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Experience Lagos Nigeria, Ghana,Togo and Benin with confidence

Duration: 9 hours
The tour will focus on African and American history, Africa European history, The Transatlantic Slave Trade, Cultural Education, We shall Visit Slave Castles of 15/16th centuries markets and other historic sites. This tour will give you the opportunity to discover Ghanaian, Togo, Benin and Nigeria traditional music and dance, costume, food, open-air vibrant markets and natural sights against the backdrop of traditional rural communities.
(Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast) Togo ( Lome, Togoville) Benin (Ouidah, Cotonou, Abomey, Lagos Nigeria).
$2525*Per person

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Explore Lagos Nigeria with a professional Private Guide in 4 days

Duration: 4 days
The hallmark of this trip feel, experience and enjoy Lagos west Africa. basically the heartland of the black people. Relish the melting pot of rare Negro traditions, cultures and traditional religions . We shall explore Important historical buildings, markets that specialize in interesting things, museums with authentic historical objects, good landscapes. We shall experience the real, traditional Lagos West Africa.
$463.33*Per person

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The Black Heritage - Badagry Tour

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
Great ancestors have been taken away who later gave birth to children and grand children in far away unknown lands. This tour affords you the opportunity to know, first hand what really happened and how these things happened.

Many have traced their roots to Africa to see and write their own narratives. Why not you?
$270*Per person

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Lagos City Tours

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
Explore the vast historic collections at the National museum, walk through a range of Art works at the Nike Art Gallery and also take a walk in nature at the Lekki Conservation Center

Other tour options include exploring the Omu resort and exciting time at the beach fronts on the peninsula.
$100*Per person

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Experience Badagry

Duration: 3 days
We have best tour operating ethical and duly registered organisation in the whole of Badagry. Our tour guide are neat, patient, humane, respectful and multi-lingual. We also, give the opportunity to our tourists to pick their choice tour guide (Gender or Religion).
$546.98*Per person

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Lagos Nigeria in 2 days with Confidence

Duration: 2 days
Get an experience that will last for a long time with a lasting positive impression of Nigeria in perspective. Go on an exotic two-days tour with a knowledgeable tour guide to discover the cobbled lanes, fascinating history, food and picturesque structures of this town.
$492.28*Per person

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Makoko Floating Community Tour

Duration: 4 hours - 7 hours
Explore the Makoko community in Lagos, the world’s largest floating village which lives principally on stilt houses on water. Discover Lagos’s own Venice on this guided canoe ride through the watery fishing neighborhood, built on stilts overtop canals.

The area is home to at least 85,000 people, although some estimates indicate closer to 300,000 floating city dwellers. Our local tour guide will educate you about the history of the community and why they decided to settle on water. This trip gives you an opportunity to experience the day today lives of the people, how they cope with the raining season, their occupation and many more. There will be a stopover at head of the community’s (Baale) house and the primary school in the community which is also built on
$198*Per person

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Lekki Conservation Centre

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Take a walk around longest Africa.

From Monkeys to the beautiful Peacock, crocodiles, snakes, and other wild animals, you will see all these at this reserved animal. At the same time, you will find different species of plants. you can wander and explore the Lekki Conservation Centre while holding hands with your lover.
$120*Per person

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Historic Day Tour of Badagry Town from Lagos

Duration: 2 hours - 4 hours
The ancient town of Badagry was founded around 1425 A.D. Badagry Town holds so much history of Nigeria, which includes the very first storey building in Nigeria while it also played an historic role during the slave trade era.
$617.77*Per person

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Olumo Rock and Obasanjo Presidential Library Tour

Duration: 6 hours - 10 hours
Olumo Rock is one of the most popular destinations in Nigeria and dates back to the 19th century. We will take you there with ease with our convenient guided private tour and a comfortable car that’s equipped with Wi-Fi.
Once you are on the Olumo Rock, it is always exciting to listen to the tales of this rock that served as a refuge during the inter-tribal wars. . As you hike up to the rock’s pinnacle; you will admire unbeatable views of the ancient city of Abeokuta. At the top of the rock, you will be able to see the amazing blue skies, the vegetation and just revel in the beauty of nature. If you love nature, scenery with some peace and quiet, this is for you.
At the base of the rock, there is an Art gallery that features some local artworks including a museum with interesting artifacts.

The next step after Olumo Rock tour is the Olusegun Obasanjo Library Tour, the only presidential Library in West Africa owned by a former Nigerian president.

$179*Per person

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Fun & Adventure In Lagos Nigeria

Duration: 2 days
You are sure to enjoy and learn about Nigeria her people and her culture from the national museum.

Explore nature, spot animals such as monkeys, birds, tortoises, and peacocks and go for a walk on the longest canopy walk in Africa. Play the largest chess game

Compliment the tour with a nice time in Lekki Art Market. You will have the chance to buy local art pieces head to freedom park formal a prison yard for the slave market now turn to a museum and entertainment park.

Nike Art Gallery will blow your mind away with a variety of world-class art if you are an art lover you will definitely love it.

We also head to National Art Theatre where you will have the chance to look and local handmade crafts also take a walk inside the theater where major Nigerian movies are been stage live.

