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Bogotá Bike Tour

Duration: 4 hours
A four-hour exploration by bike of central Bogotá, during which we'll visit the historical center, La Candelaria, a traditional fruit market, a coffee factory, street art, and hopefully a game of tejo, Colombia's national sport. We'll also pass by landmarks such as city parks, the Plaza de Toros, Museo Nacional, and experience the economic and arquitectural diversity of different neighborhoods. Part-way through the tour, we'll stop in the Parque Nacional to sample fruit salads, juices, barbacued meats, corn-on-the-cob and other traditional Colombian street foods.

The route, of about 12 kilometers, is mostly flat, and the tour is casual, with frequent stops.
Attractions:Parque Nacional
$20*Per person

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Bogota: Bicycle City Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Cycle through Bogota, visiting traditional fruit markets, a coffee factory, the bullfighting stadium, the historical center, and a whole host of plazas, parks, and neighborhoods, and get an inside view of the city as you talk to locals on the way.
$14.28*Per person

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Bogota: Daily Group Tour of the Salt Cathedral Zipaquira

Duration: 6 hours - 8 hours
Take the day to explore the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, voted Colombia's number 1 attraction. Explore the mine and the church built within the tunnels. Enjoy round-trip transportation in a luxury coach.
$62.23*Per person

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La Candelaria, Optional Monserrate and Optional Gold Museum Bogotá City Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Spend a whole day seeing it all: Colonial houses, fruits, coffee, drug trade and peace process, museums, the whole nine yards! With our private city tour you will have the most complete experiences one could have in Bogotá. Get personalized insights from our expert guide and explore top landmarks of your choice. You’ll be able to choose whether you want it to last 5 or 7 hours with Monserrate, Gold Museum and Botero Museum, or 5 hours with either Monserrate or museums. Join us!

• Historical landmarks in downtown Bogota
• Tick off top attractions including Botero Museum, Gold Museum and Monserrate hill (chosen according to length options)
• A thorough lesson on Colombian recent history: armed conflict, state and peace process
• Local experiences of traditional food tasting: chicha, fruits, sweets and coffee
• A day full of contrasts, experiences and memories of Bogotá

$73*Per person

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Walking through the Historic Candelaria in Bogotá

Duration: 3 hours
This is the best way to get to know the historic center of Bogotá, we will travel in time from the beginnings of our indigenous ancestors through the colonization period to the present.
This is a shared tour, it is a fun and informative tour full of fun facts about history, culture, gastronomy, architecture, places to visit, art and cultural offer.
This Tour is part of a shared experience called "Free Walking Tour" and the value you just paid through Viator is the same suggested tip per person for the guide's work. This amount that you already paid in advance will go directly to your guide (minus the commission). In this way, at the end of the Tour, the guide will not ask you for any extra contribution. We hope you have fun and learn with us!
$13*Per person

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Bogotá´s Barrios: El Paraíso Favela Tour with Cable Car

Duration: 4 hours - 4 hours
Get off the tourist track and go on a walking tour of Bogotá's El Paraíso favela. See the district's colorful houses from above as you ride up the cable car ride and learn the stories behind area's inspiring street art.
$86.99*Per person

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Bogota: Guatavita and Salt Cathedral Daily Group Tour

Duration: 9 hours - 12 hours
Visit Bogota's famous spots in one day on a tour to Guatavita Lagoon and the Salt Cathedral. See the inspiration for the legend of El Dorado and be in awe of the first wonder of Colombia.
$88.26*Per person

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Walking Tour in La Candelaria Bogotá

Duration: 3 hours
Join us in this amazing free walking tour through Bogotá's downtown district and learn all about the city's history and culture, making friends along the way.

La Candelaria is a creative hot-spot of Bogotá. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in this sprawling city. Art-deco and colonial houses, with baroque churches behind them; the old and the new intermingled in this free walking tour Bogotá.

Join one of our guides in the heart of Bogotá and discover what this neighborhood has hidden away. Inscribed in graffiti and mixed in the drinks, you’ll discover Bogotá’s colonial and indigenous past, the roots of Colombian history.

A confluence of culture and conflict can be felt all around, as you follow a trail of graffiti through old city streets. Learn about the impact of Colombian drug trafficking, emerald mafia, and how all lines up with its +50 year old armed conflict. State, drugs, war, guerrillas, trade: a volatile mixture that has often blinded us to the better side of Colombia.
$13*Per person

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From Bogota: Hike to Colombia's Highest Waterfall

Duration: 3 hours - 9 hours
Witness the natural wonders of El Chiflón and La Chorrera, Colombia’s tallest waterfall, on a wonderful hike with a guide. Learn about the local flora and fauna, and enjoy breakfast and lunch.
$90.42*Per person

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Bogotá: Monserrate, La Candelaria and City Walking Tour

Duration: 5 hours - 7 hours
Discover the wonders of Bogotá on a sightseeing tour. With an expert guide, explore the vibrant downtown area, visit the fascinating Gold Museum, learn about the region’s gang history, taste local beverages, and ride the cable car to Monserrate.
$92.19*Per person

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Bogota: Food Discovery Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Discover restaurants that you can only find in the capital of Colombia. Explore the city on a 3-hour walking tour and taste traditional and regional delicacies. Connect to Colombian culture by discovering Bogota's culinary traditions.
$25.68*Per person

