Naxos, Cyclades, Greece

Naxos tours, things to do and tickets

Semi-private Antiparos & Caves Blue Lagoon OR Rina Cave & Small Cyclades

Duration: 9 hours
We set sail from Naxos and the surrounding islands and islets with Naxian Captain George Fragiskos on the luxury yacht “Annabella” to meet new friends, to share adventures and exciting experiences of a lifetime while you learn about historical monuments and thrilling myths that surround them. 
While aboard, Captain George will teach you the art of sailing, under the tutelage of our “old salt” that has over forty years of knowledge and many thousands of sea miles of experience in the Greek waters and the Mediterranean Sea, you will get the chance to learn all about instrument navigation, trimming sails and steering a luxury yacht and have photos and video footage to remember it all!
$163.12*Per person

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All-Inclusive Catamaran Day Cruise

Duration: 7 hours
A unique activity you shouldn't miss...
Join us and explore the hidden gems of the Cyclades and taste some delicious Greek food!
$152.25*Per person

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Naxos Highlights Bus Tour with a swimming stop at Apollonas Village

Duration: 8 hours
Place your trust in Naxos Bus Transfer and come discover your own Naxos We are committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, combining our energy and enthusiasm, with our years of experience.

Highlights of our tour:
- Admire Demeter's Temple, a sanctuary dated back in the 6th Century BC.
- Explore the marble paved neighborhoods of Apiranthos
- Photoshoot the gigantic statue of Kouros at the ancient marble quarries
- Enjoy a refreshing 1,5 hours swimming stop at the picturesque Apollonas bay

$32.62*Per person

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Naxos: Highlights of Naxos Day Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Naxos is really a big island to see everything in one day.What we offer you is the chance to see the highlights of Naxos in an 8h tour so you ll get an overall idea what Naxos is about,its history,its past and its present.
Especially about the north part of the island , driving on those whirlwind narrow streets isn t as easy as it seems and what we offer is the oppportunity to travel in safety and enjoy a day on the island.
$32.62*Per person

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All inclusive day sailing tour from Naxos to the small cyclades

Duration: 10 hours
Enjoy an amazing sailing experience with our all inclusive semi-private day sailing tours. You will set sail to the small cyclades aboard our beautiful sailing yacht. Snorkel in the most beautiful hidden bays, swim in turquoise waters accessible only by boat, explore sea caves and relax on the boat. A delicious freshly cooked and locally sourced lunch will be served on board and drinks will be offered to you all day long (please drink responsibly): local beers, wine, juices, ...

Our skipper and our hostess will be dedicated to your happiness, all day long. Snorkeling gear and floaties will be provided for fun and enjoyment!

This tour is a small group only tour ( we don't take more than 10 customers onboard!).
$152.25*Per person

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Naxos Island: Highlight Bus Tour with Swim Stop at Apollonas

Duration: 8 hours
Relax in a air-conditioned bus on this guided bus tour of Naxos island. Discover charming villages, impressive monuments, and learn more about local culture with several stops throughout the day.
$27.19*Per person

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Naxos Island: Full–Day Historical Bus Tour

Duration: 8 hours
Tour around Naxos island, see the villages, ancient Greek temples and other sights that reveal the past and the characteristics of Naxos.
$31.99*Per person

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Scuba Diving in Naxos by Bluefindivers - Dive in Greece - Amazing Diving Spots

Duration: 3 hours
The discover scuba diving is the first step into diving. Its fun and safe .On our house reef there is plenty of Mediterranian marine life.The crystal clear water of Naxos are ideal for underwater explorations.
$108.75*Per person

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From Naxos: Delos and Mykonos Full-Day Boat Trip

Duration: 10 hours
Discover the ruins of an ancient civilization at the archaeological site of Delos. Then, visit the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos.
$63.98*Per person

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Scuba diving in Naxos, Greece

Duration: 2 hours
Nima Dive Centre is established at Agia Anna beach on Naxos island. Its purpose is to provide unforgettable underwater experiences and to introduce the participants to the beautiful marine life of Naxos island and the surrounding areas. Our very experienced team will be on hand to teach, provide advice and guarantee the safety of all divers that take part whilst ensuring the most enjoyable time underwater. Visit us to begin your diving adventure.
$119.62*Per person

