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Flavors of Oaxaca: Cooking Class with No Set Menu and Local Market Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Casa Crespo is Oaxaca in its kitchen. Tradition lives there, where chef Oscar Carrizosa, (originally from the Mixteca region) mixes the ingredients of the 16 ethnicities of Oaxaca with the original seasoning that he inherited from his grandma. It´s the perfect place to get to know the flavors and aromas of Oaxacan food in the classes that Oscar gives. To taste a good cup of coffee or a hot chocolate at Casa Crespo while getting ready for your market tour is also a good start to approach Oaxacan cuisine.

Oscar, who is very friendly, also shows how to smell and identify the aromas that come of the dishes. He presents menu options and the students decide what they would like to cook. There is no fixed menu. He teaches how to cook 3 types of tortillas, 3 types of salsa, an appetizer, soup, mole, dessert and drink. Dishes that strive to remain in the taste buds and memory of those who love good eating.
$76.93*Per person

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Duration: 5 hours
Me Encanta Oaxaca is a small family project run by Betsaida Lopez Diaz, a local born & raised in Oaxaca. This project started with the simple wish to share the world the beauty & cultural richness of Oaxaca state.

As consecuence, Me Encanta Oaxaca is a phrase that expresses how much we like it and we believe that once you live Oaxaca, it’ll cast a spell on you.

I'm not only proud of my roots, but also I'm committed to support the local consumption of cooks, mezcal makers, artisans & more in order to I promote a sustainable tourism in the different spots and communities that we visit. Therefore, once you join us in our tours you’ll live an authentic experience with us.
$69*Per person

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Oaxaca Conmigo Tours

Duration: 3 hours - 9 hours
We are a group of certified guides by SECTUR and INAH working to show you Oaxaca the best way, customazing your Tour according to your preferences, traveling in confortable cars, knowledge staff, friendly service and at the same time supporting the local economy & indigenous business, visiting family workshops to experience the Real Oaxaca.
$231.71*Per person

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Hierve el Agua, Teotitlán del Valle, mezcal, el tule, desde Oaxaca

Duration: 11 hours
Discover one of Oaxaca’s natural minerales, the gigantie tree of el Tule which is over 2000 years olg, we Will procee to Teotitlan del Valle where you can admire the wool carpets; we continue to the ceremonial center of Mitla, outstandingly beautiful for ist magnificent fretwork made of countless polish stones, our journey continues to hierve el agua, where you wil have the opportunity to admire the beautiful petrified wather falls: our last stop is a mezcal destilley.The archaeological zone of Mitla is only visited from Wednesday to Sunday.
$47.57*Per person

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From Oaxaca: Hierve el Agua Waterfalls and Mezcal Tasting

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
Admire three beautiful places in Oaxaca starting at Teotitlán del Valle. See Hierve el Agua Waterfalls where you get a chance to swim. Visit a mezcal factory where you will be able to taste some of the different flavors of delicious mezcal.
$65.17*Per person

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Hierve el Agua and Teotitlan del Valle Tour from Oaxaca

Duration: 8 hours
On this tour you will visit the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua, you will have time to walk the trails, swim in the pools and enjoy; you will learn about the Mezcal process and enjoy some drinks of different flavors. We will visit a town of Zapotec weavers, Teotitlán del Valle.
The tour starts at 8:00 am.
And return at approximately 4:00 pm.
The pick-up time is confirmed one day before the activity.
Maximum groups of 18 people. We have authorized vehicles to offer transportation. Beware of pirate vendors selling on the street.
$49.95*Per person

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Full-Day Tour of Oaxaca

Duration: 8 hours
Embark on a surprising day of adventure, history, tradition and natural wonders as you explore the wonders of Oaxaca State.
$65*Per person

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Hierve el Agua, Tule Tree, Mitla and Mezcal Distillery Tour

Duration: 12 hours
This is a real long day trip tour

If you are staying a few days in Oaxaca, this is the tour you need to do

It takes more than 10 hrs, because we cover several places you need to know in Oaxaca

The first stop is the legendary Tule tree, with more than 2 thousand years

The second stop is to visit a traditional rug workshop in Teotitlán del Valle, recognized for housing great masters rug artisans

And then, we visited Mitla Archeological site, one of the most beautiful and enigmatic places in Oaxaca.

