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The climate in Rome is characterized as Mediterranean. It means that summers here are dry and hot and winters are mild with high humidity. January is the coldest month, with the average temperature about 8 °C. The warmest month is August when the temperature rises up to 31 °C. Rome is one of the southernmost European capitals. Its geographical position makes the city the third most visited place on the continent. Besides, Rome belongs to the top 20 cities in the world that are very popular with tourists. But how to choose the right time to visit Rome to avoid crowds? Let’s see.

Best month for shopping in Rome

If your reason for visiting Rome is shopping, January is the best month to do it. It is the off-season time, when the holidays are over and there are no crowds of tourists. In January, many retailers lower their prices, so you have a good chance to pick up a bargain. But don’t forget that this is the coldest period in the city. The temperature is about 8 °C on average, but at night it can be below freezing. Also, visitors may experience rains that happen quite often during this month.

Best month for sight-seeing in Rome

If you want to see the local ancient and medieval architecture, the best time of the year to visit Rome is April. In this month, the tourist traffic is still relatively low. So, you can enjoy sightseeing without haste and waiting in long queues. The Colosseum, Pantheon, Castel Sant’Angelo are not so overcrowded in this spring month as during the peak season. Moreover, the April sunshine time is longer than in January (6.7 to 3.9 hours on average). So, you will be really impressed by buildings’ facades and monuments of white marble reflecting the soft sunlight. But don’t think the weather will be favorable to you. The average temperature in April is about 12 °C. Also, light rain is possible.

Best month for visiting museums

If you want to spend your vacation visiting museums in Rome, it is better to choose one of the off-season months, like January. The winter weather here is not very favorable, but there are few tourists in Rome. So, you won’t have problems with booking tickets and get a chance to explore ancient masterpieces in a calm and quiet atmosphere. Also, pay attention that during the low season, museums are closed for a couple of hours earlier. And remember, that you can visit the Vatican museums for free on the last Sunday of the month.

Low season in Rome

Despite the fact that Rome is popular with tourists all-year-round, there are some seasonal fluctuations. Usually, the tourist traffic gets lower from November to March. But there are some exceptions: the Christmas, New Year and Easter holidays attract a lot of tourists to Rome, both domestic and foreign. But the rest of this period is characterized not only by small crowds, but lower prices for tickets and accommodation as well. And if you want to visit Rome in the off-season, don’t forget to dress for the weather and take an umbrella with you. It often rains in the city in autumn and winter, and few relatively cold days are possible too.

High season in Rome

High season in Rome starts in May and ends in September. During this season, millions of tourists from all over the world visit the Eternal City. In the hottest months, July and August, the temperature can reach 30 °C. So, you risk spending hours in long queues under the burning Sun. The good advice is to take water and sunblock cream with you. But the most positive thing about the high season is the sea temperature. In summer, the water warms up to 24 °C. So, if you are tired of sightseeing, there is always an option to rest at one of the local beaches.

So, when it is better to visit Rome

The answer depends on what you are looking for. If you want to enjoy the warm sea and sunbathing, and crowds of people don’t scare you away, go to Rome in summer. But the best time for shopping and visiting historical sites is one of the off-season months. Possibly, the most suitable month is April. This is a kind of border between the low and the high seasons. Rome is not overcrowded by tourists yet, but the weather is good enough for walking the old streets and visiting attractions.

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