Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer District, India

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Jaisalmer: 2-Day Thar Desert Experience

Duration: 19 hours - 2 days
Ride a camel into the sunset, visit local villages, and be entertained by locals while having delicious dinner in the desert. Enjoy live entertainment under the stars, provided by the locals.
$39.91*Per person

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Overnight Camel Safari - Sleeping under the Stars

Duration: 7 hours
This Overnight Camel Safari is taken on a completely Non-Touristic, Non-crowded and Off the Beaten Track, to offer a raw experience of the True Nomadic Desert Life, into a peaceful and serene environment.

This safari offers an opportunity to explore the Thar Desert in an authentic and distinctive way, as you will ride through the varied landscape of the Desert, ranging from arid scrub lands & farms to rocky outcrops & dunes. You will witness the local flora & fauna, while passing by villages where you can see people still leaving in a traditional Desert Life.

The major highlight of this Safari is Sleeping under the Stars, in the nice Sand Dunes, in a warm & cozy bedding.

This Overnight Camel Safari starts at around 1:30 pm and ends at around 11 am the next day.
$41.19*Per person

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Overnight Camel Safari

Duration: 2 days
A camel safari in jaisalmer is a once in a life time experience . we individualize our safari to suit your requirement from half day to 7 day desert safari .explore the rugged terrain of the great indian thar desert while using camels as yours bearers . sleep under starlit skies.beauty of the thar ,meeting people,enjoy beautiful landscape,wild life and many more intresting moments.
doubt that a visit to jaisalmer is incomplete without experienxe camel safari....
$35.73*Per person

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Private Heritage Walking Tour in Jaisalmer Fort and Old Bazaar

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
I was born here in jaisalmer ,I want to die here and reborn here.. a peaceful, familiar, historic, cultural, and more then that truly rajasthani experience... Iam very enthusiastic about it and enjoying it as English/German speaking tour guide.. breath, walk and feel it with me...
$25*Per person

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Jaisalmer Private city Tour

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
jaisalmer city is a very ancient city from 12th centuary.The tour will start from the jaisalmer fort through narrow allies from old city .visiting palace ,jain temples and the beautifull ancient mansions called nathmal haveli and patwon ki haveli.
$18*Per person

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Overnight Desert Safari Tour Package

Duration: 21 hours
This tour takes you far away from the bustling life of Jaisalmer city to the tranquility of golden sand dunes where you can enjoy heritage walk, desert safari, sunset view, simple cooked dinner, and overnight stay in dunes.
$39.47*Per person

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Overnight Camel Safari (remote And Isolated)

Duration: an hour
Adventure Travel Agency organizing camel safari since 1987 and our safaris takes you into remote and isolated areas of the Thar desert during which you will experience visiting villages, native wildlife, some of the most beautiful sunset and sunrise as well as sleeping under the star filled sky in our custom made bedrolls. During your tour you are welcome to learn local cooking skills from our camel guides as all the meals are freshly prepared over the campfire.
$61.8*Per person

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Luxury Overnight Camping Jaisalmer

Duration: 18 hours
Our Luxury Overnight Camping package makes you experience the enriched beauty of the desert and wonderful activities in the desert safari of approx 45 mins, Rajasthani cultural program, Buffet dinner over the dune, and Accommodation in Swiss Luxury Tent.
$62.94*Per person

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Half-Day Sunset Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Duration: 7 hours
The half-day sunset camel safari is the ideal choice for those who wish to experience a camel safari in a short amount of time while watching the mesmerizing sunset in the dunes.
$40.37*Per person

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Wild Desert Overnight Safari

Duration: 2 days
The Wild Desert Overnight Safari begins will allow you to enjoy a great Jeep Safari through the dunes of the notorious Thar Desert near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

On the journey, you will enter the famous Kuldhara Village, have the ability to interact with local villagers to get a glimpse of desert village life and learn some history of the people that call this region home.

Next, you will arrive at our camp area for a memorable camel ride. With the opportunity to capture great views of the sunset over the Thar Desert. We are confident this is an experience you will never forget. Snacks and water will be provided by our team, who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Then a typical Rajasthani dishes cooked over a large campfire will be served, and you will enjoy a delicious meal sitting in the open desert.

Then overnight, you will sleep under the open sky full of stars. The following day, you will enjoy a tasty breakfast and some time to relax and explore the open desert.
$36.89*Per person

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Pleasant Non-Touristic Overnight Camel Safari (From 2:00 PM to Approx. 10:30AM)

Duration: 18 hours - 20 hours
Pleasant Haveli Camel Safari welcomes you to the 'Golden City' of India. We offer a unique Camel Safari as well as a Jeep Tour. During the tour, we will: visit villages in the Rajasthani desert and see the traditional daily life in the desert, cross over many dunes, head to a remote places of the Thar Desert, sleep in the custom made bedrolls under the stars, and experience one of the most beautiful sunset, night sky, and sunrise in the world.
We have also free facilities (at City) for your conveniences like a luggage room, Shower and WiFi facility.
$40*Per person

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Nomadic Non-Touristic Overnight Tour & camel Safari

Duration: a day
Our popular overnight camel safaris are a fantastic way to experience the wonders of the desert, you will be taken to the camel point by jeep and will ride through the varied landscape of the Thar desert -arid scrub land, fields ploughed by tenacious farmers,and rocky outcraps, dotted with huts and temples and affording plenty of opportunities to spot the local wildlife.