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Rina Cave and South of Naxos Catamaran Cruise with Lunch

Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours
Spend the day on a catamaran and explore the coastal wonders surrounding Naxos. Discover beautiful swimming spots, cool off in crystal clear waters, snorkel in search of marine life, and enjoy lunch on the Aegean Sea.
$127.96*Per person

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Naxos: Half-Day Cooking Class at Basiliko Family Tavern

Duration: 4 hours
Learn the secret of Naxian cuisine on a 4-hour cooking lesson experience. Visit one of the most traditional villages of Naxos and learn cooking secrets from your instructor with plenty of hands-on cooking!
$95.97*Per person

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From Naxos: Cruise to Koufonissia with BBQ Lunch

Duration: 10 hours
Climb aboard a traditional 18-meter wooden boat and embark on a full-day cruise from Naxos. Discover some of the beautiful islands of the Cyclades, enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch and get some free time to swim or go for a walk at Ano Koufonissi.
$74.64*Per person

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Naxos: Day Cruise on a Catamaran with Lunch

Duration: 5 hours - 7 hours
Enjoy a full day in the Aegean Sea while cruising on a modern comfortable catamaran. You can swim in the crystal clear water, and even taste local delicacies prepared fresh onboard.
$149.29*Per person

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Naxos:Half-day cooking class at Basiliko

Duration: 4 hours
Learn the secret of Naxian cuisine on a 4-hour cooking lesson experience. Visit one of the most traditional villages of Naxos and learn cooking secrets from your instructor with plenty of hands-on cooking!
$97.87*Per person

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Catamaran Full-Day Cruise around Naxos or Paros with Lunch

Duration: 7 hours
Day cruises on-board a catamaran are an experience not to be missed.

If you're planning to visit Naxos this summer come sail with us into crystal blue waters, gorgeous sandy anchorages, stunning seascapes and turn your holidays into a lifetime experience.

Take advantage of our special offers to families, groups and early booking discounts. Contact us for a quote.

A day cruise starts at 10.00 am and lasts 7 hours to unique locations.

An information briefing is made every morning from our crew for the details of the trip.

In case of bad weather the Captain can change the itinerary for the safest route!
$130.5*Per person

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Wine Tasting and Tour in Saint Anna Winery in Naxos

Duration: 2 hours
We provide you with the opportunity to explore our farm and facilities . walking though our olive garden , wine yard and variety of aromatic plants , we end up facing a small 9th century church that hopefully will leave you outspeached gazing its glory. Stepping at the frond step of this monument you can let your self and spirit dive into history and tradition. Next milestone at our tour is an almost 100 years old traditional Cycladic establishment housing out winery which is the ideal place to get familiar with the procedure of wine making using modern methods combined with the knowledge of years past as long as the machinery and equipment necessary for the production of a tasteful and flourish wine . Climaxing 6 types of wines accompanied with local snacks of our biological garden such as tomatoes ,olives ,regional cheeses and more are there to take your soul to a happy place . From farm to your glass and there for to your memory of this day forever on.
$59.81*Per person

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Food Tour in Naxos Town (small group)

Duration: 3 hours
The best way to discover authentic island life is to walk through the history and back streets of Naxos Old Town for a sensational food experience and a true taste of local culture.

From the historical port to the crowning castle, the Venetian Old Town with its quaint alleyways -where the food market is awake- passing by colourful fruit stands and stalls with aromatic herbs and spices, we invite travellers to enjoy a sampling of local delicacies including a variety of fine, local Naxian cheeses with a glass of wine, the famous naxian potatoes cooked traditionally and a variety of phyllo snacks.

The food tour is filled with the promise of more traditional mezes and local delights all along the way. Guests learn about the richness of the Naxian products, the people and the local cuisine.
$82.65*Per person

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Rent an Aurelia J20 e-bike

Duration: a day
Eco friendly way of travelling
No drivers license needed
Light exercise while travelling
No gas or insurance costs (optional)
$48.94*Per person

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From Naxos: Full-Day Boat Trip to Santorini

Duration: 12 hours
Experience the beauty of the island of Santorini on a full-day boat trip from Naxos. Get breathtaking views of the volcanic caldera and explore the villages of Oia and Fira.
$79.98*Per person

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