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Day Trip to Saranda and Butrint National Park from Corfu

Duration: 10 hours
Experience the magic and mystery of Albania on a full-day trip from Corfu. Visit the modern town of Saranda and see the amazing ruins of the ancient city of Butrint with a professional guide.
$62.43*Per person

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From Tirana: Gamti Mountain and Bovilla Lake Hiking Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Explore Albania's impressive countryside on a hiking trip from Tirana. Enjoy a drive to the dam, hike to the balcony of Gamti Mountain, and take in Lake Bovilla's scenic views.
$86.11*Per person

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From Tirana: Berat Day Tour

Duration: 7 hours - 9 hours
Berat, known as the city of 'one thousand windows', is a treasure of Albanian history, culture and a testament to the country’s tradition and religious harmony. Prepare to be amazed during this full day tour.
$129.16*Per person

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A Walking Tour of Tirana, OR exploring the City's Museums.

Duration: 3 hours
With its new iconic high-rise architecture and redesigned public spaces, Albania's capital city of Tirana offers a vivid contrast of lifestyles where the traditional meets a contemporary 'dolce vita'.
$43.05*Per person

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From Tirana: Berat City UNESCO Heritage and Belshi Lake Tour

Duration: 6 hours - 11 hours
Join a guided tour of Berat City, a UNESCO heritage site. Explore the historic neighborhoods of Mangalemi & Gorica. Visit Berat Castle & Onufri Museum and stop at Belshi Lake on the way.
$118.4*Per person

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From Tirana: Komani Lake and Shala River Day Trip

Duration: 10 hours - 14 hours
Explore Shala River & the mountains surrounding Lake Koman. Since it's reachable only by boat, this river tour is the perfect getaway for nature lovers.
$159.3*Per person

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From Tirana: Kruja Castle, Old Bazaar & Sari Salltik Tour

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Explore the historic Kruja Castle, one of Albania's most significant landmarks. Then discover the country's largest bazaar and browse local handicrafts. Finally, visit the holy site of Sari Salltik.
$96.87*Per person

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Quick Tour of Tirana

Duration: 2 hours
Get introduced to Tirana and its rich history on a walking tour through Pedestrian Road, Saint Paul's Church, Namazgah Mosque, Post Block Checkpoint, and more.
$16.15*Per person

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Hike Gamti Mountain with Bovilla lake view-daily tour from Tirana

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Go hiking to enjoy Bovilla’s wonderful lake view. A waterfowl near Tirana with a wonderful nature. You will have the opportunity to see neighborhoods outside the city of Tirana and the beauties of the city that surround it.

$77.44*Per person

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Cooking Classes and Traditional food tasting in Tirana

Duration: 4 hours
The main aim of this tour is to combine the typical Albanian welcome, local food and some of the most interesting traditional local “rules” that will makes your experience unique and unforgettable.

In this local experience you will be tough to cook 2 of the most typical Albanin dishes and one desert. During the tour you will also taste different traditional appetizers and beverages, everything mixed with local stories and gossips.

We carefully select all the details and ingredients to make your holidays an unforgettable experience.

You can find us easily, in the heart of Tirana, with our door open and sleeves rolled, ready to welcome and to make you feel one of us! .
$58.63*Per person

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From Tirana: Durres & Kruja History and Local Food Day Trip

Duration: 10 hours
Discover the history, traditions, local food, and scenery of Albania, on this one-day tour. With a local guide, visit the Skanderbeg Museum, Kruja's Old Bazaar, the city walls of Durrës, and more.
$182.98*Per person

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Osumi Canyons and Bogova Waterfall from Berat - Tour by 1001 Albanian Adventures

