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Nag Tibba 2 Days Trek

Duration: 2 days
A beautiful weekend getaway, the Nag Tibba trek is perfect for anyone in the North Indian plains, looking to delve in the taste of the wilderness, over a weekend.
$55*Per person

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Half Day Rafting in Rishikesh

Duration: 5 hours
The team of professional makes this trip unique Our white water rafting team are certified in national and international level. They are trained in White Water Rescue & first aids
$24*Per person

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Rafting in Rishikesh- 16km

Duration: 3 hours
This rafting stretch usually takes about 2 hours to finish. It has about 7 rapids including both small and big ones. Some of the good rapids we run on this stretch are Roller coaster (III+), golf Course (III+), and Club house (III). These rapids are safe to raft though there are some big waves and hydraulics. It takes about 30 minutes to one hour to drive to the starting point and then about 30 minutes for the preparation, inflating rafts and safety briefing. Once safety briefing is done, we get on the rafts. It is 2 hours fun on the river with some good splashes and big hits. We finish our rafting trip just before Laxman Jhula and then from there it is a 5 minutes drive back to Red Chilli Adventure office.
$18.6*Per person

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Rafting in Rishikesh - 26km

Duration: 4 hours
Marine Drive down rafting trip is fixed departure for every day so it is easy to join this trip. It is grade 3 stretch with couple of grade 3+ rapids. It means it is easy stretch as well as fun. We take non swimmer rafting as well. Our trips are not run as single boat on the river. We always have a safety kayaker accompanying the rafts so incase any one fall off the boat, safety kayaker can help him/her to get back to the boat/ raft. 26km rafting covers around 10 rapids including small and big ones. It starts at 9am form our office and finish around 1:00pm. it is about an hour long drive to get to the starting point and then 30 minutes to get ready and about 3 hours on the river including small refreshment break.
$24.79*Per person

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Har Ki dun Trek by Himalaya Shelter

Duration: 7 days
From Har ki Dun one can see the entire North Face of Swargarohini I (6,252 m) peak. This face drops to about 2,000 m in less than 2 km distance and is yet to be climbed. The legends associated with it say that Swargarohini is the path to heaven that was followed by Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata. Though, the same story is also associated with the Swargarohini steps seen from Satopanth Lake, which lies ahead of Badrinath.

$160*Per person

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Hathipaon Hike & Nature Walk - Mussoorie

Duration: 4 hours
Short Hike! Lovely Nature walk! Stunning Views! Great for People of all ages!

The views from the top of this peak are spectacular.

The Surrounding Area & the views from around are Fantastic.

Sunrise and Sunsets are breathtaking from the whole terrain.
Colourful Prayer Flags adds to the peak's beauty.

A place for rejuvenation, photography, Birding and relaxation in Nature.

Great for Beginners & also for Pro Outdoors People looking for easy relaxed Getaway.

Note: Great for Weekdays (when it's not crowded) & Early Mornings & Late Evenings!

$12.4*Per person

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Top Tibba Trek - Mussoorie

Duration: 4 hours
Top Tibba Day Hike is simply one of the best day hikes around Mussoorie if done via proper trails.

Top Tibba(peak) is approx. 8,500 ft above sea level and is the highest peak around Mussoorie.

Apart from offering some really spectacular views of the snow capped Himalayan peaks from the top, Top Tibba also presents you with great panaormic views of the entire valley below.

The forest area around Top Tibba is abundant in leopards, black bears, red foxes, yellow throated jungle martins, kalij pheasants, barking deer, wild boars & more.
But wildlife sighting is something that cannot be guaranteed but what we can guarantee you is a wonderful time on the trail observing and enjoying nature.

Eagles, Kites, Buzzards and other birds of prey can be easily spotted here along with many other song birds.

You won't want to miss it, when in Mussoorie.

$18.6*Per person

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Landour Infinity Walk - Mussoorie

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
To know the twin towns of Mussoorie & Landour, one must walk through its streets and stories.

Our guide will take you on this walking tour where much light will be shed on Mussoorie & landour's fascinating history.

Here you will walk through landour, hear and learn about all those famous and infamous places, people & stories of this town, while enjoying nature
at its finest under them high trees.

The whole Route is at an elevation of approximately 7200ft above sea level and offers some stunning views of the valleys below & of many majestic peaks of the Himalayas up north - east & west.

Apart from Nature & Beauty, This place is also famous for it's cafes, restaurants & Bakeries, So try not to skip it when you are in Mussoorie.

Contact: 817-1-708654
Duration:- 2 to 3 hrs usually.
Walking Distance:- 3 to 4 kms.
Great on Weekdays ( When the town is not Crowded )
$11.16*Per person

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Camping in Rishikesh

Duration: 3 hours
Camp White World Expeditions is located in the Lap of Himalaya 21 Km. from Rishikesh this is the place where you can chill out in the valley & enjoy a day in the nature with and Bonfire. You can also go on a short trek to a nearby waterfall or explore local village of Garhwal.

All the Adventure lovers has to take their own car to Camp White World Expeditions

$24*Per person

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Veda5 Retreat Full Day Tour

Duration: 7 hours
Veda5 is India's best Luxury Wellness destination nestled in Himalayas. Relax, heal & rejuvenate with ayurveda treatments, yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, organic ayurvedic food, swimming pool and picturesque trekking.

