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Accra: Guided City Tour with Lunch

Duration: 4 hours
Delve into Ghana's rich history and culture with a local guide and explore the highlights of Accra with a delicious lunch in a local restaurant.
$106.64*Per person

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From Accra: Cape Coast Slave Dungeons Day Trip with Lunch

Duration: 9 hours
Immerse yourself in nature and see wildlife in Kakum National Park. Learn about the slave trade and visit former forts along the Gulf of Guinea.
$191.94*Per person

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The Cape Coast Tour

Duration: 11 hours - 15 hours
Cape Coast is a must visit tour destination in Ghana. The presence of forts and castles have made this destination a popular site for those who want to learn more about the history of slave trade in Ghana and other parts of West Africa. These forts and castles can mostly be found on the coast of Ghana. While in Cape Coast, we will also visit the Kakum National Park which is the second largest national park in Ghana. We will climb the Canopy walkway which will give us the perfect sight of the breathtaking view of the forest from above.
$145*Per person

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Experience the Beauty, History and the Culture Of Accra in a Day

Duration: 6 hours
This tour gives travellers the opportunity to experience the beauty, historic monuments and the great cultural heritage the city has to offer. It also offer visitors the opportunity to experience the pleasure and the artistic nature of the City.
$70*Per person

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Accra: Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, Waterfalls Trip

Duration: 3 hours
Visit Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa farm to learn about how cocoa was first brought to Ghana. Following that, take a refreshing walk through the Aburi Botanical Gardens, and buy local artifacts from the Aburi Crafts Village.
$143.96*Per person

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The Cape Coast Expedition

Duration: 11 hours - 15 hours
Visit the castles of cape coast and explore the adventures of Kakum National Park and Hans Cottage botel with the guided tour from Accra. You'll learn and discover the history of Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle and also undertake the canopy walkway and crocodile tour experience at Kakum National park and Hans cottage botel.

• Explore the City of Cape Coast
• Round-trip transportation from Accra is included
• All admission fees are included in the price of the tour
• Private tour guide and Photographer will be provided

Tour offered by: Expedition-Go Travel and Tours
$135*Per person

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Accra: Shai Hills, Caves & Boat Full-Day Eco-Friendly Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Discover a variety of wildlife species at the Shai Hills Resource Reserve, followed by a lake cruise and visit to Ghana's main hydro-electric plant.
$170.62*Per person

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Accra: Cape Coast and Elmina Private Cultural Tour

Duration: 9 hours
Experience Cape Coast and see the ancient forts and castles built by European traders. Learn the history behind the Elmina and Cape Coast castles and their roles in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
$186.61*Per person

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Know Ghana in 4 hrs - Accra City Tour

Duration: 4 hours
This tour will delight you to Ghana's rich Cultural Heritage and you will discover why Ghana is the Gateway to Africa and the trailblazer of Pan Africanism. You will explore Accra, the capital of Ghana since 1957, with an insightful history of how the Africans with resilience demanded self governance from the British Colonial masters.

The Tour begins with a visit to the cradle of Ghana's Independence, at Black Star Square and Cross-Road Memorial Site where the second World War Soldiers of the Gold Coast Regiment were killed by a British police officer.

Depart for Asomdwe Park is the venue which holds the mortal remains of the Late Former President of Ghana Prof J E A Mills.

Drive through the 28th February Road to Ghana's first President Burial site.
Tour Kwame Nkrumah's Memorial Park and Museum.

Drive through to Old British Accra - James Town.

Visit the home library and final resting place of American born crusader for Social Justice, William Edward Burghardt Dubois.
End of Tours.
$92*Per person

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Accra To Cape Coast And Elmina Day Tour

Duration: 11 hours - 13 hours
This tour will take you on a journey which will expose you to the activities of the slave trade era and the effects it had on communities, nations and humanity as a whole. Travelers will also get to enjoy the Flora and fauna of Ghana at the Kakum National Park as we go on Canopy Walk in the park.

$165*Per person

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Private Car Service

Duration: an hour - 10 hours
I offer a private chauffeur service to get you around the city of Accra, comfortably and in safely. I am from Accra and know Accra like the back of my hand, have lots of personal experience about places to go and any other tips you may require.

Happy to go beyond Accra if required.

I am more than just a driver! My service is impeccable, I take care of all of my clients above and beyond.

My daily rate is based upon reasonable use within Accra only for up to and including 3 passengers. Please contact me for larger parties.

