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Deep Backstreet Osaka Tours

Duration: 3 hours
Discover the ghetto, retro zone, yakuza, redlight district, illegal gambling dens and the intriguing neighbourhood alleys with Andy, your half Japanese half Australian tour guide.


During the tour you’ll do some taste testing at a street stall. Then after we finish exploring, you’ll have the option to go to a local, traditional, family run restaurant tasting 5 delicious dishes!


We strive to show you the authentic Osaka on this night tour, where you get a real and deep understanding of the inner workings of this amazing city visiting some architecture which is steeped in history & some run down, derelict areas too…not what Osaka Tourism wants you to see!


Get an inside look with Andy who has extensive knowledge of the Osaka region and can answer all your queries on this walking tour.
$55.42*Per person

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Osaka Backstreet Night Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Combine the famous food scene of Osaka with our local knowledge of some of the most unique drinking establishments in town! Enjoy great local food, delicious drinks and boutique bars on a walking tour through the heart of Namba, Shinsaibashi and Amemura. Sample local favourites including fresh sushi, grilled yakitori and a huge range of drinks possibilities as your English speaking guide expertly navigates through the backstreets.
$107.77*Per person

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Osaka Bar Hopping Night Walking Tour in Namba

Duration: 3 hours
-Hopping Hidden Local Bars & Taste Local Food at Namba Area-
To start this All-in-one bar hopping tour that Drinks & Foods are all included, the guide will take you around Hozenji Yokocho Alley, near Dotonbori. This narrow alley reminds people of the historic old days of Osaka. We'll visit the first Izakaya bar that serves various types of Osaka's traditional food such as Kushikatsu (fried skewers).

-Pub Crawl through the Indoor Food Alley featuring Osaka's Foods & Drinks-
We are going to one of the most unique nightlife izakaya food alleys. A collection of 20 kinds of Izakaya bars filled daily full of locals grabbing a bite to eat at night. You can get a Taste of Osaka Drinking Culture & get to Know Osaka People.

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$103.92*Per person

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Osaka Food Tour (10 Delicious Dishes at 5 hidden Eateries)

Duration: 3 hours
Andy, your half Japanese/half Australian tour guide, has extensive knowledge of the local foodie scene'll go where only the locals get their authentic, delicious daily soul food. Let's mix it with a bit of history, culture and lots of laughs.
We hope this tour will be the absolute highlight of your Osaka stay:)

You'll get a very unique pespective where you will discover 5 authentic, delicious eateries on this tour… food from a hidden restaurant , backstreet stall, specialized eatery, standing joint & markets whilst walking through arcades, side alleys and plazas rarely visited or known by foreigners.

Also Andy strives to show you the real and deep Osaka giving you an understanding of the inner workings of this amazing area visiting some vintage, real, architecture so rich in history while interacting with the locals.
$67.74*Per person

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Osaka Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours
See and experience the unique and fun Osaka in 3-hours! You will have a chance to walk through nostalgic neighborhood, eat delicious Osaka local food and meet fun locals!
$46.19*Per person

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Deep Osaka All-Inclusive Immersive Food, Drink, and Culture Dive (small group)

Duration: 3 hours
Join us for a just slightly offbeat, fully all-inclusive night tour of Tenma and Kyobashi, two of Osaka's most well-known local food and drink areas! You'll get to eat typical Osaka food, have a few drinks, frolic with the locals, and have all sorts of fun along the way! Our guides are top-flight entertainers with native or truly near-native skills in your language, plus Japanese fluency. This small group tour (6 guests or less -- and it usually is less), combines history with adventure, as you explore the nooks and crannies of these very old parts of this awesome city. You're sure to have a great time getting to know the REAL Osaka, and be welcomed as a friend in the establishments we visit and the neighborhoods we stroll. We pride ourselves on quality from guide to food, and can't wait to provide you with an unforgettable night out. Plan on spending about half the time exploring, and half the time eating - a balance we think makes for a great night!
$110*Per person

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One day in Osaka: Six hour bike adventure

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Experience Japan's most unique city just as the locals do, on two wheels! Join a small group of travellers and a knowledgable English speaking guide to pedal the streets on high quality 'Trek' hybrid bikes. Tick off some of the 'must see' sites including Osaka Castle, Shitennoji Temple and Shin Sekai and get local with some of our own favourite spots. Learn a little more about the city, snap some great pictures and grab a delicious local lunch all in one relaxed and enjoyable day.
$92.37*Per person

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Nightlife Osaka Food Tour

Duration: 3 hours
This 3-hour Osaka Night Food Tour will take you on an unforgettable eating excursion through the busy streets and the hidden, less frequented parts of Minami (South) Osaka.

Starting on the the bright and busy Dotonburi area, we will learn about Glico man, a Filipino sprinter named Fortunato Catalon, who inspired a nation and a company! We will take secret alleys not long after we begin the tour toward the shrine wedged out of sight from the average passerby.

We will sample, Kushikatsu, (deep fried meat and veggie skewers) a local take on Yakitori and we will surprise you with a Michelin rated street food stop for Osaka’s favorite snack– Takoyaki! (a kind of grilled octopus fritter). Try a draft beer or Nihonshu (rice wine) with your tasty meal.