Finally we visited Hierve el Agua!! One of the natural wonders in Oaxaca, the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el agua.

On the way back to the city, we visited a traditional mezcal distillery. There you can get free mezcal samples.
$40*Per person

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Ultimate Hierve el Agua Hike + Mezcal

Duration: 12 hours
Conduciremos 1 hora y 20 minutos hacia el pueblo de San Isidro Roaguía, donde nuestros anfitriones nos esperan con un delicioso desayuno típico a 5 minutos para llegar a Hierve El Agua, ya ahí te explicaremos las historias de esta maravilla de la naturaleza, y tendrás tiempo suficiente para disfrutar de este paraíso. Explora, camina, medita, toma fotografías panorámicas, relájate y nada tranquilamente, pues después empezaremos la caminata de 5km descendiendo el valle hasta llegar a una cascada secreta y no turística. La caminata es por terracería, principalmente cuesta abajo. Al llegar a la cascada secreta, nuestro transporte nos estará esperando allí con bebidas refrescantes. Después de nadar, una anfitriona local se reunirá con nosotros para ofrecernos comida tradicional. Nuestra próxima parada será en una Destilería de Mezcal familiar, en donde aprenderemos sobre el mezcal, las tradiciones, su proceso de elaboración y, por suerte para nosotros, tendremos una degustación.

$154.48*Per person

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Monte Albán, Arrazola, Cuilapam y San Bartolo Coyotepec.

Duration: 8 hours
Explore the cultural treasures surrounding Oaxaca on a full-day trip with an experienced guide. Travel by coach to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Monte Alban and discover the excavated ruins of this ancient Zapotec city. Meet local artisans making black pottery in the town of San Bartolo Coyotepec and admire the famous wood-carved figures of San Antonio Arrazola. From the mountaintop pyramids of Monte Alban to the Cuilapam Convent on the valley floor, you’ll learn all about the region’s rich history! Round-trip hotel transport is included.
$47.57*Per person

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Monte Alban Guided Half Day Tour

Duration: an hour - 4 hours
We have quality service, our guides are certified but above all we have a lot of charisma and spark in what we like to do, to pamper the traveler in order to know the wonders of our state.
$25*Per person

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Mezcal Tours Oaxaca: A Day in the Life

Duration: 10 hours
The only way to truly learn about mezcal production, is to participate in all or as many states of production as practicable, alongside the palenqueros (distillers) and their family members. In this way one best begins to appreciate the hard work which goes into making a bottle of mezcal. Of course in the day we have breaks, and lunch (optional and extra) at a local rural eatery serving traditional Oaxacan fare, and there will be opportunities to sample upwards of 30 mezcals, which can be purchased at a fraction of retail, from some of the same producers which sell to bars, restaurants and mezcalerias in Oaxaca and elsewhere throughout Mexico. Cut agave in the field, fill the oven, empty the oven, prepare the sweet baked agave for crushing, crush by hand or with the horse and tahona, fill and empty the fermentation vats, then distill. You do it all (as much as we can reasonably arrange), working alongside indigenous Zapotec producers, and their families.
$179.49*Per person

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Street Art Bike Ride

Duration: 4 hours
Oaxaca es una ciudad mágica. Los cielos son de un azul profundo en el corazón del valle. Mujeres en huipiles bordados, casas de colores, flores en los árboles, desfiles y la algarabía de la vida oaxaqueña adornan las calles. Y por supuesto, no puede faltar el arte callejero.
Pasearemos en bicicleta por 3 barrios de la ciudad visitando lugares interesantes, como talleres de gráfica y galerías y por supuesto, encontraremos en el camino arte callejero. Está por todas partes: grandes murales, esténciles, carteles. Los artistas oaxaqueños son diversos y muy talentosos. Las calles de Oaxaca son un museo al aire libre.

Durante el paseo tendremos tiempo para compartir una bebida o snack local y orgánico.


