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Mexico City: Teotihuacan and Tlatelolco Day Trip by Van

Duration: 7 hours
Explore ancient Teotihuacan and observe the pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica, an important pilgrimage site, and learn about the 3 cultures represented at Tlatelolco.

The Ultimate Mexico City Layover Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Long layovers are no fun, especially when there's a beautiful city out there ready to be discovered. If you are in Mexico City waiting for your next travel adventure and have some time to spare, why not spend it outside exploring the city? Let me show you my city in a 100% personalized layover tour. With a convenient pickup and drop off, you'll enjoy the best of Mexico City and will be back in time for your next destination. From incredible sights like the National Palace to the vibrant Zocalo and an Aztec Temple right in the middle of the city, I can create a personalized itinerary taking into consideration your preferences and time availability. Believe it; I know exactly how to make just a few hours count! Check out below a few ideas of things to do and visit, and let me know what you have in mind. From a quick city tour to a food tour, or a more extensive tour that can cover everything on your bucket list. Your wishes are my commands! Dull layovers are a thing of the past, pick me as your guide, and let me create your perfect Mexico City experience. *Please keep in mind that this experience shows a base price that will change according to your requests and the personalized offer I create for you.

Teotihuacan, Tlatelolco, Guadalupe Shrine and Tequila Tasting Tour

Duration: 9 hours
Discover the history of Mexico with visits to three top historical attractions: Teotihuacan, Tlatelolco, and the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Stroll through the ruins of Teotihuacan, the City of Gods, one of the most jaw-dropping experiences you can have in Mexico and see the power of the Aztec empire. Admire the Sun Pyramid that is the largest in Mesoamerica with more than 200-feet-tall. Along with a trip to the Pyramid of the Moon, you’ll learn from an expert local guide about the origins of this religious city.

Have free time to explore your favorite spots, and take amazing pictures.

Then you’ll visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, an 18th-century shrine, where you’ll see a cloak with the image of Guadalupe as you learn about her significance to the culture and people of modern Mexico.

The day also includes a visit to Tlatelolco. You’ll learn about their history, including human sacrifices, mass graves, and the so-called Lovers of Tlatelolco.

Mexico’s Classic Tacos Dorados: Online Cooking Class with a Home Chef

Duration: an hour
Hola, and welcome to an online Mexican kitchen! Your local host is happy to introduce you to one of the most classic dishes in the country, tacos! But these are no regular tacos, the recipe you’ll learn how to cook comes from Mexico City, and it’s a must-have during family gatherings and cookouts. And with an Agua Fresca on the side and some Avocado Salsa on top, you’ll feel like a true Mexican local. Ready to get cooking? Bring together your friends and family, no matter where they are in the world, and spend an hour connecting and cooking together, along with a local foodie that will guide you step by step through your virtual culinary journey. This private experience is more than just a cooking class; it’s also an introduction to Mexico, from the food to the culture, history, and traditions. Are you craving tacos dorados already? Get ready beforehand with the list of ingredients and equipment your host will send you via email. And at the end of your private cooking class, you’ll receive the full recipe so you can keep cooking your new favorite dish anytime, anywhere! If you’re looking for a vegetarian alternative or want to cook a different dish, it’s possible! Ask the host for a personalized offer, and they can make this experience even more exclusive. You may also ask about different Mexican taco recipes such as shrimp tacos, chicken tacos, and more! This private online cooking class is 100% personalized. This experience is 100% online. While you are at home, your host will connect with you from their city via a link that will be provided to you. For this experience, your host will be hosting from their home using their camera. All you have to do is get your computer ready, have a proper internet connection, and enjoy your tour in a comfy setting.

Teotihuacan Early Access tour with Tequila Tasting

Duration: 9 hours

Visit the pyramids of Teotihuacan – City of the Gods – on this archeological tour from Mexico City with a specialized guide.

Xochimilco, Coyoacán and Frida Kahlo Museum Tour

Duration: 11 hours
Enjoy some of Mexico City’s must-see spots with our ‘Colors of Mexico’ adventure.

Your day begins in Coyoacán, one of Mexico’s most influential cities. As you wander its tree-lined streets, you’ll learn how this city played a part in historical empires like the Aztec and Spanish.

Then visit la Casa Azul (if option selected), Frida Kahlo’s home and now museum. We’ll immerse ourselves in the trailblazing life of one of Mexico’s most original artists.

From the inspired art of Frida Kahlo, we’ll head to the eye-catching Xochimilco and board a trajinera - a colorful, gondola-like boat - for a ride through the neighborhood’s famous canals. As you indulge in local treats , your guide will share the incredible details of what makes this area a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before finishing the tour, walk around North America's oldest university and admire its Central Campus, another World Heritage site.

