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La Paz Half-Day Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours
See the sights of one of the world's highest cities on a 2.5 to 3-hour walking tour of La Paz. Get off the beaten track and discover hidden spots such as the Witches' Market with a local, English-speaking guide.

Death Road Bolivia Biking Tour

Duration: a day
The Death Road biking tour is simply the best option for a full day of adventure and adrenaline in one of the most impressive places in Bolivia, ”El camino de la muerte”. 

La Paz: Cable Car, Cemetery, Shaman, and El Alto Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Escape the city center and explore La Paz's outlying areas, like the cemetery and El Alto. Take in spectacular views of La Paz on an amazing cable car ride, learn about Bolivian culture, and visit a local shaman who will read your fortune.

Day Trip to Uyuni Salt Flats

Duration: 7 hours
This is a 7 hours packed adventure to discover the biggest Salt Flat in the world. Amazing scenery and places to go, combined with a skillful crew and equipment, makes indeed the perfect day trip. Historical Trains, Massive Salt desert, Lost Island with Giant Cacti and more awaits for you to be seen in this journey into the ancient lands of Bolivia. All guides will share their stories of the area, and help you out with all kinds of crazy perspective pictures in a special location in the middle of the Salty desert.

From La Paz: Titicaca, Copacabana, and Isla del Sol Day-Trip

Duration: 15 hours
Sail on Lake Titicaca, visit the towns of Copacabana and Yumani, and discover the mystical Inca Steps and the Inca Fountain on a guided trip from La Paz.

La Paz: City Highlights Walking Tour with Cable Car Ride

Duration: 3 hours
Learn about the culture of La Paz and El Alto with an insightful walking tour. See landmarks such as San Francisco Church and San Pedro Square, and ride a cable car for panoramic views of both cities.

Death Road, Bolivia: Mountain Bike Tour on the World's Most Dangerous Road

Duration: 14 hours
Fly down the 'world’s most dangerous road' on this thrilling mountain-biking adventure! Leave from a high-altitude plain near La Paz, and follow expert guides downhill for 40 miles (64 km) on a narrow, winding road carved into the side of the incredible Andes. Take breaks along the way to admire the landscape that changes from the snowcapped Andes to the lush Amazonian jungle. This is one of the most incredible experiences in South America, and one you'll want to do with the most reccomended company in Bolivia, which uses international safety standards and ensures incredible service. After the riding adventure, unwind at La Senda Verde Ecotourism Resort, an animal refuge, where you’ll enjoy lunch and observe rescued wildlife. Return to La Paz the same day, or stay overnight at La Senda Verde or in Coroico. This is one you'll be telling the grandkids, so do it right!

City Tour plus Cable Car La Paz

Duration: 3 hours
During this 3-hour, guided, walking tour of La Paz, learn the fascinating culture behind this Bolivian city in the sky, and hear the myths, history, and legends behind the buildings and streets. Along with your local guide and a group of no more than 15 people, you'll browse through the stalls of the Witches Market and see the La Paz Cathedral, as well as learn the infamous history behind San Pedro Prison.

3-Days Tour to the Uyuni Salt Flat and Colored Lagoons +Sunset+Mirror Effect

Duration: 3 days
In this expedition of 3 days / 2 nights of the south west of Potosí-Bolivia you will get to know this magical Uyuni salt flat, the largest in the world with a distance of more than 200 km long and a width of 80 km, with a reserve of more than 64 one billion tons of salt, more than 21 million tons of lithium. With an astonishing natural beauty, from this Magical Uyuni salt flat, an amazing island of giant cacti in the middle of the salt flat, from a giant mirror in the rainy season, from an impressive sunset, of volcanoes of the western mountain range such as the licancabur , ollague , tunupa volcanos and others, where visitors can practice trekking from 3600 meters high to 6000 meters high, enjoy their hot springs in different places, hot springs of Laguna Polques, hot springs of laguna blanca, etc, inhospitable deserts such as the Siloli desert, Salvador Dali desert, and observe the fauna and flora of the south west of Potosí, come to know and enjoy in a great ventured unforgettable.

Evening Foodie Tour of La Paz

Duration: 3 hours
Food is an important part of daily life in Bolivia. Experience the rich ingredients, flavors, colors and aromas of the Bolivian kitchen as well as the history behind them.