We visit the Ikeja city mall where you have the time to shop for any and all kinds of products then we head for one of the most visited beaches in Lagos Elegushi beach
$400*Per person

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One Day of Lekki Lagos Adventure Tour

Duration: 5 hours - 7 hours
This tour will give you the best of experience of Lekki, the most popular Lagos urban settlement.
Your day will start with a visit to the beach. We have put together the top beaches which you can make a choice from and be rest assured of great company, comfortable & pleasant ride.
After the beach experience, we will visit the Nike Art Gallery to get an appreciation of African art. This is West Africa’s biggest gallery and it boasts over 25, 000 artworks ranging from textiles, paintings, and sculptures from various African artists. The gallery is in a five-storey tall building.
The final stop for the day is the Lekki Conservation Centre where you will walk on the longest canopy bridge in Africa. The Centre is one of the best and most visited nature reserves in Nigeria. Raised walkways enable viewing of animals like monkeys, crocodiles and various birds. If you appreciate nature and are in a limbo as where to take your partner or lover, this center is the ideal place to visit
$296*Per person

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Lekki Conservation Center Extraordinary Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 6 hours
Lekki Conservation Centre is a hidden gem waiting for tourists to explore as they Walk on the longest canopy bridge in Africa. The Centre is one of the best and most visited nature reserves in Nigeria.

Raised walkways enable viewing of animals like monkeys, crocodiles and various birds. There is also a conservation center and a library.

If you appreciate nature and are in a limbo as where to take your partner or lover, this center is the ideal place to visit.

a. Walk on the longest canopy bridge in Africa
b. Spot monkeys, peacocks,crocodile and other interesting animals
c. After an enthralling climb of the Canopy walkway, you can climb the tree house.
d. Relax, rejuvenate, and recover your strength under the shed of Raffia.
e. Visit the fish ponds
And many more
$85*Per person

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Lagos by Yourself with English Chauffeur by Business Car or Luxury SUV

Duration: 12 hours
Enjoy Lagos by yourself !!

Our Chauffeur services offer our customers a high-class and extra-comfortable journey in our 

Business Car Mercedes E Class or similar (up to 3 passengers) or our 

Luxury SUV Toyota Land-Cruiser or similar (up to 5 passengers), including pick up and drop off in Ikeja, Ikoyi, Victoria Island or Lagos International Airport LOG. 

Whether it’s for a business trip, sightseeing, or a shopping day out, explore Lagos with ease with this private 12-hour chauffeured service. Hop aboard your vehicle at your hotel or accommodation, then spin through the city streets with a private driver.
$100.4*Per person

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Airport Transfer One Way

Duration: an hour
Shuttle Lane is an executive transportation company offering a reliable and secure airport taxi/pickup and Car Rental Services.

Our well-trained, experienced staff has what it takes to execute these services courteously without delay or disappointment. Our transport fleets are a range of executive cars that ensure complete convenience as well as timely pick-up and drop-off of clients.

As a seamless airport transfer and car rental provider, we seek to distinguish ourselves by providing clients with the most comfortable and reliable services. Our experience in the business enables clients to benefit from plans tailored to their individual needs and schedule requirements.
$53.34*Per person

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Sip and Paint . NG at The Metaphor in Lagos

Duration: 2 hours
Book a Class with us and experience Lagos at its best~
Its an Unforgettable experience of Fun, friends and Painting!
$30*Per person

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Lagos Beach Adventures

Duration: an hour
Lagos is a place of various beauties blessed with great beaches and resorts. Located right by the Atlantic Ocean, there are various beaches in Lagos. With a wide array of beaches, it may be a little confusing to decide which to visit. But not to worry, we have put together the top beaches in Lagos. Have fun by relaxing under palm trees at the beach, swimming, soaking your feet in the blue ocean and enjoying the calm ambience of the resort. You will make a choice of the beach you will like to visit and be rest assured of great company, comfortable & pleasant ride, sightseeing and guide.
$137*Per person

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Best of Lagos Tour in 2 Days

Duration: 2 days
Lagos is the economic capital of Africa and the social activities is second to none in the entire continent. This 2-Day extraordinary tour will give you a total overview of the city. You will not only visit the listed tourist attractions but you will also visit the most beautiful and popular spots.
We will also help you to soak in the fun of the vibrant city and have a memorable experience. Part of the places you will be visiting include the Lekki Conservation Center, the arts and crafts market which is the biggest in Nigeria,Nike Art Center which is the biggest in West-Africa, the popular Afrika Shrine, Fela's Kalakuta Republic Museum, national museum, among others. If you are interested in night life, then we will also give you an experience of the Lagos most talked about night life.
$430*Per person

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All Inclusive Nigeria Historical & Cultural Tour

Duration: 8 days
When many hear Nigeria mentioned anywhere, they associate it with Nollywood movies, Afrobeat music, and world famous writers. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation is a land rich in history & culture. Let us guide you on an incredible eight day tour of Nigeria. Explore monuments, landmarks, & villages of three states. Your will arrive in Lagos, the largest city in Africa & the cultural and economic center of Nigeria. Come for history, the culture, & the allure of Africa’s city that never sleeps. After a few exciting days in Lagos, become more immersed in Nigerian culture as we move on to the historic Ogun & Osun states.

Day 1 – Arrival, Airport pick up 

Day 2, 3 – Lagos City Tour, Group Dinner

Day 4 – Badagry City Tour

Day 5 – Ogun State City (Rock City)

Day 6, 7 – Osun State Tour (The Cradle of Yorubaland)

Day 8 – Shopping at Local Markets

Day 9 – Back to Lagos, Departure

Lagos City Tour
$2077.42*Per person

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Lagos Beach Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos is popular for its beaches. Are you looking for a calm atmosphere, beautiful palm trees, and a nice cool breeze? Then you should visit Tarkwa Bay Beach. Located on an island, it is one of the most popular beaches in town: beautiful, peaceful, and safe.

To reach the beach, you’ll enjoy a thrilling boat cruise. At Tarkwa Bay Beach, you’ll go horseback riding, play fun games, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and have a refreshing drink of coconut water.

You may also swim and go surfing. From the beach-side, you can walk a long distance into the shallow water and feel the waves.

You’ll have time to take in the sounds and the beautiful view as the sun sets in a veil of colorful yellow and orange mist.
$155*Per person

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