Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Nagoya tours, things to do and tickets

Japan: SIM Card with Unlimited Data for 8, 16, or 31 Days

Duration: 8 days
Enjoy your stay in Japan using your own phone with this easy to use SIM card with unlimited data. The card can be adjusted to nano, micro, and normal to fit any phone.
$31.06*Per person

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Nagoya: Hida Takayama & World Heritage Shirakawa-go Day Tour

Duration: 11 hours
Explore Hida Takayama and immerse yourself in its rich history. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Shirakawa-go Village to get lost in its beauty, and choose to add a meal plan with Hida Beef lunch.
$88.38*Per person

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Osaka: Kansai International Airport Wi-Fi Rental

Duration: a few seconds
Stay connected across Japan with a pocket Wi-Fi router with 4G LTE speed. Pick it up upon arrival at the Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 and use it to connect up to 5 devices to the internet.
$26.84*Per person

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Nagoya: Shirakawa-go Village and Takayama UNESCO 1-Day Trip

Duration: 11 hours
Visit the historic city of Takayama and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shiragawa-go on a full-day tour from Nagoya. Discover Takayama's markets and food, and marvel at the scenery in Shiragawa-go.
$68.35*Per person

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Japan: eSim Mobile Data Plan

Duration: a few seconds
Enjoy convenient and instantly available eSIM data plans for Japan. Choose from a variety of options and activate your eSIM anywhere and anytime on your journey.
$6.15*Per person

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Japan: Unlimited WiFi Rental with Airport Post Office Pickup

Duration: 5 days
Get fast and unlimited internet access for your trip in Japan with a pocket Wi-Fi router rental with 3- to 28-day options. Enjoy easy pickup and drop-off at airports in Tokyo, Sapporo, and Nagoya.
$24.17*Per person

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Nagoya Highlight Tour guided by a friendly local

Duration: 6 hours
Nagoya customized private tour with a friendly 100% Nagoya local guide!
You can enjoy the BEST selections of Nagoya spots!!

This tour is recommended for
・Visiting Nagoya for the first time
・Family (kids friendly), single, couples, friends group.

This plan is customizable so please let me know your ideas and favorites.

Meet at your hotel lobby or Nagoya station 9:45.(Flexible)
We mainly take taxi and subway for transportation.

【Important Notice】
※ Inside of Nagoya Castle main tower is closed because of the construction, but you can fully enjoy exploring samurai residence in Nagoya Castle!
$111.4*Per person

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Private Full-day Nagoya City Tour

Duration: 6 hours
On this one day walking tour, you will explore the highlights of Nagoya and discover the rich historical legacy of the samurai era. You will visit the Nagoya Castle, the Osu Kannon Temple, as well as the modern Sakae area!

Please note: The Main Castle tower in Nagoya castle will be closed to the public from May 7th,2018.The entire Hommaru Palace will be open to the public from Jun 8th.
$139.25*Per person

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Full-Day Small-Group Kisoji Nakasendo Trail Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Depart from Nagoya together with an English-speaking National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter who will tell you all about the post towns of Tsumago and Magome on this full-day tour!

You can also experience a relaxing walk along approximately 3.3 kilometers of the Nakasendo Trail. The guide will lead you along roads that were once tread by samurai, so you don't need to worry about getting lost. Take a slip through time to the Japan from 400 years ago.

Visit an area that is one of Japan's first Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings and which has been gathering attention as an international sightseeing spot.

Place your mobile phone in your bag and say goodbye to the everyday. Experience the traditional rural atmosphere of Japan!!
$215.83*Per person

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Nagoya Endoji Food and Cultural Tour

Duration: 2 hours
In this tour, you experience many aspects of this district. Historical temples and shrines dating back more than 400 years, nostalgic stores and restaurants from 80 years ago, and modern diverse gathering spots that revitalized this area recently. Located just 10 minutes walk from Nagoya Station, Endoji and Shikemichi Historical District now attracts a lot of locals, both young and old.

Wander into the nostalgic but modern district where you can see tall buildings over the roofs of historical houses and temples.
$104.43*Per person

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Half-day tour to enjoy Japan's largest illumination and outlet

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Every year, it is the most popular among Japanese illuminations

The 2019 version has begun.
This year's theme is “Sakura”.
Magnificent scales of cherry blossom colors and sparkles that change with the seasons
It will charm you.

Shopping at such an illumination and outlet
This tour to enjoy is a very popular tour.
If you wish to eat, go to a local restaurant
Will guide.
The guests so far are very happy with the surprise.

Since winter is very cold, please prepare warm clothes.

Let's share the best memories in Japan
Let's make it.
$87.47*Per person

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Sumo Tournament Tokyo -Osaka- Nagoya

Duration: 4 hours
Grand Sumo Tournament tickets & tour.
Tokyo -Osaka-Nagoya (Includes admission)
*Yes - we have tickets

Sumo culture can be very confusing for visitors to Japan.
This small-group tour will reveal the secrets of sumo so that you can better appreciate the traditional Japanese sport.

Tour dates listed



Watch wrestlers and learn about the history of sumo and its precise rituals, which you will get a chance to try for yourself.
Afterward, you'll take a walking tour of the area and visit a local restaurant, shrine, and temple.
*Osaka tickets only, No tour.
Instructions included.
*Admission included (2nd. Level)
*UPGRADED seats available additional.

