover the serene winter beauty of Lapland on a thrilling snowmobile adventure on this guided tour from Kiruna. Stay warm with the included winter wear and stop for a Swedish fika (tea time).
$142.11*Per person

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Northern Light hunt with minibus to Abisko 7:30 pm

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
We go with minibus out into the polar night, all the way to the world-famous Abisko National Park and we makes stops during the way on the best places to see the northern light. Hopefully we will find aurora borealis in the dark night sky on our way there.

We will help you to capture pictures of the magical nature phenomen.
The minibus is always heated and we serve coffee, tea or warm lingonberry juice and sweet snacks on the tour.

We can not guarantee that the northern light is visible because its a weather phenomenon beyond or control.
But we can guarantee that we will do our best for you to have a wonderful experience anyway

The northern lights use to be visible from September-middle of April
$165.7*Per person

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Guided Northern Lights Tour at Kiruna

Duration: 4 hours
Kiruna is located in an ideal position in Lapland to view the northern lights. During winter we have long dark nights and even 6 weeks without a sunrise! The first step to chasing the aurora is to get away from the city light pollution and that's exactly what we do on this tour.

Our skilled guides will study the aurora and weather forecast to find the best locations based on their prior knowledge of the area, and then off we go! In our minivan, we will drive up to 125km away from the city if necessary to chase the aurora out in the arctic wilderness.

There are many different locations we can visit depending on the forecast, one of which is the beautiful Abisko National Park area. Of course, it is up to mother nature where the chase will take us, but our guides will do their best to help you search for this incredible natural phenomenon
$185.81*Per person

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Kiruna: Guided Snowmobile Tour and Northern Lights Hunt

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Experience the freedom of driving through the wilderness on a snowmobile on this tour from Kiruna. Hunt the Northern Lights away from the city lights, and enjoy a break for a snack and a warm drink.
$190.24*Per person

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Kiruna: Self-drive Husky Morning Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Explore the arctic tundra in daylight by one of the oldest ways of transportation. Feel like a musher by steering a dogsled and connecting with our furry friends.
$234.07*Per person

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Private Kennel Visit and ATV Tour with the Huskies

Duration: 3 hours
We have an array of world-class Alaskan huskies. With a gene pool that stretches across the pond. You will be delighted to experience their strength, beauty, and charismatic personalities. Their boundless energy and love shine with excitement every time they have a new group of visitors—a super friendly bunch of canines always eager for a bit of fun and action cuddles!
$117.17*Per person

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Snowshoe in a Winter Forest

Duration: 3 hours
This activity focus on animals, nature and our culture.
After a short bus ride we venture in to the arctic forest in search of animals and deep snow to play in. We will show you that the frozen forest is full of life.
Enjoy and book this breathtaking experience now! Discover the local beauties with our guide on this unforgettable activity.
$97.56*Per person

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