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Tsukiji Fish Market Food and Culture Walking Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Let’s explore Tsukiji, the vibrant market for the locals and the professional chefs for more than 80 years of history, to learn about the local culinary culture and to taste the best foods!

Meet up with one of our knowledgeable local guides at Tsukiji Honganji Temple and your guide will help you walk through our favorite local shops selling the best quality foods, drinks, kitchen utensils, etc.. You will get to see the both retail markets and the intermediate wholesale building and enjoy some of the free samples(Japanese green tea, Dashi soup etc..) along with the menu below.

Please enjoy the unique atmosphere of the market which miraculously survived the World War Ⅱ, where you often be able to see the face-to-face conversations between the buyers and the sellers, which is difficult to find elsewhere in megacity Tokyo.
This tour includes;
1. Japanese omelet
2. Fried fish cake
3. Sake
4. Fish Bowel
$100*Per person

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Tsukiji Fish Market Visit with Sushi Making Experience

Duration: 4 hours
Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese food for foreigners. It's easy to eat, but it can be difficult to make. During this tour, you can learn how to make sushi from a professional Sushi master. To be a Sushi master, you have to practice for more than 10 years, but in this workshop, you will learn the simple ins and outs of making Sushi so you can make delicious Sushi yourself. Before the workshop, you will explore the world's biggest and most famous fish market and learn about Japanese food.

Sushi topping cannot be changed on the day of the event.
$135*Per person

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Sushi-Making Experience at ’Activity Maison Kissako’

Duration: 4 hours
Experience a unique and exclusive tour in Tokyo with our half-day sushi making and Toyosu Fish market experience. Starting with a comfortable pickup from your hotel in a luxurious VAN, you'll be accompanied by an expert guide who knows the ins and outs of the fish market.

Your first destination is the wholesale area, which is generally off-limits to tourists. Engage in insightful conversations with the insiders and catch a rare glimpse of the market's vibrant daily operations.
Next, the tour takes you to a selection of unique shops that supply Tokyo's finest dining establishments. Explore a greengrocer featuring a wasabi master ,a historic knife shop dating back to the Tsukiji era.

The highlight of the tour is a sushi-making experience at a sushi restaurant in the market. Under the guidance of a skilled sushi chef, you will craft 10-12 pieces of sushi, including nigiri and gunkan. Conclude this culinary adventure by enjoying your creations as a delightful breakfast.
$275.71*Per person

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Tsukiji and Asakusa Food and Drink Cultural Walking Tour (Half day)

Duration: 6 hours
Let’s explore Tsukiji first, the vibrant market for the locals and the professional chefs for more than 80 years of history. Stroll past stalls bursting with large sea critters and colorful vegetables. Enjoy the delicious sushi lunch, and then explore Asakusa district, where the famous Senso-ji Buddhist temple is located and tastes some Japanese sweets.

Meet your friendly local guide at the main gate of Tsukiji Honganji Temple, quickly making your way to the vibrant Tsukiji Fish Market. Wander around the many small shops and taste samples along with the menu while your guide tells you some stories and histories behind.

Next, head to Asakusa district, considered one of the most traditional parts of Tokyo. Stop in an Japanese café for some sweets before heading to explore the Senso-ji, the oldest Buddhist temple in the capital.

This tour includes;
1. Japanese omelet
2. Fried fish cake
3. Fresh Tuna sashimi
4. Sake
5. Sushi at a local Sushi restaurant
6. Japanese sweets
$145*Per person

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Stroll through Tokyo’s Kitchen: Smells & Sights of the Tsukiji Fish Market

Duration: 3 hours
Stroll through Tokyo’s kitchen and delight in the tastes, smells and sights of the world’s famous fish market. Discover new flavour sensations and find out more about the people that work here. Round off the morning with an introduction to sake and a spirited tasting to whet your appetite.
$86.18*Per person

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