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Yogyakarta: Private Car Charter with Driver

Duration: 10 hours
Rent a vehicle to explore the cultural sites of Yogyakarta with a knowledgeable driver. Admire the ancient UNESCO temples of Borobudur and Prambanan, the Sultan's palace, and many other attractions.
$25*Per person

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Jakarta Local Markets Tour

Duration: 3 hours
The easiest way to know how locals live is by doing what they do! With this private tour I will take you to the local shops and markets in the city. Take a look what people sell, how people bargain and interact with each other. But, when you are a new people in town or just have a short visit time, do you know where to go? With me, no need to worry, just relax and you will see everything in the local markets. Tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, local snacks, spices, clothes and nice fabrics, and almost everything else that's part of Jakartans everyday life. Do you wanna buy or taste some of those? Let me help you to bargain with best price guarantee. Trust me ;)
$65.27*Per person

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The Best Part of Jakarta

Duration: 7 hours
I will help you discover interesting places, local foods, and some unique experience in Jakarta. At first, I will show you a-must-see National Monument (Monas) which is stands 132 metre tall with 35 kgs pure gold on the top of it. Then I will take you to explore hidden gems of old town and chinatown's Jakarta (Petak Sembilan). Historical walk in old town area will be completed after having cultural sight on the largest Chinatown in Jakarta. It starts with eat Indonesian local foods or Chinese food, or both! After fully charged, we will explore local fresh market, spices stores, local malls, and see how's life inside Chinese community. On my trip, all you need to prepare is a happy feet to explore. Let's explore > 100 years of Jakarta's cultural-history while reach 10k steps with me! not worry about Jakarta heat, popsicle is on me! :D
$115.38*Per person

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Jakarta Night Food Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Jakarta as a capital city of Indonesia has bring food culture from all over the country in one place. Foods and snacks, every spice you want, from spicy to sweet, boiling soup to slowly cook meals, you name it, it is all here in Jakarta. And for you who want to taste it all, feel Indonesia's flavor in one night, let's join Jakarta Night Food Tour. Within 4 hours, I will take you to go nice restaurants, food stalls, street foods seller, and help you to chose the best food in town. Any food you want, you see, you ever wonder what it is taste like, just do tell me and we will eat it all like a SPARTAN! Are you ready? p.s. : We love foods, but it should not suppose to be wasted and I am not going to buy food that will be wasted afterward. ;) Food list : Are you wondering what kind of foods we're gonna eat? Please feel free to drop me a message!
$83.92*Per person

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Making Gifts Traditional Jakarta Style

Duration: 8 hours
Learn how to make a traditional gift - a Kite during a private workshop. With me, we will going to kite gallery that owned by kite collector who is very enthusiastic about kite around the world. In her gallery (which is also her home too) we will learn how to make a kite and flying it! Not just about a kite, but we will paint wayang (traditional puppet) or create something beautiful from local dance mask. After fulfilling your time with creative activity in hours, we will see (and shop) thousand crafts, fabrics (such as batik) which comes from all over Indonesia in our last stop. We have 6 hours for the tour, but I could be very flexible. We do not need to hurry because I want you to enjoy our Crafting Day in Jakarta! Note: I am no longer offer this tour package. Please kindly message me if you want to have customized workshop in Jakarta. Thank you.
$87.42*Per person

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Borobudur Sunrise, Merapi Volcano & Prambanan Full Day Tour

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
Join a small group day trip to Yogyakarta and admire the Borobudur sunrise at Setumbu Hill. Explore the majestic Mount Merapi by Jeep and visit the largest Hindu temple compound, Prambanan Temple.
$85*Per person

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Indonesia: eSIM Mobile Data Plan

Duration: a few seconds
Enjoy the convenient and instantly available eSIM data plans for Indonesia. Choose from a variety of options and activate your eSIM anywhere on your journey.
$4.73*Per person

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Yogyakarta: Borobudur Sunrise & Prambanan Temple Guided Tour

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
Join a guided day trip and witness a wonderful Borobudur sunrise at Setumbu Hill. Explore the UNESCO-listed Borobudur Temple and the beautiful Prambanan temple with a knowledgeable guide.
$65*Per person

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Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour from Surabaya or Malang - 1 Day

Duration: 12 hours - 15 hours
Take in a spectacular sunrise and panoramic views from Mount Bromo's peak in one day. All-Inclusive and Private Tour. Departing From Surabaya or Malang.
$139.19*Per person

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Borobudur Sunrise Half Day Guided Tour With Transfer

Duration: 6 hours
Beat the crowds and witness the stunning Borobudur Sunrise on Setumbu Hill and explore the UNESCO listed Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist monument in the world with a knowledgeable local guide.
$40*Per person

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10 Asian Regions: eSIM Data Plan

Duration: a few seconds
Enjoy convenient and instantly available eSIM data plans for 10 Asian regions. Choose from a variety of options and activate your eSIM anywhere on your journey.
$6.39*Per person

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Borobudur Sunrise from setumbu Hill , Merapi Volcano & Prambanan Full Day Tour

Duration: 12 hours
We will visit 3 the best destination at Yogyakarta, this is about heritage and adventure:

Borobudur temple The biggest Buddhist temple in the world
Merapi volcano most active volcano in the world
Prambanan second the biggest Hindu temple in the world

We are a group of creative people who don’t like to serve same things. who love thinking outside the box to bring the Authentic essence of destination an designing concept for any corporate event, We always create or add something new, even in to regular conventional event & incentive programs to make everything easy and special for our guests.

