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Full day group tour to Chernobyl and Prypiat

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
• Safety first! It is safer than you thought it would be
• All kinds of permits – just come and enjoy
• 12 hours of unforgettable experience
• More than 35 Very Best locations including Chernobyl, Pripiat, Power Plant and Duga
• Tons of new information + survival skills
• Over 500 amazing pictures
• Friendly, professional, knowledgeable guides with perfect English
• Small groups
• Skilled drivers and comfortable vehicles (AC, wifi, TV)
• Everything you are looking for and more
$102.06*Per person

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Chernobyl Tour with Gift

Duration: 10 hours - 12 hours
Chernobyl one-day scheduled tour from Kyiv
Take a break from the polished streets of Kyiv and travel back in time on a full-day group tour of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Visit the location of the worst nuclear disaster in the world, see everything with your own eyes and learn the story in detail from your professional guide. You will be travelling on a comfortable minivan with air conditioning; a reasonable amount of walking is included to better your experience and provide you with a lot of unique photo opportunities. Your lunch is conveniently scheduled for the early afternoon; it will be at the very canteen where Chernobyl power plant employees have their meals every day. Your safety is guaranteed by staying on a specially prepared route, which provides you with a nice possibility to explore the Zone in the safest possible way.
$107.57*Per person

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Full-Day Chernobyl and Pripyat Tour with Real Chernobyl Heroes

Duration: a day
12 hours in total are packed with the best of what Chernobyl and Pripyat can offer. You will visit the exteriors of abandoned buildings, including a swimming pool, a hospital, a school, a kindergarten, a police station and an amusement park, which will be followed by a visit to Duga, the secret military radar. This, one of the largest military objects on the planet with it’s legends and nearby town will leave you in shock about the Cold War era. This full package, one day tour to Chernobyl with CHERNOBYLwel.come will be the highlight of your stay in Kiev, Ukraine.
$152.57*Per person

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Chernobyl Power Plant and Pripyat 2-Day Tour with Hotel, Train and Liquidator

Duration: 2 days
The Chernobyl Power Plant and Pripyat Tour is a special tour designed to explore the city of Pripyat and the nearby power plant in 2 full days. It is the right choice for UrbEx fans, video game players (Stalker, Call of Duty) as well as technical fans - if you want to see and experience a power plant and the ‘satellite’ city where everything is like it was, after the 3 hour evacuation of 49 thousand inhabitants on April 27, 1986, then this is the right tour for you. You will be one of the first people in the world who will see the New Safe Confinement (new sarcophagus) that should protect the world for at least 100 more years from the Chernobyl aftermath. Also, Pripyat is now in a bad condition, from time to time some buildings collapse and so it is just a matter of time before the city will close to tourists forever. Visiting Pripyat is a once in a lifetime experience and you will never see anything like it in your whole life.
$591.64*Per person

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2-Day Chernobyl, Pripyat and Duga Tour with Hotel and Babushka Visit

Duration: 2 days
Experience the most unique exclusion zone on planet Earth. Included is the exploration of the secrets and history of the ghost city Pripyat, mysterious military radar Duga as well as a visit close to the “well-known” Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Visitors may also meet local inhabitants who survived the explosion of reactor number 4 and the following evacuation. You will witness how nature overcame the human opus. Not just during the expedition itself, but also while sitting at the hotel directly in Chernobyl, you will get to know new facts about V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Plant, as well as about the accident that followed. Thanks to experts equipped with the contemporary photos of Pripyat and Chernobyl, you will be travelling in time – back to 1986.
$366.62*Per person

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Chernobyl Two-Day Group Tour from Kiev

Duration: 2 days
All inclusive tour with meals and accommodation designed with the purpose of photography.

We prefer to have flexible itinerary while in the zone - which means we can start earlier and finish later, spend more time here or less time there as well as to choose what to see. But in any case a guide will ask you and you are to make the decision what to do. For our 2-day Chernobyl tour we limit the group size to maximum 10 participants! This is gives us great flexibility in our itinerary and we can adjust our tour depending on the group interests.
$299*Per person

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Full-Day Private Tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat Town from Kyiv

Duration: a day
You can book a trip to the Chernobyl Zone for yourself and your friends/colleagues on the most convenient date and with the route, which will include the objects and places you are most interested in.

Jointly, with you, the best program will be tailored to make your visit most informative and truly remarkable!

In the trip you will be accompanied by a professional guide, a worker of the Zone and an interpreter (if necessary).

Please contact us if you have not received a letter with all the details about your tour (your passport details, meeting time, departure point, clothing, etc.). Only this letter confirms that your tour has been successfully booked.
$95*Per person

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Kyiv Urbex Adventure and History Tour

Duration: 3 hours - 5 hours
During exploration of the another side of Kiev with experienced guide you will go throw the tunnel system under streets, visit one of the forgotten cold war nuclear bunkers and climb on the rooftop of abandoned building to see panorama city view.

