Gdansk, Pomerania Province, Poland

Gdansk tours, things to do and tickets

Gdansk Pub Crawl with Free Drinks

Duration: 4 hours
Pub Crawl Gdansk is the only party tour in 3 cities organized all year long where you can meet cool people and explore the best local bars and clubs!

Discover Gdansk! - €5 Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours
What can you expect from the Walking Tour in the Main Town of Gdansk?

Besides the tour being very affordable, it also is a veritable introduction to the heart of Old Gdansk. Your guide will strive to achieve a balance between entertainment and historical knowledge in a city that was a witness to times of grand prosperity and great misery, times of destruction and reconstruction, blazing fires and fireworks on display, times of tolerance and times of persecution, hope and despair.

How many states attempted to control it?
What people have lived in Gdańsk throughout the centuries?
How come we had the Crusaders here?

Not only you guys can expect me to answer all these important questions but I will try to do it in a light-hearted, entertaining way.

Main Town Gdańsk Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Please note that booking this tour you will be joining our general free walking tour (tour in which it is up to the guest how to reward his or her guide). In this case the amount you pay covers the reservation fee and the guide's payment. If you wish to join a smaller, private tour let us know and we will organise it for you!

Undercover City Games: Gdansk

Duration: 2 hours
Our game is a truly fun & unique way to spend a few hours in the centre of Gdansk. Tourists, families, business groups, stag/hen parties... whether you want to see the sights & learn about the history of the city, entertain the kids a little, beat your mates in serious competition or just do something completely different, you're going to find it here :)

Guided Sightseeing Kayak Tour at Gdansk

Duration: 3 hours
Kayak tour gives a different perspective on the historical value of the Main City. Paddling through the canals allows freedom to see places ferries cannot access. We will show you a completely different Gdansk to the one you’ve seen on land. Paddling in the city is a must for any visitor to Gdansk.

Our kayaking tours are beginners friendly as the techniques are easy to learn. We have both double and single kayaks that can be assigned accordingly at the beginning of the tour depending on skills and experience.

Cruises on the Motlawa River

Duration: an hour
We offer a modern, highly comfortable, open motor yacht well suited for 10 passengers. Our guests can count on the intimate nature of the cruise, among family, friends or colleagues. During the cruise, we talk about the history of Gdansk’s most famous monuments (from the recording).

Gdansk: Stutthof Concentration Camp Regular Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Uncover the history Poland's first concentration camp on this guided tour of the Stutthof Concentration Camp. Travel from Gdansk to hear authentic stories and visit the Stutthof Museum.

Gdańsk: Motlawa River Yacht Cruise

Duration: an hour
See the city of Gdańsk from the water on an open motor yacht tour along Motlawa River.

Gdansk Private Walking Tour: Legends and Facts

Duration: 2 hours
During the private tour you will get to know the history and culture of Gdansk and Poland, see highlights of Gdansk, discover hidden gems of the city, and learn incredible stories. You will get also some tips about the local food, drinks, and souvenirs.

Gun Shooting Experience with Hotel Transfers

Duration: 30 minutes - an hour
Test with your friends your shooting skills in safety at the best shooting range in Gdansk and practice firing with a variety of weapons, including AK 47s, Glock, Glauberyt and Hammerli.

Do you want to shoot firearms that were some of the most common weapons available in the second half of the twentieth century? And we don’t mean any replicas but the really heavy, fat guns like the famous old-communist soviet AK47 Kalashnikov, movies famous Glock, Hammerli or even machine gun Glauberyt? All of the above are provided in the premium additional package but three of them are used in a bestseller basic package. With us, you get the option to choose if you want to go deep with the gun shooting experience or if you would just like to try it for fun.

The activity takes place at the best Gdansk shooting range with an experienced English-speaking and dedicated instructors taking care of you, making sure you learn the skills fast and the whole activity is performed in a safe environment.

Private Airport Transfer: From Airport Gdansk (GDN) to Hotel in Gdansk

Duration: 30 minutes
Plan your journey from the airport before you arrive to Gdansk. A private English-speaking driver will pick you up from the arrival hall and take care of your journey to the designated place in Gdansk. Luxury, fully-equipped Mercedes V Class/Vito mini van cars are at your disposal.

Gdańsk Old Town Private Walking Tour with Legends and Facts

Duration: 2 hours - 6 hours
Experience the beauty of Gdansk with a private guide on a walking tour of the historic city center. Learn about the Royal Way and see the highlights of the Gdanks Old Town.

