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Willemstad: Klein Curaçao Beach Boat Cruise with an Open Bar

Duration: 9 hours
Explore the lighthouse and historic shipwrecks, or simply unwind on Klein Curaçao's beach. Enjoy the pristine sandy beaches, beautiful waters, sea turtles, and other marine life in the coral reef.
$129*Per person

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Swimming with Sea Turtles and Grote Knip Beach - Best Excursion!

Duration: 4 hours - 5 hours
We are the only company that provides free pictures to our guests. We offer our guests a prosperous and relaxing trip. At Turtle Beach we have our own private terrace, just for our guests. 1 hour swimming with sea turtles and your guide Patrick. More time in the water is more Fun!
Our drive to the turtles is taking 35 minutes with a A/C Bus.
1.Stop: Swimming with sea turtles and Patrick. I'm your guide in the water for this amazing experience! I'm in the water with you and make nice picture from the sea turtles. The turtles come naturally to this beach. The best underwater experience for young and old. We are in the shallow water to see the sea turtles.
On the way back to the ship or hotel I send the pictures directly to your cell phone.
Beach stop 1 hour.
3.Stop: Flamingos - This stop is a GIFT for you! We stop by the Flamingos
$99*Per person

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2-Hour Kayak Tour in Curacao

Duration: 2 hours
Set out on the pristine Caribbean waters off the coast of Curacao during this guided 2-hour kayak tour from Willemstad. Kayak across Caracas Bay, stop to enjoy snorkeling, admire views of Fort Beekenburg and go swimming at the beach.
$52*Per person

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Perfect Day Tour - Small Group!

Duration: 6 hours
Perfect Day Tour - OUR BEST TOUR.
• Pick up from the hotel/ship.
First stop will be the Flamingo area. There after we will visit the Shete Boka National Park. At the next stop, we  are going to snorkel with the turtles. You can take picture and/or film them. To relax after the snorkeling, we lie down on the most beautiful public beach on the island, Kenepa beach. The last stop of the tour will be either the liqueur factory (Blue Curacao) or the Netto Bar (self-made green rum)

Included: soft drinks/bottle of water, cake and Sevi’s famous Rumpunch (own recipe)
Curaçao Dreams Travel
$119*Per person

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Swimming with sea turtles incl. professional pictures. Pefect for Instagram & FB

Duration: 4 hours
More snorkeling time in the water. More time in the water is more Fun! We have the longest snorkeling time for you. The sea turtles are on the beach!
We are a german tour company "Curacao Dreams Travel". Book your excursion by us.
We have the best service and no time presure!
Our bus trip to the turtles is taking 35-40 minutes!!
1. Stop: Snorkeling with sea turtles. I'm Patrick, your guide for this amazing snorkel trip! I'm in the water with you and make nice picture from the sea turtles. The turtles come naturally. The best underwater experience for young and old. We are in the low water to see the sea turtles.No boat.
Snorkel time by the turtle beach, 1 hour. Amazing pictures from the turtles for free via Apple Airdrop, Messager FB or WhatsApp.
Beach stop 40 minutes. ( A gift for you )
3. Stop: Flamingos - This stop is a GIFT for you!!! We stop by the free living Flamingos. ( A gift )
$84*Per person

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Curacao: Jet Ski and Snorkel 1.5 Hour Adventure

Duration: 2 hours - 2 hours
Discover the beauty of Curacao on this 1.5-hour snorkeling and jet-skiing adventure. Swim in pristine blue waters, jet ski while enjoying stunning views, and snorkel at one of Curacao's best sites.
$210*Per person

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3-Hour Jewish Heritage of Curacao

Duration: 3 hours
Curacao has a fascinating Jewish history and the oldest synagogue in the Americas. Join an experienced guide who will explain in detail about the Jewish community on the island and visit its historical sites.
$170*Per person

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The Curacao Private Beach Hopping / Snorkeling Tour

Duration: 5 hours - 7 hours
Visit amazing spots around the island, driving not only in the city but also on off-road routes so that you get to see the amazing treasures of Curacao. Whether you want an island tour, beach hopping, nature tours or even visiting caves, this tour is for you! A combination of several activities is also possible! This tour is custom made depending on the preference of your group.
$141.67*Per person

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Private and Airport Transfers

Duration: an hour
Privacy (3 passengers max), comfort, safety, hand sanitizer, face mask, bottle of water at the airport, sign with name at airport, megapier or hotel. Clear communication using Signal, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp.
$160*Per person

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Snorkel with Sea Turtles - The Best way to spend a day in Curacao!

Duration: 4 hours
Our aim is to professionally accommodate our guests, go the extra mile and be the highlight when visiting Curaçao. Just bring your camera, swimwear and vacation mood and we will take care of all the rest during your Tour with us.

Let us take you on a unique Tour snorkeling with Turtles. Grab this chance to experience these beautiful creatures up-close. And after enjoying the sea turtles, we will take you for a quick stop at the Flamingo Sanctuary, where you can admire these Pink Beauties in their natural habitat.

