Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo Asakusa Rickshaw Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Climb aboard a traditional Japanese rickshaw for an unforgettable view of the Asakusa district in Tokyo. Your knowledgeable guide will steer you to some of Tokyo’s many iconic sites, districts, temples and shrines while illuminating the history behind them all. Enjoy scenic views of maple and cherry trees, gardens, soaring skyscrapers, and traditional businesses. If you’re looking for a carefree, customizable way to see Tokyo, this is it.

Apart from the above courses, we have other special course for guests who really want to get away from the city.
If you have already seen the crowds and buildings in Tokyo, let’s get away from that and enjoy the view across the sumida river and go into places where you can refresh your mind under the quiet trees and monument of Asahi beer headquarter! We shall go across the bridge to the peaceful area of sumida park and Ushijima shrine where you can enjoy the Japanese garden park and lucky fortune cow shrine.
Attractions: Asakusa

Tsukiji and Asakusa Food and Drink Cultural Walking Tour (Half day)

Duration: 6 hours
Let’s explore Tsukiji first, the vibrant market for the locals and the professional chefs for more than 80 years of history. Stroll past stalls bursting with large sea critters and colorful vegetables. Enjoy the delicious sushi lunch, and then explore Asakusa district, where the famous Senso-ji Buddhist temple is located and tastes some Japanese sweets.

Meet your friendly local guide at the main gate of Tsukiji Honganji Temple, quickly making your way to the vibrant Tsukiji Fish Market. Wander around the many small shops and taste samples along with the menu while your guide tells you some stories and histories behind.

Next, head to Asakusa district, considered one of the most traditional parts of Tokyo. Stop in an Japanese café for some sweets before heading to explore the Senso-ji, the oldest Buddhist temple in the capital.

This tour includes;
1. Japanese omelet
2. Fried fish cake
3. Fresh Tuna sashimi
4. Sake
5. Sushi at a local Sushi restaurant
6. Japanese sweets

Asakusa Local Food and Drink bar hopping Tour

Duration: 3 hours
Join our Asakusa evening tour when there are fewer tourists and more locals coming out for the nightlife. Eat local foods and drink alcoholic beverages as you mingle with the locals.

First, taste Sake and learn about Sake culture and the different types of Sake in Japan. Then, stroll around the beautiful area. Night time in Sensoji Temple is calm and stunningly beautiful rather than the busy daytime. The tour takes you to a Japanese Izakaya bar and a Monja-yaki or savory Japanese pancake called Okonomiyaki restaurant. Monja-yaki is a soul food for Tokyo locals! Let’s try local foods and join in the Japanese Kampai (“Cheers” in Japanese) .

Let's go bar and Izakaya-hopping among Japanese locals!
Attractions: Asakusa

One Day Highlights Tour of Tokyo including Shibuya Sky Tickets

Duration: 7 hours
Enjoy a guided tour of Japan's bustling capital city, Tokyo. In a small group of no more than 8, begin in Asakusa and see Senso-ji temple, Japanese gardens, and the famed shopping street of Nakamise. After lunch, head for colorful Shibuya, Harajuku and the serene Meiji-Jingu shrine. This tour is friendly for muslim, vegetarian, vegan, and the guests who have some food restrictions. Our guide will happy to arrange the restaurant based on your request. And if you are muslim, you can take praying time at the country's biggest mosque, Tokyo Camii at the end of the tour.

Asakusa and Ryogoku Walking Tour with Sumo Wrestler

Duration: 3 hours
Discover an important part of Japanese culture during this 2.5-hoursmall group walking tour through Tokyo’s Asakusa and Ryogoku districts with a sumo wrestler. Learn about how the sport works and see some of the most significant sumo sites in Tokyo with a friendly former wrestler as a guide. Visit a famous sumo wrestling stadium, shop for supplies at an outfitter store and grab delicious snacks along Nakamise Street. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to uncover an important part of Japanese life. This tour is limited to eight people for a small-group experience.
May take a taxi from Ryogoku to Asakusa, and the fare is included.