$145*Per person

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Nagoya / Aichi Full-day Private Custom Tour with National Licensed Guide

Duration: 6 hours
With a National Licensed and Experienced English speaking guide, this tour will allow you to explore Nagoya / Aichi more efficiently in one day. Enjoy a full-day walking tour in Fukuoka accompanied by an experienced guide who shares the modern and traditional sides of the dynamic Japanese ancient city.

Begin your day with a morning pickup from your hotel in Nagoya or anywhere else, then visit Nagoya's famous sites including Nagoya Castle, The Atsuta Shrine, The Museum Meiji-mura and Nagoya gourmet and anywhere else as you like. Go in depth with a private guide who customizes your 6 hour tour to your interests.

Please let us know what would you like to experience and what time would you like to join the tour and where you stay. We would customize the tour based on your requests!
$146.21*Per person

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Walking Small-Group Nagoya City Tour

Duration: 7 hours
During 6.5 hours walking guided day tour, explore the highlights of Nagoya and discover the rich historical legacy of the samurai era. Appreciate visiting the Nagoya Castle, the Osu Kannon Temple, as well as the modern Sakae area. This is a Small-Group limited to a maximum of 8 travelers.

Please note: The Main Castle tower in Nagoya castle will be closed to the public from May 7th,2018.The entire Hommaru Palace will be open to the public from Jun 8th.
$104.43*Per person

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Experience Japanese calligraphy & tea ceremony at a traditional house in Nagoya

Duration: 3 hours
Do you know that Nagoya was once the center base of Samurai culture? During the Sengoku period in the 16th century when Samurai played an active role, the Owari district including Nagoya is known as the place where the most famous “Sengoku Daimyo”, powerful Japanese feudal lord, were from, such as “Oda Nobunaga”, “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” and “Tokugawa Ieyasu”.

Why don’t you experience Japanese culture such as Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremony with English in a Kominka house in the city of Samurai culture “Nagoya”? We will welcome you at a special place where people actually used to live, not sightseeing facilities. Once you step inside, you will see the good old days of Japanese houses such as tatami mats, Shoji (paper walls) and traditional Japanese gardens which are rare today. With this quiet space, you can experience Japanese culture such as Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremony while understanding the history. This would be the special experience for your visit to Japan.
$117.82*Per person

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Nagoya Street Food Walking Tour of Osu

Duration: 3 hours
While you can walk Osu on your own, there is no way you will truly understand its significance without the helpful explanations of a guide.
I will guide you to the most delicious food stops, and hidden shrines and temples that are hard to find. You will learn about the history and culture of Osu and Nagoya in general.
$90.51*Per person

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Specialties of Nagoya Food Tour

Duration: 4 hours
In a small group of up to 6 people, you will walk around Sakae with our knowledgeable guide.

While sampling different Nagoya specialties such as Hitsumabushi, Oni Manju, Ebi Senbei, and more you will learn about the dishes backgrounds, the restaurants, and places you visit. Insider information and background stories are what make this tour special!

Enjoy your private 3.5-hour foodie walking tour in Nagoya.
$153.17*Per person

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Nagoya/Takayama/Shirakawa/Kanazawa tour+Photoshoot by professional photographer

Duration: 8 hours - 9 hours
Easy and special way to travel between Nagoya and Kanazawa via Takayama ans Shirakawago. This private tour will be a unique experience to enhance your treasured memories in Japan. You will be taken to the Japan's most beautiful places, guided by a local English-speaking professional photographer. During the tour I will capture your magical moments, leaving you free to take in the sights without worrying about the best angles and light, or asking a stranger to take your picture! I am experienced in portrait and travel street photography, and my work has been published in many magazines, guidebooks including Lonely Planet and the city guides of tourism boards. A day out with me ensure you will have a knowledgeable, funny, local professional photographer, and Insta-worthy travel photos will be guaranteed!

$417.74*Per person

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Japan Data eSIM : 0.5GB/Daily to 50GB - 30Days

Duration: a few seconds
Get your hands on the magical eSIM & enjoy advantages over traditional SIM cards. Simply scan the designated QRCode to set up the eSIM. Book now and add another delight to your trip!
$11.62*Per person

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Shirakawa-go and Hida-Takayama Private Day Trip from Nagoya

Duration: 10 hours - 11 hours
For those wanting a taste of traditional, mountainous Japan, this tour to Hida-Takayama and Shirakawa-go is perfect. It's a one day, private tour from Nagoya and includes pick-up and drop-off at your hotel. You will see the nostalgic old town of Hida-Takayama, with the original architecture still intact and dating back over 300 years. You will have the chance to explore the nearby Folk Village or try your hand at some traditional crafts of the area. You will then be transported even deeper into the mountains to the isolated villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama, famous for their centuries-old farmhouses built with slanting thatched roofs to prevent snow build up. Explore Japan's countryside, it has so much to offer!

(Note: We include a private driver, however they may not speak English. In this case you can communicate using a "pocket talk" interpreter device. The tour does not include a guide)
$1113.96*Per person

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