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Dolphin Watching and Boat Tour in Sesimbra

Duration: 3 hours
Experience unforgettable moments, particularly for younger audiences, and for all those that are seeking to go on a dolphin watching boat tour in their natural habitat for the first time!

Only 30 minutes from Portugal´s capital city Lisbon, Sesimbra is one of Europe´s best destination to spot the bottlenose and short-beaked common dolphins in the wild.

Get your friends and family together to visit these amazing mammals in the wild and learn all about their habits, features and behaviors while enjoying your tour in one of Bolhas´s dolphin watching boats.

With 100% sightings since 2013, Bolhas Tours is the leading dolphin watch company of the region.
$54.98*Per person

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Horse Riding on the Beach

Duration: 2 hours
Enjoy a unique horse riding along the the beach, dunes and pine forest of the virgin area of Melides. The horseback ride begins with the pine and dune forest, where the client may have the opportunity to get to know the horse he is going on and trust him more when he gets to the beach, so he can be more relaxed.

The ride along a paradisiac beach with more than 60km just for us. You will feel the proximity to the ocean and all the beauty of being in contact with the virgin nature of Portugal.

After the beach we will pass close to the Melides sweat water lagoon where you will see a lot of different bird species.

Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden before, I will be on hand to help, instruct and support you..

Horseback rides are carried out on walk, but in the case of customers with equestrian experience it will be possible to gallop at the end of the tour, if the guide verifies that the customer has enough experience to do so.
$82.64*Per person

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Setubal & Tróia: Sado Estuary Dolphin Watching Boat Trip

Duration: 3 hours
Go in search of the Sado dolphin community on a relaxing boat trup, while enjoying magnificent views of the Sado estuary, Tróia Island, and the coast of Arrábida Natural Park.
$43.05*Per person

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Dolphin Watching and Tour in the Arrábida Natural Park

Duration: 3 hours
Departure at the port of Abrigo de Sesimbra where we will then look for dolphins in their natural habitat. See Bottlenose Dolphins and Common Dolphins in the crystal blue waters of the Arrábida Natural Park, without disturbing their natural behavior. You will be accompanied by a marine biologist who will explain curious facts about these wonderful animals, such as eating habits, typical behaviors and interactions between the group of dolphins.
Observe various forms of wildlife and different types of birds. At the end of the observation there will be the possibility to swim and sunbathe on one of the most beautiful beaches or bays in Portugal, accessible only by sea, and visit caves and rock formations along the coast of the natural park and hear the mysterious stories of the 18th century. that characterize the region with your local guide.
$63.36*Per person

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Arrábida and Sesimbra Day Tour & Wine Tasting

Duration: 8 hours
Discover the amazing landscapes of Arrábida Natural Park and sample Portugal's delicious wine on a full-day trip from Lisbon. Visit the castles of Setúbal, discover historic wine cellars, and enjoy lunch in Sesimbra on a private or shared tour.
$72.28*Per person

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Coasteering at Portinho da Arrábida

Duration: 4 hours
The best Coasteering of Portinho da Arrábida ”is an experience for those looking for strong emotions, in a paradisiacal place inside the Parque Marinho Luís Saldanha !!
Coasteering, or in other words «Fly Into Water», is a multi activity, since it includes, Trekking, Climbing, Rappel, Swimming, Speleology, Slide and Jumps to the Sea ... In fact, many jumps to the crystal clear waters from the coast of Serra da Arrábida.

Explore the Portuguese coast on this coasteering adventure in Setúbal.
Visit the stunning Natural Park and the Marine Reserve of Arrábida.
Learn about the local flora, fauna and culture of Portugal with your guide.
$77.13*Per person

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Lisbon: Coasteering Adventure Sesimbra/Arrábida Natural Park

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
Explore the scenic coast of Sesimbra from a unique perspective on a 4-hour coasteering adventure. Progress between the tides of a rocky shore by swimming, climbing, rappelling, and jumping into water. Discover corners that are otherwise inaccessible.
$69.96*Per person

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Private Walking Tour of Highlights Locations in Evora

Duration: 3 hours
​Discover the most impressive treasures of this Unesco World Heritage City, awarded in 1986. Visit the main monuments of this extraordinary Museum City, principal representative of the golden age of Portuguese maritime discoveries.

Ideal for visitors wishing to get an overview of the major events that marked the city of Évora, which has always been linked to the most significant moments of Portugal history.
$53.99*Per person

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Coasteering in the Arrabida Natural Park (Lisbon region)

Duration: 4 hours
Vertente Natural was the pioneer of Coasteering in Portugal and global leaders in the introduction of ropes and zip-lines.

It consist of a progression along the coast line, scrambling, swimming, climbing, rappelling, zip-lining and cliff jumping into the water.

The only requirement is that participants be able swimmers!
$71.62*Per person

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Secret Beaches of Arrábida and Caves

Duration: 3 hours
Boat trip in the Arrábida Natural Park, from the village of Sesimbra towards Cabo Espichel.

Wild beaches, stunning bays, caves and cliffs are some of the features of this magnificent tour. Set off on an adventure to discover all the splendor of this unique ecosystem.

