Rovinj, Istria County, Croatia

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Unique Sailing Experience

Duration: 4 hours
"Pulpa" is not just a boat, it is a boat with a special soul.
We are a family of sailing enthusiasts and sea lovers that wants to share more about its stories and traditions, making this experience not just a sailing tour but unique and memorable journey.
Stepping on our boat you will immediately feel a family warmth.
We are a couple, John and Romy, passionate about travels, nature and people. In love with hosting and receiving our guests on board. Romy, born and grown in the lovely town of Rovinj, started sailing with her father since she was a child and nowadays she is a professional skipper and John joined the family tradition a few years ago and he is now the captain of Pulpa.
"Pulpa" is a HANDMADE 10 mtr sailing boat which takes name from our family.

Our mission is AUTHENTICITY!

Come and join us into this beautiful and PRIVATE experience! For more photos and videos have a look on our Instagram account @sailingpulpa
$719.05*Per person

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From Rovinj: Venice Boat Trip with Day or One-Way Option

Duration: 4 hours
Spend some time in one of the most romantic cities in the world on an unforgettable sailing trip to Venice. Depart from Rovinj or Venice and relax on the 3-hour boat ride across the Adriatic Sea.
$85.03*Per person

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Vrsar: Dolphin Watching Boat Ride

Duration: 2 hours
Explore the natural beauty of the Adriatic Sea on a dolphin watching boat ride in Vrsar, Istria.
$26.91*Per person

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Truffle hunting adventure

Duration: 2 hours
Truffle is an unusual subterranean fungus. There are two important varieties of truffles: white truffle (Tuber Magnatum) and black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum). Both of these can be found in the Motovun forest located in the valley of the Mirna River. Even though truffles can be found elsewhere, Motovun truffles are considered to be of the highest quality.Truffles live 10 – 30 centimetres underground, which makes it hard to find, and that’s why trained dogs are used in the truffle hunting activities. If you came to visit Motovun, you should not miss out truffle hunting adventure. Svilicic family have more then forty years of experience in truffle hunting. When you experience truffle hunting, you will come to realize why it is an internationally appreciated phenomena. To spice up your encouter, we offer various truffle dishes and a unique tasting experience with a glass of famous Motovun red or white wine. We will also offer Istrian prosciutto and a wide choice of other Istrian dishes.
$38.72*Per person

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Rovinj walking tours

Duration: 2 hours
When in Rovinj, you definitely deserve to go beyond the bay area with its cafés and restaurants, beyond the beaches and the cocktail bars. Because this place hides secrets that have so far been difficult to discover and explore for the individual traveler as city tours were only available for organised groups.
$29.87*Per person

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Vrsar: Lim Fjord Boat Tour with Swimming near Pirate's Cave

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Discover the coast of Istria on this excursion aboard a pirate-styled wooden boat. Admire the Lim Fjord Nature Park, swim near the Pirate's Cave and enjoy a drink.
$26.91*Per person

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From Poreč: Lim Fjord, Rovinj, and Vrsar Boat Trip

Duration: a day
Explore the beautiful west coast of Istria on a traditional wooden boat. Discover the charms of romantic Rovinj, sail into the Lim Fjord for breathtaking views, and enjoy the beach at Vrsar.
$40.9*Per person

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From Poreč: Boat Day Trip to Rovinj with Fish Lunch

Duration: 7 hours
Admire the beauty of the Istrian coast on roundtrip cruise from Poreč to the town of Rovinj. Delight your taste buds with a fresh lunch and make a stop in Vrsar or Limski Kanal.
$53.82*Per person

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Rovinj Golden Cape desert islands kayak&snorkeling tour

Duration: 4 hours
Explore the Enchanting Rovinj Archipelago: A Captivating Three Hour Kayak Adventure for beginners immerse into crystal clear waters,wild nature,and thousand year old ruins from a long gone era
$41.98*Per person

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Istria in 1 Day Tour (from Rovinj)

Duration: 8 hours
Join our guided small group tour and discover Istria’s most distinct places. Jump in the air-conditioned van and cruise on country roads through Istria. Truffle tasting is included.
$109.52*Per person

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From Poreč: Evening Dolphin Cruise with Welcome Drink