• Students price, 5 stars services.

• Professional and friendly drivers.

• Serve tickets, hotels and tour packages

• Our team local people at Yogyakarta, knowing very well surrounding area of Yogyakarta

Our team with a solid and recognized hospitality background also knows how to instil a level of comfort and trust in our guests, from the first greeting to goodbye
$125*Per person

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Nanggulan - Village Fun Cycling

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
You will discover the local way of life in a genuine village surrounded by rice fields, rivers, and the majestic Menoreh Hills. Cycle through countryside and learn about the hardwork that goes into growing rice by joining local farmers planting or harvesting.

Meet friendly neighbors along the way and try traditional Javanese food such as "tempe benguk", fried tofu, and JAMU, herbal drinks made with Indonesian spices.

As part of this tour, you'll have the opportunity to take a short trek down to the river to enjoy the fresh water of the river and refresh yourself for the rest of the journey. Cycling around 17-18 km, this tour is perfect for foreign travelers who want to explore the Javanese way of life while enjoying the beauty of the countryside.

Don't miss out on this humbling and meaningful experience that will refresh your mind and body while giving you a deeper appreciation for the natural world and local culture.
$41.08*Per person

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1 Day - Amazing Bromo Sunrise tour with 7 spots // 00.30 -13.00

Duration: 13 hours
- Explore the perfect beauty of East Java's paradise with Top rate #1 Best and trusted travel agency in East Java.
- Explore breathtaking landscapes surronding the mountain, including: Love hill, Widodaren (Dinosaur valley), Pura Luhur Poten temple, Mount Bromo's crater, the black-sand desert, savannah and also Rainbow waterfall (option with additional charge).
- Take a beautiful picture with stunning views of nature.
- Pick up service and drop off are available from any places in Malang.
- All ticket entrance, local guide, transport including fuel, parking fee and driver are included.
$47.92*Per person

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Yogyakarta: Prambanan Temple Afternoon Guided Tour

Duration: 4 hours - 6 hours
Embark on this picturesque tour to see the majestic Prambanan Temple in the afternoon, explore the grounds of the largest Hindu temple compound and learn its history from your knowledgeable guide.
$35*Per person

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Active Volcano, Rice Field, Hot Spring, Fruit market, Tea Plantation with Lunch

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
Visit Tangkuban Parahu Volcano which is still active, that you can see the crater closely, smell sulfur and see a puff of smoke from the crater of Tangkuban Parahu Volcano. On the way to volcano, you will pass through a vast expanse of tea plantations and we will pass the local village with a vast expanse of rice fields around it. You can see the activities of farmers planting and plowing rice fields and even harvesting rice in the fields. Before returning to Jakarta, do not miss to relax and soaking in a hot spring whose water comes from the crater of Tangkuban Parahu Vulcano, after that try to explore Fruit Market and try fresh local fruit such as : the Mangostins & Honey Pineapples.
$125*Per person

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3-Day Excursion to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater from Bali

Duration: 3 days
Travel from Bali to East Java on a 3-day overland excursion. Hike up majestic Mount Bromo and see the sunrise at Mount Ijen.
$383.71*Per person

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Full-Day Private Jakarta City Tour (Explore Highlight places)

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
Jakarta is a great place to learn more about Indonesia’s complicated history, variety of cultures and unique heritage of Indonesia. There are many historical places that prove that Indonesia’s great history took place in Jakarta. The historical tour presents the uniqueness of Jakarta City with various kinds of history, culture and tradition. Note: National Monument and Jakarta History Museum are closed on Monday, we will change these places to visit another highlight in Jakarta.
$65*Per person

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Yogyakarta Borobudur Prambanan Tour

Duration: an hour - 12 hours
Hello, my name is Wahyu from Yogyakarta Indonesia. I am a driver who speaks English and French for the tour in Yogyakarta and Java.

I am also the owner of a tour company, Wahyu Travel Indonesia who provides some tour services with an English speaking driver in Yogyakarta.

I provide tourist services in Yogyakarta to visit Borobudur temple as the largest Buddhist temple in the world and Prambanan temple as the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world.

If you have more days, we also provide some tours for other places in Yogyakarta and whole Java island.

Do not hesitate to contact me. Your satisfaction makes me happy. Wahyu Travel Indonesia: English Speaking Guide and Driver in Yogyakarta Java Indonesia.


After being closed for 3 years, now Borobudur temple is opened to climb up to the top of temple but with very limited quota.

Especially on Monday, the main temple of Borobudur and Prambanan is closed. People are only allowed to see the main temple from the yard.
$52.2*Per person

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Selogriyo Temple Tour and Trek Through Java's Rice Terraces

Duration: 6 hours
Explore the most remote temple in Java, the beautiful Selogriyo Temple. Enjoy stunning views during your trek among the scenic rice terraces.
$45*Per person

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