Terceira, Azores, Portugal

Terceira tours, things to do and tickets

BUGGY TOUR - West / Center of the island (off-road)

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Gather your family and friends and come explore Terceira Island aboard our UTV!
• A UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) allows you to be the driver of your own adventure. We guide, you drive!
•  Offers greater comfort and safety than a ATV.
• Is equipped with a fully automatic transmission
$88.15*Per person

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Azores: Terceira Island Full-Day Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Explore the island of Terceira-Azores on a guided day tour. Visit the highlights including Monte Brasil, Serra do Cume, Algar do Carvão, natural swimming pools, and enjoy a local lunch.
$75.35*Per person

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Island Van Tour (Full Day)

Duration: 7 hours
Terceira Island, an authentic paradise in the middle of the Atlantic, made up of millions of fantastic natural places ready to visit. This tour includes the passage through the most beautiful spots that this island has to offer.

$71.62*Per person

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Underground Van Tour (Half Day)

Duration: 3 hours
The underground caves are one of the most amazing visits to be made on Terceira Island. This tour includes the visit to the Gruta Natal and the Algar do Carvão, also to the famous Furnas de Enxofre and the leisure area Lagoa das Patas.
$44.07*Per person

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Full Day Tour - The best of Terceira Island

Duration: 8 hours
This is the best way to discover Terceira Island in one day.
We start in Angra do Heroísmo with a visit to Monte Brasil. Then we cross the city towards the East.
Continuing along the coast we head towards Vila de São Sebastião, passing by Ribeirinha, Serretinha, Porto Judeu (view of the Ilhéu das Cabras) and Baia da Salga. In São Sebastião we visit the oldest church on the island and a small chapel for the devotion of the Holy Spirit that we call Império.
We continue towards the city of Praia da Vitória passing by the Serra do Cume viewpoint, until we reach the Serra do Facho viewpoint.
After visiting the city, we stop for lunch local restaurant with the main dish being the delicious Alcatra. (beef stew)
After lunch we have an optional. Visit the Algar do Carvão geosite, which is located in the central area of ​​Terceira Island.
We head north to visit the small town of Biscoitos to see vineyards and the natural pools.
From here we start the return to Angra do Heroísmo along the coast.
$93.6*Per person

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Terceira: Algar do Carvão Lava Caves Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Visit the beautiful caves of Algar do Carvão and look at the extraordinary features of a unique lava tube. Gaze in wonder at endemic plant life, see beautiful silicate stalactites, and more.
$48.44*Per person

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In and Around Terceira Island in a 4X4

Duration: 8 hours
You no longer have to go to Africa to go on a safari. Also in the Azores it is possible to experience moments of pure adrenaline in a all terrain vehicle. Fasten your seat belt, the adventure through the interior of the island will begin. The trip is made comfortably in jeeps suitably equipped for the purpose and able to take you to places you did not even imagine existed. we personalize your the tour to your needs and likes, Start the day sight seeing, we bring you to the most important look-out places, we go off road to see some gorgeous sites, then we bring you to a beautiful location where you will have lunch in a relax atmosphere, you can walk around enjoying a glass of wine or beer if you like to, while we prepare your food, after lunch continue seeing beautiful places in the Island where very few can bring you, you will get to see the Island on the outside and from the inside. we will bring you to as many places as possible to give you a very good idea of the Island of Terceira.
$131.12*Per person

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E-bike Tour Monte Brasil

Duration: an hour - 2 hours
The Monte Brasil peninsula is located in Angra do Heroísmo, on the south coast of Terceira Island, in the Azores. It comprises a caldera surrounded by four peaks: Pico das Cruzinhas, Pico do Facho, Pico da Quebrada (where the whale watch is located) and Pico do Zimbreiro.
The high points provide panoramic views over the city of Angra do Heroísmo and from its top, on clear days you can see the islands of São Jorge and Pico..
$42.97*Per person

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Dining Experience with local family

Duration: 4 hours
You are welcomed as a family and enjoy the true essence of the Island, which is the feeling of sharing and friendship.