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Bogotá: Walking Tour in La Candelaria with Refreshments

Duration: 3 hours
Explore the historic heart of Bogotá on a guided tour. Discover the popular neighborhood of La Candelaria through its vibrant street art and local architecture. Learn about Colombian history through the capital’s colonial and indigenous past.
$14.52*Per person

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Bogota: 1-Way Private Transfer from/to El Dorado Airport

Duration: an hour
Take the worry out of your transportation needs on arrival or departure from Bogota and pre-book a private transfer from or to El Dorado International Airport.
$13.94*Per person

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The Bogotá Food Experience

Duration: Flexible
Barrio La Candelaria

In this experience you will discover the unique flavors of the different Colombian regions. We will go to 7 places in total within the La Candelaria neighborhood and sample a variety of traditional foods. We will visit multiple family-owned businesses to try authentic dishes and interact with locals. In a single afternoon, you will be able to learn more about the Colombian culture through its food and history. This tour is accomodating for both vegetarian and vegan preferences , please just let your guide know. We will eat plenty of samples over the course of the tour so please make sure you come hungry!

**We are constantly changing the venues we visit to accomodate whatever is going on in the city, so the photos and attractions listed may not be the same as the day you do the tour.**

**Please make sure you bring good walking shoes, an umbrella, and water. Make sure you give yourself enough time with the traffic to arrive at the starting point.**
$28*Per person

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Bogotá: Guided 5-Hour Coffee Farm Tour

Duration: 7 hours - 9 hours
On this tour, discover what it´s like in the day of a coffee farmer in rural Bogotá. Start off the day with a traditional breakfast, then head off to the farm. Experience a step-by-step of a coffee farmer´s daily work and end the tour with local lunch.
$84.39*Per person

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Guatavita and Salt Cathedral - Group tour and daily departure

Duration: 10 hours
This is undoubtedly one of the best combinations of tourist attractions near Bogotá; The day begins with a visit to the Guatavita Lagoon, famous for being the place where the Muiscas performed the ritual that gave rise to the legend of El Dorado; This place has an overwhelming beauty that can only be understood by visiting it. Then, we cross the savannah to reach the municipality of Zipaquirá; You will know the First Wonder of Colombia, the Salt Cathedral, one of those places that you do not want to miss when you come to Colombia.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing for the hike up to the Guatavita lagoon, which includes steps.

Important information:
*This tour begins and ends in Parque de la 93.
*The arrival times of this tour depend on the traffic.
*Seats are assigned in order of arrival
*The itinerary is developed regardless of weather conditions
*At the moment (2021+) Guatavita does not have guides in English, you can take the tour in Spanish.
$80*Per person

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Graffiti Tour in La Candelaria Bogotá

Duration: 2 hours
Bogotá has become a world reference in graffiti. It boasts impressive murals and street art that place it above cities like Miami, Amsterdam, Río, and México City. Its rise as one of the key city-canvases in Latin America has made it an attractive destination for the curious tourist and the bold artist. Would you have guessed?

As with graffiti everywhere else, Bogotá’s history with the art has often been tense. But great art can overcome negative labels. Right now, no one would call it vandalism. It has struggled but has earned its place and the city is better for it. The mixture of social and political commentary with a twist of local and foreign styles make Bogotá’s graffiti truly a sight to behold.

Join us in this tour not only of Colombia’s history as told by art but a tour of Bogotá as a curated museum of amazing artists!
$13*Per person

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Bogotá: Colombian Coffee Tour with Farm

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
See why Colombian coffee is lauded for its quality and flavor on a tour from Bogotá to a traditional farm. Take a journey through bean cultivation before enjoying a delicious coffee tasting.
$88.26*Per person

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Walking Tour True Colombian Experience in Bogota

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
We will walk around Candelaria district, the oldest and most important neighborhood in Bogotá. We will talk about history, culture, and the current social and political situation in Colombia. **this tour can be in English and Spanish at the same time**; We will start off by sampling a variety of local fruits in the second oldest market of Bogotá. Then we will enjoy chicha, the most traditional fermented drink in the city, which is part of our indigeneous heritage. After that we will try some local snacks. At the end of the tour, we will play the gunpowder game, better known as Tejo, a funny drinking game played in the pre-Hispanic times.

This tour will give you an enticing introduction to Colombia's capital. You will be able to take in the artsy and colorful streets and alleys we walk through while we talk about a variety of topics, visit the most important spots in the city, and interact with locals.

Join us on the oldest walking tour in the city! Duration: 2 to 3 hours.
$16*Per person

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Salt Cathedral Zipaquira - Group tour and daily departure

Duration: 6 hours
Known as the first wonder of Colombia, carved entirely out of salt and unique in the country.

The Salt Cathedral, located
180 meters underground, it will give you an experience away from
the everyday. Initially, it was a mine where the workers created a small chapel. However, they never imagined that it would become an unmissable attraction for visitors.

Each step in the Cathedral will surprise you, from the Stations of the Cross to the Coru, a balcony where you can appreciate the largest underground cross in the world, which measures 16 meters high by 10 meters wide.
$60*Per person

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