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Fall of Yugoslavia, Sarajevo War Tour with Tunnel of Hope Museum and Frontlines

Duration: 4 hours
From the stories of our experienced Sarajevo local guides, you will be able to understand better the rich and sometimes violent history of this city and the whole Balkan region. Fall of Yugoslavia, Sarajevo Siege Tour, is the most popular tour provided by Meet Bosnia Travel agency. Learn about the last century of Sarajevo’s history from a local licensed a guide and hear stories about the life in Yugoslavia and Siege of Sarajevo. Visit Sniper Alley and the War Tunnel, Yellow Fortress, City Hall of Sarajevo, the Defenders’ Cemetery, Olympic Stadium Kosevo, and many more.Hotel pick-up available if required. The facts presented in this war tour are delivered from an intellectual perspective, greatly insightful if you want to learn about what it was like to live in the former Yugoslavia and to have been affected by the war,as well as the big picture of these tragic events.
$32.62*Per person

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War in Bosnia and Yugoslavia Study Tour with Tunnel of Hope

Duration: 4 hours
Join a certified official tour guide on 4 hour journey of understanding Sarajevo's destruction and salvation. Explore Sarajevo's key sites including Sniper alley and War Tunnel Museum - the life line of " the biggest concentration camp" in the world. Panorama from the Trebevic Mountain and entering destroyed hotel-restaurant Eight provides unique experience. See one of the kind Jewish cemetery which is second by size in Europe, just before one in Prague. Experience Sarajevo from Yellow bastion, and pay tribute to fallen soldiers and first Bosnian president buried at Martyr Cemetery.
$32.62*Per person

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Sarajevo: Tour to Mostar, Sufi House, Počitelj & Kravice Falls

Duration: 10 hours - 11 hours
Old bridge of Mostar and four pearls of Herzegovina is a full-day, small group tour from Sarajevo to Konjic, Kravice waterfall, Pocitelj, Blagaj and Mostar. Herzegovina is a must see region for anyone visiting the Balkans, but seeing all of these attractions in a day can be tricky without a car. Herzegovina tour enables you to visit five amazing places, including famous Old Bridge of Mostar, with a professional guide. Also, it offers a lot from the perspective of cultural diversity, unique history, truly amazing sceneries.

Tour Highlights
Konjic Old Bridge - Kravice waterfall - Fortress of Počitelj - Hajji Alija's mosque - Muslim primary school -The Imaret - Madrassa - The Hamam - The Han - Clock Tower - Gavrakanpetanović House - Blagaj Tekke -Dervish Monastery - Muslim Monks House - Buna River Source - Mostar - Old Bridge -Arch Bridge - Hamam -Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque - Kujundžiluk - Old Bazzar - Bridge Panorama
$81.07*Per person

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ROSES OF SARAJEVO (Sarajevo siege tour 1992/1995) - Tunnel of Hope + 5 locations

Duration: 4 hours
Roses of Sarajevo is the most symbolical war tour of Sarajevo, presented ONLY by the tour guides that experienced and survived the siege of Sarajevo. Some of them used the Tunnel of Hope to escape the siege, some of them were refugees in their own city during '92-'95. The Tunnel of Hope nowadays is the most touristic and symbolic place of Sarajevo, where you need to get presentation from staff that experienced it 20+ years ago. Our transports are SUV and Mercedes vans with safe drivers. Take a chance and get the best sold war book from our tour guide in the Tunnel of Hope souvenir shop. Our specialty is our STAFF! The only agency with all registered, certified, licensed and war-experienced tour guides.
$32.62*Per person

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Sarajevo: Bosnian & Yugoslav Wars Tour with Tunnel Museum

Duration: 4 hours
Learn about Sarajevo's destruction and salvation on a guided tour. Explore Sarajevo's key sites including Sniper alley, War Tunnel Museum, Trebevic mountain, the Jewish cemetery, and the Yellow Fort.
$32.2*Per person

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Sarajevo: Mostar, Sufi House, Počitelj & Kravice Falls Tour

Duration: 10 hours - a day
Herzegovina is in southern part of the country and is a sunny and warm part of the heart-shaped country. Learn more about this fascinating part of the country on this tour.
$82.96*Per person

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Sarajevo: Grand Walking Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Join a journey through Sarajevo's history as you uncover its secrets and experience the mysticism of its streets and alleys.
$16.14*Per person

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2 hours Small Group Old Town of Sarajevo Walking Tour with Local Tour Guide

Duration: 2 hours
This two hours tour enables you to experience Sarajevo. Walking through the charming streets of Sarajevo will make you fall in love with this lovely town known as European Jerusalem.
If you don't have much time-this tour is ideal for you.It stands apart by focusing on the locations in the city where cultures meet:start at the Baščaršija Square and see mosques,bazaars,Jewish temples,cathedrals,and finish at the Latin Bridge.
* See a lot of Sarajevo in a few hours on a guided walking tour.
* Ideal for travelers who want to get quickly oriented or who don’t have a lot of time.

Baščaršija Square – Sebilj Foutain – Oldest Street in Sarajevo – Old Orthodox Church – Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Heart – Synagogue – Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque – Clock Tower – Caravan Saray – Old Madraasa – Bazaar – Meeting of Cultures Spot – Sarajevo Roses – Markale market - Markale hall - Hotel Europe – Assasination Spot – Latin bridge
$13.05*Per person

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Sarajevo War Tour: A Veteran's Story of the Siege (fees included)

Duration: 4 hours
Sarajevo Total Siege Tour, with visit to the War Tunnel Museum, Jewish Cemetery, Yellow Bastion, Olympic mountain of Trebević (with its most famous symbol – Olympic Bobsled track), and other locations important for better understanding of modern World longest siege – Siege of Sarajevo, is by far the most interesting half day tour you can conduct when visiting Sarajevo.