A Musical Storytelling of Mayan Mythology: Online Music Experience with a Local

Duration: an hour
In this 1 hour online tour I will embark you on a journey to discover the creation of the world according to the Mayan's Popol-Vuh. As I tell you this story I will make sure to accompany it with live music and sound effects in the style of Mayan ceremonies and in tune with the elements of the story. As a plus! I will make sure to share with you my favorite words in Mayan language and translate some that want to learn of course! Juan is really excited to share everything Mayan related and will do his best to answer your questions. Is there anything specific you would like to learn more about? Ask Juan by sending him a message and he will make you a personalised offer! This experience is 100% online. While you are at home, your host will connect with you from their city via a link that will be provided to you. For this tour, your host will be hosting from their home using their camera. All you have to do is get your computer ready, have a proper internet connection, and enjoy your tour in a comfy setting.

Mexico City: Teotihuacán Early Access & Tequila

Duration: 5 hours - 9 hours
Be the first to enter to Teotihuacan with this GetYourGuide Exclusive with early access. Learn all about this important pre-Hispanic city and finish up by sampling some local products.

Mexico City: Teotihuacan, Guadalupe Shrine & Tlatelolco Tour

Duration: 9 hours
Discover the history of Mexico visiting three top attractions: Teotihuacan, Tlatelolco and Guadalupe Shrine. Stroll through Teotihuacan and one of the most popular Catholic pilgrimage sites worldwide.

Mexico City: Xochimilco, Coyoacan, Frida Kahlo & UNAM

Duration: 10 hours
Float down the canals of Xochimilco, a UNESCO site, and stroll around the colonial district of Coyoacan on this full-day tour that also explores the world of Frida Kahlo (if option is selected).

Mexico: Full-Day Teotihuacan & Basilica Guadalupe Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Enter the heart of Mexico to see the majestic site of Teotihuacán, and climb the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon. Have the opportunity to learn all about the Basilica of Guadalupe and the Mantle of Juan Diego.

Mexico City: Full-Day Hop-on/Hop-off Bus Tour

Duration: a few seconds
The best option to visit Mexico City in one day at your own pace and without dread, being able get up or down the times that you want with the same ticket the whole day.

Hot Air Balloon Flight over Teotihuacan, from Mexico City

Duration: 5 hours
Fly in a hot air balloon over one of the most spectacular places in Mexico, the Teotihuacán Valley, and enjoy one of the most impressive hot air balloon experiences in the world just 45 minutes from Mexico City.

Volare is the hot air balloon rides company with more experience in Mexico.


- 30 to 50 minutes flight in shared balloon*
- Coffee break service
- Breakfast
- Honor toast and diploma
- Round transportation from Mexico City (optional)**

Duration of the experience: 5 hours (includes transportation)


* The flight duration is subject to weather conditions.
** Included in the options with round trip transportation from Mexico City. If you don’t need the transportation service from Mexico City select the no transportation option.

From Mexico City: Teotihuacan Air Balloon Flight & Breakfast

Duration: 4 hours
Explore the landscapes of Teotihuacán Valley on a 30-50 minute hot air balloon flight. Enjoy breakfast and refreshments at the balloon port with optional transfers.

Puebla, Cholula & Tonantzintla Day Trip

Duration: 12 hours
Enjoy a full day tour to the most beautiful and important historical sites outside Mexico City: Puebla, Cholula and Tonantzintla.

You will start driving from Mexico City and cross the highway with the mountains in the backdrop, towards the east side of the city.

Admire breathtaking views and beautiful scenery of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes and get to the town of Cholula.

Then, head to Santa María de Tonantzintla, this unique Church combines two religious interpretations that coexist (the indigenous and the Christian) and it its considered the most representative church of the indigenous baroque art.

Visit the Cathedral and the historic center of Puebla in a guided walking tour, that will take you to the most importante and representative places of this "City of Angels"

Before returning to Mexico City, you'll be able to taste the local food, visit Parian Market and have free time to explore on your own.

Mexico City: Teotihuacan, Shrine of Guadalupe & Tlatelolco

Duration: 9 hours
Discover three of Mexico City's most important historical landmarks on a full day tour. Learn about two famous ancient archaelogical sites and a revered religious pilgrimage destination.

From Mexico City: Puebla, Cholula and Tonantzintla Day trip

Duration: 10 hours
Visit the cities of Puebla and Cholula on a full-day tour from Mexico City. Admire the colors of Puebla, indulge in its local food, and learn about its Talavera pottery.

From Mexico City: Guadalupe Shrine and Teotihuacan Pyramids

Duration: 9 hours
Join an archeological adventure of some of the most important sites in the Mexico City area. Visit Plaza de las Tres Culturas, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan.

From Mexico City: Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Teotihuacan

Duration: 8 hours
Witness the Teotihuacan Valley in a hot air balloon and admire the great pyramids and lush landscapes. Sip on a glass of wine and enjoy a traditional breakfast before exploring an archaeological site.

Mexico City: Xochimilco, Casa Azul, Coyoacán & UNAM Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Take a boat trip down the tranquil canals of Xochimilco, explore the streets of Coyoacán, visit Frida Kahlo’s Blue House, and discover the grounds of the city’s famous university on a guided tour.