You will enjoy the landscape, visit and dive in the crystal clear waters of the famous Ribeiro do Cavalo beach, which in 2017 was considered the best beach in Europe.

You will visit the mythical beaches of Mijona and Inferno, as well as the famous beach of Baleeira, where you will have the opportunity to learn a little about the history of the ancient fishermen and whale hunters of the region. During this stop, liqueur typical of the Setúbal region will be served (only for people over 18 years old).

Then, we will sail towards Cabo Espichel, where we will observe the magnificent caves and cliffs of the place.

After all the adventure, we will return to the Port of Sesimbra, where the experience ends.
$63.91*Per person

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Sesimbra : Guided Kayak Tour in Arrábida Natural Park & Caves

Duration: 3 hours
Discover the amazing Arrabida Natural Park on a guided kayaking tour that starts in Sesimbra harbour. Explore the coastal environment with hidden caves and relax on sandy beaches for a quick swim in the serene waters.

Your guide/instructor will help you find your way, as you explore the cliffs, caves, rock tunnels and other geological wonders during the tour. You’ll also have time to rest and enjoy a snack on Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo, one of Portugal’s areas which contains crystal clear waters.

We will also take pictures.
$38.57*Per person

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Lisbon: Arrábida Natural Park and Sesimbra Day Trip

Duration: 8 hours
Explore the lush green landscape of the Arrábida Natural Park and Sesimbra on a day trip from Lisbon. Discover the park with your guide, visit a castle, try fresh seafood and spend time on the beach.
$69.96*Per person

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Sesimbra Discovery by Kayak

Duration: 3 hours
Spend an exciting day on the water with this 3-hour guided kayak tour of the Sesimbra coast. You will be amazed with the Cliffs, caves and tunnels that characterize Sesimbra's Natural Park. You will reach and stop at one of the most beautifull beaches in Portugal, Ribeira do Cavalo.
A professional kayak guide will provide all the necessary gear before leading you on a gorgeous tour.
We can pick you up in Lisbon centre and cross the Tagus River and the 25th of April bridge, we will take you to Sesimbra where you will kayak along the coast of Arrabida Nature Park and learn about the natural geology of the Luiz de Saldanha Maritime Reserve. If you find it easier to come by yourself, you will meet us on our Kayak and Outdoor Centre in Sesimbra's harbour. You’ll kayak a total distance of between 6-10 kilometers full of beauty and nature sightseeing!
$38.57*Per person

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Évora With Love Walking Tours

Duration: 3 hours
Since January 2019, sharing so much with extraordinary people from all over the world, I am daily challenged to explore Évora, UNESCO since 1986 and winner of the very just and well-deserved official recognition in 2023 as European City of Culture for 2027, as I wish to prove, step by step, by touring this city of singular beauty with you.

A relentless search to translate not only its extraordinary architecture, art, culture as well as its soul. As a guide and a friend, It's my desire to provide you an unforgettable visit to this city that fascinates me for its beauty and intercultural nature.

Throughout the tour, we will share living proofs of art and the intercultural architecture, left by the many people through the ages, all kind of local interesting stories, customs, traditions, gastronomy, typical products, curiosities and you will have time to stop, observe, take pictures and ask all your questions.
$55.09*Per person

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Try Scuba Diving in Arrabida Natural Park (Near Lisbon) with pictures

Duration: 3 hours
With a special and certified team we are able to provide unique experiences to those who venture beyond the limits of human capacity.
We're going to do scuba diving and be able to see many of the different species that live on the oceans, some you find all around the world, but others you can only find along the shores of Portugal making them unique and worth the protection and respect that we give them.
$120.1*Per person

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Full-Day Dolphin Watching Tour from Lisbon

Duration: 6 hours
Take a cruise on a restored sea galleon to see wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural environment. Head south from Lisbon to discover one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the world and explore a natural park and the region.
$204.51*Per person

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Sesimbra and Arrábida National Park Tour with Wine Tasting

Duration: 8 hours
Head south from Lisbon, crossing the river by passing the "Golden Gate Bridge". Stop at beautiful beaches, tall cliffs, a medieval castle, a fishing village, a park, and a local winery & wine tasting.
$69.96*Per person

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Sesimbra: Arrábida Natural Park Guided Kayaking Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Discover the marine life and beautiful scenery of Arrábida Marine Park. Visit a breathtaking hidden beach and learn more about the area with a local guide.
$37.67*Per person

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Tour Arrábida / Azeitão

Duration: 4 hours
Visit to the Castle of Sesimbra, historical monument with panoramic view to the whole village of Sesimbra, passage through the Natural Park of Arrábida, protected area with extraordinary landscape. Stop at different "view points" for viewing and photos. In Azeitão, visit the José Maria da Fonseca cellars with wine tasting at the end.
$60.6*Per person

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Lisbon: Dolphin Watching in Arrábida Natural Park

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Take a boat from Sesimbra village harbor to discover the marine reserve of the Arrábida Natural Park. The landscape full of limestone cliffs and the company of the dolphins will make your day unique.
$48.44*Per person

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