Duration: 2 hours
Join an evening tour onboard a traditional wooden boat to see dolphins in their natural habitat. Enjoy a welcome drink as you sail along the Istrian Coast and watch the playful dolphins during sunset.
$32.29*Per person

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Rovinj: Guided Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Discover how the city of Rovinj was born out of a historic coincidence on a guided walking tour of the historic Old Town. Explore the winding cobbled streets of the largest, best organized, and most populous town in medieval Istria.
$29.06*Per person

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Wine Tour - The Best of Istria

Duration: 10 hours
Imagine mysterious lands hiding fabulous hilltop towns, colorful vineyards with old, authentic estates and wineries where you can taste the traditional flavors and enjoy the finest Istrian wines.

During this whole day tour, you will visit three wineries where you will try 5 to 8 wines in each combined with delicious, local snacks like Istrian cheese, sausages, olive oil.

All wineries to visit differ in approach to wine making and style of the wines but all are among the best in Croatia with an international recognition and awards. You will visit wine cellars and learn about different styles of production: long maceration, no maceration, ageing in barriques, in big wooden vessels or in stainless steel tanks... and taste fresh and aged wines made from indigenous, Istrian grape varieties but also blends with international grape varieties.

You will also have 4-course early dinner in fantastic, family owned restaurant combining traditional cuisine with modern touch.
$342.93*Per person

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Porec: Boat Cruise with Barbecue Lunch

Duration: 8 hours
Marvel at the rugged coastline of Croatia and the beautiful Mediterranean town of Rovinj from the water on a boat cruise with barbecue lunch. Swim and snorkel in crystal-clear waters and explore the islets off the coast of Vrsar.
$53.82*Per person

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From Porec and Rovinj: Full-Day Plitvice Lakes Guided Trip

Duration: 16 hours
Marvel at the spectacular lakes and waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes, Croatia's oldest and largest national park. Enjoy a guided tour and a boat ride.
$150.69*Per person

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Venice Day Trip from Rovinj by High Speed Ferry

Duration: 14 hours
When on holiday in Rovinj, make the most of your holiday and take the opportunity to join Venezia Lines on a one-day visit to intriguing Venice. A 3 hour and 45-minute catamaran crossing gives you the opportunity to have a holiday within a holiday, making you Croatian vacation an unforgettable experience. The time on our comfortable catamaran crossing to Italy will allow us to present an overview of the day and give you an insight into the rich history of La Serenissima, the Most Serene Republic of Venice! Once having entered the Venetian lagoon you will discover a completely different world to what you are used to. Canals are substitutes to roads, boats replace cars, buses, trucks and all other road transport means. Every island and building plays an important role in the mosaic of this rich city. After disembarking in the port of San Basilio you will set off to discover the wonders of this unique city on the north-east side of the Adriatic coast.
$94.03*Per person

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Vrsar, Lim Fjord and Rovinj Day Tour by Boat with Drinks

Duration: 5 hours
We welcome our guests last 15years, our captain is with us since we have our boat. If you are thirsty we are here to fill your cup and wont ask anything in return!

When we notice dolphins on our way back we tend to stop and look at them. People like to take photos with our captain Marko. Feel free to explore boat, city and ask if you need something .

We like our sea a lot so we ask you not to throw plastic or glass at sea. Enjoy your holidays and see us again next year.

$38.72*Per person

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From Vrsar: Boat Trip to Rovinj and Lim Fjord

Duration: 5 hours
Travel by boat from Vrsar and explore the small town of Rovinj and visit a pirate cave in the Lim Fjord.
$37.67*Per person

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Dolphin Watching Boat Trip around Vrsar

Duration: 2 hours
Evening panorama cruise on a wooden pirate boat.
Watching wild dolphins in their natural habitat .
Complementary drinks on board.
Beautiful panoramic ride through the Vrsar archipelago.
$27.66*Per person

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TUNNEL ABSEILING tour the underground with no experience required

Duration: 2 hours
In this tour we visit the 550-meter-long underground World War II fortress and offer you the opportunity to try abseiling - descending a rock face with a rope.

The fortress remained unfinished and is therefore a unique combination of architecture created by both man and nature. And that is not all. Until a few years ago, this building was forgotten and hidden. It was only recently discovered, put to rights and equipped for visitors.


$60.84*Per person

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