Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil

Paraty tours, things to do and tickets

Traditional boat tour experience

Duration: 5 hours
An unforgettable experience in a boat tour with four stops in magical and amazing places in a crystalline sea ideal for diving in its warm waters.

We will visit two paradisiacal islands and two preserved beaches, we will be able to see the colorful fish, walk through its soft sands, swim among its transparent waters, always cared for by a trained and friendly crew.

We will also have the option to buy lunch on board, selecting our menu at the beginning of the tour, to enjoy it on board while we appreciate the wonderful landscapes of the fantastic bay of Paraty.

This tour is ideal for remember in pictures, you can take with your camera or purchase on board with professional photographers.

All boats offer the best in safety and comfort. This relaxing day at sea can be experienced with or without snorkeling by travelers of all ages.
$30*Per person

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Private Boat Tour

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
The Barco Porto Seguro, the Barco Atlântico and the Oceano are from the agency Barcos em Paraty that have been operating in the nautical tourism of Paraty for over 18 years. We will offer a differentiated onboard service, always presenting a clean and structured boat for a private tour in Paraty - RJ for one person, couples, families and group get-togethers of up to 30 people on each boat. In the Private tour, the preference of each client in relation to itineraries, duration, soundtrack are customized and the boat is exclusive for a Top tour. Important to confirm availability and rental values that may change according to the date, number of people who will rent the boat and navigation region. The rented boat can be one of the 03 of the agency according to availability. Route to Mamanguá R$250.00 more to be paid on board.
Information by our whatsapp, instagram and website. Shall we sail?
$153.36*Per person

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Jeep Tour Cachoeiras e Alambique - Complete route - Paraty by Jango Tour

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours

Stunning waterfalls, natural pools and lots of greenery await you on a delightful walk along the ancient path of Gold. Knowing all that nature offers us in the midst of the Atlantic Forest, as well as sampling the sweets and cachaças of the region, is a must-see!

2 waterfalls complexes will be visited. The first one inside the Pedra Branca Farm, where you can find the Usina and Pedra Branca waterfalls.

After a refreshing swim, we continue to the Parana or Pedra Branca Alembic, where we will have a guided tour to discover all the secrets of the famous cachaças in Paraty, including the famous GABRIELA carnation and cinnamon!

Afterwards we will go to the second complex of Waterfalls in the Penha neighborhood.

There you can find the 2 most famous waterfalls in Paraty: Tarzan and Tobogã. The latter famous by the natural slide of approximately 20 meters.

We will have lunch at Tarzan's restaurant, we will return to the city. Cheese tasting at the end
$25.03*Per person

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Mangrove, Beaches and Islands by Kayak tour

Duration: 4 hours
Kayak through the mangrove full of wildlife, which is not accessible by boat

Visit tropical islands and deserted sandy beaches and avoid the crowds on boat tours.

This is an active, fun tour for people who want to explore the bay of Paraty. No previous experience required, we provide safety and paddling instruction for sea kayaks.
$55*Per person

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From Paraty: 4x4 jeep adventure visiting waterfalls & distilleries

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
The tour departs from Paraty and heads out towards the vibrant Serra da Bocaina National Park, a vast area of protected Atlantic rainforest. Arrive at the park and hike through the tropical forest until you reach the stunning Pedra Branca waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the region. Take advantage of the breathtaking location and snap unforgettable photos for your holiday album.

Continue through the forest and learn about the rich biodiversity of the park, watching out for native species of bird along the way. With your guide, discover the park’s unique flora and fauna including the Jequitibá, one of the largest trees in the region. Afterwards travel to the village of Penha to visit the nearby Tobogã waterfall, where locals and tourists practice surfing on the rock. Admire this one-of-a-kind location as well as the natural pools of Poço do Tarzan and cool off from the humid weather with a refreshing dip in the water.

Stop for lunch at the nearby Villa Verda, cozy restaurant that sits beside the Pereque-açu River, and taste a selection of authentic delicacies to the region. Finally, visit Engenho D'Ouro Alembic to observe the process of cachaça making at a unique distillery to learn about and taste this beloved Brazilian beverage.
$36*Per person

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From Paraty: Schooner cruise with snorkel and lunch included

Duration: 5 hours
The typical schooner ride in the Paraty Bay, is already wonderful, with beautiful landscapes that we can see along the way, you will can dip in the crystal clear waters, relaxing and living a unique experience.

And to make your tour more comfortable, we still offer a bar and restaurant with different options for snacks and varied lunch for all tastes, in addition to cocktails, made with the famous cachaça from Paraty.
$42.5*Per person

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Exclusive Horse Experience with Pic-nic at Belvedere

Duration: 4 hours
Exclusive Horse Experience by the mountains with Pic-nic at our Belvedere.
You have your own driver for pick up and drop off your place (city center).
Our Pic-Nic offers selected local and fresh products, and you will have this with a very nice view.
$98*Per person

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Tour through the waterfalls and stills of Paraty in a Private 4x4 Jeep - 6 hrs

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Stunning waterfalls, natural pools and lots of greenery await you on a delightful walk along the ancient Gold Trail. Knowing all that nature offers us in the Atlantic Forest, as well as sampling the region's sweets and cachaças, is an unmissable tour!

Two waterfall complexes will be visited. The first is inside the Pedra Branca Farm, where the Usina and Pedra Branca waterfalls are located.

After a refreshing bath we head to the Alambique Paratiana or Pedra Branca, where we will have a guided tour to know all the secrets of the production of the famous cachaças in Paraty, including the very famous GABRIELA clove and cinnamon!

