Cali, Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia

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A day to enjoy nature and have an adventure in the Jordan river

Duration: 8 hours
Bosque el Descanso is a magical place to enjoy a crystalline river with waterfalls, rock slides and natural Jacuzzis, ecological trails, magical nights full of lights, bonfire and much more. More than a place, Bosque el Descanso is an experience that will bring peace and well-being to yourself. The sound of the Jordan River will accompany you in every corner of your visit to our forest.
$49*Per person

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Cali City Tour - The Best Of Cali In Comfort

Duration: 3 hours
Cali has an abundance of natural and architectural landmarks to discover; museums, parks, squares, churches, monuments and viewpoints.
But navigating the public transportation system and learning about the city without a guide can be exhausting!

Why waste time and money with complicated maps, when there is a simple solution?

The Cali City Tour by Valley Adventours allows you to visit the city in an efficient and fun way, going straight from one attraction to the other in a private vehicle without wasting time looking for buses or places of interest.
$39*Per person

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Street Food Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
The “Street Food Tour” gives you a real taste of Cali though its local food and drinks.

First we explore the streets and some parks of the city on foot. Here we talk about the city's history and street culture. We discover amazing street art, some of the pieces are simply stunning and others have interesting social messages. Hopefully we come across some street venders that sell delicious food or drinks.

We finish in a local market, where we try different food and drink samples. We try tropical fruits like ‘Chontaduro’, typical drinks like 'Lulada', typical food like 'Ceviche Colombiano' and a lot more. We can try at least 15 samples of food and drinks during the tour, so don't eat to much breakfast.

The tour is suitable for vegetarianas as well!
$17.7*Per person

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Cali: Grand City Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Cali has an abundance of natural and architectural landmarks to discover, from parks and squares to churches, monuments, and viewpoints. Learn from your local guide and enjoy the tour.
$47*Per person

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San Cipriano Rainforest - River, Waterfalls and Adventure Day

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
San Cipriano is not just any natural reserve, it has one of the cleanest and most crystalline rivers in Colombia. Its wonderful trails, waterfalls, puddles and natural pools together with its beautiful tropical rainforest make it a destination worth visiting in the Colombian Pacific.

San Cipriano is an exotic and picturesque little town in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by emerald green waters that are ideal for activities such as: swimming, snorkeling, tubing, kayaking and high jumps.
$139*Per person

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Rivering in the Danube (Alto Anchicayá)

Duration: 12 hours - 15 hours
We will discover a natural paradise full of waterfalls and crystalline wells, while we learn about history and culture, and do social work with poor children.
$90*Per person

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Humpback Whale Watching in Bahia Málaga Colombia

Duration: 16 hours
We will visit the area with the most biodiversity in Colombia, and the most humid in the world.

Bahía Málaga is a hidden paradise that is located on the Colombian Pacific coast in the middle of the tropical jungle.

We will enjoy the most beautiful natural phenomenon in the world: Humpback Whale Watching.

We will taste delicious sea food and enjoy the beach while learning about history, culture and customs.
$313*Per person

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Cali: Discover Cali City Highlights and Local Drink

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Enjoy Cali's top attractions, churches, and Street art on a guided walking tour of the center. Discover Cali capital of salsa, gastronomic areas and culture with a local and enjoy the panoramic view.
$77.9*Per person

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San Antonio, Tertulia Museum and Downtown Cali City Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Finding the best way of exploring a city is always a daunting task, but that’s why we are here. Let us guide you through Santiago de Cali, one of the most amazing cities in Colombia and the foremost capital of Salsa. Join our full-day tour and visit its downtown and its main cultural sites such as Tertulia Museum. Try Colombian traditional snacks and discover the joy this city is known for.

• Tertulia Museum guided tour
• Historical landmarks in downtown Cali and its main sites
• Tasting of typical fruits and Colombian coffee
• Plenty of spectacular photo spots for unforgettable memories of your trip to Cali.
• Tons of insights and local experiences

$82*Per person

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Walking Tour in the Historic Center of Cali City

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Cali is full of tourist attractions and hidden gems to discover; museums, parks, squares, churches and monuments...

But visiting it by public transport and without a local guide is very oppressive! Why waste time and money with complicated maps, when there is a perfect solution?

You will get to know Cali through the eyes of a local expert, visiting the main cultural, touristic and historical attractions in the city center, having the opportunity to taste typical fruits and drinks, living the true Cali culture.

We will start at our office in the San Antonio neighborhood, walking for about 15 minutes towards the historic center. After an introduction to the city at the Jairo Varela plaza we will begin our walk through the historic center, getting to know its old architecture, parks, theaters, churches, museums, cathedrals and monuments dedicated to important people in our history.