This tour takes approximately 3 hours of your lifetime in active adventure.
$53.79*Per person

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Full-Day Guided Tour to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone 1 from Kyiv

Duration: 11 hours - 12 hours
The price includes:

— Full visit to Chernobyl exclusion zone

— Transport support

— Organization of permits required to visit Zone

— Permissive documentation required for a visit 30km zone

— Permissive documentation required for a visit 10km zone

— Permissive documentation required for a visit the city of Pripyat

— Permissive documentation required for a visit (OTH) radar station “Duga”

— Professional guide in English

— Permission for the photo and video shooting
$99*Per person

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Extreme Show Kyiv

Duration: an hour
The first in Ukraine real haunted house,
here you will feel yourself a hero of a horror movie in reality
$17.03*Per person

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Chernobyl and Pripyat ALL INCLUSIVE 2 Day Tour

Duration: 2 days
Experience the atmosphere of the abandoned area and immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world on a 2-day private tour of Chernobyl. Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the site of history's most disastrous nuclear power plant accident.
$312.83*Per person

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Kyiv centre overview walking

Duration: 2 hours
City introduction tour through touristic and off-the-beaten-path, stories with some guide's personal experience. Each time it is a unique tour mostly based on a mix of our guest's expectations and the guide's mood.

The tour provided extremely cheap all because we are inspired to do it and sure it worth your time. If you really like the tour support you may also support it with some tips or donations to the guide. Then we will know people need it and will keep providing affordable price with good quality.
$5*Per person

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Exclusive Show Kyiv

Duration: 30 minutes
The first in Ukraine real haunted house,
here you will feel yourself a hero of a horror movie in reality
$10.67*Per person

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Kiev Best Sights Private Half-Day Tour

Duration: 3 hours
We offer the best itinerary on foot, by car or van to cover the main attractions of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This tour is well suited for those who are for the first time in Kiev.
The Tour could be conducted by Car or Van depends on amount of people, but in a good weather we recommend to order a Walking Tour because all attractions are pretty close to each other in Kiev.
The tour by car or van includes a visit to the Statue of the Motherland.
$45.74*Per person

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Kiev Open Tour - History & Modern Life in 3 hours

Duration: 3 hours
See many of Kiev's most important landmarks and highlights, with informative commentary and insider information from your local guide, on this 3-hours private walking tour!

Perfect choice for people who are first time in Kyiv or never had time to see the main places!
$42.7*Per person

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LAST MOMENT Private Full-Day Chernobyl Tour incl. VR and Volga Ride

Duration: 12 hours
If you love to explore alone (or with your close friends & family) and at your own pace, the Private tour is THE ONE for you. During this tour you are allowed to see places that are usually hidden from the regular visitors on group tours. Discover secret parts of Pripyat, Duga radar, and the Chernobyl-2 city or wander around the abandoned villages and visit the original self-settlers, also known as Chernobyl babushkas.
$328.2*Per person

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2 hours Private Walking Tour in Ancient Kiev

Duration: 2 hours
Ancient Kiev walking tour is the best first acquaintance with the city.
In 2 hours, you will see the most famous and hidden parts of the city with the major cathedrals, monuments, where dreams come true and national symbols of Kyiv and Ukraine.

The local guide will tell you a lot about Ukrainian history, culture and the modern life of the our beautiful city.
$41.66*Per person

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Soviet Kiev - 2 hours Walking Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Soviet Union walking tour is an amazing chance to discover typical Soviet Union architecture and its influence on the look of the modern city.

You will see all the major sights of the Soviet Union left in Kyiv as well as the wonderful panoramic view, green oasis in the heart of the capital, and the most unusual house of the city.
$41.66*Per person

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Highlights of Kiev Private Sightseeing Tour

Duration: 6 hours
See the best of Kyiv in one day! This tour will give you a great opportunity to get a feeling of Kyiv, as well as to visit all major city attractions and highlights. We offer you the chance to enjoy this great tour. It includes 3 tours: City tour of Kyiv, St. Andrew's Decent, Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery. A Private sightseeing tour would be the best way to maximize your time in Kyiv.
$120*Per person

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Kiev Private 6-Hour Tour - Best Sights

Duration: 6 hours
We offer the best itinerary on foot to cover the main attractions of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. This tour is well suited for those who are for the first time in Kiev.
For lunch, 1-1.5 hours are allocated. Lunch is not included in the tour price. A guide can bring you to a good local Ukrainian restaurant or to any other place. You can invite the guide to join you during lunch if you wish.
$80.92*Per person

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