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Virpazar: Lake Skadar Panoramic Boat Tour to Kom Monastery

Duration: 3 hours
Witness the magic of Lake Skadar and the beauty of Kom Monastery on a trip from Virpazar. Travel along the canals inside a traditional wooden boat and savor the flavors of the region with local wine.
$21.53*Per person

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Lake Skadar: Guided Sightseeing Boat Tour with Refreshments

Duration: 2 hours - 2 hours
Discover the magic of Lake Skadar on a 2-hour guided sightseeing tour. Travel inside a traditional wooden boat, take a refreshing swim, savor sips of local wine, and explore enchanting landscapes.
$16.15*Per person

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Best from our coast (Kotor bay, Budva, Sv Stefan, Skadar lake)

Duration: 7 hours - 9 hours
If you want a memories for a lifetime, join us on this unforgettable tour. We can say that Montenegro is small country, but country which is full of contrast. Country where less is more, in one day mountain and sea-coast, wild beauty, are just some of synonyms. One is for sure the country where you can get in love in a lot of different ways.

On this tour we are visiting our beautiful coast with a lot of spots for enjoying the view.
• Learn about history and culture
• Private tour guide , charismatic atmosphere and comfortable vehicle
• Visiting National Park Skadar lake, panorama view on Sv Stefan, Budva, free time for beautiful medieval old city Kotor, serpentine road and view above the Kotor bay
•We create memories which will last for a lifetime.
$160.68*Per person

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From Virpazar: Lake Skadar Cruise and Crnojevića River

Duration: 4 hours - 6 hours
Travel along the waters of Lake Skadar and explore its beauty on a sightseeing boat tour. Find yourself in the heart of the Pavlova Strana Fjord and enjoy unique views that can't be seen from the shore.
$32.29*Per person

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Virpazar: Skadar Lake Guided Nature Cruise with Drinks

Duration: 2 hours
Explore the wild beauty of Skadar Lake on a relaxing private, guided cruise. Enjoy bird-watching and spot historic landmarks as you sip on local wine, and take a refreshing swim in the lake.
$19.37*Per person

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Durmitor - Black Lake & Tara River Canyon - North Montenegro tour

Duration: 7 hours - 8 hours
Via the highway to the Cayon of Tara River, the deepest canyon in Europe and after a few stops, Tara Springs, old wired bridge, etc we will reach the Đurđevića Tara Bridge provides a unique view of the fast river and the surrounding nature, especially if you dare to "fly" from one side to the other, by zip line. (not included in the price)...

Via panoramic road, through small picturesque villages, through the black pine forest whose grandiose trees, up to 50 m in height, withstand a full 400 years lead us to the final destination, Black Lake, well known as the "Montenegrin eyes"

Check our other option for North of Montenegro with Moraca canyon and Biograd Lake also. Shorter and cheaper but memorable tour also.
$198.34*Per person

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GREAT MONTENEGRO TOUR Cetinje – Njeguši – Kotor – Budva - Bečići - Saint Stefan

Duration: 7 hours - 9 hours
CETINJE-old capital in which 70% of cultural and historical treasure of Montenegro is located. Large number of monasteries,museums,libraries will take you through Montenegro centuries ago.

After Cetinje,we go to NJEGUŠI VILLAGE. In this authentic valley you will be able to taste best traditional Montenegrin dishes and be able to take pictures in the traditional Montenegrin costume in TRADITIONAL HOUSE.

After that, along an old AUSTRIA-HUNGARY’S ROAD, which will make you feel breathless, we go down to Kotor. There are the most beautiful belvederes with an amazing view on BOKA BAY.

KOTOR will impress you with its medieval architecture and with large number of cultural monuments which are under UNESCO protection.

BUDVA or The Pearl of The Mediterranean where everyone can find something for him/herself, from THE OLD TOWN of Budva to the most modern buildings, hotels, shopping-malls and restaurants.