Experience the best of Cali safely and discover yourself.
$25*Per person

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Lo mejor para hacer en Cali - Paseo de las Mariposas

Duration: 3 hours
Pasea por un espectacular jardín entre más de 500 mariposas, observando cómo nacen y se reproducen estos fascinantes insectos.
Vive una experiencia única liberando mariposas y pidiendo deseos
Reconoce nuestra biodiversidad y siéntete orgulloso de ser colombiano, recorriendo el mapa temático de Colombia más grande de Sur América

Stroll through a spectacular garden among more than 500 butterflies, watching these fascinating insects hatch and reproduce.
Live a unique experience releasing butterflies and making wishes
Recognize our biodiversity and feel proud to be Colombian, touring the largest thematic map of Colombia in South America.
$11*Per person

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Tour of Salsa Bars in Cali

Duration: 7 hours
We are the first tour of salsa bars in the city, we will take you to visit 3 different salsa bars where you will experience the rumbera culture of Cali as if you were Cali or Cali, in which we will play games and dynamics where you will feel confident with everyone. group and you will surely make new friends from different parts of the world loving and enjoying every second of the night.
$49.5*Per person

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Hiking in Pance on the mountain range near the Farallones de Cali

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
The Farallones de Cali keep secrets in their mountains, forests and nature.

Step by step we will listen to them as we ascend to discover 3 waterfalls, several puddles, natural pools and waterfalls on rock in the middle of the forest.

The rich nature of these mountains, the river, the landscapes and its tranquility make this experience a moment to enjoy it forever every time you remember it.

During the tour we will be fortunate to be in different ecosystems, to be in a quiet environment full of well-preserved nature.
$77*Per person

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Cali: 3-Hour Sightseeing Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 3 hours
Explore the fascinating city of Cali on a 3-hour walking tour. Discover its abundance of historical and architectural landmarks, including parks, squares, churches, and monuments.
$27*Per person

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Daily Salsa Tours - Cali

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
The tour is different every day, we visit real life activities in different parts of the city, authentic places that show the different forms of the strong salsa culture in Cali. People who work in the salsa industry, making music, instruments, costumes, shoes, dance classes, shows, events, tourism, concerts - keeping the culture alive with collections of LP's, photography, books and much more. There is so much to tell and to show how salsa is lived in the salsa capital and we are eager to show it all to you, although it doesn't all fit in one tour! :)
$52*Per person

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Whale Watching 3 Days in Bahía Málaga, Valle del Cauca Colombia

Duration: 3 days
If you visit Colombia, you must know the Colombian Pacific. Its people, flora, fauna, beaches, jungles and culture will make you fall in love with this territory full of biodiversity and history. Sailing next to the whales is without a doubt one of those things that you need to do in your life. Visit waterfalls and beautiful beaches that you probably did not know existed. This is the Colombian Pacific, a treasure to discover.
In addition, while enjoying and learning with the guide, a beautiful social work is carried out with children with limited resources.
$650*Per person

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Cali City Tour

Duration: 4 hours
It is a tour of the main tourist attractions of the City, The City tour is divided in two ways, and the first one is in the vehicle, where you visit Cristo Rey, Sebastian De Belalcazar, Tejada's cats. The second way is made by walking, starting at Jairo Varela square, Jairo Varela Museum (if it is open), Boulevard del Rio, Ermita Church, Plaza de Caicedo. Throughout the tour the visitor is introduced to the history of Cali and its respective sites of interest. And to finish the tour it is directed in the vehicle to Park of the Cholados, offering you a typical tasting.

$29*Per person

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Cali Bike Park Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Descent in double suspension bicycles, through the Cali bike park. Meet around 10 different tracks, with different levels of difficulty. Peraltes, jumps, flights and fluid trails, will make this experience unmatched for all riders.
$95*Per person

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RiCo Salsa Tour: Cali Real

Duration: 3 hours
Where can you experience a day time authentic salsa party with classical old-school caleños dancing? At RiCo tour we visit the Barrio Obrero, which is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Cali, you can see the life in Cali "like in the old days", still today.
$38*Per person

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Street Food Tour - Live A Unique Gastronomic Experience

Duration: 3 hours
We will visit the local farmers market "La alameda" where we will discover the Colombian cuisine and its combination of different foods, practices and culinary traditions of the Spanish, African and Indigenous cultures that come together to give life to the criolla food.

Each region of Colombia has its unique climate and topography which brings culinary diversity to the country and gives life to each unique regional plate. The duration of this tour is approximately 2 hours and a half. 
$53*Per person

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