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Paragliding Oludeniz, Fethiye, Turkey

Duration: 2 hours
Breathtaking panoramic views and stable weather conditions make Mt. Babadag one of the best launching site for tandem paragliding in the world.

Transportation from Hanuman Office to the launch site takes about 30 minutes drive. There’s a breathtaking view awaits for you at the top!At the launch site the passenger will be briefed by the pilot about the information regarding safety procedures taken during the take off and flight itself. Once the pilot and passenger are fully equipped and ready to take off, one last check up will be performed to ensure a safe flight! Pilot and passenger head to the mountain slope and wait for the most suitable wind condition till the take off. Once the wind is perfect and the parachute is inflated overhead, they both take few steps together or a short run, and in a few seconds the parachute will be gently lifted up in the air. That’s the moment when the magic happens! Your dream of flying comes true!
$87.81*Per person

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Oludeniz Paragliding Fethiye Turkey, Additional Features

Duration: 2 hours
We want you to know that we do not provide an ordinary paragliding service.
We are a boutique business and we are trying to convey the true nature of paragliding to you.
For example, while a standard flight lasts 25 minutes we can extend this flight time to 40 minutes by using thermal waves and getting higher if the weather conditions let us to do.
When you want to fly with your partner or friend, we offer you a special organization that you are flying side by side in the air means that you can see each other even talking with your friend is possible.
We offer you a flight as you want, asking your ideas. We offer a calmer flight if you get nervous.
If you like photography, a longer with can be done. We can have a flight full of acrobatics if you are having fun.
We are very confident in our flight quality. In any case of dissatisfaction, your fee will be refunded.
$88*Per person

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Private Paragliding Experience in Fethiye Ölüdeniz

Duration: 2 hours
Enjoy this Paragliding experience with our experienced, professional, and dynamic team in paragliding, we work with a focus on customer satisfaction.
$196*Per person

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Paragliding at Fethiye Oludeniz, Turkey

Duration: 2 hours
Bring your shoes and sunglasses, cause were gonna go fly! Fly high and meet the birds, understand why they sing and have an experience you will never forget. With a team that is as experienced as one of the first pilots who flied at 1998 safety is our first priority.

You can customize your experience as much as you want. Wear masks, make costumes, play an instrument anything you can imagine!
$139.99*Per person

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Daily Boat Trip

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
We organise daily boat trip in Fethiye. We always try our best for make your day memorable in our family company. We visit 7-8 bays and 2 islands and we make 4 stops in best places. Please join in with us and have a wonderfull day !!!
$449.3*Per person

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Tandem Paragliding Fethiye, Oludeniz

Duration: 2 hours
Ölüdeniz is not only famous for its laid-back tourism and its natural beauty, the magnificent mountain of Babadağ, which forms a dramatic backdrop to the resort, has made it one of the most popular places for paragliding in the world. Visit Ölüdeniz during the summer months and will nearly always see colorful canopies flying high above you, floating effortlessly through the air before they and the people they’re carrying make a smooth landing on the beach.

Look closely, you’ll see that, although some are solo pilots, most are tandem paragliders with experienced pilots at the controls; it is they who take care of all the practical things, while you are having the experience of a lifetime. Located on the coast at 1960 meters, Babadag is pretty unique and flying like a bird from one of the several take-offs close to the summit, you’ll be sure to have an awesome paragliding experience too, and one that you’ll always remember.
$234.02*Per person

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Buggy Safari

Duration: 4 hours
This is Serkan from Come & Drive;

√Location : Hisaronu, Fethiye

√The minimum driving age is 18 years old or older. Not suited for children under the age of four.

√The driver has to bring a driving license or provisional license.

We have two daily departures. The first tour is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and the second is from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Buggies are powered by a 550-cc mud monster with an automatic transmission. Driving is simple for either a man or a woman. The journey is lengthy enough for a couple to drive together.

The total length of the trip is 31 kilometers of off-road driving. If you join the trip before May 15th, a 1.5-hour swim break will be at Gemiler Beach, which includes a sunbed and umbrella(not in national turkish holiday) . After May 15th, swim break will be on the best beach in Fethiye, called SEAME Beach.