This 8 hour holistic day tour has limited daily slots and advance booking is recommended.
$53.31*Per person

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Benog Tibba Day Hike - Mussoorie

Duration: 4 hours
Being one of the Highest peaks around Mussoorie it has a dense forest cover around it which in turn is a perfect place for Nature lovers, Birding Enthusiasts & Hiking Adventure seekers.

A place with diverse flora and fauna, superb Jungle & Mountain Views.

Plus on a clear day, the Himalayas look Magnificent from here.

You wouldn't want to miss it, when you are in mussoorie.

"Connect with us, For fantastic offbeat trails & experiences, we guarantee you a wonderful Adventure ahead"

*Escape the ordinary - Come, Hike with Us"
$18.6*Per person

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Full Day Rafting in Rishikesh

Duration: 8 hours
The Professional team with high skilled experience in the white water rafting. We have the best experience guide who has been rafting from long time in the industries.
$36*Per person

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Nagtibba Trek (Dehradun to Dehradun)

Duration: 2 days
It is an easy trek for beginners with little or no experience. If you can walk for 20 kilometers in 2 days you can do it. Other than that its a great weekend trip where you will find the Rocky Mountains, snow (December to March), forest, open fields, and some great experience. We believe that if you can run and walk you can do this Trek. Chances of altitude sickness are rarely reported. You can start your trip after completing your office on Friday evening and be back in the office on Monday morning. Blame your tiredness on Monday blues with the happy memoirs of your weekend getaway.
$123.97*Per person

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Exploring Mussoorie With A Local Guide

Duration: 6 hours
"Experiences by the Locals"

Our Tours are led by Native/local people, each who is a professional & have a passion for the history, diversity & culture of these beautiful Hills that they grew up in.

You may very well be surprised by what you may learn, see, taste & discover when you take one of our tours led by our expert team of Guides.

Visit, live & cheerish the lesser known yet beautiful spots of Mussoorie with us, hear about all them famous and infamous people of Mussoorie, learn about it's history & Heritage.

We Guarantee you a wonderful tour.

Book your Tour Now!
Best Deal & a wonderful Tour Guaranteed.
$27.27*Per person

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Nag Tibba Snow Trek

Duration: 2 days
Nag Tibba trek starts from village Pantwari, which is about 96 km or 3 hour drive from Dehradun. Nag Tibba is an all season trek near Mussoorie which has rocky trails, forest walks & great panoramic views of higher peaks like Nanda Devi, Gangotri, Swargarohini, Kedarnath, Chaukhamba & many more. Nag Tibba trek has some of the best camping sites in Uttarakhand. Climbing the Nag Tibba peak (3,022 m), highest peak in lower Garhwal mountain range, is the best part of the Nag Tibba trek.
$43.39*Per person

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Rishikesh Off-trail Trekking & Ganges Riverside Walk

Duration: 2 days
For the lovers of off-trail trekking with waterfall & awesome views of valley. OR for those who love to explore the divinity of Rishikesh town with a serene walk on the beaches of River Ganges, this tour is specially crafted for. This tour can be a real-life offbeat travel adventure, if they are short of time and equally for those who are already touring Rishikesh and want to explore to the fullest.
$85*Per person

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Kaflani Day Hike - Mussoorie

Duration: 3 hours
A short & Superb Hike to a Hilltop with stunning Himalayan Views.

Kaflani Day Hike is an easy Going Hike for People of All ages. A hike within close proximity of Mussoorie & landour(approx 20-25mins drive)

A lovely outdoor experience with Beautiful Stunning views of the Valleys & the Mountains around.

Curated By Easy Prime Holidays with various lovely wild Trails for all age groups, ranging from 2.5kms to 6kms, is a must do activity if one is staying near Mussoorie or Landour & is into nature & wilderness.

Without going too much into the wilderness, the kaflani day hike gives you a great feel of the wild Himalayan forests.
$18.6*Per person

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Chopta Trek

Duration: 4 days
We provide customised itineraries, taking customers expectations into consideration. We put safety first and ensure your memories will last a lifetime.
$211.58*Per person

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Trek's around Mussoorie

Duration: 4 hours
Let's discover the unknown Trek's around Mussoorie with all the information about History and Geography of the area.
Try your hands on Jungle cooking activities.
$18.6*Per person

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Rafting Expedition in Rishikesh (2 Night 3 Days)

Duration: 4 hours
Rafting Expeditions means that we runs long river trip without any support. Totally self-sufficient with all supplies, equipment, food, tents etc., all stuff we carried on the rafts along with the guests. It’s an ideal way for reaching the most remote and stunning areas that the Indian Himalayas. We get to set up camps at scenic locations on the river bank, offer sumptuous meals relax by campfires and have loads of fun. We also have an opportunity to take short day hikes to explore remote villages, or trek to water fall with The simple life, amazing canyons, sound and fragrance of the forests fills ones senses. The
fast-paced life of the city seems to be a myth in these surroundings. You get back home calm and refreshed with loads of memories in a short duration.
$210.2*Per person

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