From La Paz to Atacama: Uyuni Salt Flats 4-Day Tour

Duration: 3 days - 4 days
Take a trip through salt and desert landscapes and colorful lagoons in the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve. Enjoy thermal springs and spectacular sunsets.

La Paz: Mountain Bike Down the World's Most Dangerous Road

Duration: a day
Descend over 3,500m on an incredible road in one of the world's most beautiful places down to an animal refuge in the jungle, riding high-quality bikes with the safest and most respected company in Bolivia. Get ready for an epic ride down Death Road.

La Paz City Walking Tour Including Historical Streets

Duration: 3 hours
La Paz is a city unlike any other on earth. Its’ staggering height (3,600m/11,800ft) is only surpassed by its’ incredible beauty. Sprawling over a gorgeous valley and surrounded by massive mountains, ones’ first sight of La Paz is unforgettable, but its lasting mark on those who visit, is the life it holds within the valley walls. Our city tour will bring this complex, busy, and incredibly interesting city to life! The people, history, and customs that make up La Paz are truly fascinating and give an insight into the life that makes up one of the world’s most vibrant cities. A visit to La Paz is hardly complete without walking her narrow alleys, meeting her people, and getting to know the past that makes her what she now is.

La Paz Walking City tour plus Cable cars

Duration: 3 hours
During this 3-hour, guided, walking tour of La Paz, learn the fascinating culture behind this Bolivian city in the sky, and hear the myths, history, and legends behind the buildings and streets. Along with your local guide and a group of no more than 15 people, you'll browse through the stalls of the Witches Market and see the La Paz Cathedral, as well as learn the infamous history behind San Pedro Prison.

Bike Tour to the Death Road

Duration: 11 hours - 12 hours
Take part in this opportunity to bike down the world’s most dangerous road with one of the groups of Vertigo Biking. You will be accompanied by English speaking, safety and rescuing trained guides. Get all the safety equipment and an amazing full suspension bike to suit your size. Bike for 4 to 5 hours (approx. 64 Km or 40mi) from an amazing altitude of 4,200 (Andes mountain range) to 1,200 (entrance to the Bolivian Amazon) meters above the sea level. Transportation from La Paz (with select hotel pickup/drop-off) snacks, water, lunch, showers and time in the swimming pool upon arrival, are included. You will also get a free t-shirt and pictures and videos of the day to make the day unforgettable.

La Paz: Uyuni Salt Flats Tour by Bus

Duration: 2 days
Enjoy an unforgettable adventure visiting the Uyuni Salt Flats with collection from your Hotel in La Paz. Take a comfortable night bus to the salt flats, where you will tour the picturesque area with a knowledgeable guide.

La Paz: Tiwanaku Archeological Site Full-Day Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Explore Tiwanaku, the most important archaeological site in Bolivia, on this full-day tour from La Paz.

3-Day Tour to Salt Flats and Lagoons

Duration: 3 days
Enjoy the world’s largest salt flat with the safest and best operator in Bolivia.
Best rated tour, with an English-fluent guide assisting you the whole trip.

All groups travel in comfortable Toyota 4x4s with experienced drivers.
Including Satellite phone, Oxygen bottle and sleeping bag.

Take an unforgettable 3-day tour through the vast white Salt flats of Uyuni, into the desert of southwest Bolivia, one of the highest and driest in the world.
Visit tiny villages lost in the tundra surrounded by multicolored mountain and lakes filled with flamingos, the Sol de Manana geyser, thermal hot-springs at night to finish the day, with temperatures around 38°C (100°F) and enjoying the star gazing and milky way.
You can finish your tour at San Pedro de Atacama for an extra $10 USD if specified !

The World's Most Dangerous Road - Barracuda Biking's Death Road Riding

Duration: a day
Ride the world famous Death Road, with the only reputable budget company which operates using international safety standards.  This amazing 64km descent of over 3500m is one of the most incredible day adventures in South America.  You're only here once, so do it right! This full day tour includes all equipment, water, snacks, delicious buffet lunch at our jungle refuge, safety transport, top of the line bikes and amazing, highly qualified guides.  We are the only company on Death Road with a no bullshit guarantee as we take your safety seriously! Book now, space is limited and you'll not want to miss this ride!

From La Paz: Uyuni Salt Flats Luxury Tour

Duration: 10 hours
See the amazing salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni on a day trip from La Paz. Get bird's eye views on the short flight to Uyuni, encounter the animals of the Andes at Tunupa Volcano and more.