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Daily Bike Tour in Riga with Professional Guide

Duration: 3 hours
Our Daily Bike Tours at 15:00 explore the historic suburbs of Riga, covering the most interesting sections of Riga.

The bike tour rides along the river before entering the Moscow district. The area which became the Jewish ghetto during WWII is one of the most interesting areas in Riga. We then explore the trendy Central district to find some nice bars and cafes and street art.

These tours ride off the tourist route, showing a different, more realistic side of Riga, from the comfortable saddle of a city bike.
$32.62*Per person

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Riga Old Town walking tour

Duration: Flexible
Riga Old town walking tour runs every day at 10.30! It is ALL in ONE TOUR concept, with true local stories on Riga's and Latvia's history, introduction to art nouveau architecture, local food guidance, and tips on what else to explore in Riga! Welcome to join us - it will be both - informative and fun.
$20.66*Per person

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Riga Sightseeing Tour by Canal Boat

Duration: an hour
Take a 1-hour cruise along the Daugava River and Riga City Canal on board an eco-friendly boat and see the most popular sights of the historic city center, including the Freedom Monument and Latvian National Theatre.
$18.3*Per person

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Latvian food tasting tour at Riga Central market

Duration: 2 hours
Latvian food tour by Rigatrips is a tour of local gastronomy in the largest open-air market in Europe, that will give you an understanding of the local Latvian food traditions and provide a wide selection of traditional local food samples - meat, bread, cheese, fish, local fermented vegetables, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, and sweets.
$42.41*Per person

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Try real weapons - Winchester, Glock17, Kalashnikov, Beretta 92FS

Duration: an hour
You will be picked up from your hotel and driven to the shooting range. After reading the safety regulation you choose the target and get shooting instructions. PLEASE NOTE - The package you book does not include all the weapons we have. You will get a chance to shoot from Glock17 (5 shots), Kalashnikov (3 shots), Winchester (3 shots) and Beretta 92FS (5 shots). More weapons and more shots you can add on the day at the range for an extra cost. We have the widest range of weapons in Latvia (40 in total), including Glock17/19/34, Sig Sauer P226/P228/Pro2009, Heckler & Koch USP, CZ 75/83, Beretta 92FS, Makarov, Strike One, Tokarev TT-33, Taurus revolvers (.38 Special and .357 Magnum), AK`s (5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x39mm Russian), Winchester, SPAS-15, B&T APC 9, B&T APC223, B&T GHM9, Vepr Pioneer, Sig Sauer 516 Patrol, double-barrel hunting rifle IZh27. You will be able to keep your targets and take photos with weapons before you will be dropped off at your hotel/apartment.
$59.81*Per person

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Private Massage in Riga

Duration: an hour
Best Massage in Riga. Strong Massage. 25 years of practice. Satisfied clients from 50 countries. 20 of the most popular techniques in Latvia. Massages for men and women are performed by professional female and male therapists.
$135.94*Per person

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Riga: Private Tour with a Local Guide

Duration: 2 hours
Explore Riga with a knowledgeable local guide. Learn the ins and outs of getting around, where to shop and eat and more on a customized tour.
$51.66*Per person

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Walking tour in Old Town

Duration: 2 hours - 2 hours
Walk along the narrow streets of the Medieval Old Town with our knowledgeable guides. The tour starts from the Town Hall Square- the central square of the city from 13th to 19th century. You will find out why Riga is called the capital of the decorated Christmas tree, where the key of Riga is being kept and much more.
$29*Per person

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Riga: 2 day Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Explore the city of Riga with a ticket to the hop-on/hop-off sightseeing bus. Get panoramic views of the Old Town and Art Nouveau district, and jump off at the sights you want to further explore
$32.29*Per person

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Riga: Central Market Latvian Food Tour

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Learn about Latvian gastronomy in the largest open-air market in Europe. Sample a selection of more than 20 traditional local food samples as you learn about the history of these massive markets.
$41.97*Per person

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Riga: Entrance Ticket - House of the Black Heads

Duration: a few seconds
Welcome to the House of the Black Heads, one of the most beautiful buildings in Riga. Travel through the centuries as you explore its premises of the House of the Black Heads.
$7.53*Per person

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Sunrise at Kemeri National park + Jurmala

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Would you like to experience the beautiful moment when nature wakes up?
This is definitely one of the best tours if you're a nature lover!
You might feel sleepy at the start, but after a coffee/tea and that fresh crispy morning air - you'll be fully awake and happy!

You will be picked up from your accommodation ~1,5 hour before the sunrise time. We'll take care of coffee/tea for you and also some fresh pastries so you can have that perfect start of the day!
After the bog, we'll drive through beautiful Jurmala with a stop at the beach (you can also go for a swim in the summertime) and an optional stop at the viewing tower in Dzintari forest park!

Let's chase the sunrise, let's wake up together with nature! Whether it is a sunny day or clouds are covering the sky - it will be beautiful. We promise!

$119.62*Per person

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The best of Riga segway tour

Duration: Flexible
Starting from our rental shop on Pils 14 the tour lasts 1 h 30 minutes. You'll see the most important points of interest in Riga in just 90 minutes. 

A must-have tour unless you are longing for a tiresome walking tour through the cobblestone covered streets of Old Riga and spend a day to cover the same amount of information and objects by a walking tour.
This is also a unique and fun experience that is suited for most people of different ages.