Duration: 5 hours - 8 hours
How about you explore in one go two scenic water-spots and immerse yourself in the nature that comes alive at every step you take? The drive from our office to Bogova village takes 45 minutes, during which time you can enjoy the view of the small, picturesque villages dotting the area. After a short break for refreshment, you will begin a 40-minute hike towards the Bogova Waterfall, a true monument of nature, part of the National Park “Tomorri Mountain”. The crystal-blue water falls from 20 meters of height feeding a 12-meter deep pool. The spot is perfect for taking in the sun, relaxing amidst the sounds of nature, and taking an energizing swim in the crisp water before heading to the second stop: the Osumi Canyon. As we drive for the next 20 km to reach the canyon, you will journey along the legends and spiritual heritage of the area. The Canyon run for 26 kilometers, offering a unique ecosystem of vegetation, smaller streams and pools where you can swim, depending on the weather.
$68.59*Per person

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SARANDA JEEP SAFARI (for hotel in Saranda & Ksamil)

Duration: 6 hours - 8 hours
You will experience the authentic side of Albania on board of our open top 7-seat Land Rover jeeps, during a day full off colors and emotions.

We will be waiting for you at Saranda Port or Hotel and Our professional guide will drive you to an unforgettable tour in the unspoiled beauty of the Albanian Riviera, replete with gorgeous beaches, friendly people and glorious landscapes.
$79.03*Per person

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Tirana Airport: Bus Transfer from/to Tirana Central

Duration: a few seconds
Enjoy a comfortable transfer between Tirana International Airport and Tirana central on modern buses with this travel service. Take the hassle out of the start or end of your journey on an air-conditioned bus.
$4.31*Per person

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Berat Tour Osumi Canyons Exploration Lunch Transfer

Duration: 2 hours - 4 hours
Albania is an undiscovered adventure destination blessed with Mediterranean weather and spanning through centuries of history and culture.  Travel to a part of Europe still untouched by mass tourism.

Visit the Osumi Canyon, one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Europe and swim in a natural pool surrounded by the canyon’s unique, green ecosystem.

Hike along the banks of the river Osum through an unspoilt landscape of pine forests and river plains, visiting local landmarks like the Crocodile Head, Love Waterfall and Devils Gate.
$88.5*Per person

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Bogova Waterfall and Osumi Canyon tour

Duration: 9 hours
The Beratbackpackers tour is always a fun, social, adventurous and chilled full day out in the middle of Albanian nature. Travelers joining the tour will have the opportunity to discover two hidden gems of southern Albanian, the Bogove waterfall and the Osumi canyon in a fun, chilled and inclusive atmosphere (solo travelers more than welcome!).

The tour is a private tour with private transportation (max of 30 people). It begins with a coffee stop in Bogovë village, before you head towards the Bogovë waterfall after a nice 40-minute easy hike, where you can enjoy beautiful views and a refreshing bath in the natural pool.
After a lunch break in a traditional restaurant, the tour then goes to the impressive Osumi Canyon, the largest canyon of Albania. You will make a few stops on the way at the best viewpoints to enjoy breathtaking views. Your guide will then take you for a swim in the river of the canyon to enjoy its beauty from the gorge itself, before heading back fully relaxed.
$66.37*Per person

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Shkodra from Tirana: Day Tour of castle, city & Skadar Lake

Duration: 7 hours
Discover the culture and sights of Shkoder, one of the most fascinating cities in Albania.
$161.46*Per person

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Full-Day Tour, Berat and Durres from Tirana

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
Within one day you will visit the oldest cities in Albania, enjoy the view of the Adriatic Sea, learn the legends of the old city of Berat, enjoy the traditional food and drinks of the area.
$82.97*Per person

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City & Food Tour of Tirana in One Day

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
This tour will introduce you with local Tirana and its traditional food and cuisine. Tirana, an urban metropolis, full of contrasts in which can easily be noticed the scars from the past and the present. It is a city when fine delicate art of the beginning of the 20th century is mixed with cold rectangular shapes of the communism period and in between modern new buildings blooms. In this one Day Tour we will discover some of the most interesting part of the city combined with a lot of local flavors, interesting stories and friendly locals.
$94.03*Per person

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From Tirana: North Macedonia, Lake Ohrid and Saint Naum Tour

Duration: 11 hours
An immersive journey to North Macedonia from Tirana, Albania enjoying the serenity of Lake Ohrid and city, a visit to Saint Naum Monastery and ancient churches, with a stop at the Bay of Bones Museum.
$215.27*Per person

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