Tour start time 9:00am or 2:00pm

Turtle beach is a regular beach where you can simply enjoy yourself.
Participants are not obliged to swim with turtles. There is a pier where you can see the turtles swim beneath you. So entering the water is not a must.

Our Tour Guides are fully vaccinated and our Team takes all Covid-19 precautions into consideration.
$85*Per person

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Willemstad: Sunset Cruise Tour with Food and Drinks

Duration: 3 hours
Board the catamaran and cruise to Fuik Bay to enjoy the Caribbean Sunset. Relax onboard and enjoy delicious bites and champagne as you take in the stunning views.
$79*Per person

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Private Custom Island Tour for Groups

Duration: 4 hours - 6 hours
Your group will be accompanied by a friendly local guide, who will take you to the most amazing spots.

Stops mentioned above are an indication off all the unique experiences
Curaçao has to offer. Because each trip is completely tailored, you decide the route and the duration of every stop.

Options; Beach hopping, Swimming, Snorkeling, also with sea Turtles, Christoffel- and Shete Boka National park, Flamingo sighting, Piggy Beach, visiting old Plantation houses, Colonial monuments & architecture, Souvenir shopping, Blue curaçao tasting, Ostrich farm, Cavers and Blow Hole.

You name it and we will add it to your customised Tour.

Pretty much a complete Private Tour with a Customised itinerary according to your preferences so you can explore the island by way of activities you want to do and sights you want to see.

Our Tours are ideal for everyone; Families, couples and groups of all ages.

$950*Per person

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Curacao Sunset Boat Trip: 2-Hour Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Sail the Caribbean Sea on board a yacht and relax while watching the sunset over the coast of Curacao on a 2-hour cruise. Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks as you sail past Caribbean lagoons, and keep an eye out for dolphins as you sail.
$68*Per person

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Willemstad: Guided Jet Ski Tour

Duration: an hour
Explore Curaçao's east coast on a jet ski excursion from Willemstad. Learn about the island and its wildlife from your guide as you ride the waves.
$135*Per person

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Curaçao Half-Day and Full-Day Fishing Tours

Duration: 4 hours
Fish the beautiful bays and coves off the Curaçao coast on board a 43-foot seaworthy Hatteras fisherman’s yacht. Enjoy deep-sea fishing and bottom fishing, and fish for marlin, mahi mahi, wahoo, tuna and more.
$800*Per person

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Willemstad: Turtle Watching Excursion and Snorkeling Safari

Duration: 7 hours
Have a once in a lifetime experience and swim with the colorful fish, turtles, and other wildlife. Visit Curacao's desert, and enjoy the North-West water's spectacles and the green South-West coast.
$99*Per person

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Beach Hopping Curacao; UTV/Buggy All Inclusive Semi Private Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Do you also love the beautiful beaches of Curaçao? If yes, let DLN Excursions take you to our top 5 most beautiful beaches. You can taste the atmosphere of all these beaches and decide for yourself which one you definitely like to visit again. Your tour continues with a stop at one of the hottest local food corner in Bandabou. Our objective is that during your excursion the inner is also taken care off.

*All excursions can be tailored to your preferences.
A minimum age of 4 is required to participate in all excursions
All excursions includes snacks, lunch, drinks and snorkelingset
$155*Per person

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2-Hour TukTuk Rental with an Experienced Guide and Driver

Duration: 2 hours
Enjoy the service of your own private TukTuk vehicle, including an independent experienced chauffeur, available to take you on an exciting 2 hour sightseeing trip. The chauffeur will also be your own personal guide, allowing you to explore all what this beautiful island has to offer. This trip does not include travel to the western part of the island. Take a plunge in one of our crystalline beaches, go on a shopping spree or visit the various museums, while your TukTuk and chauffeur await you.
$69.24*Per person

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Skip the Line: Museum Kurá Hulanda Admission Ticket

Duration: a day
Museum Kurá Hulanda is situated right at the city-center harbor of Willemstad, where Dutch entrepreneurs once traded and transshipped enslaved Africans along with other “commercial goods”.

This museum impressively exhibits the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in its totally, from slave capture in Africa through the Middle Passage and relocation in the New World. 

Museum Kurá Hulanda further exhibits a vast collection of artifacts from continental Africa, showing the dynamic vitality and great Empires of West Africa, which in the largest collection of African artifacts in the Caribbean.

$11.54*Per person

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East to West Island Tour Experience

Duration: 6 hours
This private tour for 2-3 passengers gives you an overall view and understanding of the islands geology, people, culture, architecture, language, history, food and nature. You get to see +/- 70 % of the island. The sequence of the tour in not necessarily the way it appears on description and it also dependd on the time the guests end up staying at each attraction. Remember this is a list of suggestions. The guests can always choose where to go. (Self build)
$450*Per person

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