Leaving Accra incurs additional fees which will be worked out according to mileage and should be paid upfront in cash before departure (GBP, USD or Ghanaian Cedis only)

Please refer to all conditions before booking.
$75*Per person

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Ghana Heritage Tours - Beyond The Return

Duration: 8 days
A tour celebrating your cultural heritage, traditional and modern day Ghana. An educative, spiritual, journey of reflection, following the footsteps of your ancestors as we connect to motherland Africa. Fun and exciting experiences as we embrace the music, food and fashion of Ghana. Immersing you in your colourful warm culture and traditions at the locations we visit daily and enjoying the best nightlife in the evenings. A traditional naming ceremony will be arranged in your honor, you to finally receive your African name, based on your day of birth or numerical number of siblings as tradition dictates. Booking directly with a local award-winning Ghanaian company like us ensures you experience the best of Ghana at the best price.
$3595*Per person

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Escape Accra City to Aburi Gardens and Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farms

Duration: 4 hours - 6 hours
Experience the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the Akuapem ridge. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Accra and enjoy the beautiful greenery of the Aburi gardens; learn about the origins of Cocoa (raw material for chocolate) in Ghana; and enjoy the spectacular scenic view of Accra from the mountain top.
$170*Per person

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Ghana City 2-day Tour

Duration: 2 days
Ghana City Tours is your perfect private tour partner to explore the history of Ghana, its attractions: past and present, and the type of people living in this diverse country.

Why Choose Us
1. Safe Hands
Most Reliable Tour Partners with the Safest tour transportation operated by well trained chauffeurs & tour guides. Safety of our guests is our primary goal.
Most Diverse Private Tours
2. Offer Most Personalized Tours through out Ghana including Educational and Historical Tours, Fun Tours, Ecological Tours, and Customized Tours
3. Exclusive Deals
Get 5% discount on your tour if you book your stay with our preferred accommodation partner:
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$307.7*Per person

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Accra City Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 4 hours
Accra is one of West Africa vibrant cities with so much to see from colonial buildings, museums, busy markets for the strong hearted to Jamestown fishing community.

This tour starts from 9-10am. We advice in the morning when the sun is not at its peak. All fees paid will includes admission to attractions and transportation.

• A visit to the E.B. Dubois Center for Pan African Culture.

• Visit to the independence square and Black star square, the most famous symbols of Ghana

• Visit Makola market, the busiest local market in Accra where you can shop beautiful African fabrics

• Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum. Dedicated to the memory of a great Pan-Africanist.

• Go to the local art market for art and craft shopping, walk around, interact with artists, take pictures or enjoy drumming lessons.

• Lunch at the James Town café, try local dishes.

• Walk around James Town, a community that is still having some of the oldest buildings from the post-colonial era.
$90.94*Per person

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(Year Of Return)One Day Tour To Cape Coast, Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park

Duration: a day
Take a day trip by private car from Accra to Cape Coast to visit the main attractions: Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park and Cape Coast Castle.

If you only have few days in Accra and want to make a quick trip to Cape Coast, Elmina and back you are at the right place. We arrange special trip to the coast and back in Accra with very comfortable transportation and flexible timing. We make sure our clients’ needs are met and they see both the Cape coast and Elmina castles as well as the Kakum national park within a day. If you have more days then there a lot to explore. Our tours are very flexible, you can tell us what you want to do or see and we will have a tailored made tour for you.
• Elmina Castle
• Cape Coast Castle
• Kakum National Park
$200*Per person

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7-Day Private Cultural and Heritage Tour in Ghana

Duration: 7 days
This 7-day tour has been carefully created to enhance your heritage, cultural and history experience of Ghana. You will be traveling with a certified guide with years of experience on the job and we are always happy to ensure you end each day with memories only we can take you around to have.

Our company with years of hands-on experience waiting to travel with you to show you our beautiful country. Just book and relax as we take over everything so you arrive relaxed and ready to submerge in our culture, heritage, and history.
$1895*Per person

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Private Aburi Hill Guided Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Am experienced and intelligent tour guide , who has made some travels and ready to give good receptions and education to tourist

The tour guide have researched in plants and crop and well endowed with various plants and fruits at the parks and gardens . Talking about the purposes , growth , host and parasite of plants .

The tour guide gives accurate details to tourist , so tourist have a good understanding of information they are looking for .
The tour guide have good photography skills to make your tour refreshing and genuine in all conversations .
$135*Per person

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Full-Day Private Culture and History Tour of Accra

Duration: 5 hours - 6 hours
Experience real local life. Get to know how people commute daily in the city. Learn some great history of Accra.
$70*Per person

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Accra City Tour Experience

Duration: 3 hours - 5 hours
This Accra City Tour will introduce you the the hustle and bustle of the Capital City of Ghana.
Our tour will include a visit to
*Makola Market
*National Museum of Ghana
*Accra Arts Center to shop for souvenirs and have drumming lessons
Blackstar Square
$80*Per person

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