This is an extremely fantastic trip that people of all ages will certainly enjoy.
$74.46*Per person

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Rhodes: Filerimos Hill and Butterfly Valley Bus Trip

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Go on a relaxing tour and visit two of the most interesting sights on Rhodes island, Filerimos Hill and the Valley of Butterflies.
$29.06*Per person

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Tandem Paragliding with Professionals in Fethiye, Oludeniz

Duration: 2 hours
You will fly with The Most Professionals Instuctors at the best place for Paragliding.
Experience of a life time .
$200*Per person

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Fethiye: Tandem Paragliding Experience w/Hotel Pickup

Duration: 2 hours
Satisfy your craving for some extra doses of adrenaline on this paragliding experience. Feel what it is like to fly above the beautiful Oludeniz. Soak up some spectacular views of the Aegean Coast of Turkey.
$86.11*Per person

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Tandem Paragliding Flight Experience Babadağ Mountain Fethiye

Duration: 2 hours
Flying above the highest mountain in the northern east of the Turkey , Babadağ offers exclusive sightseeing above 1900 meters above the Ölüdeniz Beach.
$199.99*Per person

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Ölüdeniz: Butterfly Valley Boat Trip with Buffet Lunch

Duration: 8 hours
Discover the beauty of the Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, and picturesque bays and beaches on a boat trip from Ölüdeniz. Enjoy stops for swimming in crystal clear waters and a delicious buffet lunch.
$35.52*Per person

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Fethiye Paragliding Experience By Local Expert Pilots

Duration: 2 hours
Our Fethiye Paragliding activity is available on a daily basis, and on any time of the day suits you the most. To make your experience convenient, a comfortable and fully air-conditioned car will pick you up from your hotel in Fethiye, and drive you towards the take-off site, which is 45 minutes away. The action takes place at Babadag Mountain, which is the only mountain in Europe from where you can paraglide from a 2000-meter height. This mountain surrounds the beautiful Oludeniz and creates a truly imposing backdrop.Upon your arrival there, a team of professional instructors is about to brief you on the flight. They will explain everything you need to know, answer your questions, and provide the necessary safety equipment.

✅ Experience tandem paragliding with awesome wievs mountains on the horizon.

✅ Touch the sky and fly like a bird over the Blue Lagoon.

✅ Get spectacular views of the Aegean Coast of Turkey.

✅ Glide towards a gentle landing on the sandy beach.
$96*Per person

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Oludeniz: Butterfly Valley Tour & St. Nicholas Island Cruise

Duration: 7 hours
Discover the bays and islands around Oludeniz on a full-day cruise. Swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters of the Blue Cave and Cold Spring Bay. Discover St. Nicholas Island's 5th-century churches and marvel at rare butterflies at a nature reserve.
$52.79*Per person

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Boat trip from Oludeniz Blue Lagoon to Butterfly Valley and Gemiler Island with lunch

Duration: 8 hours
Cruise with a 2-deck boat leaving from Blue Lagoon of Oludeniz. Trek in Butterfly Valley and climb up St Nicholas island to see its relics. A day out in the open sea with lunch included the price.
$33.48*Per person

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Saint Nicholas Island Sea Kayaking Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Explore and paddle along the stunning coastline with relaxing swims from secluded beaches. For both beginner and experienced paddler to enjoy this memorable experience.
$71.35*Per person

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Classic Package

Duration: an hour
It is ideal for those who want to have a basic spa experience.


Classical Turkish Bath 25 min.
Classic Massage 50 min.
Face Mask (Clay)
$64.19*Per person

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Luxury Transfer From Dalaman Airport to Fethiye Area

Duration: 40 minutes - an hour
Enjoy a stress-free transfer from Dalaman Airport to your hotel in Fethiye, Calis Beach or Oludeniz.
$53.82*Per person

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Fethiye Oludeniz Boat Trip With Butterfly Valley And Six Islands

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
How about a fascinating boat trip with multiple swimming stops? Join our Oludeniz Boat Trip with Butterfly Valley tour, and feel charmed by the beauty of the coastline. This full day excursion invites people of all ages to spend an incredible day at sea, swim in crystal clear waters, and enjoy incredible views. Have a blast with your friends or family, and be confident that your memories from this day will never fade.

✅ Swim, snorkel, and soak up the sun throughout the day.

✅ No taxi hassles: Picks up and drops off from hotels all over Fethiye.

✅ Watch the butterflies flutter when you discovering at Butterfly Valley.

✅ Stay fuelled with drinks plus a chicken, pasta, and salad lunch.

✅ Climb the waterfall home to Butterfly Valley and witness remarkable beauty.

✅ Swim in deep mysterious waters at the Blue Cave and collect the most beauty memories of yours.
$45*Per person

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Special Package

Duration: 2 hours
The package is ideal for those who want Hammam and massage treatments.

Ritual Turkish Bath 40 min
Anti-Stress Massage 50 min.
Heel Care (Hard Skin Removal)
Aloe Vera Mask
$77.02*Per person

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