9:00 Meeting and planning
9:10 to 13:00 Bike riding through the city
$53.27*Per person

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From Oaxaca: Monte Albán and Art Craft Towns Day Trip

Duration: 8 hours
Discover everything Oaxaca has to offer as you visit important Archeological sites, see local towns and learn about regional pottery crafts on this full-day guided excursion.
$37.99*Per person

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Tour Monte Albán

Duration: 9 hours
Our service is younique! Let us take you to know what Oaxaca is through Oaxaca Dreams. We`ll make you fall in love.
$30*Per person

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The Real Traditional Oaxaca Cooking class

Duration: 5 hours
hello every one! im chef Miguel Alvarez.
After several years cooking fine dinning and living in scandinavia for some years my mind was changed.. so, I decided to go back to roots and create "The Real Oaxaca Cooking Experience" at Quinta Brava, this project tries to recover and pass the knowledge and the heritage from the real ancient Oaxaca cuisine and the magic with it, also, to show you the ancient methods and utensils that our older relatives used to use, we will cook a nice bunch of recipes form all over Oaxaca in a old fashioned wood stove called "Lorena" cause the way how is been constructed ( in Spanish "lodo y arena" in English "mud and sand") and you will be the main chef of this culinary experince, you will cook everything with your hands
$95*Per person

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Only Hierve el Agua and Mezcal Distillery Tour

Duration: 8 hours
If you visit Oaxaca, you must visit Hierve el Agua.

Hierve el Agua is a natural scenery of petrified waterfalls.

The first thing we do on the tour is to go directly to Hierve el Agua as our first stop. We stay there for 3 hours to have enough time to enjoy the natural wonders of Hierve el Agua without rushing.

There you can go hiking with local guides, or enjoy the spas that are there.

After visiting this wonderful place, on the way back to the city we visit one of the most popular mezcal distilleries in Oaxaca.

There you can do a mezcal tasting completely free of charge, and taste the different flavors of mezcals that exist.

The tour lasts approximately 7 hours, and includes entrance fees to Hierve el Agua

$45*Per person

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Eating at the markets with a local. Become a local for a day

Duration: 4 hours

I’m Betsy Morales, a Oaxaqueña, someone who was born and raised in the beautiful city of Oaxaca!

Located in the heart of the city, is the world-renown Benito Juarez market, where my family has owned a family restaurant for over 20 years. I know the Oaxaca markets like the back of my hand, as I grew up in the markets.. surrounded by the flavors, smells, culture, traditions, and visitors from around the world!

It is an honor to share with you the traditions and cultures of my beloved Oaxaca.

I will share with you my knowledge of Oaxaca’s internationally recognized gastronomy.

In addition, the “Oaxaca Street Food Tour” supports the lifeblood of our community, generations of local business owners.

As we say in Oaxaca.. !Buen Prevecho!

Betsy Morales
$70*Per person

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Authentic Oaxaca Street Food Tour by Locals

Duration: 3 hours
Try and taste the true traditional food of Oaxaca, not in restaurants! The food of Oaxaca is recognized nationally and internationally. The markets of Oaxaca are the most popular places to taste traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Explore the flavors and smells of Oaxacan cuisine from the most traditional places.
$50*Per person

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"Private Car and Driver - Passenger insurance -Master Artist's Studios -Weavers-

Duration: 6 hours
I have been doing tours for the last twenty years and know my city and its surroundings extremely well. I do not sugar coat Mexico, I give my personal point of view, not following what our country taught us in school. The top notch artisans that I take people to, are not visited by other tour conductors, they prefer to go where they get a "cut" from the purchase; I have chosen the best so my tourists see the best. When a tourist realize that was cheated, the first complain is not who sold it, but who took him or her to that place. I honestly think that money is nice, we work for money, but untill a certain point, because it disappears in one or two days, but good memories stay forever. Come and enjoy with your family, all the sights and sounds of Oaxaca, the number one indigenous State in the Country, after all, for sure here we are a step back in time.... I welcome you even before you get here. Depending on your arrival time, I might be able to pick you up at the airport.
$227.88*Per person

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