Unique island SAINT STEFAN where you will be able to make the most fascinating photos.
$165.28*Per person

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Airport transfer from Podgorica to Budva, Sveti Stefan, Becici

Duration: an hour - an hour
All our wehicles are in perfect shape, clean, comfortable and air conditioned.
Our drivers are english speaking.
If you are not satisfied with our service at the end of the ride, you are not obligated to pay the transfer.
$66.11*Per person

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Podgorica Historic, Safari and Winery tour - Skadar lake and River Crnojevica

Duration: 6 hours - 7 hours
Enjoyable road trip goes first to Zabljak Crnojevica, we will visit abandoned castle of Montenegrin ruling family Crnojevici. Than we will go to find wild horses and enjoy magnificent nature of Bisevina savanna. Later we continue to village Virpazar and Fort Besac to enjoy panoramic view at Skadar lake while having a coffee inside the Fort. Later we continue to panoramic road around Skadar lake and have a short break at Macalov brijeg view point. From this place we are close to village River Crnojevica, which is among oldest Montenegrin settlements with Old bridge, etno restaurants and cultural heritage. After short walk around village, we continue to observe River Crnojevica from Pavlov side view point, which is the top panoramic views in all country. After taking few photos we would go to Mrkan winery and have amazing wine tasting tour. Last destination is the village Karuc, with its peaceful view and the silence of the Skadar lake, this is a real paradise for the end of the tour.
$101.37*Per person

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Private Full-Day Tour in Moraca and Tara Canyons, Durmitor & Biogradska Gora NP

Duration: 10 hours - 11 hours
This tour that connects central and spectacular northern region of Montenegro, includes two national parks, Durmitor and Biogrdaska Gora with their pearls - two glacial lakes, 2 deep canyons, Tara and Moraca, all the way providing beautiful scenery. Two clean and green rivers will refresh our eyes and one famous Montenegrin monastery will tell us all its secrets and show us beautiful fresco paintings and icons.
The tour celebrates Montenegrin forests and you will have the opportunity to enjoy freshness and uniqueness of one of the three remaining primeval European forests, while black pine trees in Tara canyon will impress you with their tallness.
This tour will also tell you something about highlander’s way of life in remote areas of Montenegro.
On our way you will have the opportunity to enjoy local meet and dairy delicacies in some of the traditional restaurants and famous Sljivovica brandy.
$148.75*Per person

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Wildlife, Wine, and Sunset Magic at Lake Skadar

Duration: 2 hours
Explore Lake Skadar and its wilderness, tucked inside a traditional wooden boat - čun. Discover Lesendro, a centuries-old fortress, enjoy the scenery and immerse yourself in fresh waters of the lake.
$16.15*Per person

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Half Day Scenic Boat Tour to the Little Venice of Lake Skadar

Duration: 6 hours
Climb aboard our boat and join us on this beautiful journey around Lake Skadar. Enjoy picturesque views while getting close to birds and take a refreshing swim while being surrounded by breathtaking scenery. In the meantime visit Rijeka Crnojevića - the Little Venice, an adorable townlet on the shores of Lake Skadar.
$33.06*Per person

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Wine and food tasting in the traditional winery

Duration: 2 hours
Grape growing and wine making family is providing the unique experience of homemade wines, spirits and snacks tasting on the terrace of their traditional winery which belongs to the family for 14 generations now. This is opportunity to enjoy the glass of wine in the cradle of the Montenegrin wine and to listen interesting stories about long history and rich tradition of this region. Hosting winery is situated in the Historical Site of the Godinje village, inside the Skadar lake National Park, just 5 km distant from Virpazar.  The tasting tour lasts 1,5 hour.
$46.83*Per person

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Skadar lake - Falcon kayak tour

Duration: an hour - 12 hours
We create tours for those who are looking for a unique experience, for persons who want to go home with unique stories.

You'll be able to kayak around old stone forts, relax on freshwater beaches and look out for birds.

Kayak is ideal for friends or families with children who are too small to paddle on their own.