In about 1.5 hours you’ll learn the most important information about Riga and Latvia.  You will be introduced to true facts, stories, and legends, as well as with the most interesting objects of architecture, art and culture objects, including UNESCO World heritage sites Old Riga Town and Art Nouveau district, parks and more.
Available starting times are an estimate and will be confirmed or amended after the booking.
$76.12*Per person

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Private day trip to Rundale Palace, Hill of Crosses & more

Duration: Flexible
Spend a whole day outside Riga and see 2 palaces,1 castle, and Hill of crosses in our Private day tour in the comfortable Premium van or Business class 4WD if fewer passengers.
Besides that, we have prepared the following worthy options which will add your day trip another dimension.
Choose according to your interests and mood between:
• 30 min. lunch in Rundale Palace ( from 4 EUR/person),
• 30 min. visit Motor museum ( 4 EUR/person)
• 1 hours winery visit and wine tasting (+10 EUR/person or min. 70 EUR)
• 1.5 hours beer brewery visit and beer tasting (+12 EUR/person or min. 85 EUR

You'll be picked up you from any location in Riga by our driver/guide not later than 10 AM and head towards the saturated and interesting day. Your destinations will be Rundale palace, Jelgava palace, Bauska castle and Hill of Crosses and our tour will last approximately 8 hours.
$168.56*Per person

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Trip to The Hill of Crosses Lithuania from Riga Latvia

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
The Hill of Crosses, located near Siauliai city in Lithuania.

This place has a remarkable ambiance, and gratitude, wishes, dreams, and hopes are integral parts of this magic Hill that resembles the atmosphere of the Western wall of Jerusalem. 

There have been several attempts to destroy the Hill, nevertheless, it survived as a sign of liberty and independence of Lithuania. Hill has become an important place for pilgrims all around the world.

In 1993 Pope John Paul II said a prayer about this Hill and gave a gift to Lithuania - a crucifix that was set up on the Hill. Later he referred to this special place in his many speeches.
The Hill of Crosses is a place of light and hope for its visitors!  
On this trip, you will have a very well informed driver/guide, who will explain everything about this place. It will be a nice and pleasant day!
Additionally, you will be provided with a choice of excellent places to have lunch with traditional Lithuanian or modern cuisine during this tour.
$125.06*Per person

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Private Photoshoot Tour in Riga

Duration: 2 hours
"Discover Old Riga" is a spontaneous photo walk activity that will show you around the beautiful Old Town of Riga, during a 90 min. waking tour along the most emblematic spots. Using its medieval streets and historical buildings as unique creative backgrounds, you will have a professional photoshoot taken along the way, while learning stories and interesting facts about Riga's fascinating medieval past. The resulting pictures will be edited and sent to your email within 3 working days. Overall, an exciting activity for couples, families, groups of friends or solo travellers who want to experience Riga in the most unique way!
$174*Per person

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Pub Crawl in Riga

Duration: 4 hours
Riga Pub Crawl team invites you to discover Riga's nightlife together!
Meet with other travellers so you can party together and who knows - maybe find some friends to share other activities with while in Riga!

During the tour, you will be visiting 3 different bars and the local dance club at the end with 1 welcome drink (a beer or a shot depending on the place) in each of these 4 places. Apart from the welcome drinks, you will be able to order more drinks by yourselves - all reasonably priced. We're not interested to take you to expensive places! Only to the ones where we would go ourselves!

There will be a bar with a place where to sit down and chat so you can get to know each other, there will be karaoke to practise your singing for the public, and of course - there will be live music and a dance floor! Let's say the tour gives you a great start for the best night out!

Please note that tour would be cancelled only if there are less than 4 people in the group.
$32.62*Per person

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From Riga: Best of Kemeri National Park In One Day

Duration: 7 hours
Enjoy the benefits of a day beginning with physical activity and experience a picturesque hike on the famous Great Ķemeri Bog boardwalk upon arrival at the National Park.

After the inspiring morning improv-hike in Kemeri boglands, you will visit the amazing Kanieris Lake and one of its bird watching towers. This big shallow lake is an amazing former lagoon of the prehistoric Littorina Sea. It is very close to the Gulf Of Riga. Kanieris Lake is an important stop-over place for migratory birds. Nature trails along the banks of this lake go through various unique protected ecosystems (habitats) and can be a great place for you to spot wildlife.

Now it is time to have a glimpse of the unique wet forests of Ķemeri National Park and their natural values including the famous Sulphur springs.

Before heading back to Riga you will enjoy the fresh air of the stunning sandy beach and coastal pine forests of the Gulf of Riga.
$184.87*Per person

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Delicious Food Tasting Adventure in Riga Central Market

Duration: 2 hours
Enjoy a memorable food tasting experience in one of the largest and most beautiful European markets. During this 2-hours private tour, you will taste authentic Latvian products and discover some delicious flavors, as well as hear interesting stories related with the history of the market. Riga Central Market is one of the favorite shopping places in the city, and without a local guide it will be impossible to try all amazing flavors that are available there. Join this tour and experience Riga and Latvian food for real!
$48.94*Per person

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Riga Highlight Bike Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Only bike tour in Riga using professional tour guide system and reflective vests. This makes our tour much more efficient and safe! Choose a real bike excursion instead of a bike ride for less money!

In 2 hours of easy cycling, you'll experience more apart from the Old Riga Town landmarks which are out of comfort zone by walking but easily accessible by bike and more cycling-friendly than covered by cobblestones Old Town.

Under the care of the local tour guide, you’ll be introduced with many interesting objects and places which are not necessarily included in tour guide books but are an important part of our city and it’s history. We’ll have also some short stops for taking pictures and have a closer look.

Thanks to the fact that Riga is flat Free Riga Bike tour is well suited for cyclists of all ages and different fitness level. 

$27.19*Per person

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