Eventually our exclusive,isolated sand dunes will have into view -our campsite for the night.

you'll reach the dunes in time to watch the sunset over a cup of chai and some freshly cooked snacks. After sunset you'll be served dinner before bedding down for the night under the star the light of the milky way mattresses and blankets will be provided.the flowing morning you can watch the sunrise over breakfast before setting off on your camel again will ride for approximately one hour to the jeep

Those tour include visit to hunted ( ghost ) village a natural oasis,an important water source for local villagers, farmer
$40*Per person

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Desert Safari Tour Package

Duration: 2 days
Desert Safari Tour Package gives you an opportunity to experience the charm of Desert Life by enjoying a visit to Kuldhara Village, Desert safari in sand dunes, sunset view, simply cooked dinner,and camping under the stars.
$90.67*Per person

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Raj's Overnight Non-Touristic Camel Safaris Jaisalmer

Duration: a day
Explore the beautiful Thar desert with true Rajasthan natives! Raj and his team know everything there is to know about the Thar desert and its many wonders. Raj has been working with both camels and visitors for many years, making it his goal to give them the best possible desert experience. Our team is professional, polite and service oriented. No request is too difficult, so if you have any special wishes feel free to ask and we will happily take care of it for you.
$27.67*Per person

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Half Day Overnight Desert Tour (Non Touristic)

Duration: 18 hours
Sleeping under the stars doing a camel safari is a breathtaking experience. The vast Desert Sky, unobstructed by city lights and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambience of the Thar Desert. it's a perfect way to connect with nature and have a memorable adventure.
$35*Per person

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Adventure Night With Cultural Show

Duration: 21 hours
Enjoy your visit to Kuldhara Village, Cultural program of folk dance & music, buffet dinner, and sleeping arrangement in the dunes under the stars in our Adventure night with Cultural Show.
$50.14*Per person

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Luxury overnight safari

Duration: a day
Organizes a non touristic camel safari deep into the Thar Desert, with amazing view of stars and milk way. Enjoying the Adventures Safari over the dunes provide you the real experience of The exotic Desert Safari.
$46.11*Per person

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Jaisalmer Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Jaisalmer City tour itinerary
Patwa Haveli – the first haveli erected in Jaisalmer in 1805. It exists of a cluster of 5 haveli’s, making it the largest haveli in Jaisalmer, commissioned and constructed by Guman Chand Patwa for his 5 sons.
Gadisar Lake – a water conservation tank made around 1400 AD. It once acted as a reservoir that controlled the entire supply of water to the arid city.
The Golden Fort in Jaisalmer, one of the very few (if not the only) “living forts” in the world as local people still reside within the fort

From pick-up location you will be taken to see the following attractions in Jaisalmer city:
$37.34*Per person

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Sunset Safari With Dinner

Duration: 7 hours
Let’s enjoy in Thar Desert….
At Approximately 3 PM we will leave Jaisalmer by Car/Jeep. We will visit 2 Monument on the way to dunes. Khaba Fort- from where you can have great view of empty villages & Landscape. Jassery (Oasis/Lake) Then travel to camel point from here you will take the camel ride into thar desert around 1 hour and see the sunset. Each person will have own camel.After sunset, dinner will be prepared on the bonfire and you will relax on the Dunes, or you can join to the camel driver`s in cooking the dinner on the bonfire Fire, it’s your choice. The food gets cooked fresh front of you Dal, Mix Veg, Rice, Chapati & Some Spicy on side as well. We Will Return To Jaisalmer Near 10:00 pm.
$37*Per person

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Jasmin Desert Safari & Camp

Duration: a day
A once in a lifetime experience, the Thar Desert, travelling via camel and Jeep on our surreal desert safari. We have a number of different safari tours to accommodate all your needs . Whether you want to watch the beautiful sunrise over the sandy dunes or visit Kuldhara, an Abandoned Village, Barna village, or a remote gypsy village. Ride a friendly camel to your desert camp, your tour guide will show how to cook some traditional Indian cuisine with locally sourced produce, and then sleep under millions of stars. We have Thar desert tents which provide all comforts and a luxurious overnight stay with Eastern traditional style so you an experience the magical Rajasthan culture combined with western standards.
$75*Per person

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