All rentals come with safety equipment like life vests and waterproof bag.

Every guest will receive a map with detailed explanation of what can visit for a certain time on the lake. In addition, there are also brief information about the places.


Kayak features:

Load capacity: 250kg

Capacity: 2 persons + 1 child

Technology: TST
$13.22*Per person

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Guided Sightseeing Boat Tour through the waters of Lake Skadar

Duration: 2 hours - 3 hours
Step aboard our boat and join us on an unforgettable journey around Lake Skadar, one of Montenegro's most stunning natural wonders. As you relax and take in the picturesque views, you'll be surrounded by a vast array of birdlife, giving you the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures. Take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. Don't miss out on the chance to explore the hidden gems of Lake Skadar with us.
$11.02*Per person

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National parks and wine tasting (NP Lovcen, NP Skadar lake, Cetinje, Njegusi)

Duration: 6 hours
One of best selling tours last years and one of the most popular and funniest activities. Join us on this beautiful tour where we will first meet you with our history and than with wine tradition around Skadar Lake. Local wineries produce wine according to traditional recipes of the old masters. It is also a precious tradition that locals have been passing over from one generation to the other.
• Old Royal Capital Cetinje, old village Njegusi, panoramic view on Kotor bay, Lovcen and Skadar lake National parks
• Wine tasting in village Rvasji, family winery
• We will have snacks food and 6 sorts of wine tasting ( white semi-dry, barirque, red dry and red semi-sweet), as well as 10 more additional products which are offered by this family.
• Learn about history and culture
• Private tour guide , charismatic atmosphere and comfortable vehicle
• We create a memories which will last for a lifetime
$160.68*Per person

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Budva & Kotor old towns & panoramic roads - Best Montenegro tour

Duration: 6 hours
If you are a fan of the blue sea, medieval towns, gentle mountains all spiced up with good traditional cuisine then no doubt this tour is your best choice.

Through centuries many empires came to Montenegro and many succeeded in conquering it. No wonder why there are still remains of different architectural styles standing today still.

Cetinje, city-museum. Its the historical center of Montenegro.

Njegusi village including famous 25 serpentines, we are going to the medieval town of Kotor.

The views of Boka Bay from the road are amazing.

Kotor old town, since 1979 the Kotor old town is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Budva old town is the simple must-see spot in Montenegro visited by all travelers but popular for locals too.

At your request, we can include free time for swimming in the sea.

On our way back we could include Rijeka Crnojevica(part of the NP Skadar Lake) on your request for additional 40EUR per group.
$185.11*Per person

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Ostrog Monastery tour

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
You can enjoy in private driving, clean and comfortable cars with refreshment and wi-fi on board. English speaking drivers.
$105.78*Per person

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Panoramic Boat Tour to the medieval Kom Monastery

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Climb aboard our boat and join us on this beautiful journey around National park Lake Skadar. Enjoy picturesque views while getting close to birds and take a refreshing swim while being surrounded by breathtaking scenery. In the meantime reach Odrin Hill - the home of the monastery Kom. Enjoy the smell of wild thyme while admiring this medieval monastery, proudly standing against the blades of time.
$16.53*Per person

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Wine tour - Rijeka Crnojevica & boat tour from Podgorica city

Duration: 5 hours
A brief escape from an urban city will leave you with memories that are worth remembering and sharing with your friends.

This is real Montenegro experience. Sightseeing of river Crnojevica and Skadar Lake National Park from the panoramic old road and boat ride on river Crnojevic(part of the NP Skadar Lake) then, the town of Rijeka Crnojevica that is town for local's weekend getaway place and at the end with a local native winemaker in his small family but rich winery in the village of Rvasi we all will enjoy snacks and wine products. Oh, let's not forget the tasty homemade liquors. So, booking the tour you have the opportunity to learn about the culture of old Montenegro and wine production but some unforgettable panoramas.

You will wish that this tour would never end.

$247.92*Per person

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