This 4 hour experience will ensure easy understanding, reasons and facts behind the breakup and death of Yugoslavia, Siege of Sarajevo, Genocide in Srebrenica and overall story of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the same time, ideas we share are totally unbiased, fact based and first-hand experiences.
$32.62*Per person

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Rafting Neretva river

Duration: 8 hours
Rafting is a very adventurous activity and one of the most popular forms of active relaxation in Konjic that opens the challenges of whitewater to both beginners and experienced rafters. Located on one of the most idyllic regions in the country, Neretva river is stunning, class II-III river ideal for school groups, families and companies.

Rafting on wild waters is a challenging job for skippers and organizers, but for the ones who choose it, it is the main entertainment. Even though this fun might sound like too much adrenaline, your safety and security are ensured at the highest level.

During the rafting tour, you will enjoy beautiful Big and Small canyon, untouched nature and lovely sceneries that are not visible from the road, as well as four adrenaline rapids which are arranged so that each one is more adventurous than the previous one.
$35.89*Per person

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Sarajevo 1425 days under the siege - War Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered a lot through its history, and the last war represents one of the hardest times. In this tour You will be told about the survival skills and more about different aspects of life under the siege. The struggle for life was an ordinary event, and the enthusiasm and pure love for the homeland were the real motivation. Do not miss to see enemy lines, homemade guns, weapons, the famous Tunnel of hope, one of the most beautiful abandoned places in the world - Bob sleigh,Jewish cemetery, etc. and of course to hear interesting stories and tales. The tour will help You clarify historical circumstances and understand nowadays life in Sarajevo. This is a unique travel through the siege and experience that You won't regret!

Our guides are informative, entertaining, detailed, friendly oriented, ready to answer all of Your questions and our drivers are professionals that will, even in snowy winter days, take You to the best Trebević spots in our jeep.
$16.31*Per person

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Sarajevo: Mostar, Konjic, Dervish House, Pocitelj & Kravica Falls

Duration: 12 hours
Mostar - the city famous for the Old Bridge is for sure one of most beautiful places that you will see, but it is not all that Herzegovina has to offer. Kravica Falls, Konjic, Blagaj and Pocitelj are also gems of Herzegovina, so why not see them too?
$79.39*Per person

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Mostar and Herzegovina 4 Cities – Full Day Tour from Sarajevo

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
Mostar town and the whole of Herzegovina region are a must see and 'taste' by anyone ever coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina or Balkans area.

That is why we have designed a tour which offers most of it from perspective of cultural diversity and unique history, truly amazing scenery and delicious food as well.

We invite you to join us for this amazing, UNESCO based trip and get to see Mostar and Herzegovina including 5 major places: Konjic, Jablanica and Jablaničko Lake, Počitelj and Blagaj.
$76.12*Per person

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Sarajevo: Times of Misfortune War Tour with Tunnel Museum

Duration: 3 hours
Explore locations that played an important role in the defense and resistance of Sarajevo during the 1992-95 war, and learn what life was like without food, water, electricity, and gas.
$32.29*Per person

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Bosnian Cooking Lessons

Duration: 5 hours
Our Home is located on top of the hill above Sarajevo. That position gives us one of the best views of Sarajevo. We offer cooking lessons at our home because we believe that the only way for our guests to experience local way of living is to visit our home, our garden , make the food we eat almost every day and enjoy in one of the best wines from Herzegovina – you can’t go more local than that.

The only condition we have is to bring positive energy and a STRONG will to eat whatever you made at the end of cooking lessons. On the other hand we can promise you a lot of fun and laugh!
$79.39*Per person

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Sarajevo: Bosnian War & Fall of Yugoslavia Tour with Tunnel

Duration: 4 hours
Learn about the horrors of the Bosnian war and the Sarajevo Siege and get a once-in-a-lifetime experience with the people who witnessed it firsthand on a 4-hour tour of Sarajevo.
$36.59*Per person

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From Sarajevo: Mostar, Dervish House, Pocitelj and Waterfall

Duration: 10 hours
Mostar, the city famous for its Old Bridge is for sure one of most beautiful places that you will see, but it is not all that Herzegovina has to offer. Konjic, Blagaj and Pocitelj are also gems of Herzegovina, so why not see them too?
$81.19*Per person

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Sarajevo: Tunnel of Hope Siege Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Learn about one of the longest sieges in modern history on a tour to the Sarajevo Tunnel Museum. See the crucial sites and buildings that were so important during the siege of Sarajevo from 1992-1995.
$20.45*Per person

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Mostar, Blagaj Dervish House, Počitelj & Konjic - Day Tour from Sarajevo

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
See the most beautiful and historical cities of Herzegovina in one day on this tour from Sarajevo. You'll get to enjoy in the atmosphere of Konjic, Jablanica, Počitelj, and Blagaj, with UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mostar at the end to fulfill your Herzegovina adventure. Learn some interesting facts and stories about history and locals while being completely comfortable.
$75.04*Per person

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Sarajevo: Old Town Walking Tour with Local Guide

Duration: 3 hours
Visit Sarajevo, Jerusalem of Europe, and take a walk to feel something you will never feel anywhere else in the world.
$12.92*Per person

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