Fortaleza, State of Ceara (CE), Brazil

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3 Beaches in 1 Day Tour Leaving Fortaleza

Duration: 11 hours - 12 hours

Morro Branco + Praia das Fontes + Canoa Quebrada

Drive with departure from 7am from the first hotel in Fortaleza to Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes where you will stay for around 2 hours between labyrinth of colorful sand beach. And if you prefer to do the buggy ride, also know the Lagoa do Uruaú. Then it goes to Canoa Quebrada where it will remain until the 16 hours.
$13.66*Per person

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Transfer from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Sim7 Travel is one of the companies that most frequently operates the Fortaleza/Jericoacoara destination, for over 12 years with departures every day (including on holidays), with pick-ups at hotels on the Fortaleza seafront:

Praia do Futuro: 06:50
Seaside Avenue: 7:20 am
Iracema Beach: 7:45 am
Café Vida (Av. Abolição): 7:30 am

Therefore, your trip will be carried out by a company that has experience on this route and will make your transfer safe and comfortable!

$28.26*Per person

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Jericoacoara Tour in a Full Day - Leaving Fortaleza by Girafatur

Duration: 15 hours - 17 hours
Departures at 03:00 from Praia do Futuro, Av. Beira Mar, Praia de Iracema and hotels close to them. Our first stop is in Jijoca, from where passengers take a van to visit Lagoa do Paraíso, Praia do Preá (Arvore da Preguiça), Pedra Furada and Vila de Jericoacoara, returning to Jijoca after sunset and from there continuing on return to Fortaleza


The company has a fleet of vehicles such as vans, buses, minibuses and executive cars. Vans have a maximum capacity of 15 people, air conditioning, sound, driver and full insurance, minibuses have a capacity of 28 to 35 seats, reclining seats, air conditioning and DVD and executive cars with air conditioning.

All drivers have more than 5 years of experience in the tourism area, also working with trips and events. And they have, above all, quality, responsibility and friendliness.
$26.26*Per person

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Tour 3 Beaches in 1 day (Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada)

Duration: 8 hours
Ideal for those who have little time, but want to make the most of it, on this tour you will get to know the three main beaches of our route along the cliffs: Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada.
$23.11*Per person

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Canoe Quebrada Full Day Tour - Departure from Fortaleza by Vitorino Turismo

Duration: 9 hours - 10 hours
This tour will be full day, leaving the hotels in the morning and returning in the late afternoon. Located 167 km from Fortaleza, considered one of the most exotic, paradisiacal, rustic and primitive of the Ceará coast. Discovered by tourists from various parts of Brazil and abroad, looking for mystical and high-spirited places. Canoa (as it is called by the natives), has a main street where it gathers all the infrastructure of the place, and that the spirit of Ceará's good mood was called 'broadway', with inns, bars and restaurants. Going down the cliffs, towards the beach, our visitors will find several options of beach huts (small restaurants) that serve the most varied seafood dishes. It is also possible to make the option of buggy ride through the dunes in order to get to know the region better or to sail in a typical raft (OPTIONAL). Canoa Quebrada Beach is symbolized by the famous half moon and star
$19.96*Per person

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Tour 3 beaches in 1 day

Duration: 11 hours - 12 hours
Here the traveler will discover sceneries of soap operas, freshwater caves, labyrinths of cliffs and a diversity of natural beauty on the east coast of Ceará. This and much more awaits you on this tour that is a hit with tourists. This tour is perfect for those who always dreamed of getting to know some of Ceará's main beaches and their cultural diversity. There are so many leisure options in the state, that this tour has become differentiated and highly sought after for its practicality and convenience.
$18.07*Per person

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Cumbuco-Leaving Fortaleza by Girafatur

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Excursion to the beach of Cumbuco. Departure from 08:00 with boarding at hotels in the border of Fortaleza. Return from 16:00. Route accompanied by tour guide and driver duly regulated. We use as a point of support the beautiful tent-restaurant Chico do Caranguejo.
$8.4*Per person

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4x4 Private Transfer Service

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Oferecemosserviço privativo em carro 4x4 (04 ou 06 pessoas) de Fortaleza até Jericoacoara com duração média de 4 horas de viagem. O serviço é pelo asfalto.
$189.07*Per person

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Round trip transportation between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara

Duration: 5 hours
We pick up and drop you off at hotels, we work with accredited guides, authorized drivers. We have many years in the market, we work with transfers and tours in Fortaleza. We provide our customers with amazing trips and wonderful experiences.
$46.22*Per person

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Thematic Show with Rotation of Pizzas in Aquiraz

Duration: an hour - 2 hours
Get ready for a Kings dinner!