Enjoy typical Azorean food made in a wood-fired oven made of lava stones, similar to our ancestors, and that gives an unmistakable flavor and that the main ingredient is the passion that is dedicated to the preparation of the recipes
$71.62*Per person

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Terceira: Whale and Dolphin Watching in a Zodiac Boat

Duration: 3 hours
Take the opportunity to see the whales and dolphins in their natural habitat in the Azores Islands. Learn about these marine creatures and their behavior while taking in beautiful views of the Terceira Island coastline.
$69.96*Per person

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Algar do Carvão - The caves tour

Duration: 4 hours
Have you ever imagined visiting the earth’s womb? Well, by choosing this tour that is, in fact, what you’ll do, discovering Terceira Island most iconic volcanic cavities.
The Azores native vegetation and Terceira Island bulls dotting the surrounding agriculture fields, will do you company while you cross Guilherme Moniz Caldera.
But, once this tour is about Caves, we’ll take you to Gruta do Natal (Christmas Cave)*, a lava tube of great geological interest; to Furnas do Enxofre, which are some sulphur caverns, where you can watch the earth breathing, as well as the beautiful natural landscape around it.
As the best is always saved to the end, it is time to visit Algar do Carvão Natural Monument, without a doubt, the ex-libris of Terceira Island.

At the end of our tour, there is the possibility to visit our store to taste some Regional products, namely, cheeses and liqueurs.

Feel and experience nature in its purest state!
$60.55*Per person

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From Angra do Heroísmo: Terceira Island Full-Day Tour

Duration: 8 hours - 8 hours
Take a journey through Terceira Island, discovering its most beautiful viewpoints, villages, and volcanoes.
$74.27*Per person

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Terceira: Half-Day Island Tour with Cheese Tasting

Duration: 4 hours
Discover the center and the north of Terceira on a guided half-day tour with a visit to an ancient lava tube volcano. Finish your day with a delicious cheese tasting.
$53.82*Per person

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West Coast Van Tour (Half Day)

Duration: 3 hours
The west side of Terceira Island is one of the most sought after areas, it has beautiful landscapes provided by viewpoints spread across several parishes, it is composed of leisure areas and has many wonderful places to explore. This tour includes cheese tasting.
$49.58*Per person

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Full Day Jeep Tour - Terceira Island

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
View 360º degrees - Convertible Land Rover

Connect with the interior of the Laurissilva Forest with its unique flora and fauna in a different way through our 4x4 vehicle, prepared to access different and unique places.

Save time with round-trip transportation included.

$143.24*Per person

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Ilha Terceira Airport Transfer

Duration: 30 minutes
Be greeted on arrival at Terceira Island by a friendly driver who will assist you and share information on the island and what to do. Travel in air-conditioned transportation from the airport to your hotel.
$29.06*Per person

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E-Bike Tour West Side | Third Island

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
On this tour you can test your skills and venture from the interior to the west side of Terceira Island!
Here we visit from the inside out, do a cheese tasting and cycle in the forest and by the sea.
Warning: Hard Level
$65.01*Per person

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Historical Sightseeing Tour in Angra do Heroismo

Duration: 2 hours
There are only good reasons to choose us to visit Angra do Heroísmo. Our tour runs along the streets of the city for twelve kilometers.
You can contemplate around 30 points of interest in the World Heritage city, going back centuries in its history and culture, by listening to the texts of our audio guide available in Portuguese; English; French; German; or Spanish.
We leave Alto das Covas towards Silveira Bay, then pass through Fanal Bay and head to Monte Brasil.
After entering the São João Batista Castle, we stop at the Pico das Cruzinhas viewpoint.
We go down to the city crossing its main street and stop at Pátio da Alfândega.
We continue towards the highest part of the city, passing by the Bullring and the Monument to the Bull until we reach the Obelisk of Memory.
Then we go down to the city and end up where it started.
All this in a vehicle with a retractable and panoramic roof, where comfort and safety are guaranteed!
$27.55*Per person

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Volcano Tour

Duration: 3 hours
During four hours you will have the chance to  find out how the island was born. Discovering the genesis of the island exploring the interior of the island and the major volcanos full of wonderful landscapes, pure nature and unforgettable moments, Visit Algar do Carvão, known for being the only volcano that you can visit the insides of it. One of the nominees for the seven natural wonders of Portugal.
$60.6*Per person

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Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour at Terceira Island

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Discover the beautiful waters of Azores in this half-day tour of watching dolphins and whales. Admire the Azores marine mammals in their natural habitat.
$66.11*Per person

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