• Explore Gdańsk on a guided walking tour
• Listen to fascinating stories about the history of Gdańsk
• Get an insight into the city's best-kept secret
• More than a tour - your guide will share his love of the historic old town with you

Gdansk Highlights Bicycle Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Gdańsk is one of the most bike friendly cities in Poland, and cycling become a part of local culture. If you want to really understand the city like a local, you have to do it from the saddle of a bike! Bike tours are one of the best ways to explore Gdańsk. Our tour will provide you with an interesting history of the city, and is a great chance to make some new friends. Great exercise and the perfect way to spend a glorious summer day in the city, these tour are a must for those who want to get to know the city on more intimate terms.

#1 Polish Vodka Tasting Experience

Duration: 2 hours
You will meet one of our Vodka Experts right in the center of Gdańsk in one of the cool vibrant bars. There we will guide you through the amazing world of Polish vodka! After a short introduction to what vodka really is, and an explanation of its history, you'll experience with all of your senses what makes a really good vodka. For sure at the end of this journey, you will be able to decide which is your preferred vodka.

Our Vodka Experts will show you the perspective of locals living in the city and share insider stories about how life used to be back in the days. They will introduce you to an interesting world of Polish vodkas with a chance to try out at least 6 of the best types from the ones we have selected ourselves. Along with your beverage, you will try 3 different small Polish food pairings enjoyed while drinking our beloved vodka

Segway Tour of Gdańsk: Old Town Tour 1,5-Hour

Duration: 2 hours
Hop on a Segway and get the essence of Gdańsk in just 90 minutes! Our local guides provide perfect balance between fun & knowledge.

Gdansk: Individual Sightseeing Tour with Audio Guide

Duration: a few seconds
Rent an audio guide device to help you make the most of your visit to 1,000-year-old Gdansk. Choose from over 20 sites and 40 audio guide tracks and receive a special gift map.

Gdansk: Highlights Old Town Tour with ticket to Amber Altar

Duration: 2 hours
Take part in this great walking tour and see highlights of heart of Gdansk - Old Town and Main Town, discover hidden gems, visit excellent church with unique altar made entirely of amber and learn incredible stories about Gdansk now and in the past. You will get also some tips about our local food, alcohols and souvenirs.

As it is a shared tour we guarantee the best price for Sightseeing of Gdansk. At the same time the group will be maximum of 15 people and tour is led by licensed guide which will ensure high quality and will make you satisfied

Stutthof Concentration Camp: Private Guided Tour with Transport

Duration: 5 hours - 7 hours
Choose one of our excellent tour options tailored to your needs and interests. Read the description carefully as each option includes a different program

5h: Private Stutthof Guided Tour EN,DE,PL,RU
Guided tour in Stutthof concentration camp, 15-min walk at the beach

5h: Stutthof Guided Tour SP,IT,FR

5h: Stutthof Guided Tour NOR,SWE

7h: Private Stutthof & Westerplatte Guided Tour EN,DE,PL,RU
Guided tour in Stutthof concentration camp and Westerplatte

7h: Stutthof & Westerplatte Guided Tour SP,IT,FR

7h: Stutthof & Westerplatte Guided Tour NOR,SWE

7h: Private Stutthof & Museum of WWII Guided Tour EN,DE,PL,RU
Guided tour in Stutthof concentration camp and Museum of World War II

7h: Stutthof & Museum of WWII Guided Tour SP,IT,FR

7h: Stutthof & Museum of WWII Tour NOR,SWE

7h: Private Stutthof & Old Town Guided Tour EN,DE,PL,RU
Guided tour in Stutthof concentration camp and Old Town Highlights walking tour

7h: Stutthof & Old Town Tour SP,IT,FR

7h: Stutthof & Old Town Tour NOW,SWE

Gdańsk Private Top City Tour by Golf Cart

Duration: an hour - 2 hours
The tours we offer are the best and fastest way to get to know the city of Gdańsk and its history. You just need to seat in a comfortable electric car and enjoy the ride! At the end of our tour you will feel that you already know everything about Gdańsk. Our tour is suitable for people of all ages, and also for people with disabilities or difficulty walking. Well-prepared guides with many years of experience await you. We will tell you the history of the city, and we will also assist you and inform you about the attractions and things you can do in our beautiful city. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Welcome!!!

Gdansk: Evening Kayak Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Take a kayak tour and experience Gdansk from the water. Discover parts of the city that most tourists don't see. Paddle through Gdansk's pretty canals in the company of the impending sunset and an expert guide.