From there, we will show you a famous building full of hidden unorthodox bars, one after another. Finally finish off with a tasty local street food dessert!
$200*Per person

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Japan: Pocket WiFi Router 4G LTE-Delivery

Duration: 3 days - 5 days
Travel across Japan with 4G LTE Wi-Fi and stay connected all the time! We deliver to any address in Japan.
$29.44*Per person

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Osaka Pub Crawl and Nightlife Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Join your guide for Osaka's largest and longest running nightlife tour for an evening you won't forget! You will be taken off of the usual tourist trail and into the party, visiting at least 3 different bars or clubs. Expect drink discounts all night, free shots at each bar, unlimited shots in between, and a dynamic crowd of awesome people. A great way to kick off the evening without breaking the bank, meet some people, and make some memories.
$23.09*Per person

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Welcome to Osaka: Private Tour with a Local Host

Duration: 2 hours
Transform the way you travel and make it as much about the people you meet as the places you see. Get a welcome to Osaka from a local host and learn about the city's must-see sights and top tips to make the most of your stay.
$55*Per person

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Osaka Cooking Class

Duration: 3 hours
Try your hand at cooking home of a local chef. Your class introduces you to world of Japanese cuisine as you prepare the Osaka specialties of takoyaki and okonomiyaki, as well as delicious miso soup to pair. after main meal you try whisk green tea(Matcha) and Taiyaki(popular street fish shaped waffle)

Learn how to prepare miso soup from scratch.

main courses of the day—takoyaki and okonomiyaki. The 2 dishes are iconic specialties of Osaka, which is lauded as the food capital of Japan. As you prepare takoyaki—fried balls of wheat flour batter wrapped around a chewy piece of octopus—learn how to cut the octopus down to the proper size and perfect your timing for rotating the batter in the unique, ball-shaped pan. Continue with okonomiyaki, a savory and filling pancake typically made with cabbage, flour, egg, and dried bonito flakes.
$84.67*Per person

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Eat, Drink, Cycle: Osaka Food and Bike Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Combine the freedom of bike riding with the culinary delights of Japan's most famous food city in a 3-hour foodie bike tour! Led by a knowledgable guide, you will ride the streets of South Osaka, exploring a local market, meeting some of the locals and sampling local bites along the way. Your English speaking guide will help you learn more about the city and introduce you to a range of delicious foods including chijimi pancakes, grilled wagyu beef, kushikatsu skewers and delicious sushi!
$84.67*Per person

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Osaka: Shinsekai Food Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Eat a whopping 10 Japanese dishes and try out 2 drinks at some of the most mouthwatering and authentic eateries in Osaka.
$90.85*Per person

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Osaka Local Foodie Walking Tour in Dotonbori and Shinsekai

Duration: 3 hours
-Feel the nostalgia of the past in Shinsekai with your palate with local foods such as Kushikatsu.
This 3-hour food journey will start with visiting the Shinto shine in Shinsekai. You will see an old busy commercial district with the Tsutenkaku Tower as the symbol of this area.

-Step in time as your guide takes you through a food alley from the past.
You wouldn't believe how much you can explore in this narrow alley which is only 1.2m in width.

-Stuff yourself like you mean it at Dotonbori, the "nation's kitchen" with local foods like okonomiyaki and takoyaki.
Dotonbori has been the symbol of Osaka for a long time! Historically a merchant city and during the Edo period, it served as a center for the rice trade.

Magical Trip is a local tour operator with the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence that offers various types of small-group tours throughout Japan! Check out our Trip Advisor Page for more tours and our reviews!
$94.68*Per person

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1-Day Hiroshima & Miyajima Tour (Round-trip from Osaka)

Duration: 13 hours
See Hiroshima’s historic sites on this 13-hour tour from Osaka. Ride a bullet train to Hiroshima and then a boat to Miyajima Island, where you’ll see the majestic Itsukushima Shrine. Then head back to Hiroshima to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum and explore exhibits that include remnants from the day the atomic bomb was dropped on the city in 1945.
$336.39*Per person

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Sushi Cooking Class in Osaka

Duration: 3 hours
2.5-hour sushi-making lesson takes place.

Watch as your instructor prepares sushi rice, followed by a demo on how to make sushi the professional way, which includes rolling sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish) and other fresh ingredients into dried seaweed called

nori. When it's your turn, enjoy plenty of practice using the various fillings and techniques that  with the group.

Once you complete your hands-on lesson, gather with your fellow sushi connoisseurs to bite into the rolls, which are served alongside miso soup, a Japanese omelet and other snacks.

Cooking lesson is not use knife for easy join all type of customers.

your dishes are not all,after sushi eat try tea ceremony(whisk matcha),and popular Japanese sweets fish shaped waffle.
$100.07*Per person

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Haneda Airport: Pocket WiFi 4G LTE Router Rental

Duration: a month
Stay connected across Japan with an unlimited pocket WiFi router with 4G LTE speed. Pick it up upon arrival at Haneda Airport and use it as a portable hotspot that can connect up to 5 devices.
$29.44*Per person

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Osaka's Best and Brightest by Private Vehicle

Duration: 8 hours
Looking for a full-day, private vehicle tour that covers top spots with a fun, knowledgeable, and truly fluent English speaker? You've found it. We show you Dotonbori, Osaka Castle, Shin-sekai, a view from high above, and more! Plus, get some local insight and interesting commentary at some of our other recommended stops. All of this at your pace, with your own personal driver/guide, and high quality vehicle service. Your guide is *guaranteed* to be a native English speaker or honest equivalent.
$500*Per person

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From Osaka: Kyoto Top Highlights Day Trip

Duration: 7 hours
Go on a culturally-enriching day trip from Osaka to Kyoto. Stop at the Fushimi Inari Temple and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kinkakuji Temple, and Arashiyama.
$83.28*Per person

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