Then we will go to the second waterfall complex in Bairro do Penha.

There are the 2 most famous waterfalls in Paraty: Tarzan and Tobogã. The latter famous for the natural slide of approximately 20 meters.

We will have lunch at Tarzan's restaurant and return to the city.
$417.19*Per person

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Jeep Tour through the Waterfalls and Stills of Paraty

Duration: 6 hours
I work in complete safety, guiding and accompanying my clients throughout the tour. Come and discover the wonders of Paraty with us.

Leaving the Center, we take the Paraty Cunha road to the Pedra Branca Waterfall, on the way back we stop at the Alembics and continue to the Tobogã Waterfall, where we stop for an optional lunch.
$25.21*Per person

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4h or 8h boat tour through the islands of Ubatuba

Duration: 4 hours
Exclusive mode with a minimum departure of 4 people.
Service of excellence by the owner of the speedboat with personalized treatment. I don't put a sailor to take my tourists.
Our tour will stop for 45 minutes at each beach with a landing on the sand. Total 4h round trip from the pier.
I have 60 years of experience in the region, explaining all the beaches and history of Anchieta Island since colonization.
$63.02*Per person

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Small Group Hike to Saco Bravo Waterfall

Duration: 8 hours
Discover the only waterfall in Brazil that forms a natural pool facing the sea.

It looks like a movie set. The trail is also beautiful, with exuberant and preserved rainforest.

It's a unique place.
$77.73*Per person

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From Paraty: Shuttle To/From Abrãao Village on Ilha Grande

Duration: 2 hours - 4 hours
Get safely and quickly to and/or from Abrãao Village on Ilha Grande with this 1-way ticket that includes a driver in Paraty and a flex boat ticket.
$60.5*Per person

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Paraty: Shared Transport to/from Rio de Janeiro

Duration: 5 hours
Take the worry out of getting to Paraty from Rio de Janeiro's Galeão or Santos Dumont airports, or from hotels in Rio's South Zone, with a convenient shared transfer to your hotel in Paraty.
$54*Per person

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JEEP TOUR - With Cultural Tourism Guide

Duration: 5 hours
Jeep Tour to Waterfalls and Cachaça Stills with Cultural Tourism Guide registered by the Ministry of Tourism, will have information from the Brazilian colonial period to the present day. Focusing on the history of Paraty and its economic cycles, Ouro; Sugarcane liquor; Coffee; Historical Isolation and; Tourism.
$16*Per person

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From Paraty: guided tour by Trindade paradisiac beaches

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Trindade is a paradisiacal cove with four beaches and a natural saltwater pool. This tour is run with van or minibus, with guides specialized in history, ecology, and the "Culture Caiçara" of the region.

Enjoy your ride to Trindade village after a 40-minute drive in an executive vehicle. Visit Praia do Cepilho and Praia dos Ranchos, where you will stop for lunch at a fishermen's bar. Then, enjoy a swim at Praia do Meio and walk the trail to Caixa D'aço beach. Take an optional 30-minute walk along the trail in the preserved Atlantic Forest to the Caixa D'aço Natural Pool, where rocks form a swimming pool in the middle of the sea. Swim, relax, snorkel, and discover the various species of colorful fish and varied marine fauna.

You can hire a boat in Praia do Meio to take you to the pool round-trip. This must be paid in local currency directly to the operator. When returning from the natural pool, stop for an optional lunch in a typical fishermen's restaurant facing the sea.
$27.89*Per person

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Paraty: Jungle Waterfalls and Cachaça Distillery Jeep Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Journey through the luscious jungles of Paraty, swim in refreshing waterfalls, and learn about native wildlife on this tropical jeep tour. Visit a cachaça distillery to taste the drinks of Brazil.
$35*Per person

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Paraty: Saco Bravo Waterfall - Tekking and Hiking Tour

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
The Saco Bravo Waterfall is located in the Juatinga State Ecological Reserve.

It is a stunning and unique waterfall that forms a natural pool facing the sea.

Trekking is 8km, the trail to the Saco Bravo waterfall leaves the beach Ponta Negra and lasts an average of 2hours and 30min, to 3hours (one way).

There are 5.2 km of forest, heavy track (difficult level with ascent and descent)

It is necessary to take some groceries (biscuit, salgadinhos, bullet) because the trail requires a lot of conditioning.

The INEA (State Institute for the Environment) established rules for visiting the attraction, such as the obligation to be accompanied during the trail by an accredited Cadastur guide.

$145*Per person

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Private Bike Tour in Paraty

Duration: 5 hours
The bike tour is through our city of Paraty taking you to know some of our city's sights and a little bit of our history.

We will visit places like Morro do Forte, Historic Center, Fisherman's Wharf, all in good company cycling through Paraty!
$73.53*Per person

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Walking tour by historic center

Duration: 2 hours
Feel the atmosphere of the colonial period as you walk the charming streets of the Historic Center, knowing its beautiful and imposing architecture, where every detail, every symbol in the buildings carries a meaning and reports of important historical passages in Brazil.

The City Tour is a pleasant walk, accompanied by an expert guide who will take you on a magnificent, enriching journey through time!

Enjoy this incredible tour, which is for all ages and essential to be included in your travel itinerary!

Duration: 1:30h , accompanied by a Cadastur guide who will tell legends and stories from past centuries and explain about the local architecture.
$14*Per person

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Paraty Bay: Islands & Beaches Boat Tour with Snorkeling

Duration: 5 hours
Sail through the wonderful Paraty Bay, relax, and enjoy the swimming in four different stops among islands and beaches. Soak up the sun and fall in love with these amazing places and beaches.
$27*Per person

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