Here you will see the shows Aladdin, Terra do Nunca and Faroeste with the best pizzas and drinks.

Your fun is guaranteed with the jester.
$29.39*Per person

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Round trip transfer to Jericoacoara

Duration: 5 hours
our mission is to provide special and happy moments for our customers, employees and local society, through excellence in service, skilled and committed professionals, actions focused on personalized experiences and quality products, aimed at the enchantment of people.
$56.51*Per person

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Full Day Tour to Cumbuco From Fortaleza

Duration: 8 hours
Former colony of fishermen, with vast coconut groves and immense dunes, Praia do Cumbuco, 37 km from Fortaleza, offers the most diverse options for recreation. Here nature reveals itself surprisingly. At each step, the wind shapes the landscape. Suddenly, the crescent-shaped dune is cut abruptly, forming the so-called funnel. Another dune, another surprise, revealing a crystalline lagoon. It is the known paradise of radicalism and emotion.

This beach is recommended for all ages, as well as family trips. The experience at Cumbuco beach is unique, a beach near Fortaleza with a sky colored by kite surfing.
$11.55*Per person

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Full Day Tour to Jericoacoara from Fortaleza

Duration: 17 hours
Have you ever thought about meeting Jeri in just one day? Because we provide this experience for those who have little time on vacation in Fortaleza and don't want to miss the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And our itinerary is designed in a unique way, allowing our passengers to enjoy the best that Jeri has to offer!!!
$52.52*Per person

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Águas Belas+ Rendeiras Center+ Engenho de Cana

Duration: 5 hours
Awarded by the meeting in Rio
Undercooked with the sea, in addition to the
formation of natural tide pools
downtown, which makes this beach one of the
best for bathing along the coast
Optional: Buggy Ride

DEPARTURES: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
$16.81*Per person

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Historical and Cultural City Tour of Fortaleza

Duration: 4 hours
Let's get to know the history and culture of Fortaleza?

Along every corner and street you will hear knowledge and curiosities of the places, taste our food, admire our beauties, and much more, all your 5 senses will be touched. You will live beyond a City Tour, you will live an experience!

Our tour takes place all day, part in a panoramic way with stops for instagrammable photos and another on foot through the historic center of the city, in addition to the guided visit to the famous Theatro Jose de Alencar (entrance not included).

At the end of it all, closings in the evening on the edge of the city and you will be as much a citizen of Fortaleza as we are.
$25.21*Per person

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Day trip to Cumbuco Beach

Duration: 8 hours
It's one of the most famous beaches in Brazil, with the most exciting and unforgettable buggy ride you'll ever take.
Excellent tent structure to enjoy the day, with swimming pools, water park for children and spectacular cuisine.
It is possible to take the most famous buggy ride in Ceará in Cumbuco, on steep white sand dunes, which are home to freshwater lakes at certain times of the year.
Our support restaurant is in front of the sea with excellent leisure infrastructure.
$10.5*Per person

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Lagoinha in 1 day from Fortaleza

Duration: 9 hours - 10 hours
Lagoinha in 1 day is a trip for those who want to enjoy fun and tranquility amid incredible landscapes. Visit Lagoinha with Girafatur.
$15.76*Per person

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Jericoacoara Tour in 1 Day

Duration: 17 hours - 18 hours
This tour is ideal for you who want to know this paradise, but have little time in Ceará. We leave Fortaleza at 4 am, depending on where you are staying, departure can vary up to 4:30 am. The estimated arrival time in Jijoca de Jericoacoara is at 9am. In the city there is the exchange of cars (necessary because it is an area of environmental preservation), where you will continue in a 4x4 vehicle to make the route of the dunes, where there is also formation of lagoons.
$40.34*Per person

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Transfer 4x4 Regular Service Fortaleza - Jericoacoara

Duration: 5 hours
The service we offer is of very good quality and attention. You are going to have a very pleasant and comfortable trip. We provide 24-hour service, we provide payment facilities, and a trusted service. We are endorsed by our reputation on TripAdvisor.
$75*Per person

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Fortaleza to/from Jericoacoara Transfer

Duration: 6 hours
Take advantage of the transfer service from/to Fortaleza to Jericoacoara, one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Discover an enchanting place with clear water lagoons and sand dunes.
$25.52*Per person

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